Passions Update Thursday 5/1/03

Passions Update Thursday 5/1/03

By Mari
Pictures by Juanita

Thank goodness that night is finally over.

At Tabby’s house Kay (looking great in blue water colored chiffon with a cute black velvet ribbon.) grumbles about Miguel and Charity back together.” I cannot believe Charity and Miguel are back together when I am the one who is pregnant with his baby. Are you sure there isn’t anything that you can do to help me Tabby?” (Who is now wearing a charming chiffon black butterfly wrap, hee hee) “If I had my full powers back I would be more than willing to help you.” Kay snarks back” I know you’re limited to butterflies coming out of your nose.” Tabby corrects her gently by telling her “out of my ears and mouth. If you don’t mind.” Kay, acting every bit the teenager that she is, pleads with Tabby for help again. Tabby tells her that she is going to have to do it herself. Tabby tells her that she letting her fears overrun what little common sense she was born with. Miguel and Charity are still young and gullible. Tabby tells Kay that she would not be surprised if they had not broken up already.

At Sam and Grace’s house, Miguel and Charity are in the living room, kissing. Grace walks in on them. She is happy to see them together. Miguel tells Mrs. Bennett that he wants to scream from the rooftops that they are back together and this time it is for good! Charity beams with happiness as he says this. (Her dress is and hair is great. She is a knockout in red.)

Beth’s home is busy. Precious wheels in the teacart, Beth is at her sewing machine and Mrs. Wallace is complaining. “Well if it isn’t Betsy Ross herself.” “Oh go suck a lemon, mother, and pour me some tea.” Beth quips back. “What did you say about your teeth? I still cannot believe that you are lying about something so important so personal.” Mrs. Wallace nags. “ Did you see his face when I told him about the baby?” Precious covers her face. Mrs. Wallace tells Precious that she is faking it, that she only wishes that she was pregnant with “loverboy’s” child. Beth kisses the air and says “ Thank Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald for raising the kind of son who would never leave an old girlfriend in the lurch.” She tells her mother that she is going to get Luis. She is going to get rid of Sheridan and give Luis his baby. Knock at the door. Mrs. Wallace mockingly complains about getting the tea and then answering the door. Who could it be now?? Well it’s the delivery guy with tons of packages that someone has ordered from the Shop ‘n’ Drop channel. (Edna would be Mrs. Wallace’s first name. So now we know.) Beth wants to know “what on God’s Earth has you done Edna?” We pan down to Precious and flash back to her by herself watching the home shop channel with a phone in her hand (or is that ‘paw?’) More packages come in.

At Sheridan’s cottage, Gwen walks into the bedroom saying that she knocked but no one answered. (I tell you if people kept on walking in on me when I did not answer the door, I would think about moving) Gwen is thrilled that Sheridan is pregnant too. She shows off her belly (that overnight is showing quite a lot). Antonio instantly tells Gwen that Beth is pregnant with Luis’ child. Gwen is visibly shocked by the news. Sheridan conforms sadly the news of Beth’s baby.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, a candle in the window is lit next to a picture of the Virgin Mary. Luis is on the phone telling someone on the other end to find the women who is after Sheridan. Pilar watches. She wonders if Sheridan might still be missing? No she is fine but the crackpot who is trying to hurt is still loose. Pilar is concerned about Sheridan’s health. He doesn’t want to hear about the mass or breakfast but he needs his mother advice. He tells her of Beth’s pregnancy. Pilar is a little shocked to hear the news. Luis has known Idea of what to do.

Miguel tells Mrs. Bennett to not worry that he is going to take complete responsibility of the baby. Miguel said that he does not blame her father for being very angry with him about getting his daughter pregnant. Grace says that it was just a gut reaction. Grace is thrilled and gives her blessing to them as a couple. Charity wants to make sure that she is not being selfish. Grace tells her that she is just like her mom, that she does not have a selfish bone in her body. Graces glowingly tells them to promise her that that will never let anyone or anything come between them because love and life are too short and too precious. Grace coyly asks if Kay knows about them? Luis tells her gently that she does. Grace hopes that Kay will accept the inevitable.

At Tabby’s, Kay asks Tabby if she really thinks that they may already be broken up? Tabby does not know but she knows that they have had their fair share of troubles but they keep going. Kay is so sick of the way that they always seem to come back to the top and with each other. Tabby tells just because their love has survived this long that it does not mean that it will always. New and bigger problems will do them in. Like what, Kay inquires gently? Tabby walks away and tells her stop pestering her with all of her questions. Kay decides to go to her parents. Tabby is flabbergasted at this announcement. “What if you run into your mother? You don’t even eat any of those care packages she sends over everyday.” Kay’s says that she is over her mother’s lame attempts at trying to make up to her and all she wants is for her mother to start treating her like her daughter. She says she has to go; she needs another pair of pants. Tabby doesn’t buy it for a moment. She tells Kay that all she really wants to do is to see what Charity and Miguel are up to. Kay ask Tabby nicely to come and help her watch them. Tabby agrees but wants to promise that she wont get her knickers in a twist if everything is not the way she expects it to be. She gives the scouts honor sing and frolics out of the living room. Tabby fallows. The focus on a statue of three monkeys “ hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

At Beth’s home, Precious in nurse uniform sits of the couch looking at all of the packages that surround them. Mrs. Wallace is tickled to death at the present. There must be thirty. Beth knows that she did not order it and even though her mother is denying it, she know that she must be lying. They simply cannot afford such luxuries. She has trouble just meeting the house payments. She tries to get the deliverymen to take it back. They won’t. Union rules wont let then. It was paid for by Mrs. Wallace’s credit card. Again she denies that she ordered it. Another shot of Precious.

At Sheridan’s bedroom, Gwen is told that Luis is the father of Beth’s Baby. Gwen cannot believe it. Antonio says that there must be something in the water to have so many women pregnant at the same time. (All of them pregnant by Lopez-Fitzgerold men.). Antonio asks to speak with Gwen alone after Gwen asks Sheridan how she is feeling. Antonio tells Gwen that he is really worried about his wife. He naively tells her that something made Sheridan even more upset than before and he wants her to see what it is. After all, she won’t tell him maybe she will tell Gwen. He tells here that a woman is after Sheridan and she confront her at the wharf. Antonio says that Sheridan does not eat or sleep and wants her pain to end. Gwen says that she will do her best. Antonio leaves but Gwen will stay. He wants to help Luis and Beth plan for their wedding because now they will be getting married. Sheridan rushes into Gwen’s arms and asks her what she is going to do??

Pilar and Luis speak of Beth’s baby. She says that her father would be so proud. He tells know it’s not; oh that right poor Sheridan. “Does she know/” Yes, she overheard Beth telling him at the pier last night. He says that it was like he slapped her. Every time the vows to tell Antonio the truths. Luis doesn’t know if can bear not being with Sheridan. He was thrilled with Sheridan’s baby even if they do not know whom the baby’s father really is. Luis asks if that is Beth’s baby means that he will have to be apart the rest of his life from the women that he loves? Pilar shrugs because she does not have answer to give him. Pilar says that children should be the cause of celebration and not heartache. Luis feels guilt for telling her but she is proud that he has come to ask for her council. He says that he has nowhere else to turn. What would his father do? Pilar says that she knows that he would never shunned away his responsibility. That’s why she knows that something must have happened to him. She tells of her prayers and how she wishes the candle would also bring him back. Luis says that he wants to be a good father to Beth’s baby’s. Pilar asks, “What does Beth say? She knows how you feel about Sheridan.” Luis says that she is struggling too, that she has offered to have an abortion. Pilar is shocked and asks him if he would ever permit that?? She is very much against Beth getting an abortion.

At Beth’s home. Beth opens one of the packages and drools over something and says that she has always wanted one of these. We do not see what it is. Precious too is exploring the boxes and finds a pearl necklace and puts around her neck. Beth tells her to wrap it up and call for a pick up. We see Precious with three pearl necklaces and diamond earrings and placing a diamond bracelet around her wrist. The theme from “Dynasty” plays as Precious goes into a fantasy of herself on the couch wearing a lovely dress and the jewelry, with Beth fanning her. Mrs. Wallace answers the door and it is Luis, wearing something akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark. He bears gifts of bananas for Precious; she puckers up for a kiss. Luis lends down to her and gives for the bunch of banana she takes two. Luis smiles at her. Beth wonders if she can figure out away to keep some of it because it such great stuff. Mrs. Wallace inquires what Beth is making. She glides over to show that it is a belly vest, one that she can fill with sugar and increase the size of her tummy, thus helping her to fake her pregnancy. Beth has designed it herself. Mrs. Wallace wants to know what Charlie thinks about the revised plan?? Beth tells her let her worry about that. She tells her mother if there is own thing she knows is that she can control Charlie. Mrs. Wallace laughs at this. That what doctor Frankston said to somebody he knew. Don’t forget missy that you’re the one who knocks Charlie out and left on that wharf. I don’t think she is ageing to be in the best when she sees you again show I would watch your back if I where you.”

At the wharf Charlie awaken. She recalls tripping over the battle axes walker but who knocked out cold after that? Charlie rubs the back of head. Why did Beth live out all night? She will get to the bottom of this you can bet your combat boots she is. She walks towards

Outside of Graces Kay sees and hears Grace tell Charity and Miguel that they do not have to worry and Kay after she has her father and her. Kay is sickened to see them also happy and close. Tabby and her sneak in to the house. Grace says that her firs concern is the baby but she wants them to stay in school so that they can get a good job because she is sure that will someday have children of their own.” Charity rubs Miguel back and smiles contently. Kay talks quietly to Tabby “ How dare she help them plan for their future.” Grace says ” Well it looks like everything is back on track at least for you two. May be you two are that true love will win.” Kay suddenly appears in to the room. “ Speak for your self mother! “

Back at Beth’s home, Precious now wears a leopard print fez and grabs a pink pocket book and leaves the room. Mrs. Wallace’s says that’s what Beth has made looks like a kangaroo. Beth fills it with sugar and puts a shirt on over and her mother is stunned to see how much she really does look pregnant. She tells that it is cleaver but she is still along way off in producing a baby. “I have heard of a sugar baby before but I really never know what it meant before.” Don’t forget about Charlie.” Just then Charlie enters” Yah what about charley” How could you leave on the wharf all night?” Mrs. Wallace is thrill to hear Charlie say that.

In Sheridan bedroom Gwen and Sheridan commiserated over the news of Beth Baby. Sheridan wishes she could anywhere but here. Gwen tells not say that. “ I know that she is going to have his baby but there must be a way for then to be together. Sheridan is convinced that this is the end. At least Beth knows that who the father of her baby is. Gwen question if Beth is caring Luis child. Sheridan says that Beth and Luis were high school sweethearts. She doubts that Beth has ever been with anyone other than Luis. Gwen does not readily believe that it is over for then. Sheridan tells her that she know exactly what she is going to tell Luis when she sees him again.

Luis in his mother kitchen tells his mother that he would never let Beth have an abortion. His mother is relived to hear it. Luis tells her that Beth doesn’t o want to but she is trying to do the right thing by him and Sheridan. He tells his mother that she is scarred to raise the baby alone. That she already has her hands full with her mother. Luis wants to right by the baby but he wants to be with Sheridan. Ever time he almost gets back together something major happens to pull them apart. Pilar says that for sometime she has felt a looming present over her family and their friends. Luis says that Sheridan deserves to be happy. Of course Antonio walks in and over hears what his bother has just said and wants to know why he has said that.

Grace tells Kay that she did not hear her come in. Kay say” Like that would make one bit of difference. Your not the least bit guilty for taking Charity side over mine.” Grace takes Kay out of the room to talk to her alone. Kay tells her mother that” what ever it is she has to say that she does not want to hear it.” Grace tells Kay that is too bad. She is going to hear. She will not let her ruin Charity and Miguel happiness. They are together because they are meant to be. Kay spits back at her that she has really screwed up since of who is suppose to be together after all she is pregnant with his child and if she and Charity would have not interfered that she an Miguel would have been together. That he was the only shoot at her happiness. Kay says that the baby will be born a bastared and that it is her fault. Grace is offended with Kay’s langue. But Kay does not care. She tells her that she was going to move back in when she was further along but she can forget it because now she will never come back to that house because she does not to ever be kicked around her mother again!!!

In the kitchen Luis covers-up and Pilar says that if their farther was there how proud he would be (One wonders what he should be more proud of. Should it be that his sons have so many children all over place or that one son cares more about his wants than his bothers? After all Luis has stated that he will raise Sheridan child because he cannot stand the thought of some else raise his child but who care is its not. Oh the pride s so much.} Antonio’s wants to know the date of the wedding. Be tells Antonio that he has not talked it over with Beth and that he must go to work. Antonio’s leaves Pilar also. She says again all she ever wanted was her children to be happening but it will never come to pass.

Charlie is violent. Charlie is demanding answers. All of a sudden she stops because Beth looks very different but she cannot quit put her finger it out. (The fact that she looks 6 months pregnant escapees her.) Mrs. Wallace shouts, “ I told her the same thing Charlie.

Charlie still has the knife in her hand. All of a sudden, Charlie thinks that Beth is pregnant. She threatens to hunt down the bastard with her bare hands. That’s why she hates men because the only have one thing on their mind. Beth wants Charlie to calm down but she refuses. There is knock at the door and it is Antonio. Antonio speaks through the door” Beth are you in there? I need to talk to you.” Charlie believe that he is the farther of the Beth’s baby” Ho is he going to be sorry that he ever laid a hand on her Bethy!” Charlie goes to the door knife in hand.

Gwen and Sheridan are having tea. Sheridan is so upset that she cannot even hold a teacup without dropping it. Gwen tells her that she has to stop. Sheridan says that it is that she will tell Luis that he has to be with Beth. Gwen says that he will never accept that. “He will if I tell that I do not love any more.”

At Graces house Kay has just left. Grace says that she does not know how to reach and that every time she sees him just makes everything worse. Luis tells her that it not her fault (LIKE HELL ITS NOT!!!) Miguel says that it he is to blame. Grace disagrees. Grace thanks Tabitha for taking in Kay at least she is close and not far away. Tabby says “it is the least that she can for all of the kindness that she has shown her over the years. Don’t let Kay up set you so. Girls her age and being pregnant are prone to fits of emotions. “ Tabby goes to see how she is. Grace hopes that Tabby is right.

At Beth’s house Beth convinces Charlie’s that the person at the door is not the father of her baby that it is just someone that she need to talk to. And that she needs to go into the kitchen with her mother and hide. Charlie is elated when Beth tells her that the plan to get rid of Sheridan is still on. That she is Thelma to her Louise. Beth tells her that she is right and Charlie hides. Beth tells her mother to not let Charlie hear what she and Antonio are going to talk about. She throws on shawl to cover her belly. She shows Antonio in and tells him that it is crazy around here (You can say that again.) Antonio tells her that she is glowing. She asks if he would like some tea. She calls for Precious. Antonio gives her an odd look. “ Do ask it’s along story.” In the kitchen Mrs. Wallace whisper to Charlie that she is just as concerned about leaving her alone with that man as she is. She tells her that you never know what these brutes are going to do when left alone with an attractive woman. Charlie agrees.

Gwen tells Sheridan that she cannot ell that. Sheridan asks her to not make it harder on her because she knows what to do.

Charlie goes to comforts Grace. She says that all they did was fall in love. She says that they should be together for the rest of their lives, Graces that Kay loves her deep down as much as she loves.

At Tabby’s Kay tells her that she hates her mother. Tabby says you don’t mean that. I do I want to hurt as much as she has hurt me.

Precious wheels in the tea. Beth wants to know why he is there. Antonio says that Luis is going to kill him for not minding his own business but he want to help her plan her wedding. Charlie over hears this. Mrs. Wallace tells Charlie that she has done nothing but lie to her. She comforts Charlie. Beth says that is so thoughtful I ma so touched. Charlie says that she will show Beth who is touched.

Gwen tells Sheridan that she cannot lie to Luis. Gwen wants to not telling him anything right a way and think about. Gwen has to leave. A knock at the door. Sheridan thinks that it is Gwen but it is not it is Luis.

Everyone is pregnant and everyone is showing. I liked how many of the lady’s looked. Tabby, Kay, Charity looked great!!!!! I was happy to see Kay and Tabby back in the story line. I do wonder How Beth will calm Charlie down. She has to mad in both sense of the word. I thought Precious was fun. I hope that Precious get him! I have know idea why it is that Pilar is so prod about children. I think that their father is going to come back.

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