Passions Update Wednesday 5/7/03

Passions Update Wednesday 5/7/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Beth sits around the house with a five pound sack of sugar under her shirt. Mrs. Wallace goes on a tirade about how Beth will never be able to pull off getting Luis now. She keeps insisting that she must one day produce a real baby. Beth keeps telling her mother not to worry about it. She tells her mother that in time, she will have the perfect baby and be rid of Sheridan forever. Mrs. Wallace smirks that it will never happen. Beth says that it will happen because she is going to kidnap Sheridan, take her baby and then kill her. Mrs. Wallace begs the angels to stop her crazy daughter. She then turns on Beth and reminds her that Sheridan will know that Beth is evil. She could escape and tell all. Beth then admits that her mother has a point. She then begins to re-evaluate her plan. She needs to come up with someone to help her pull it off without implicating her.

Liz is angry when TC walks in on Julian and Eve to find Eve alone. Eve once again dodged a bullet that Liz aimed at her and her marriage. TC goes to the kitchen to get his tools. Liz looks around for Julian. He comes out of the closet and asks her when she will tire of her game of revenge. Liz tells him never. She then calls out to TC to come quickly. Julian just makes it out of the house. When alone, Eve warns Liz that she will never ruin her marriage to TC. Liz then hints around to TC asking him if he would have liked a son. TC asks Liz if her evil sister had any children. Liz replies three. Liz whispers to Eve that if Julian does find their lost son, it will ruin their marriage.

Sheridan cries on Luis' shoulder. She tells him about the horrible dreams she keeps having about someone throwing her into a pit and taking her baby. Luis promises that he won't let that happen. He promises to always be there for her. Sheridan tells Luis that he can't promise her that because he has to be with Beth and her baby.

Julian runs into Whitney. They discuss her future with Chad. He is so happy that Whitney followed her heart and is with the man she loves. Whitney asks a favor of Julian. She tells him she knows that he has a heart. She says she has seen how kind he can be on several occasions. She asks him not to take Little Ethan away from Theresa.

Beth comes up with the perfect disguise to keep Sheridan from recognizing her. She is going to dress up like a clown. Fox manages to work both Chad and Whitney into not asking the other about marriage.

Chad and Julian find that they have a lot in common.

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