Passions Update Friday 4/25/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mari
Pictures by Juanita

At the gazebo in the Crane’s mansion, Theresa is praying to God for help in keeping her baby and not allowing Julian to raise him. Ethan walks into the gazebo while she is doing this. He notices that she has been crying and wants to know if there is anything he can do. She says, “thank you.” To the close of her prayer. “Yes ,there is something you can do to help me. Help keep my baby away from his father. Help me fight Julian.”

Gwen awakes and calls for her missing husband. She goes to the window and sees Ethan and Theresa together. She because furious with Theresa and intends to find out why Ethan is down there talking with Theresa in the middle of the night. (I have to say I too would wonder about it.)

Behind the Blue Note, Julian tells Eve that he truly wants to help Eve with Whitney. She barks back at him that it is his fault that she is on this destructive path. Julian is a little lost over this remark. She say that this how it started, in a club just like this one. She noticed that it looks just like the old Blue Note in Boston. She doesn’t understand; if he is sorry for causing her pain, then why did he build it to look that way? Julian says he did it because it was the happiest time in his life, when he met her and fell in love. She sobs in his arms. He tells her that everything is going to be okay.

Back inside the club, TC, Chad, and Whitney have started fitting again. TC tells Chad that he was sure that he was not going to leave without trying to convince Whitney to come with you. TC accuses Chad of bringing her to the club. He asks if he trying to get her drunk? Whitey tells him that she is not drinking. Fox steps in, tells that they do not want any trouble. Chad says she can change her mind; this brings Chad and TC to blows.

(TC is beyond reasonable. It almost as if he blind, deaf and unable to understand anyone or anything around him other than his need for violence.)

At the misty wharf, Luis holds out his gun commanding whoever is hiding to come on out. Antonio, Sheridan, Mrs. Wallace and Hank are behind him. Beth decides that she cannot be found with Charlie. Much to everyone’s surprise, Beth steps out from where she was hiding. Luis lowers his gun. Charlie is still hiding behind some crates. Mrs. Wallace is quietly thrilled that Beth has been caught. Luis is puzzled at why she is there. Beth says that she could not rest knowing that Sheridan was out there. So she went to also look for Sheridan. Everyone believes her (expect Mommy Dearest). Luis describes the woman that they are looking and wants to know if she has seemed her. They believe that she maybe the same person who tried to kill Sheridan at the cottage. Hank says that she could have gone far. Beth denies seeing her.

Inside the Blue Note, Liz is dismayed at Eve not witnessing her handiwork…referring of course to the fight that Chad and TC are in. (So much for really caring for TC. What if he were to be arrested or seriously hurt. I know…”it’s will be Eve’s fault” according to Liz.) Fox makes sure that Whitney is safe from the fight. Rebecca, sitting at the bar, is enthralled in the show and asks the bartender for some popcorn to watch the show. He says “No, but they have nuts.” “Even better.” replies Rebecca.

Behind the Blue Note, Eve, still in Julian’s arms, tells him that she is sorry and that she did not mean to draw him into her life woes. He says that the pain is his fault.

Theresa franticly begs Ethan for help. She asks him to not go back on his promise to help her. Flash back to he and Gwen in their bed where he looks into her eyes and tells her that he is committed to taking care of them. He tells Theresa that he will not put his marriage in jeopardy. She promises that he will not have to. She only wants him to be her attorney. He agrees to help her. Theresa hugs him. Gwen bursts in and tells Theresa to get her hands off of her husband. Ethan tells her that it’s not what she thinks. Gwen insists that it is exactly what she thinks and slaps Ethan into next week. Gwen states with certainty that every time she turns her back she fined her husband in Theresa arms and she is “sick of it!!!” Theresa says that they did not plan on meeting and that they were talking about Ethan helping her keep Little Ethan. Gwen spits back “What about his own child?” Gwen questions if he caries about their child. Ethan says that he of course cares. She yells at that he is a liar.

At the Blue Note, TC is held back by Fox and Chad is held back by the bartender. Fox, who is running the place, tells then both to knock it off or he will call the police. TC threatens Chad again. Chad won’t leave Whitney alone. Rebecca is frustrated that the fight has been broken up. She becomes excited that at the thought of them all being arrested in those tight little rooms and stripped search. She cools herself down with and ice cube. Liz searches for Eve.

Eve says that it is easy to blame Julian for everything. She admits that she willing followed him because she loved him.

Wharf again. Beth reiterates that she has not seen anybody. She says that it is a dead end and no one could have gotten past her. Charlie, in hiding, seems pleased by what Beth is saying. Mrs. Wallace shakes her head in dismay and says to herself ”You’re not going to slither your way out of this one Bethy!” They decide to widen their search. Mrs. Wallace moves closer to Beth (supposedly because of her hard hearing. Yeah right.) She disbelieves her and says that it doesn’t sound like her to be out here alone and wants to know if Beth is hiding something. Smiling widely the whole time, so pleased with herself.

Julian tells Eve that she has just made him the happiest man. He regrets about his father interfering with them. He thinks that their lives would have been very much as that vision that they both shared of Eve being of the cover of Rolling Stone again and he managing her career. Ah, how happy they might have been. How brilliantly he managed her career. He says it is all her talent. Eve agrees a little.

Inside the Blue note, TC is still verbally fighting with Chad and Whitney. Fox again tells him that Chad did not give her any liquor and he did not know that she was going to be there. TC, of course, believe no one. Rebecca is surprised that Fox is standing up for Chad. The bartender tells her that Chad and Fox are not friends, that he thinks that Fox has a thing for Whitney. Rebecca tells him that his father and grandfather will not happy with that at all. Liz is still looking for Eve and finds her with Julian. She is sure that when TC sees them he will lose it.

Ethan tells Gwen that he will always put her and the baby first. Gwen says not if you insist in helping Theresa, that Julian threatened that he will act and they will have no income. Theresa tells her that she is not asking Ethan to represent her in court, that she will get another lawyer to do that but to have Ethan advise her behind the scenes and Julian will never know. Gwen says “Oh yeah, another one of your schemes!” Theresa says “Trust me. “Gwen says “Every time I have, I’ve regretted it.” Theresa says the last thing when wants to do is put Ethan’s baby at risk. Gwen shouts back that that is a lie and that all she cares about is herself and her baby. Theresa tells that she is so wrong. Gwen says that she has stolen so much from her already and that she cannot even name him after his father because Theresa has already taken that. Theresa says that their baby has something more important than a name, that it has Ethan as father. Theresa says that she named him after her husband, but that they are in know way related. Gwen informs her that she is sick Theresa taking things from her and it is over.

Wharf. Mother Wallace hobbles forward towards Beth and her secret partner. Beth tells everyone that she is not hiding anything. Mrs. Wallace asks if Luis said anything and to come closer that she has something she wants to tell him. Luis steps closer to her. Mrs. Wallace motions towards where Charlie is hiding and says that she is wondering if the woman that they are looking could not be somewhere around here. Beth chimes in that, well if she is, it’s her mother becoming more delusional and Beth will have to send her to the state. Sheridan says that Beth is her best friend and would not hide something like that. They begin to leave to further look for the crazy women who pounds Blondie dolls with bricks. Luis wants Sheridan to stay with Beth because then she will be safe. Mrs. Wallace say to herself “Boy, when you guys make a mistake, it’s a doozey.” Sheridan stays with Beth reluctantly. Charlie whisper to Beth that now it is their chance to kill her and raises her weapon.

Liz bounds off happy to look for TC. Whitney and Fox defend Chad. TC thinks that all Cranes are liar and manipulators. He thinks that Chad the street punk must have something on him and is blackmailing him. Chad tells him that he has snapped. (I agree. TC is out there) He then accuses Chad as being his drug supplier. Rebecca tells the bartender how she would love hear it when they find out that Fox is in love with a black girl. Rebecca like her coffee black and that Crane men can sleep with anyone they want to, but loving is another matter. The bartender tells that she has it wrong, that there is a rumor that years ago that Julian was in love with a black girl. Rebecca does not believe it; after all she knows Julian and he would never stand up to his father.

Eve tells Julian that she can believe that history is repeating its self with her daughter. She does not want the fast lane; that’s why she was happy when she chose tennis. Julian tells her that her daughter is special; he got know her quite well after he was trapped with her in that elevator. He says that she would have her mother to guide her. She tells him know she never wants her daughter to EVER be in the music business.

Gwen tells Ethan she is going to divorce him and take their baby and raise it alone. Ethan says that he loves her and wants to be with her and their baby. She says that she is tired of being the odd man out and does not want to be stuck like Sheridan, Luis and Antonio; she wants a real life and this situation is humiliating and she won’t do it any more.

At the dock, as Sheridan is watching the water, Charlie creeps up on her. Beth runs after and tells Charlie not to kill her. Charlie says what are you talking about; this is the perfect time to kill Sheridan. Beth says it is too risky. After all, Charlie has a plan and they can assume new identities when they get where they are going. Beth tells her again that she doe not want leave Harmony. She almost stumbles in saying why she cannot leave. She covers quickly and says that she cannot leave her mother (Mrs. Wallace yah right like I matter) and then there is my business. Charlie wants to know if she has gone soft in the head or something ????!!! She begs her mother for help. But will her mother help? NOOOO! “Don’t look at me, Bethy, I told you she was crazy.” (Proof that it’s not Sheridan that is important to Mrs. Wallace, but going against Beth that matters to her) Beth tries to talk Charlie out of if. She throws Beth to the side and tells her that she that she is sorry but that Beth will be grateful to her in the long run. Beth asks her mother for help and she gives it by throwing her walker down and trip Charlie with it. Beth finds a log and hits Charlie form behind knock her unconscious. Mrs. Wallace wants to know if she is dead. Beth checks and is grateful for not being dead. Mrs. Wallace thinks that Luis is coming back. Beth asks her to watch Charlie for a moment. Mrs. Wallace kick the unconscious Charlie and tells her “ That will teach you.” Beth goes ahead and fined Luis and Sheridan. Luis is still perplexed that the woman has gotten away. Sheridan is ready to pop with all of the pressure she is under. Luis tries to tell Antonio the truth about him and Sheridan and put an end to right now. Antonio and Hank come back. To herself, Beth says, “ Oh it’s going to end Luis.”

TC tries to pull Whitney out of the club but she won’t go. Liz tells him that Eve should be brought into it. They go off to look for her together. Liz of course does not know where she could be. Whitney thanks Fox for taking Chad’s sides and standing up to her father. He says that he was just telling the truth. Chad tells Fox that they appreciate it. Whitney asks Chad if he is okay. Chad says yes but that they cannot go on like this. Whitney says that her father has so much anger. She does not understand her mother’s reaction to her singing.

Behind The Blue Note, Julian and Eve talk. She again tells him that she doesn’t care and that she does not want her to get involved with music. She just wants her back in the house. Julian tells her that her Whitney’s voice sound like her mother’s. They embrace again.

Theresa pleads with Gwen to allow Ethan to help her to keep the baby. She does not want him to be raised to be a spoiled arrogant brat. Gwen rolls her eyes and crosses her arms. Theresa points out how lucky her baby is to have Ethan being its father. Then she says that Julian does not know how to love. She asks Gwen to imagine if her child was Julian’s, is that what she would want?? Gwen says no. Theresa sings Ethan praises about how wonderful a father he will make. After all, she wants it kept Julian far way from her baby. She again asks Gwen to let him help her. Ethan softly says that he would only be helping her save him from Julian and that’s all. Theresa begs her as one mother to another. Gwen says that she hopes that she will not live to regret. No matter what else Gwen thinks about Theresa, she will make a better parent than Julian. Ethan gently hugs Gwen and tells her “ Thank you.”

Whitney tells Chad that she feels as if the whole world is falling apart and she wants to know when it will end. Chad replies that he does not know. Rebecca asks, “What happened to her drink??” The bartender says that it must have evaporated and that he will get her another one.” Fox walks by and she asks him what happened to his father. Becky says that is not going to wait around all night and that she is going home. Liz and TC still are diligently looking. Suddenly Liz gets an idea of where Eve might be. Liz leads TC to the back door where Eve and Julian are still embracing. We see the door opening.

At the wharf Mother Theresa (opps sorry I mean Mrs. Wallace) remarks ”She’s out cold. Lets see what the other half of this devious due are up to.” She walks towards Beth and the others. Hank and Antonio have had no luck in locating the culprit. Sheridan is cold and they are all going to the Book Café to get coffee and to get warmed up. Beth asks Luis to help her get her and her mother home. He agrees but Mrs. Wallace tell him that can manage. Beth says no they can’t. Luis says that it is no trouble at. Beth trips and falls. She breathlessly worries out loud about her baby. Luis seems puzzled.

(Well I guess Gwen will not leave Ethan just yet. I think she should at least ask him to move away. I am sure that they are setting us up that Ethan will turn out to be the father to Theresa’s baby. Then that will be a heck of a pull. It also looks like it will be Fox that sees Eve and Julian first and plans to use it some way. Rebecca seems to be a bit slow on the uptake. She has all of these huge clues and cannot see it. I think TC needs anger management, stat. I am not sure if Beth is really pregnant. I could see her faking it and planning to take someone else’s baby, if not Sheridan’s. I think it romantic that Julian recreated The Blue Note and always sits at the same table and drink the champagne. Of course if Eve and Julian do wind up together, what will happen to Becky?)

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