Passions Update Friday 5/2/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mari
Pictures by Juanita

In Sam’s backyard it a lovely sunny day, Ivy is in her chair sunny her self and reading a book. Ivy asks Sam to join her. He turns her down. She says perhaps next time. Sam tells her that there won’t be a next time. That she must leave and she must leave today. Ivy tells Sam that she cannot because she has no place to go. He tells that she can go back to the mansion that his was never her home and that she knew that it was only temporary. She protests and sys that she needs more time to find a place where she will feel safe that if she goes back to the mansion that Rebecca will never let her have a moments peace. Sam is sure that she can handle Rebecca in her sleep and beside she will have Ethan and Gwen there for her. He is sure that they would be thrilled to have her back for the pregnancy. Ivy reluctantly agrees. Sam leaves to call Ethan to come a pick her up so Ivy will have to pack her things.

Inside Graces house, David tells Grace that he is going to Father Lonigun to sign the annulment papers. He wants to make sure that she still wants him to through with it. Grace says that she does.

At Tabby’s house, Tabby tells Kay that she is just upset with her mother right now and that she really doesn’t want to hurt her mother. Kay corrects her and tells that indeed she does. Kay wants her mother to lose the person that she cares the most about in this world. She of course means her father. She demands a potion that she uses to break them up. Kay wants to know what the point of joining the dark side is if she is not going to get what she wants. Tabby tells her that it does not work that way and that she will have use lies, manipulation and cheating.

At Beth’s, Charlie and Mrs. Wallace hide in the kitchen and listen to ever word that Antonio is telling Beth. Antonio is asking Beth about wedding plans to Luis. Charlie is outraged that Beth has been using her and has hurt her. Mrs. Wallace tells Charlie that she is sorry that Charlie has to find out everything in hat way. But she does not want Charlie to rush in. Beth tells Antonio that the wedding is not the problem that she has to worry about her mother now and that her mother is getting worse every day and that she might have to be placed in state run home. Beth makes sure that her pajmenas is wrapped around covering her belly because she is still wearing her false tummy.

Sheridan’s Cottage, Luis is at the front door wanting to talk to her about Beth’s news of the baby. She refuses and does not allow him to come in. She tells him to make plans with Beth who she knows is caring his baby. After they all they are not sure that he is her baby’s father it could be her husbands. Luis is sure that she is only saying that because she is just upset because of the news. Sheridan recalls a conversation she had with Beth about pushing Luis away from her. Beth tells her that she has to emotional punch him and leave no dought that she no longer loves him. Then she recalls talking with Gwen. Sheridan tells her that she has to do the right thing for Beth’s baby. Gwen says what about your baby? Sheridan says that he will make a great father but she knows what she has to do and tell him that she no longer loves him. Back in front of Luis, Sheridan tells him that they tried, but that they should cut there loses. She tells him goodbye.

At Beth’s, Charlie tells Mrs. Wallace that no one stabs her in the back and gets away with it and that Beth needs to be taught a lesson! Mrs. Wallace says that she could not agree more, after all her daughter is evil. Charlie wont let her talk about Beth that way. Charlie says that she hurt her but she is not evil. She feels that Beth finds herself conflicted and has found herself in a situation. Charlie picks up a small metal box and tells her that Beth will be fine after she straightens her out. Mrs. Wallace’s keeps her from acting on the violence that Charlie wants to do. She tells her that timing is all wrong and asks her to wait for the conversation to be over. Charlie slams down the container. Beth and Antonio hear it and look to see what it may have been. Beth tells him that it is her mothers being difficult. He says that it is all of the more reason that he wants her to plan her wedding so that she can start her own life. Beth hugs Antonio and he says that she will make a wonderful sister in law. Bang! Crash! Beth says that her mother has been dropping things lately and she is probably fine. Antonio’s thinks that she may have hurt herself.

Grace and David are still talking. She tells him that she still wants him to sign the papers. David tells her that he knew that there was always the possibility that it would never work out after all she does not remember their marriage to each other. Grace tells him that she does care about him. David doesn’t want her to make it any harder on him. He will go sign the papers and Grace can put her marriage to back together again. Grace asks him about that one question. David says that he will simple tell the father that he does not love her anymore. Grace had hoped that with all of the time that had past he would have changed his mind. David tells her that with any luck she will have her annulment by the end of the day, She Thanks David and he leaves. Graces finds it all rather distressing.

On the patio of Sam’s house, Ivy and Sam are still speaking about her leaving. Ivy thinks that Grace has put Sam up to her leaving. Sam tells her that she did not. He tells Ivy to get it that he loves his wife and he will do what ever it take to make it work and that means that she has to go. He tells her that he will call Ethan. Ivy is frustrated over having to leave. She curses Grace for ruining everything. David walks past Ivy. Ivy asks David “ Where do you think you are going?” David tells her that it is none of her business. He then asks Ivy what her problem is? Ivy says “ What else, the casserole queen.” David tells her that he is on his way to sign the papers right now. David is tired with Ivy telling him what he can do. She orders him to not sign the papers.

Tabby and Kay are still talking. Kay says that she has been lying and cheating and manipulating since she could walk. She says that if it were that easy she would not be asking for help to break up her parents that she would be with Miguel!!!! Kay feels that her mother deserves to lose her father after the way that she ahs been flirting with David. She will show her mother what happen when she puts other people a head of her family. Tabby is confused does she mean Charity or David? “Both. Are you going to help me or not? “ Tabby agrees to help her but not in the way she wants. Tabby magic’s in the caldron. They look into it and see Kay’s parents holding hands and telling each other that love each other and that they are going to do what ever it takes to make it work. Kay is at loss at how she is going to break them up. Tabby tells her that it wont be all that difficult and here is what you have to do.

In Beth’s kitchen, Mrs. Wallace is doing dishes. Precious is at the kitchen table watching her stories banging on a pot. She has tears running down her check. Mrs. Wallace miss hears what Antonio is saying to her. She thinks that he is asking for a light when he was seeing if she as all right. Mrs. Wallace dose not hear the banging. Precious only dose it when she is up set over something. (We think it is her soaps that she is up set over.) Antonio leaves. Beth thinks that it went well. Mrs. Wallace says that she had just saved her butt. Beth wonders where Charlie is. Charlie comes out of nowhere. “Here’s Charlie!” She lunges for Beth.

Luis talks to Sheridan and speaks as if the baby is his; this infuriates her and she tells him to make plans with Beth. Luis tells her that he knows that she is mad at him for sleeping with Beth but they can work it out. They are so close to having everything they want. Luis says that they are worth saving and worth fight for. He says that they have made it through worse than this in this life and those of the past. He speaks of ancient Egypt. They show Sheridan dressed as Cleopatra and dieing from the bite of an asp. Antonio is dressed as a roman soldiers and he watches her die. The Titanic. Sheridan is dress in finer and Antonio is dressed as lower class. If you know the big hit movie of the Titanic then you know the story line. Everything is in slow motions. They play unchained melody done by another band. They show them meeting and little snippets of their romance. Sheridan tells him that even love has it limits. She orders him to leave. He turns to leave and Sheridan calls his name and runs into his arms.

David tells Ivy that it is to bad that he promised Graze and he is going to sign the paper. Ivy wants to know why he is bothering with that. Ivy thinks that it is interesting that he is still interested in the lie. He says it’s to spare his son and Grace pain. Ivy does not buy it and thinks that his motivate is not that but something else. Ivy says that he can still have what he wants. David says that over and over again he has tried and that their love is so strong that it will never work. Ivy won’t give up. Kay walks in on them speaking. She asks if they are making a pack with devil? David says that he dose not know what she is talking about. Kay tells them to stick around. Kay saunters by going towards her parent’s home. She tells them that they may get what they want. They are curious about what she has just said and fallow.

Inside in Graces home. Sam is home and they tell each other the good news that David is leaving and that Ivy is leaving also. Grace feels that now have hope. They speak of how much they have missed each other. Sam wants to know if she is okay with David signing the paper. She regrets David having to commit a sin. Sam wonders why she is so sad. Grace tells him that she has just seen their daughter and that it went badly. Just then, Kay walks in fallowed by David and Ivy. Kay says that her parents raised her to be honest and that her mother is a hypocrite. Tabby comes by with some cookies. Kay informs the room that her mother is not the goodie two shoes when she is committing a sin. Meaning that she is knowing allowing David to sign the annulment papers. Kay says its okay as long as you get what you want. Kay tells her mother that she thinks that her mother is a bona fide bitch!!

Luis and Sheridan think that it will be impossible but that they have to stay strong. Luis tells her that he has spoke to Beth and that they have two options. First is that she could terminate her pregnancy. Sheridan says that she cannot do that because she knows how much she wants children and especially Luis’s. Sheridan knows how much family means to Luis. The other choice is even more unthinkable. Sheridan wants to know what could be more unthinkable then getting rid of a child.

Charlie has Beth by the throat and up in the air against a wall. “ You lied to me Bethy! You used me! You just want to marry Luis who is the one who knocked you up. “ Beth asks for help from her mother but she dose nothing. She then asks for Precious to help but she is busy watching the soaps. She reminds her that she is the one that pays for her banana. This gets Precious attention and she flies into action and jumps onto Charlie’s back. This makes Charlie drop Beth. Beth calls off Precious. Charlie thinks that Precious has bitten her and worries that she might have rabies. Mrs. Wallace’s says to herself that “The only one who has rabbis is you.” Meaning Charlie. Charlie says that she was used and all she cares about is that man. Charlie says that she is going to call the cops. Beth and Charlie struggle for the phone

Kay tells her father that her mother is playing her for a fool. She thinks that perhaps her father is so in love with her mother that he cannot see that she is manipulating him. Kay says that she still is in love with David. Kay says that everyone one around them thinks that Grace is a saint. Kay says that she is a trader to those who loves her and the only thing that matters to her is the easy way out. She says that her mother keeps on telling her to do the right thing to do. But when it is her mothers turn to do the right thing even if it is hard that her mother does not have to. It is do as I say not as I do. Kay says that she is talking about her father feeling for Ivy and her mothers feeling for David

Beth begs Charlie to not through away all of their hard work. Beth gets the phone from Charlie. Beth tells her that she has it all wrong. She proves to Charlie that she is not pregnant that it is just five pounds of sugar. And that their plan is working really well and Charlie should not destroy it. Beth says that she is not marring Luis either. She just wants everyone to think that she is pregnant and that she is going to marry Luis. Beth tells Charlie that they are so close to having their lives together and seeking revenge on Sheridan. Charlie is thrilled to hear this. She again refers to them as Thelma and Louse saying that they ride again. Beth says that she would never be disloyal to her one true friend. Charlie says that they are partners again and they happily shake on it then they share a hug. Precious shakes her head in disbelief.

Meanwhile Sheridan wants Luis to tell her what could be more terrible than an abortion? Luis says that marring Beth would be. He can barley look at her when he tells her this. Sheridan agrees with Beth and that he must be there for Beth and the baby and he must marry her.

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