Passions Update Monday 4/21/03

Passions Update Monday

By Carolina
Pictures by Juanita

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The open scene begins with an astonished Rebecca and a not-so-impressed Julian at the Blue Note. Julian reminded Rebecca that she doesn't like Jazz. Rebecca admits that as true but explains how the woman who does her manicure recommended it. A hostess approaches them, giving Julian a warm welcome, telling him how nice it is to see him there again. A surprised Rebecca asks him if he's been there before. Julian gestures toward the table and suggests they sit down in an attempt to change the subject. But Rebecca will not let up as she insists that he's never mentioned attending the Blue Note before. Julian gives the hostess a nod as he shows him to the table leaving a confused Rebecca standing motionless wondering what that's all about. After the hostess showed them to the table, a waiter approaches them, offering them some champagne. He expresses his relief in Julian finally accompanying a woman there. Uneasy, Rebecca asks who he's usually there with. The waiter explains how he's attended the Blue Note constantly, ordering two glasses of champagne. The waiter assumed that Julian must have been waiting for someone but they never showed up each time. After the waiter fills their glasses, he walks away, leaving Julian and Rebecca drowning in their silence. And when Julian said nothing, Rebecca tells him she's waiting for an explanation. And when he says nothing, she bluntly asks who he has been expecting. Julian flashes back to the past when he and Eve were sitting at the same booth at the Blue Note. Julian assures Eve that no matter how many years pass, he'll always be there at that table. A happy Eve believes him as she leans over to kiss him. Back to reality with Rebecca, Rebecca tells Julian that she's always detected distance between them. Whether it was with her or Ivy, she's sensed he's been somewhere else with someone else. Rebecca admits that she's not accusing him of actually seeing this other woman or that she is a threat to her subsequent marriage to Julian. As she pursues the issue further, she suggests that the reason this woman isn't with him as of now is because she's either married, hates him, or both. Which gives Julian some cause for concern. Rebecca asks Julian again who the woman is. But Julian fails to pursue it as he tells Rebecca to just drop the subject. But Rebecca would not budge. She goes down the list of women in Harmony, eliminating the married ones, seeing as there's so many. She finally comes to Eve and laughs at the thought. Julian and Eve. She laughs again. She explains how that is just a preposterous thought to even think. An insulted Julian just sits there listening to an amused Rebecca.

Eve and T.C are lying in bed as a reminiscing T.C was praising Eve for sticking by her family. T.C ensures Eve that if she hadn't stepped in when she did, Whitney would have gone to LA with Chad. Eve reminds T.C that it'll only be for six months. But T.C assures her that after six months Whitney will be completely over Chad. Later, T.C apologizes to Eve for his ludicrous accusation in thinking she would have ever gotten involved with someone like Julian. A guilty Eve tells T.C she doesn't want to talk about Julian. She just wants to get back on track with her family and start anew. T.C smiles as he praises himself for marrying the perfect woman and admits that he's told Liz the same. Eve flashes back to a conversation she had with Liz where she was threatening to expose her so she'll lose everything. Eve then tells T.C that maybe it's time Liz found another residence. A confused T.C asks why she'd want to throw out such a kind woman and asks if there's something she's keeping from him. Eve assures him there isn't as she explains that Liz has just been a burden on their problems. T.C tells her that it's gone unnoticed. Eve compares Liz living in their garage to David living at the B&B, causing problems for Sam and Grace. T.C insists that that's totally different and that Liz has been nothing but wonderful. As they finally decide to focus on just the two of them, T.C finally drifts asleep as Eve drifts over to the window only to notice Liz driving away. Eve goes to Whitney's bedroom to make sure Liz didn't take her with her. But Whitney is gone. Eve finds an open article on the bed about the Blue Note as Eve concluded that that's where they must have gone to.

A teary Whitney is lurking out the window, playing her music on the radio as Liz enters her bedroom. Liz wanted to check up on her, but Whitney assures her she's fine. Observing the music on the radio, Liz asks what she's listening to. Whitney explains how it's a song Chad wrote and produced himself, which brought Whitney to more tears as she is reminded of what Chad will be pursuing outside of Harmony. She explains it to Liz, opening herself up to the possibility that Chad's dream might not include her when he gets to LA. Whitney walks over to the bed and lowers herself onto it. Liz suggests she go with him. Whitney explains that her parents want her to think hard about it before she makes any rash decisions. Whitney assures her mind is already set cause she loves Chad more than anything. As Liz is about to depart the room, Whitney asks to confide in her about something. Liz listens as Whitney goes on about how her dream is to become a singer and how she and Chad had planned to be a team in pursuing it together. An astonished Liz uses this to her advantage to tear down Eve. Whitney explains how it's always been an unwritten rule that singing is out of the question. A happy Liz suggests they go have some fun, just the two of them as she picks up a newspaper article about the Blue Note and suggests they go there. After much hesitation, Whitney agrees. And on the way to the Blue Note, an ancy Whitney is nervous about going. But Liz assures her that there's nothing to worry about. This is only a one-time thing. Smiling to herself, Liz can't wait for Eve to have the de ja vue of her life.

Wandering around in the music studio, Fox comes to a halt when he sees Chad who orders him to leave. Fox tells him that his family own this place. And Chad insists that he works and lives there. And he bashes Fox's typical Crane attitude. A fed-up Fox tells Chad he's not going anywhere. Chad warns him that he's not going to say it again. Fox tries to settle him down in his own arrogant way as he goes on about how he was surprised to find out his family owns a recording studio seeing how it doesn't quite fit their image. Chad jumps to conclusions as he assumes Fox plans to get his daddy to kick him out, but tells him to save the trouble as he plans to leave right now. Fox insists that that's not what was going on. Chad explains that he was planning to leave anyway as he's headed for LA. Fox, completely flabbergasted, goes on about how he's wanted to stay there where there's beaches, hot sun, parties, and especially the women. Chad ensures him there's only one woman in his heart of hearts. Fox admits he never knew love like that existed and that he only thought it was an excuse to sell hallmark cards until he heard Theresa talking about it. Chad assures Fox he'll find out when he finds love. Chad then apologizes for blowing up on him. The last thing he wanted to have to deal with was a Crane. But Chad insists that he seems like a stand-up guy. Fox tells him he is who he is and he shouldn't have to hide it. They talk about Ethan and Fox rants on Ethan and says he detests him because he was the golden boy the heir and Fox was the spare. So he never wants to be compared to Ethan. Chad tells him that Ethan is such a loyal person. Fox assures Chad that he's nothing like Ethan in any way shape or form. But he does admit that the only thing he and Ethan have in common is that they both like Theresa. As Chad becomes more suspicious, he asks Fox if Theresa' on his radar. Fox smirks and jokes about it. Then he bends his head down, smiling, knowing where this conversation is drifting. Chad asks if he's in love with Theresa. Fox hesitates a bit, smirks, sort of blushing, and denies it saying that he's not capable of feeling that much for someone. Fox changes the subject a little and tells Chad the Cranes own the Blue Note and suggests they go have a drink. Chad remembers he went to find his parents there and remembers crystal told him about his dad which sounded like Julian. Fox jokes and asks him if he's sure his father isn't Julian. Chad laughs, encountering the same way saying that'd make him the heir and Fox the spare. Fox ensures him that since he's the older sibling, he's buying. When they get there fox cant understand why the cranes would own this. Chad spots Rebecca and Julian. Fox looks and says his dad has a ton of secrets. Which brings Chad to the conclusion that they have something in common seeing as his father is a secret.

Theresa begs Ethan to fight for her to have custody of little Ethan and hugs him when he accepts. Gwen comes in and is totally set off when she over hears the promise Ethan made to Theresa. Ethan tries to explain but Gwen wouldn't have it. Theresa begs Gwen to listen to reason but Gwen is consumed in the promise he made to her and now to Theresa. Little Ethan starts crying and Theresa asks Ethan to go in and assures him that he won't stop crying without him. Which sets Gwen off again. She yells at Ethan but tells him to go. He does and Gwen lays into Theresa and she tells her this isn't about her but about the baby she's carrying. Gwen says to get another lawyer and she will fight her with everything she has to keep her husband and her baby. Theresa can discern why Gwen hates her but she can't lose little Ethan. Ethan comes back and says he is putting his wife and child first. Theresa reminds Ethan of all she's done for him in the past, dying for him twice and that all she is asking is for him to help her keep her son. Theresa admits that she's lost so much and she can't lose her son. Gwen shows no sympathy as she assures Theresa that that's her own doing. Theresa begs Ethan over and over. Ethan found a solution and tells Gwen he can do both. A furious Gwen wonders if Theresa will ever be out of their lives.

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