Passions Update Tuesday 5/13/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen is very satisfied with herself for making everyone doubt that Beth is really pregnant. Mrs. Wallace helps Gwen's cause along by telling everyone in the Book Cafe that Beth never saw a doctor. Luis asks Beth if this is true. Beth, cornered admits that she never did see a doctor. She says she lied but she had to. Beth plays the victim and sadly tells Luis that it was just too humiliating. Luis asks her what she is talking about. Beth then sadly tells Luis she did not go to a doctor because she does not have any money or insurance. She then turns to Gwen and Sheridan. She tells them both that they don't know what it is like to live like that since they both can afford the best for their babies. Sheridan feels ashamed but Gwen is still suspicious of Beth. She keeps saying that Beth is too much like Theresa. Sheridan defends Beth by telling Gwen that Beth has always been a good friend to both her and Luis. Gwen reminds Sheridan that Theresa was the same "good friend" to both her and Ethan and look what happened there. Gwen then offers to pay for Beth's prenatal visit. Knowing that Beth never had a pregnancy test by a real doctor keeps hope alive in Sheridan and Luis that Beth may not in fact be pregnant.

David finds Grace sitting alone in her living room crying quietly. He asks her if she saw Sam. Grace stands up and looks at David. She tells him that it is finally over between her and Sam. This time for good it seems. David offers to sign the annulment papers. Grace is not sure it will do any good since Sam told her to go back to her real husband. David then has a flashback of Ivy. He sees her ordering him to go after Grace aggressively. David gives in to temptation. He asks Grace to run away with him. He says that they can go back to where they first met and fell in love. He holds her in his arms and tells her it would be wonderful. He asks her l to let him sweep her off her feet like he did once before.

TC asks Eve about the pregnancy she is crying over. He can't believe that she would never tell him something important like that. TC then tries to get Eve to calm down enough to come home with him. He tells her that he doesn't want her to get emotional and personal in front of Julian Crane. Whitney and Theresa overhear part of the conversation. Whitney hears Eve admit to having a son before the girls were born. Whitney is in shock and hugs her mother. She tells her that she could have opened up to her. Whitney then wonders why Liz knows. Julian tires his best to cover for Eve. He explains that sometimes it is easier to open up to someone you don't know well. Eve cries that the pain to too great to stand.

Fox and Chad arrive. Fox tells his father it would be best if he did not speak for Eve. Fox can see how angry TC is getting.

Chad can't believe the news he just heard. He calls it a coincidence that he is looking for his mother and Eve lost a son. Fox tells him it may be too much of a coincidence. He tells Chad that he may be that son. He says that if it is true...he made love to Whitney who is his sister.

The same thought is not lost on Whitney either. She tells Theresa that she may already know who her brother is. She is sure it is Chad. Theresa stops Whitney in her tracks. She orders her not to think that way. Whitney begins to panic. She knows that no one in love stays together for very long in Harmony.

Ivy sees a little boy in the park. The child rushes after his baseball and gets too close to the cliff. Ivy stops him and gives him some spare change for a new ball. Ivy then sees an old baseball she is sure belonged to Sam years ago. As she reaches for it, she falls out of her wheelchair. Sam comes by and saves her. He can't believe she would risk her life to save his old baseball. Ivy calls it proof that once they loved each other.

Beth has no choice but to call a doctor for an appointment. She looks at Luis and tells him she knows he wishes that she was not pregnant. Luis says he can't lie. He is hoping that since Beth has not been to a doctor, she may not be pregnant. He sees this pregnancy as just one more complication stopping him from being with Sheridan.

Luis asks Beth when her appointment is. Beth says now. Luis tells her he is going too. Mrs. Wallace laughs at the fact Beth seems to finally be cornered by her lies. She wheels after them saying "Wait for Grandma!"

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