Passions Update Monday 5/12/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Mrs. Wallace shows up on the Crane grounds. Everyone is a little shocked to see Precious following close behind. Hank explains that Precious is highly trained and is taking good care of Edna. He also tells everyone that Precious is taken with Luis. Mrs. Wallace can see that Sheridan is very upset. Luis explains that Sheridan saw a picture of some clowns and it frightened her. Mrs. Wallace says that she knows why poor Sheridan is frightened of clowns. She announces that she has a lot to say and everyone should gather around to listen. Beth shoots her mother a deadly look. She tells Luis not to pay any attention to her delusional; mother. She then tells Luis that her mother is getting worse and if she keeps on deteriorating she'll have to be put into a home. Beth glares at Edna. Edna then has a terrifying fantasy that she is chained to a dirty bed in a state run nursing home while giant rats come out to gnaw on her. She begins to scream. Once she comes back down to earth, Edna relents. She changes her mind about spilling the beans to Sheridan. Sheridan begs the old woman to explains why she thinks she has a fear of clowns. Edna makes up a lie that she heard pregnant women have irrational fears of things they liked in childhood. She ten changes the subject.

The pregnant women start to discuss their cravings. They decide to go to the Book Cafe for ice cream and donuts. Antonio can't believe that the girls start still hungry. Gwen then questions Beth about her cravings. Gwen is very suspicious of Beth and her pregnancy. At the Book Cafe she keeps grilling Beth and firing questions at Beth that Beth seems unprepared for. Sheridan tries to get Gwen to back off. Gwen refuses to back off because Beth reminds her so much of Theresa. Gwen then point blank, in front of everyone accuses Beth of not even being pregnant.

Grace can't believe Sam walked out on her. Ivy is delighted. She is sure that this time it is for good. She never saw Sam pack his bags and leave before. John walks into the house and Grace gets her hopes up thinking it is Sam. Grace then decides to go and see Sam. John over hears part of David and Ivy's conversation. He tells his father that Ivy is partly right. He feels that Grace is stalling the annulment because she loves him. John is sure that deep down, Grace loves David not Sam. Hearing this from John gives David real hope. Ivy is glad that John unknowingly helped her cause.

Grace shows up at the Harmony Police Station. She begs Sam to come home. Sam informs Grace that they do n to have a home. They have a house. Grace begins to blame Ivy for their problems. Sam cuts her off. He informs Grace that he is sick of hearing Ivy being blamed for what is really Grace's fault. He accuses Grace of loving David and the attention he gives her. He says their broken marriage is her fault and hers alone. Grace stands speechless. Sam also throws it in Grace's face that she is keeping him out of her bed, not Ivy.

Eve and Julian stand on the dock as Julian tries to comfort Eve. Liz and TC follow close behind. Liz sees the couple on the dock. She fakes trying to protect TC from seeing the sight. TC of course turns to see Julian and Eve. He gets angry. He demands to know why every time her turns around he seems to see Eve and Julian together. He threatens to beat the truth out of Julian once and for all. Juliana and Eve do not say a thing. Liz decides to help. She informs TC that before Eve had the girls she had another baby.

Fox, Chad, Whitney and Theresa are on the other side of the dock. They are lamenting the fact that all the couples in Harmony seem to be in trouble. Fox tells Whitney that she shouldn't worry about her relationship with Chad. This of course makes Whitney even more unsure of her relationship. Fox asks Chad what he does know about his birth parents. He says he only knows his mother was black and his father was a white bigot.

Suddenly the pair hear TC's raised voice. They are wondering what he is yelling about.

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