Passions Update Monday 3/17/03

Passions Update Monday

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Julian reveals to the whole world that he is single and Theresa is not his wife...Antonio catches Sheridan and Luis embracing...Mrs. Wallace is left with Precious...And Liz comforts Whitney while her parents fight.

Cast: Julian, Theresa, Rebecca, Bruce, Ethan, Gwen, Fox, Bill, Camera Crew, Antonio, Luis, Sheridan, Miguel, Pilar, Beth, Mrs. Wallace, Precious, Eve, Liz, T.C., Whitney.

At the Russell's

Eve and T.C. argue about Whitney's tennis while Liz watches from outside. T.C. accuses Eve of not caring for Whitney's tennis while she accuses him of not caring about Whitney's personal life. It gets very heated.  Finally, Eve says that her marriage and family are as important a dream to her as tennis is to T.C., so they shouldn't fight.  Eve tells him that she will talk to Whitney, so he takes this to mean that she is going to convince Whitney to give up on Chad and concentrate on tennis.  She is unsure and can't promise anything.  They hug.

In the kitchen, Liz comes in and finds Whitney making coffee. Whitney blames herself for Simone hating her and for her parents fighting.  Liz consoles her and tries to get her to stop blaming herself.  Whitney thanks Liz for keeping the secret. Liz and Whitney hug just as Eve walks in. Eve sends Whitney upstairs.  Liz says she always wanted a daughter, so now she will have two, plus a loving husband, after she gets rid of Eve.  Eve calls Liz a bitch and says that will never happen.

At the Wallace's

Mrs. Wallace cannot believe that Beth hired a monkey to be her nurse. Beth goes nuts and says that it is an orangutan. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that even if she kills Sheridan, that doesn't mean Luis will go out with her. She laughs at Beth and reminds her about Luis leaving her years ago when Sheridan wasn't in the picture and Luis never returned to her.  She says that the best Beth can do is get a monkey, not a real man. Mrs. Wallace goes for the phone, but Beth warns her that Precious was trained to stop her from calling anyone. Mrs. Wallace picks up the phone and Precious throws something at her. Beth also tells her mother that Precious will stop her from leaving the house too. Antonio calls Beth, saying that Luis and Sheridan told him the truth.  He says that he thinks she and Antonio have a chance, and he asks her to come to the hospital, leaving her confused. Beth leaves Mrs. Wallace all alone with Precious.

At the hospital

Antonio tells Luis and Sheridan that he knows what they are talking about and they are right, it could kill him. He goes on and on about it being his fault that Luis and Beth aren't together and apologizes. He left the family so Antonio had to be the one in charge, which broke up his relationship with Beth.  Luis keeps trying to tell him the truth, but Antonio won't listen and asks for time alone. Miguel, Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan leave him. Sheridan tells them that she can't tell Antonio the truth now. Antonio comes out to find Luis and Sheridan in an embrace.

At the Crane Mansion

Rebecca, Bruce, and Julian join Theresa in the living room for her interview. Gwen and Rebecca are smitten, because they will finally be rid of Theresa, but Fox and Ethan are worried about her. Theresa begins to give more money out to charity as the talk show host, Bill, continues interviewing her. Julian rips the check up and announces to the whole world that he is single. Theresa is shocked, as is everyone else. Ethan makes the camera people leave as they all watch Theresa try to figure out who Bruce is. We get yet another flashback of Julian/Theresa's wedding as Theresa figures out that Bruce was the best man. Julian orders Theresa to leave the house and says she can't taken anything with her, either.


*Antonio asks Luis if he lost Sheridan.

*Eve slaps Liz.

*Julian screams for Theresa to leave.

The end.

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