Passions Update Friday 4/11/03

Passions Update Friday

By Mari
Pictures by Juanita

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Tabby Harmony's residential evil witch, toils over her kitchen caldron making a falling out of love potion. For whom Kay wonders? Note: Apparently one crushed sparrows beak, one bat wing,, two legs of grasshopper, one fungus root, an eye of an alligator, and something from a bottle smell something akin to dead cat.  Kay does not pick up on the usefulness of the potion and she is overly confident of her future with Miguel.

Reese (Now played by a new actor Seth Hall  --Bruce Michael Hall's twin brother in real life!) And Jessica joyfully plan to see sweet Charity and Miguel back together again.

Charity, alone on a wooden swing begins to wish for her love to be rekindled upon a star. She stops before finishing. No, I cannot wish for that. Miguel belongs to Kay and their new born baby.

Miguel standing alone on a fogged in dock looks for a sign from heaven above about reuniting with his true love Charity. Presumably the same star that Charity was just about to wish on shoots by and Miguel is thankful for the positive sign.

Eve and T.C. head inside the studio to talk to their daughter Whitney that T.C. has pushed away. Eve prays that T.C. will keep his temper for she fears that if he loses it again that indeed this will be a permanent wedge.

Whitney and Chad are alone in the studio listening to a Beautiful haunting song. Chad tells Whitney that he wrote it for her. She is clearly touched.

Back at the cafe, Liz sees that Julian is still in love with Eve. He admits that he never really stopped loving her. Liz informs Julian that he could have another chance with her. Julian watches her and lightly scoffs it off.He tells her that Eve would never leave her husband. Liz disagrees, and says that she will not have a choice in the matter. I am going to take everything away from her.

All of this before the theme song; boy are they kicking it up these days.

Julian is taken aback by this so much he sits down. After all, T.C. is not of a forgiving nature. (Self-righteous comes to mind.) But Julian would never allow her to be hurt and to lose her family even if it means never having her. (Now that's some true love.)

Cut back to the studio. Whitney and Chad tell each other that they love each other with all of their hearts. Chad wants Whitney to come to L.A. with him and be happy. Whitney by this time is curled up on his lap looking into his eyes. T.C. and Eve walk in and see them embraced and T.C. spits forth like a mad dog "That bastard!" So much for his promise. What a shock.

Meanwhile, back at Tabby's kitchen, Kay tells Tabby that she will not use the potion. She will win Miguel back using her "womanly wiles."  Tabby says that Charity and Miguel will find their way back to each other. Kay says she is not worried. She can seduce him again. Tabby says that those powers came from witchcraft, that the only way she got him into bed was that he thought she was his Sweet Charity.  Simone barges in on Tabby and Kay and comments about the smell emanating from the pot/ caldron.

Jessica and Reese form their cunning plan to have each of them separately take Miguel and Charity to the same movie without either of then knowing about until it is too late. Charity walks into the room asking, "What's meant to be?" Well they are of course Reese and Jessica pipe up covering their mistake. Jessica sends Reese "home". Reese picks up slowly that this is part of the plan that he has just agreed to and leaves. Charity admires Jessica and Reese's relationship. Jessica wants Charity to attend a midnight movie at a rival house. After all it will cheer her up. {One does wonder what the movie is that has everyone willing to go to it at the last minute.}

Tabby is off gathering berries for her latest evil spell in her yard. As Reese leaves whom do you think Reese runs into? Well Miguel of course. He's hot from the shooting star and wants to see sweet Charity. But Reese manages
to convince him that he cannot do this. Reese is unaware that he is standing on Tabitha's hand. Then Miguel decides to check on Kay but Reese wont let him do this either.

Once again, we are back at the kitchen with Simone, Kay and Tabby. Simone wants to know what is in the pot; after all, it smells of dead cat. Kay cleverly covers up and clams that it is a poultice for a cold that she is coming down with. Simone could not sleep after the recent fight and did not want to be alone saw their light was on. Kay consoles her as Simone whines that she will never see either her sister or Chad ever again. Kay tells her that it is her own fault for not sleeping with him when she told her to and that she is jealous because she knows how to get a man.

Eve and T.C. enter the studio. T.C. (for once is not throwing punches or yelling) Whitney and her mother Eve speak lovingly to Whitney. Eve is sorry that she was not there to prevent the fight. Whitney understands why. Whitney does not think it would have made any difference if she had been there.

At the Cafe again, Liz raves on about Eve's past calling her "slut." Julian tells here that she could not be more wrong. Liz tells Julian to be a Crane. Be ruthless and go for what he wants.  Liz is incapable of seeing Eve for who she is now and can only see her pain and revenge. Julian tells her that he will stop her. Liz of course wants to know how he is going to do that.

Tabby's kitchen once again. Kay feels that if she had slept with Chad he would be with Simone and not her sister. Simone adamantly disagrees. Of course Simon tells Kay again how wrong it is what she is trying to do. Kay thinks that sex and the baby are powerful reasons for Miguel to come back. Simone again disagrees and tells her that the only reason that Miguel and Charity are not together is because Kay is having Miguel's baby and that for that reason Charity wont allow herself to come between Miguel and Kay. She says that right, she is having his baby and this will bind then together forever.

Meanwhile Jessica and melancholy Charity get ready to attend a midnight showing at a revival house. Jessica is elated that her plan seems to be working.

Back at the cafe, Julian wants to pay Liz off with a sizeable check to stay away from Eve for good.

Kay and Simon spar over whether or not sex was the right tactic. Kay is convinced that once the baby is born he will want to be apart of their lives. She thinks he will come around. Simone tells her that she is delusional. Simone stomps off.

Still on Tabby's hand, Reese talks over the reasons for not seeing Kay. He comes up with it's late and she needs her sleep. Tabby zaps Reese so he will move. Clueless Reese comments about how it is too early for misquotes, and
mentions that he is going to a late movie and Miguel should also come to take his mind off of things.

Simone comes out from Tabby's house and is invited to go with Miguel and Reese to the movies. Reese signs silently that she should not attend. She declines the invitation. Reese gives the keys to Miguel and relays his plans to Simone. Reese and Miguel leave for the movies. They narrowly miss Charity and Jessica leaving for the movies. Simon commits that poor Kay does not know what is going on but Tabby does.

Cafe again. Julian thinks Liz will take the offer, but she tears up the check, definitely.

At the studio, it seems that Eve's healing powers are working and Whitney wants to come home. Even TC's anger seems to be have dissipated. He reiterates that he feels that Chad is not right for her but he is willing to talk it over if she comes homes. The three of them Whitney, Eve and T.C. embrace leaving Chad out.

Once again to Tabby kitchen. Kay makes a commit about the potions repugnant smell. Tabby tells her that she will need it but does not tell her the real reason for this.  Simone comes back to gloat over what is happening with
Miguel. She tells Kay about the plans that Jessica and Reese have made for Charity and Miguel. Kay Objects. "NO! NO!"

Jessica and Reese pretend that it is a coincidence that they are at the same movie house, to see the same movie, at the same time.  Miguel is happy to see Charity. However Charity is not so and wants to go home. Jessica slips
up and says "B3 No, not after all of the trouble."  Alas melancholy Charity sees through their obvious rouse. Charity reiterates that Miguel needs to be with Kay but that they are just friends. Reese (AKA Cuddle=ADbag) and Jessica
gloats that they make a great team and that for once, Kay is not around.

Back at Tabby's kitchen, Kay decides to also go to the movies. Simone reluctantly goes with her fearing that if she does not help Kay that Kay will no longer help her with Chad. Note: Its seems that when Kay tries to stop "true love" it is evil but Simone attempts at this are merely "all is fair in love blah blah.."

Kay takes a vile full of potion that Tabby has been working on with her. Tabby watches and asks her what she is doing. She tells Kay that "the potions has not yet been tested and that there is no telling what the potions will do".  (Oh Boy! This will be fun!!!!)  Kay says that there is no better time to test it.

Cafe again. Julian is surprised that Liz will not take the money. Liz says that she would not take money from him. "Why not; my money is as good as anyone one else's." He says that it is to help start a new life without hatred. She says that she will not rest until Eve is destroyed!

Meanwhile at the studio, Whitney agrees to go back home. Chad stops them before they leave telling them that Whitney has something to tell them.

That ends this week of Passions. We are left to wonder what will Whitey say to her parents and Chad? Will Julian succeed in saving his beloved Eve or will he get his second chance with her? If so, will T.C. be with Liz after all she has lied a lot herself and what about that shed? What mishaps are awaiting Kay? I hope that it involves the movie, like they some of them get trapped in it (think "Purple Rose of Cairo-ish").

Notes: The New Reese is stiff. Tabby's outfit was not great but it's nice to see Tabby and Kay back in the story line again. I hope Whitney goes with Chad and hopefully becomes her own person. Boy, does Eve have a huge problem
coming up with Chad. In all likelihood being that Chad is Eve's and Julian love child and you just know Whitney's going to come up pregnant. Hopefully next week this one night will finally be over. Doesn't anyone in Harmony ever sleep???

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