Passions Update Monday 4/7/03

Passions Update Monday

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Liz plans on bringing T.C. to the diner where Eve and Julian are...Julian vows to make Eve's life right...Charlene confronts Beth about her schemes...Sheridan and Luis, once again fail to tell Antonio the truth.

Cast: Liz, T.C., Rusty, Receptionist, Julian, Eve, Charlene "Charlie", Beth, Mrs. Wallace, Precious, Luis, Theresa, Sheridan, Antonio.

At the hospital

Luis calls Sheridan and learns that she is okay. He hears a noise in the medicine room, which is Beth getting medicine to kill Sheridan. He goes to search, but recieves a call. He leaves and so does Beth. One nurse, Charlie follows Beth.

At the cottage

Antonio finds Sheridan getting off the phone with Luis and reassures her that he doesn't need help protecting his wife. He calls the guards and orders them to go home. When he returns to the kitchen, Sheridan asks Theresa what she should do. Luis arrives and talks to Sheridan about telling Antonio the truth and he walks in. Just as they are about to tell him the truth, Sheridan backs down.

At the Wallace's

Mrs. Wallace tries to call the police while Precious 'reads' a magazine. Precious unplugs the phone, so Mrs. Wallace writes a note and throws it out the window, just as Beth arrives. Beth sees Precious making a smoothy and figures out how to kill Sheridan. Outside, Charlie arrives and finds Mrs. Wallace's note. Beth goes to get changed while the blender explodes all over Precious and Mrs. Wallace. When Beth returns, Charlie comes in and asks what she is up to.

At the diner

Julian comforts Eve, but she figures out that he wants something from her and demands to know what it is. Julian says that he loves her and wants to help her get her family back in shape, but doesn't know how yet.

At the Russell's

Liz and T.C. talk about Eve. She brings up the shed and he yells at her. He apologizes and decides it is time to open up about the shed. He is ready to tell her what is in it. Just then, the phone rings and Liz answers it, sending T.C. to the kitchen. It is the mechanic, Rusty and he tells Liz about the car accident and Eve&Julian. T.C. returns and Liz decides to lead him right to his wife and the man he hates most as the previews roll.


*Julian asks Eve if Chad Harris could be their son.
*Chad asks Whitney to come to L.A. with him.
*Antonio and Sheridan head to bed, but Luis tells him that he is not sleeping with her.

The End.

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