Passions Update Wednesday 4/16/03

Passions Update Wednesday 4/16/03

By Carolina
Pictures by Juanita

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On the pier, a reunited Miguel and Charity are kissing. Miguel insists that they belong together and asks if she can see that now. Charity assures him that she always thought they belonged together and that that was never the issue. Miguel suggests they go get some hot chocolate and Charity agrees. And as They are embracing again on a bench, Charity smiles and asks how she ever went so long without kissing him. And Miguel ensures her that she never has to again. As he re-confirms his love for her, he explains how much he's learned from almost losing her and that he won't ever lie or cheat or hurt her again. Charity stands up from the bench and tells Miguel that she can't do this again. A worried Miguel asks if she is breaking up with him again. Charity says that's not it. She just didn't want to talk about what's happened in the past and that she only wants to live in the moment and not dwell on the past. A relieved Miguel kisses Charity.

Not far behind, A depressed Kay walks beside Tabitha as she explains that she put the potion , to break up happy couples, in Miguel's popcorn. But since he decided he wasn't hungry, Reese took it upon himself to eat it. And that he and Jessica got in this huge argument. Kay explains how she thinks that neither Miguel nor Charity care that she's carrying Miguel's child. Kay then became insistent as she told Tabitha she needs a potion and she needs it now. She threatens Tabitha by saying that if she refuses to persist, she'll tell everyone she's a witch. Tabitha laughs and said that no one ever believed her before. Kay ensures her that that was before and this is now and she has a lot more evidence to back up her accusation. two can play that game for Tabitha as she assures her that if she persists in this, she'll be sorry. Tabitha tells Kay that she needs her if she wants to get Miguel. Kay says that she's been no help for her so far. She walks over and sees Miguel and Charity and claims how they're practically joined at the hip. Tabitha can't discern why Miguel and Charity are reunited but assures Kay that if she would have listened to her in the first place, she'd have been the one kissing Miguel. Tabitha promises Kay that she will not endure in her threats and that this was her own doing and no body else's. Tabitha told Kay to trust her. She's already concocted a potion for a few people. But she tries to make Kay understand that witchcraft is not a cure for everything. And a confused Hank walks in on them on the pier and asks what they're talking about. He demands to know why they're up at this hour? Tabitha ensures Hank that a midnight stroll is healthy for expected mothers. Hank excepts that as true as he asks again what the witchcraft talk was about. Tabitha lied and told Hank that he was eavesdropping on the tail of end of a pregnant woman who's body was going through all sorts of changes. She asks Kay to tell him about her swollen feet. Kay obliges and admits that they really hurt. Tabitha told Hank that Kay was wishing that she knew witchcraft to relieve her pain and that was when Hank heard "Witchcraft isn't a cure for everything." A naive Hank took the information as accurate as he subsequently left. As Hank left, Kay and Tabitha conversed about Tabitha's spell and how she planted a potion in the potpourri that she gave to Sheridan who has a guest... Theresa. So anyone who smells it, will see the disaster of their future.

Charlie buys some Barbie dolls and bashes their skulls in as Hank catches her and is freaked out. She keeps saying blondie has to die.

Sheridan has dreams about clowns attacking her and Theresa wakes her up.they find little Ethan's toy clown and assume that's where Sheridan dream came from.  They talk about tabby and how good the potpourri smells. Sheridan goes to bed after Theresa comforts her and Theresa smells the potpourri and asks maybe tabby can make some for her.  She walks away and into HER NIGHTMARE in rags in black and white hearing little Ethan crying and she cant get to him.  She is searching all over the place and crying for him. As she hears a not so consoling voice from beyond.

At Mrs. Wallace's house, Mrs. Wallace is trying to convince Luis that Beth wants to kill Sheridan, but he's convinced otherwise; that she must have been sleeping when he came over and is still tired. And as Mrs. Wallace attempts to pursue the issue further, Luis tries to look for her medication and Mrs. Wallace insists she's not delusional. And when Precious entered the room, it was love at first site as she runs to him and he picks her up. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis to stop flirting with the monkey and listen to reason, which he overlooks as he's in an awe over Precious. Mrs. Wallace once again tells Luis to listen to her. Luis says he would if she were making any sense. Beth makes her entrance. Mrs. Wallace immediately jumps to conclusions as she thinks Beth has already implemented her plan in killing Sheridan. So, she turns around and begins to pray hysterically as Beth pretends she doesn't understand why she is acting this way, so she threatens to throw Mrs. Wallace in a nursing home if she doesn't behave. Mrs. Wallace takes it to her advantage that Luis and Beth are their simultaneously, so she tries to tell Luis once again. Luis explains to Beth that Mrs. Wallace seemed very convincing. Beth asked Luis if he actually believed it. Luis starts to become defensive and his voice becomes more rigid as he admits that it is a little weird to hire an ape care-giver. Then, Precious takes Luis's hands and escorts him to the couch where they both lower themselves onto. Mrs. Wallace and Beth look at each other as they can detect infatuation in Precious's eyes for Luis. Precious can only focus her attention on the center of it... Luis. Her infatuation only builds as she fantasizes about Luis and her dancing to the tango. She's wearing a red tango dress with a feather head piece to match. And tango music playing in the background. Precious's fantasy is interrupted when Mrs. Wallace pleads with Luis to listen to her. Beth insists that her accusations are both false and insane. Luis demands why her mother keeps accusing her of wanting to kill Sheridan. And she explains that her mother has this disease that makes her hallucinate. Beth excuses herself as she found it inappropriate to talk about her mother while she's present. Beth takes Mrs. Wallace aside and threatens to kill her if she doesn't shut up. And that was enough to convince Mrs. Wallace that Beth and Charlie killed Sheridan. But Beth isn't having any of it as she orders her mother to go to her room. Mrs. Wallace reluctantly obliges. Beth returns to the room and lowers herself onto the couch next to Luis as he demands some answers to why she sent her mother to her room. As Mrs. Wallace eaves drops, Beth explains that the sad truth is her mother is losing her mind and part of her disease is denial. Luis apologizes for ever doubting her. Precious walks into the room with a cart of tea which she pushes toward them. Beth starts crying as she explains how the nurses just kept quitting on her one after another, and that Precious was her only option since she works for peanuts cause she doesn't have heath insurance any more. Luis embraces her to try to calm down a hysterical Beth.

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