Passions Update Thursday 5/8/03

Passions Update Thursday 5/8/03

By Kelli
Pictures by Juanita

The show opens with Luis and Sheridan spending the afternoon together. Luis wants Sheridan to rest, but she says she needs to get out and take a walk. They leave the cottage and end up at the Crane Mansion. Ethan has prepared a surprise with Gwen and is bringing her downstairs to see the surprise. Gwen complains that she does not enjoy surprises ever since Theresa came into their life, Ethan assures her that she will like this one. Meanwhile, Theresa is at the wharf with Fox. Theresa is going on about how Chad and Whitney should be together and that Whitney deserves to be happy. Julian, Whitney and Chad are also at the wharf ( there must be no other place to hang out in Harmony). They had been talking and Chad went to go get some hotdogs. He came back and gave Julian his hot dog. Julian noticed that his dog had Tabasco sauce on it; he was surprised that Chad knew he loved his hot dogs that way, Chad replied, " I must have given you mine by accident." They merely shrugged off the coincidence and continued their conversation about finding Chad's parents and how child's mannerisms sometime reflect their parents. Chad nonchalantly mentions "wherever my pops is, maybe he's eating a hot dog with Tabasco, too." Scene changes to TC, Eve and Liz. TC has found the baby booties, and is now confronting Eve about the son she hid from him. 

Back to the wharf, Whitney is still going on about finding Chad's parents and Nature v. Nature. She talks about how children mimic their parents without even knowing it, even when the parents did not 
raise the child. Julian quickly agrees. He then tells how Ethan had some Crane traits, but now that he knows he is Sam Bennett's son he can see so much of Sam in Ethan. TC, Eve and Liz are still back at 
the house; TC is going on about how he always wanted a son, but he and Eve never had one and that Liz saying Eve had a son must have been a mistake. He says every man wants a son, but he never had one. 
Eve flashes back to the baby snatching scene in the hospital. Theresa and Fox are still at the wharf (Where is Little Ethan?). Theresa (the eternal optimist) is saying how she and Ethan will be together. Fox reminds her that Gwen is Ethan's wife and is pregnant with his child. She just replies that she knows Ethan loves her and they will be together. Fox says Theresa is dreaming. He knows Ethan and he is not a man who shrugs off his responsibly. She tells Fox he can't know how she feels until he falls in love. He flashes back to Whitney singing at the Blue Note. 

Back at the Crane Mansion, Ethan and Gwen finally made it downstairs. He brings Gwen outside and surprises her with a mother to-be party. There is a ton of food, a bassinette, and an electronic baby namer. Gwen says she knows that Ethan loves her and he will never neglect her and the baby. Ethan assures her that he will not leave and he loves her and the baby. They play with the electronic baby namer. Back to Sheridan and Luis; Sheridan is complaining that she doesn't know whose baby she is carrying and that she never imagined her life would be so complicated. Luis tells her he loves her and everything will be okay. They walk in on the party, and Ethan and Gwen ask them to join them. Gwen and Sheridan start talking and they are both so happy they are pregnant with the men they love and are having babies. 

Chad spots some kids rapping and goes over to check them out. Whitney and Julian are left there to talk. Whitney tells Julian how Julian wants to find Chad's parents because she loves Chad so much. Julian 
tells her that he is also looking for a child that was given up for some "friends" of his. (Neither of them put two and two together). Chad proceeds to offer the kids some recording time in the studio. He 
returns to Julian and Whitney and Julian says " Always got an eye out for new talent Huh? When I was younger I, too, could spot talent." (another similarity) 

Back to TC, Eve and Liz. TC is still saying it must be a mistake about Eve having a son. Liz pressures her into telling TC, so in tears she finally tells TC that yes, she did have a son. 

At the Crane Mansion, Gwen, Ethan, Luis and Sheridan are enjoying their afternoon. The men are playing football while the women are gushing over how excited they are to be pregnant at the same time, and how all their dreams are coming true. All of a sudden a dark cloud comes over the mansion, and Sheridan thinks it is a sign of terrible things to come. 

Back at the wharf, Theresa is still bugging Fox to tell her who he loves. Then they run into Julian, Whitney, and Chad, just as Julian is talking about not wanting to lose his son. Theresa hears this and 
yells at Julian that he will never get custody of little Ethan. Julian thinks to himself, "No one will ever keep a son away from me again.

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