Passions Update Friday 4/18/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mari
Pictures by Juanita

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We open with Miguel and Charity on the misty docks with them drinking hot chocolate. They speak about how she almost left because of the set-up that Jessica and Reese had done. Its true they are back together; Charity warns him that she meant what she said yesterday and then they kiss. (Must be good hot chocolate; She keeps licking her lips)

Unbeknownst to them, Tabby and Kay are watching them from around a corner. Tabby holds Kay back because Kay cannot stand to see them together. Kay wants to rip Charity=B9s hair. Tabby says she shouldn't if she wants Miguel back.

The Mansions Gwen and Ethan bedroom Gwen tosses so much in bed she awakens her husband Ethan up. She is aching all over. Ethan gives her a back rub. Gwen tells him that she would love that almost as much as she loves him and they kiss.

Theresa wakes on Sheridan's couch from the bad dream of her losing Little Ethan and watching the Boozebournes. She rises and checks on the baby. But Little Ethan is not in his crib. Theresa panics and screams that her baby is gone.

In Beth's home Hank praises Beth for her strength and dedication to her mother. "Poor Beth," they keep on saying. He says that a lot of other people would have snapped under the pressure. Luis just says how much he admires Beth. Luis says that her mother is her number one priority and that she must love her more than we can imagine.

Cut to the kitchen where Beth is holding a knife to her mother's throat, telling to keep quiet. Her mother swears that she will never tell Luis any of her secrets again. Beth releases her. Mrs. Wallace is relived. She tells Beth there is plenty else going on for him to find out about. "For starters, like that Charlie-horse women she wants to keep you as her 'special friend'". She continues on with When Charlie finds out that she loves Luis and not her; she will kill Beth and Luis. Beth says that is no problem as long as they are never at the house at the same time.

Charlie is by Beth's back door raves on to herself and a small blond doll about how they are 'Stupid Stupid!' Referring to blonds and blond dolls. Always letting men rule their lives. How they should be more like Beth and herself. She rips off the head of the doll and tosses the body away as she laughs.

We're back to Sheridan's still in her nightmare and still in the pit and still having two evil clowns tossing firecrackers down at her. She pleads to be let go and for help. They slide down on two ropes. Sheridan doubles over in pain screaming. She thinks that she is going into labor. She says that it is too soon.

Gwen and Ethan are still in bed. Gwen tells him how she is worried about Ethan helping Theresa with the custody battle. Gwen worries about Ethan helping Theresa because he would lose his job meaning no insurance and no money. Ethan reassures that she has nothing to worry about.

Theresa is still franticly looking for her baby and not finding him.

Hank and Luis see Precious enter the room. Hank makes a comment about her being a monkey and she gives him a raspberry. Luis explains to him that she hates being called a monkey; she is an orangutan. Precious gives Luis some kisses from across the room and leaves. Luis tells Hank how hard everything has been and how she does not deserve it.

Back in Beth's kitchen, after Beth leaves the room and tells Precious to watch her mother. There is a heavy bang at the door. Charlie is on the other side. Mrs. Wallace thinks that now Charlie will see Luis and everything will fall apart for her daughter Beth. For once she is happy to see her and tells her where Beth is.

Charity and Miguel are still at the dock. He offers her his jacket. He says that her love will keep him warm. He insists on walking Charity home.

Kay wants to follow them but Tabby wont let her. She says that if she is seen that they will think that she is stalking them and drive him further away. "Fine; then I want some more of that anti-loving potion," says Kay. She tells Tabby that she will not stop until Miguel turns away from Charity and loves her. Tabby shakes her head behind Kay's back and says that Kay does not know what is in store for her.

Back at Beth's kitchen, she encourages her to go see Beth and talks quietly  to Precious about what she hopes will soon happen. Precious blocks the door way to the other room and will not allow Charlie to go through it.

Sheridan's bad dream again: Sheridan is still screaming and then her baby begins to cry. "My baby, my baby!" She begs to see her baby but the clowns take the baby up the rope with them. She finally awakens and Antonio also awakens to her screams. She tells him that she had another dream about the clowns and all of the details. He tells her that pregnant women often have weird dreams and that she is safe with him.

Gwen and Ethan hear Theresa screaming "No No!!!" (It sounds more like howling to me.) He thinks that the same person who tried to kill Sheridan may be there. He rushes down and so does Gwen. Sheridan and Antonio back into the house and she tells them that her baby is gone. Ethan and Gwen also rush in and are told the same thing. Ethan thinks Julian may have done something. They think that perhaps he has learned how to get out of the crib and they all begin to look for him.

Beth's kitchen: Precious still holding fast to her posting in front of the door. Now we hear music of "Something tells me that I'm in to something good" They begin a montage of the scenes that she and Miguel have shared along with a daydream of Precious in a dress of red sequin.

Hank tells Beth how he feels so sorry for her and Luis and the baby. Luis informs every one that he doesn't care if he is the father and that he will be raising the child even if he is not. He says forcefully that he will tell him even with out Sheridan. Beth stews quietly about this.

Back in kitchen Charlie argues with the monkey but she will not let her pass. The show applies a red heart on precious and we hear it thumping loudly. She is also blushing or red with passion.

Luis again tells everyone that he will raise the baby with Sheridan no matter what. He does not want to see another man raise his baby. (Of course he can if it's his brother's baby. Then it's okay...) He also threatens to hunt and kill who ever it is that is trying to hurt Sheridan.

Back at the cottage Ethan finds Little Ethan in a closet. Theresa smothers him with kisses. The three of them stand closely and are happy. This is not lost on Gwen.

Tabby's Kitchen. A new pot of green stuff is on the stove. Kay is frustrated because it has hardened do to lack of heat. Tabby tells her turn on the heat a little so that it will simmer. Kay turns it all of the way so that it will heat quicker. Tabby tells over and over to do it slowly because it is highly flammable and will explode. Bang Bang Clang Crash! Splash Splatter!!!! Tabby tells Kay to duck. A green potion shoots everywhere. She and Kay are covered in the stuff and so is everything else. They call each other names. Kay demands that Tabby make another potions because she needs to tear Miguel and Charity apart and fast.

At Sheridan's cottage, Theresa tells Ethan he is all she has. Antonio says that that is not true; she has her family. Theresa says that is not what she meant. Gwen caresses her husband shoulders and says, "We know." Gwen helps Sheridan back into the bedroom because she looks as pale as a ghost. Gwen watches Ethan fawning over the baby as she goes in.

Sheridan tells Gwen that she had a horrible night and terrible nightmares. She says that she has this horrible feeling that something awful is going to happen in Harmony very soon.

Antonio thanks Ethan for helping look for the baby leaving Theresa and Ethan alone with the baby. He tells Little Ethan needs a toddler bed. She is impressed that he would know about such things. Of course he does; he is going to be a father soon. Theresa then tells Ethan about the curious and horrible strange dream of the Boozebournes. God must have sent it as a warning to not let Little Ethan grow up with Julian instead of her. She pleads with Ethan to help her with the custody with her baby. We flash back to his promise to Gwen. No reply from Ethan.

Luis tells Beth that he had come over to have Beth help figure out what to say to his brother, She says that she will try. Hank says that she can because of the way she handles her mother and that shows she has a lot of heart. But Luis decides that he has to get back to Sheridan and Hank goes with him. In Beth's head we hear "Sheridan, Sheridan, it's always Sheridan. Well, not for much longer."

Back in Beth's Kitchen, Charlie hears voices and wonders who Beth is taking to. Mrs. Wallace claims to not know and tells her to see. But Precious is still blocking the door. She lures her away from the door with a banana. Charlie tells Beth who is standing at the door that she heard voices and asks who were they? Mrs. Wallace looks on anxiously.

Back at Tabby's kitchen they begin to clean up. Tabby refers to her spell book. She mentions pig weed and three quills of a porcupine. Kay feels she should have them in her witch's pantry but Tabby informs that most of the ingredients have to be fresh. Microwave version would take a year; if she does it the old fashion way, it will take ten years. Kay laughs in disbelief. Tabby informs Kay that she has just destroyed that starter mix. (Something akin to sour dough?) Kay says she can not wait a year. They will be married by then. Tabby says you have to use your womanly wiles. Kay looks into the cauldron and sees Charity and Miguel kissing, much to her dismay.

Sheridan's cottage: Theresa pleads again. Ethan agrees that she should raise Little Ethan. She feels that she needs a friend and a good lawyer. She needs him and she knows she will lose Little Ethan if he does not. Ethan agrees; she hugs him in great joy. Gwen walks in and seems peeved.

Beth's living room again. Charlie tells Beth to not lie to her. She tells her that she was just talking to the police, and that they were going house to house looking for someone. Charlie is worried that they might be on to them. Mrs. Wallace grabs Beth and tells her it's a good thing they did not see Charlie. Charlie gleefully tells her "Come on girlfriend, we have a lot of work to do!" and dumps out the bag of doll heads. Precious picks one up and sticks it in her mouth. Crunch Crunch.

Miguel and Hank are walking home and they remark about how cold the wind is. Miguel says that he too has a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Sheridan and Antonio are in their room. Sheridan cannot shake her feeling of something bad is going to happen and that dream. Antonio once again tries to comfort Sheridan. On the dresser there is a jack-in-the-box toy with a clown head that pops up. Ominous music.

It is implied that the terrible thing that is going to happen in Harmony concerns Sheridan and Luis. This has to the longest night. We are talking three weeks now and still the same night. I cannot stand Luis' hypocrisy. He won't let someone else raise his child. Tabby and Kay's catastrophe of the cauldron was fun. Maybe Tabby will find another outfit? Gwen should be really mad at her hubby going back on his promise to her. I hope they are through for a little while with clowns. It bugs me that they won't tell us what's in the shed or who was behind the mask of Mac Boozebourn. I now think it was the rights build for Fox and would make some sense. He is family. I miss the Boozebourn already. I thought Gwen was yummy dressed as Shelly. I don't normaly think she is that easy on the eyes but as Shelly I though she was cute. Overall I found this a fun week. That's a week in our time not Passions.

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