Passions Update Tuesday 4/22/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Carolina
Pictures by Juanita

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The open scene begins at The Blue Note with a woman singing before a live audiance. They show Julian and Rebecca at the booth with Chad and Fox beyond them as Fox starts getting into it, dancing to the music as they zoom in on what appears to be a disturbed Julian. When the woman finishes the song, the crowd cheers and applauds as she announces a break. Fox tells Chad that that's why he will never fall in love. Chad wants to know why. And Fox goes on about how love makes a person weak and he bashes Chad as he has illustrated his very point in sulking around waiting for Whitney to come with him to LA with him. As Whitney and Liz make their entrance. Liz detects Whitney's apprehension as she tells her to relax. Whitney tells her that her mother forbids her to ever come to The Blue Note. Liz assures her that what she doesn't know won't kill her and that if in fact Eve does find out, she'll cover for her. Liz gestures her finger to the bathroom at Whitney's request. When Whitney walks away, Liz spots Julian sitting at the booth and is not surprised as a reaction to her acknowledgement of Eve and Julian's first encounter at that very place. The camera takes us to Julian and Rebecca as a hyped Rebecca tells Julian how good of a singer that woman was. Julian insists that he's heard better as he flashes back to Eve singing to him at the very same place, on the very same stage. Then we come to Chad and Fox at the bar where Fox clearly seems to be flirting with a waitress. Chad goes on about how wonderful love is and describes it to him as being a thousand roman candles going off in your heart. Fox admits he'll just have to take his word for it as he offers Chad another redill on his beverage. Fox drops in on them at the booth and sends them his warm regards with a smug smirk on his face, knowing the sort of reaction he'd receive from them. Fox goes around to join them at the booth, pulls up a chair, and lowers himself onto it. He cuts to the chase as he proposes that Julian lend him the club for him to run himself. Julian becomes consumed with the presence of Liz and Whitney that he agrees to it as he makes his way through the crowd. When he comes up to them, Julian welcomes them to his club as he asks to speak with Liz in private. Pulling Liz aside by her arm, Julian demands to know why she brought Whitney there. Liz assures him that Whitney wasn't feeling well and she merely wanted to cheer him up. But Julian isn't buying it as he insists that the real reason is to get back at her sister. Meanwhile, standing around, Whitney sees Chad coming up to her and is ecstatic to see him. Chad tells Whitney he loves her as he convinces her that she belongs up on the stage in the spotlight. Chad insists she sing on stage and that her mother would never have to know. Finally Whitney relents as she makes her way to the stage while Chad is playing the keyboard as she begins singing while Julian returns to his booth, unbeknownst to him that Whitney is singing until Rebecca brings it to his attention, bringing him to de ja vue. And Liz couldn't be happier. But a worried Eve approaches the entrance of The Blue Note thinking that they're playing her cassette tape on the radio and enters the club to find out. And watching Julian intently, Rebecca tells him he looks like he's never heard a person sing before and asks to know what's wrong with him. And he flashes back to an older replica of the young woman singing on stage. As he speaks to himself, acknowledging that it's like going back in time watching Whitney. Whitney continues her performance smiling at Chad every once and a while. They then zero in on a tranced Fox who sends the woman singing an intense look of that from an infatuated boy. He speaks softly to himself saying how beautiful she is. A blond, petite waitress approaches Fox and asks if he's alright. But he hardly noticed she was there as he is staring at Whitney the whole time. He responds with one of Chad's lines, saying, "I feel like a thousand roman candles went off in my heart." Then Eve walks in demanding the hostess to remove her tape from the radio, claiming she never gave them permission to play it. The hostess tells her it's not a tape as he gestures over to Whitney on the stage. And Eve looks as though she's swallowed a lemon as she is ready to set this straight.

Meanwhile, at Harmony PD, Hank and Luis enter as Luis lowers himself behind his desk, claiming he's going to find out who's trying to kill Sheridan. Hank ensures they will as he reminds Luis that Sheridan is safe and sound at the cottage. Luis admits that many people hate the Cranes but he can't think of one good reason why anyone would want to hurt Sheridan. Then the phone rings and it's Antonio. He tells Luis that Sheridan's missing. A hysterical Luis asks what happened and how long she has been gone. Antonio tells him about Sheridan's wild clown dreams and presumes she couldn't have gone far withing five minutes. Luis tells Antonio that he's going to chech Pilar's house and hangs up the phone. Luis tells Hank they have to find her as they make their exit from the police department.

At the Wallace's house, Charlie is climbing all up and down the couch. Mrs. Wallace asks Beth what she is doing. Beth tells her that she is looking for the decapitated doll head. Charlie finds it under the coffee table and yanks it out. A happy Charlie tells them that it looks exactly like Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace becomes disgusted as Beth walks past Charlie, almost getting there herself. Charlie stands up and grasps both of Beth's arms and assures her that Sheridan deserves to die. Charlie visualizes her and Beth on a dock eating ice cream and are playful toward eachother as they twirl each other around all giddy. Mrs. Wallace observes the trance Charlie is in and literally pushes Beth aside to tell her that what she is doing is wrong. Luis and Sheridan belong together and that if she refuses to decline this ridicule, she'll go straight to hell. Beth flashes back to when Hank was telling Luis that he hopes he finds who ever is after Sheridan. Luis assured him that when he does, he's going to make the person pay for the rest of their lives. A worried Beth tells her mother she's right as she makes her way toward Charlie and tells her that she changes her mind about wanting to kill Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace drops to her knees and praises the lord that her daughter has finally seen the light, while Charlie is infuriated. Charlie reminds Beth that Sheridan hurt her. But then came to the conclusion that she doesn't know what Sheridan did to her. So, she asks. But Beth refuses to pursue it as she tells her it's not important as she makes her way to the window. Mrs. Wallace becomes ecstatic and insists that Beth has seen the light and there's no way she'll kill Sheridan now. Beth tells her to shut up as she retracts what she initially meant in not wanting to kill Sheridan. Beth claims that she does want to kill Sheridan another way. Beth tells Charlie that the man Sheridan loves is a cop and that if they do something to hurt Sheridan, he'll be on it like a dog on a bone. Charlie suggests that they kill him, too. Beth tells her not to do that as she claims that that other cops will only trace it back to them. Charlie contemplates on that notion as she agrees. Beth suggests she go home to think of a new solution over a good night sleep. When Charlie finally leaves, Luis arrives asking where Sheridan is. Luis tells Beth that Sheridan is missing and is worried that the person who's trying to kill her will find her first. Which leaves Beth wondering if Charlie will find her, and Mrs, Wallace worrying.

Sheridan is tossing and turning in her bed beside Antonio, having her reoccurring nightmare about the clowns. Sheridan jumps up in her bed, startled, waking Antonio who wants to comfort her. She tells him that she senses something bad starting to happen very soon. Antonio wants Sheridan to suggest something that would make her feel better. She figures telling him the nightmare would help. So, Antonio suggests he go get some tea and she can talk all night if she wants to. Now in the living room, fully clothed, Sheridan is looking out the window and then paces around the room until Antonio enters. Antonio tries to comfort her as he assures her that he won't ever let anything happen to her or their unborn child. He excuses himself to go into the kitchen to check on the tea. A hysterical Sheridan runs out to get some fresh air and to sort out every thing running through her mind such as the person who wants to kill her and who the father is of her baby. Antonio returns to the room, holding a tray of tea. When he notices Sheridan is missing, he quickly calls up Luis. He tells Luis that Sheridan's missing. A hysterical Luis asks what happened and how long she has been gone. Antonio tells him about Sheridan's wild clown dreams and presumes she couldn't have gone far withing five minutes. Luis tells Antonio that he's going to chech Pilar's house and hangs up the phone.

Sheridan is on the dock, unbeknownst to her that she has been recognized by Charlie. Charlie slowly and carefully creeps to the side where she can observe her more closely. She runs to the side of the wall to get even closer to Sheridan. A happy Charlie gets ready to kill Sheridan as she raises her knife, slices her finger, and licks the blood as she slowly starts to creep behind Sheridan.

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