Passions Update Monday 4/14/03

Passions Update Monday

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

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Tabitha cackles over her wicked potions but then realizes Kay stole one. Meanwhile, Kay hopes the potion will do the trick for Charity and Miguel. She flashes back to Tabitha telling her that it destroys true love.

Jessica plans to get Charity and Miguel back together. She's with Reese at a movie theater and hopes the romantic movie will bring them closer. Reese snuggles with Jessica. Charity says their plan won't work; she won't come between Miguel and Kay because of the baby. Miguel says they're just there as friends. Kay shows up and no one is glad to see her. She says that she and Simone decided to go to a movie, too. She acts nice and offers to get snacks. Jessica, Miguel, and Reese have to convince Charity to stay. Simone tells Kay that they should leave but Kay says to trust her. She sends the others on ahead as he puts the potion on the popcorn. She gives it to Miguel but he's not interested. Reese says he'll take it, so he does, over Kay's objections. The movie starts. Reese gobbles his popcorn and starts acting weird, telling Jessica to stop talking about Kay all the time. Miguel sees himself and Charity in the movie (The Way We Were is playing in the background). Jessica tries to cozy up to Reese, but he's not interested. He leaves abruptly, upsetting Jessica. Kay is glad it worked, but on the wrong person. Charity sees herself and Miguel in the movie, too. They are older after having been apart for years. He says that after she left town, he gave all of his love to his child but never married. She never got over him, either. They realize how many years they wasted. In real life, they turn to each other and decide to get back together, not wanting to waste their lives. They kiss. Simone says "I told you so" to Kay.

Julian tries to convince Liz that Eve would never hurt anyone on purpose. She is determined to ruin Eve and says that it looks like she doesn't have to do anything to accomplish that, since Eve has kept so many secrets from T.C. Julian says that T.C. has his own secrets, like what's in the shed. He bets Liz has some, too. Liz says she's more careful than most people. He laughs at her. She walks away, saying no one will find out any secrets she might have, even him. He's not so sure.

Liz walks around Eve's bedroom in a towel, having used her favorite bathtub and scents. She prances around, talking out loud about how this will all be hers. She has a fantasy about going to bed with T.C. The doorbell rings so she gets dressed. It's Tabitha, who is surprised to see Liz there. Tabitha says she is making candles to get extra money, so she asks Liz to try one out for her. Liz tries to get rid of her but Tabitha pushes her way in and insists on lighting the candle. After Tabby leaves, Liz takes the candle and decides to hang out in the living room. Tabitha gloats outside and is off to spread more pain and suffering. Liz is relaxing when she hears a man's whispery voice saying, "there is a way to get what you want"..."The answer is in the shed". Liz thinks she's dreaming but then gets out the key to the shed. She heads outside to find out what secrets are hidden there. She unlocks it, goes in, turns on the light, and looks around. She says, "Oh my God!"

Julian is on the docks, thinking about Eve. Rebecca comes along, wondering why he didn't meet her at the country club. She wonders why he looks so strange. She babbles on about the wedding but he is distracted. He talks about how love is the only important thing and the rest is all filler. She knows he's not talking about her but asks who his great love is. He remains silent. She says she's not surprised and asks him again. He says there are certain things he keeps to himself. She wonders what else he's keeping secret. She flirts and he starts to get interested. Tabitha walks by and drops her bag of candles. She curses as she picks it up and goes. Rebecca sees her and tells Julian that she saw Tabitha and her stomach. She says Tabby looks pregnant. Julian turns white as he remembers their fling, saying "It can't be!"

Chad tells Eve and T.C. that Whitney has something to say. Whitney doesn't speak so Chad says that he's been offered a job at a recording studio in L.A. T.C. is overjoyed that Chad's leaving town and really rubs it in about how Chad is going back to the 'hood. Chad says he's not, he's moving up. Chad says he'll be very successful, more than T.C. T.C. doesn't care and gloats that Chad will be far away from Whitney...until Chad announces that he's taking Whitney with him. T.C. gets upset. Eve tries to keep his temper in check, saying they can't stop Whitney because she's of age, so she can do whatever she wants. She asks Whitney what she wants. Whitney says she loves Chad but also wants her family. She doesn't know what to do. T.C. and Chad start yelling, so Eve tells them to stop putting Whitney through hell. Eve suggests that Chad go to L.A. and Whitney stay there and finish school, stay for 6 months and then decide if she still wants to go or not. Then she will have their blessing. T.C. objects but Eve calms him. Chad doesn't think it's a good idea and says that they will split up if she stays. Chad keeps pressuring her, saying her parents are trying to break them up. T.C. and Eve try to play to Whitney's practical side and leave it up to her. Whitney tells Chad that she can't go, but it's just for 6 months. Chad is stunned.

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