Passions Update Wednesday 3/12/03

Passions Update Wednesday 3/12/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Beth vows to kill Sheridan one time or another while Luis writhes in pain, watching Sheridan and Antonio sleeping in the same bed...T.C. kicks Chad out...Kay and Tabitha discover another baby...the Bennett's try to work out their problems, but distractions keep stopping them.

Cast: Luis, Beth, Antonio, Sheridan, Susan, Nun, Man, Chad, Whitney, T.C. Liz, Eve, Simone, Kay, Tabitha, Dancing Baby #4, Dancing Baby #5, Sam, Grace, Ivy, David, John.

At the Bennett's

Sam asks Grace why she is having a party for John, just when John walks in. John explains how he got on the Dean's list and Sam congratulates him, but asks John to leave the room. Sam convinces Grace to pack up the tomato soup cake for John and David to take with them. He heads upstairs.

Upstairs, Ivy tells David that when she is through they will have their hearts' desires. David still doesn't like the idea, but she tells him that he will be thanking her once she is through. Sam walks in and asks "what will David be thanking you for?" Ivy and David make up some lame story and Sam believes them and David leaves. As Sam changes Ivy's sheets, she makes a remark that he can stay there all night if he wants. Sam gets mad and leaves after changing her sheets. Ivy vows that he will be in her bed, while looking at a picture of Ethan.

Back downstairs, David and John get their cake and leaves. Sam returns and he and Grace begin working on the lists. He decides it's too late, so they decide to go to bed. Sam and Grace kiss while David watches from outside.

At Tabitha's house

Kay is upset over seeing images of T.C. and Chad fighting while Tabitha stands there and eats some food that Grace sent over. Soon, Tabitha's baby appears and then, runs off. Later, another baby appears and disintegrates into sugar. Kay tastes it and realizes what it is. Tabitha tells her that the Sugar Baby is a sign of pain and suffering for all involved. The friends in the basement growl and it makes Kay wonder what she is getting herself into.

At the Russell's

T.C. practically drags Chad to the front door and pushes him out, but Chad comes back in and says that he will not be treated that way. Simone tries to tell T.C. that it is Whitney's fault, but he pushes Chad around, calling him a street punk. Simone and Whitney argue with each other while Eve watches, remembering about Liz and her as sisters. Liz taunts her some more. T.C. grabs ahold of Chad and drags him back to the door, but Chad swings at him and hits him in the face. "You've just signed your death warrant, boy," T.C. says. T.C. launches for Chad, but Eve steps between them and suggests he leave. Chad says good-bye to Whitney and hugs her and then, he leaves. T.C. is glad it is settled, but Eve tells him that she doesn't approve of his behavior. Outside, Chad goes crazy and kicks the mailbox, wondering why anyone would want to be a part of that crazy family. Back inside, Eve sends Whitney and Simone upstairs to give her and T.C. a chance to talk. Liz listens while Eve tells T.C. that he handled things the wrong way. From upstairs, Whitney and Simone scream at each other, so Eve rushes up. Liz joins T.C. and comforts him. Liz tells T.C. that she agrees with how he handled things, which makes him happy.

Upstairs, Eve has a talk with Whitney, who she believes is telling the truth and then, she talks to Simone. Simone is lying on Eve's bed, crying while she comforts her.

Back in Whitney's room, Whitney hears a rock hit her window and looks outside, to see Chad standing there. They mouth "I love you's" to each other.

At the hospital

Luis rushes up to "Beth", followed by Antonio and Sheridan. Luis and Antonio are shocked by who they see. It's a nun! They all ask why she was trying to kill Sheridan and the nun denies it, while we see Beth watching from a hospital room. Sheridan is convinced, until she hears the squeaking noise again. Luis tells her that he will check the rooms, so he checks the room Beth is in, but doesn't see her. When he returns to Antonio, Sheridan, and the nun, Sheridan tells Luis that it could've been a dream. She hears the squeaking noise again and this time it is a man wheeling a gurney. They convince theirselves that that is what Sheridan heard and Luis promises to notify all hospital security to stop everyone before they leave the hospital. Beth overhears and decides to undress and get into new clothes. She undresses down to her bra and the man in the room wakes up and says "thank you god." Beth says "In your dreams."

Meanwhile, Antonio asks Susan if he and Sheridan can share the same room and Luis and Sheridan say "No!" He wonders why, but the nurse just tells him that she can't sleep with him. Antonio finally convinces her. Beth walks up in a cowboy hat, a shirt, and pants as Luis asks if that is the new style. Antonio and Sheridan return to their room. Beth assures Luis that everything will be okay.


*Luis and Sheridan tell Antonio that they are in love.

*Ethan tells Theresa that her office has been cleaned out and she has been revoked from all privlages as a Crane.

*Eve tells T.C. that Whitney will not be playing tennis.


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