Passions Update Thursday 4/24/03

Passions Update Thursday 4/24/03

By Mari
Pictures by Juanita

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Gwen and Ethan, are asleep in their bed at the mansion. Gwen is wearing a cobalt blue spaghetti strapped nighty with a white lace appliquéd across the neckline. They smooch lovingly in bed together.

Theresa Mother’s Pilar enters Sheridan cottage. Theresa is fussing with Little Ethan; he cannot sleep and of course neither can she. He is upset because she is upset over the terrible dream of losing him. Theresa says that she can not lose him because she has already lost Ethan. Pilar understands why she is having bad dreams because Julian is threatening to take baby away. Theresa believes that she is right. Pilar remarks about how much turmoil is in the house. She askes if Sheridan is back yet. “ No. How did you know she had left?” Hank came by and was looking for her. Pilar worries about how much stress Sheridan is under. Theresa tells her of the terrible she to had about losing her baby also. Of course she thinks it is the stress of not knowing who the baby’s fathers is and how she does not know how to tell Antonio that she is in love with his brother Luis. Luis Hank and Antonio are all out looking for the missing Sheridan. Pilar prays that someday all of her children will be happy and that Luis has found Sheridan. (I have to say doesn’t she own a cell phone? What about leaving a note. How rude is it to leave in the middle of the night and not tell your husband who is making you tea that you are leaving? How irresponsible is that? After all someone is trying to kill her. )

At the fogged in dock Luis and Sheridan are embraced. He wants to know if she saw what way the women went who had just tried to attack her. She says that she was to scared. Luis figures that it must be the same person who tried to set fire to the cottage. Luis shouts out “Whoever you are, I am going to find out who you are and I will make you pay!” Just then Antonio and Hank catch up to them. Luis tells them that a woman with a letter opener just tried to kill Sheridan. Sheridan gives Hank a brief description of a tall woman with tall with dark hair and crazy eyes. Hanks say that it sounds like the women who were destroying all of those Blondie dolls.

Flash back to Beth’s cottage: Charlie sitting on the couch talking to Beth looking a doll’s heads. She says that this one is her favorite because it looks so much like Sheridan; Mrs. Wallace looks on in disgust. Beth frets. Charlie wants to know when they are going to kill the real one.

At the docks, Mrs. Wallace gloats to her self that Bethy is finished. “Luis is going to find and you and Charlie too.” She sings in a mocking tone. At the docks, Luis calls out again that “ He knows that you’re out there and he will make you pay!” Meanwhile Beth and Charlie (still carrying her bag of doll heads) rush around the dock franticly looking for away to leave or hide. Beth hears Luis and tells Charlie that if he finds then they are done for.

At the Blue Note, Whitney tells her mother that she is not coming with her back home. Her mother tries to pull her away with her again but Whitney resists pulling back and standing her ground. Eve wants to know what is wrong with her. Whitney wants to know what is wrong with her. How could she force her off the stage? Whitney thinks that singing a song is not embarrassing. She wants to know why is so horrible? Chad who is standing by Whitney side tells her mother that it is not wrong to sing. Eve tells Chad finger out, that she is not having it! Julian and Rebecca watch the scene. Chad wants to know why it is so wrong.

Flash back in time to when Eve was singing at the original Blue Note. Next we see Eve sitting at the bar next to Julian coxing her to drink. Then we see the two of them. Julian with a camera in his hand taking pictures of Eve wrapped in a red satin sheet looking very seductive. (I wonder if the pictures will come resurface?)

She tells Whitney that it is a dangerous place. Fox, who was watching Whitney sing, comes over and tells her that it is not a dangerous place that it is a place where people listen to jazz music. She again reaches for Whitney, who again stands her ground and walks away. Rebecca badgers Julian into telling her he meant by “It’s a good thing that TC is not here.” Julian lost in his thoughts only half hears her. He says that what he meant was that he would be furious if he knew that his daughter was in the club with Chad. In his mind what we hear is and that Tc would be much closer to finding out the past with him and Eve.

Meanwhile Liz is on her cell phone calling (who else but?) TC. TC, half awake, asked her repeat what she said. She of course wants him to come down to the Blue Note. She says that when he does that it will be all over for her sister dear. (Why doesn’t TC hear her? She only partially covers the phone and only after she began to say her last remark?)

Fox has wondered back to bar. Still watching the fight. The bartender tells Fox that it is too bad that her mother showed up because that girl can sing. He tells Fox that she is amazing. Flash to Whitney signing Fox says that she is beautiful. Back at the bar the bartender says that he had better watch how he is looking at her. If the boyfriend sees him looking at her like that there might be trouble.

Whitney and her mother are still fighting. She tells her that she is a hypocrite. After all she is down on Daddy wanting her to play tennis but she won’t let her do what her dream is either. She says that she is just like Daddy.

Liz tells Tc that Whitney is down there. He immediately blames Chad. Liz says it is her fault because she brought Whitney but that she did not know that Chad was going to be there and now Eve is there too. Liz holds the phone out so that he can hear all of the fighting. “Dammit! I am on my way!” yells TC. Liz is happy. She tells herself that she is finally going to get her revenge.

Luis phones the station and tells then to come down. Hank Antonio and Luis begin the search. Antonio notices that Luis and Sheridan embarrass before he leaves.

Gwen and Ethan still in bed. Gwen promises him that they are going to be so happy.

Pilar manages to get the baby to sleep. She tells Theresa to take a walk. Theresa agrees. Pilar talks to the sleeping baby, that she remembers when her children were all babies. Now they are all full of problems.

At the dock Luis and Sheridan comfort each other. We hear sirens in the background. Other police arrive and Luis gives them instructions on what to do. Mrs. Wallace, who fallowed everyone else to the wharf, watches the two of Luis and Sheridan with tenderness. She thinks to herself how much they belong to each other and why did her daughter have to be so evil? Beth and Charlie hear the sirens too. Beth tells Charlie that she has a new plan. “IT is incredible and bizarre.” –More bizarre than clowns?-

Blue Note again. Rebecca and Julian listen to the fight. Rebecca enjoys the show. Julian watches with concern. Julian decides that he has to stop it. Rebecca does not understand why he wants to involved in the Russell family soap opera? We are focused again on Whitney and Eve. She says that she has over heard her and her father planning her life and that it stops right now. She tells her mother that she is going to decide what her dream is and everyone else can go straight to hell. Julian simply tells Rebecca that having a fight in his club is bad for business and that’s all. Rebecca is left with an mouth open.

Eve tells her that she is trying to run her life that she is trying to protect her. Whitney wants to know what terrible things are going to happen by singing in a Jazz club? Julian interrupts Whitney and Eve. Whitney tells Julian that no one is going to tell her what to do. Eve yells at Julian and tells him that he is not helping. She goes to get her daughter but Chad stands in her way. He tells Eve that Whitney is right and that she is wrong.

Whitney is sitting at the bar crying. Fox comes over and offers to help. She tells him that she has never talked to her mother that way. She is perplexed at the way her mother is reacting to her singing. Fox says, “Who knows why parents do what they do”. He says that her parents are just trying to hold on too long, whereas his parents have thrown him away. Whitey says her parents are wonderful except for now and all they do now is fight.

Liz impatiently waits for TC to show up. TC enters and is fighting mad. Liz won’t let go into the club like that.

Back at the docks. Luis tells a couple of cops to stay with Sheridan and now that the helicopters have arrived that the woman who tried to kill her will not get away. Beth and Charlie still on the run. But they have run into a dead end.

Theresa, out for her walk, and finds herself at the gazebo. She remarks that everywhere she looks she and sees Ethan. Flash to the past that they have shared. She remembers Ethan kissing her there telling her that he loved her.

Gwen and Ethan in bed still kissing. Gwen yawns. She tells him that she is fine as long as Ethan is with her and their baby. He says that he is committed to her and the baby. She turns away to go to sleep. He turns also but recalls Theresa and himself changing the baby. He recalls when he told her that the Alaskan job went south and that he needed to work. How she rushed into his arms with squeals of delight. He recalls the two of them making love on the beach. He sighs and says to him self “No. I am happy and a married man.” He looks over and sees Gwen sleeping and he gets out of bed and walks over to the window and sees Theresa in the gazebo. He wonders what is wrong. Ethan gets dressed and kisses Gwen before he leaves.

Back at the Blue Note, Whitney and Fox talk. Whitney tell him how she hates yelling at her mom but that she can not tell her how to live her life. Fox reaches out and touches her. Whitney pulls back from his touch and asks what he is doing? Fox covers and says that he is only trying to be her friend. She tells him Theresa has told her he is different form most of the Cranes. How they looked for people weaknesses and try to use it to their advantage. Fox agrees. The bartender hears and sarcastically says, “ Yeah and the sky’s not blue.” Fox tells him to stock the wine. Whitney tells him that her parents were supposed to fall in love with man that she was going to marry. Fox says that things could change. Whitney says that she does not see that happening. He says the only constant is change.

Eve and Chad speak. Eve tells him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He tells her that Whitney needs to sing.

Liz and TC speak. TC is shocked to hear that Whitney is singing. Again he thinks that it is something that Chad has done. “Its the way that he is going to get her to go with him to L.A.” Liz says that she is great at singing. TC remarks that it is a shame that Eve doesn’t have any sisters to talk to because she could use an aunt to talk to. “ Thank you TC.” Liz says. “ Please don’t tell anyone that I called you. I don’t want Eve to be mad at me.” TC says that she would thank her for calling him. (Yeah right!) TC goes to make sure that Chad stays a way from his little girl. Liz watches happily. She can hardly wait until he sees that Julian is also there. Liz really feels that she has Eve where she wants her.

At the wharf, Mrs. Wallace and Sheridan are left alone. Beth knows that she is trapped. Luis hears that there is no way out for suspect. He says that he is going to put them away for a long time.

Theresa prays to God over her troubles about losing the baby. She asked God for help and an answer. Enter Ethan. She says “Thank you” quietly.

At the Blue note, Chad tells Eve that music is a gift form God, and wants to know what her problem with music is. He recalls the tape that she destroyed. She tells him not to preach to her. He says that Whitney has been blessed and questions if she can take that gift away from her daughter. Flash to when Eve entered the Blue Note and questioned someone about the tape being played. She thought it was herself singing. She is informed that it is not a tape but a live performance. (I don’t think that they sound anything like.) Chad says “Don’t you want your daughter to be happy?” Eve rushes out. Chad turns and goes to Whitney. Julian tells Rebecca that he will be back. He fallows Eve out the back door and tells her that he is so sorry. “ Dammit Julian, its all your fault. My daughter is gong to be a whore just like what you turned me into.” She turns away sobbing. Chad pats Fox on the back and thanks him for taking care of Whitney. He says “Anytime.” (I bet. He got it so bad for her.) He leaves. Whitney and Chad hug. TC tells him that he will make sure that he will never touch his daughter again.

Sheridan hears that they have the suspect cornered and that she need to go and see if it the person who tried and hurt her. Mrs. Wallace drools over the possibility that her daughter will be caught. Beth says that she and Charlie should have split up. Beth sees that Luis is coming.

Gwen awakes and calls for Ethan. She rises looking for him She puts on her robe and goes to the window and sees Theresa and Ethan in the gazebo. “Oh no it can’t be. Damn you Theresa. What the hell is she up to now. Will you ever leave Ethan alone”? She stomps off towards the door. “I have to go down there now and see why Ethan is talking to Theresa in the middle of the night.”

At the Gazebo. He notices that Theresa has been crying. He wants to know if there is anything he can do.

In the back of the Blue Note. Eve yells at Julian for making the club look just like the club where they met in Boston. He says that he did because the club reminds him of the most wonderful time in his life when he meet her. He embraces Eve and tells her is a loving way that everything is going to be all right.

TC says that he knows that Chad would not leave town without trying to convince Whitney to go with him. He accuses Chad of trying to get Whitney drunk. Fox steps in and says that they don’t want any trouble. Rebecca says, “Speak for yourself Fox. I want to see them take off their shirts and oiled up.” Chad says Whitney can make up her own mind. Chad says that it’s a women’s prerogative to change their mind. TC swings at Chad.

Luis at the dock, gun out, says ’There is no way out; come on out.” Beth says that she cannot find us together. So she comes out by her self. Luis lowers his gun shocked to find Beth. Mrs. Wallace says to herself, “This is it, daughter from hell. You are finished…kaput.” Beth stands nervously.

(I think Beth will talk her way out and they will fail to check for anyone else. I think that the bizarre plan of Beth’s does involve clowns. I hope Gwen rips Ethan a new one. I think Sheridan needs to get a cellphone and Antonio should be furious with her for leaving, let alone for that hug. I glad to see Whitney stand up for her self. I understand why Fox must fall for Whitney but I had hopes for him and Theresa. I hope that Mrs. Wallace falls off of the pier. If I had any doubts that Ethan still loves Theresa I no longer do. It’s still the same night! I love seeing Julian with Eve. I dislike TC with a passion. I think the show is really cooking. I like most of the story lines.)

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