Passions Update Tuesday 3/11/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Luis, Antonio, and Sheridan search for Beth...Chad and T.C. get into an argument about Whitney...Ivy tells David about her new plan...Sam and Grace make some progress.

Cast: Luis, Beth, Sheridan, Antonio, Susan, Cop, Nurse, Chad, T.C., Whitney, Simone, Eve, Liz, Ivy, David, Sam, Grace, John.

At the Bennett's

In the kitchen, Sam and Grace work on resolving their problems. Ivy listens from outside and hears them talking about a resolution. She hurries up to her room. Grace and Sam make a list of things that stand in the way of their marriage being resolved. Grace's number 1 is Ivy and Sam's is David. All of a sudden, Ivy screams out and Sam has to go upstairs and rescue her...again.

In Ivy's room, Ivy, reluctantly pours milk all over herself and the bed. She screams out that she needs help. Sam rushes upstairs and picks her up and puts her in the wheelchair. He hands her a nightgown and leaves to get new sheets. Ivy throws the nightgown and takes her robe off.

Back downstairs, David and John arrive with good news for Grace. John forgot his paper at the B&B so he rushes over to get it while David and Grace talk about Ivy, her past with Sam, and the future she hopes to share with Sam. John returns and announces that he has made the Dean's list and has straight A's. Grace tells him that they can celebrate tomorrow. John rushes into the living room, so he can pull up his picture on the Dean's website. David follows him. Sam comes down and tells Grace that Ivy spilt her milk (David listens from outside the door). Before Grace can tell him that John and David are there, Sam rushes off. Later, John returns into the kitchen and Grace gets him some milk and tomato soup cake. He returns to the computer to see if the website loaded yet. Sam returns with a handful of sheets and asks Grace about the cake and milk. She tells him about John and he gets angry, asking why it is okay for her to throw a party for David and John, but she doesn't want Ivy there.

Back in Ivy's room, Ivy, now fully naked, is happy when she thinks she hears Sam coming. Actually, it's David and he comments on how she always comes up with new plans. She tells him that she already has a new plan.

At the Russell's

T.C. tells Chad to leave his house now. Chad refuses, so T.C. almost beats him up, but Whitney separates them. Liz taunts Eve about her messed up family. Everyone argues and T.C. is very unhappy with Whitney and Chad. Whitney tells T.C. that she loves Chad, but T.C. won't hear it. He tries to drag Chad out of the room, but Eve drags T.C. out of the room. She tells him that he is a teacher and an educator and he is setting a bad example for their girls. Liz comforts Simone. When T.C. returns, he asks Chad and Whitney how long it has been going. Whitney makes a bad situation worse when she tells her dad that she tried to break things off with Chad. He gets the impression that Chad used her and embraces her into a hug. A very emotional and angry Simone rushes off, telling them all to go straight to hell. Eve chases her daughter. T.C. tells Chad to stay out of his house. Later, Simone and Eve return and she says that he always takes Whitney's side. He says that he isn't. He draws the line...Chad is to stay away from his daughters and out of his house. Chad refuses again, so T.C. goes to hit him. Eve, Simone, and Whitney stop him. Chad gets angry and goes to punch T.C., but is stopped by Whitney. By now, he has had enough of T.C. mocking him and dissing him, so he, half clothed (due to the fact that T.C. practically ripped his shirt off), leaves. T.C., Whitney, Simone, Eve, and Liz follow Chad. Downstairs, T.C. grabs a hold of Chad, which makes him angry. They begin to fight as everyone yells.

At the hospital

Luis, Antonio, Susan, and the cop search for Sheridan while she hides in a closet. Beth opens the closet door and Sheridan starts screaming. Beth stabs away at what she thinks is Sheridan, but it is just an empty gurney. Meanwhile, Luis finds Sheridan and she explains about the nurse. Beth hides and watches while Antonio arrives. Antonio comforts Sheridan and she hears the footsteps again. Luis chases after Beth and she runs into Sheridan's room. Antonio and Sheridan follow behind Luis, but he tells them to stay put. Finally, he spots Beth and chases her down the hall, until he catches up with her and looks at her face.



*Ivy tells David that they are both going to have their hearts desires.

*Kay and Tabitha see another dancing baby and Kay asks whose baby it is.

*Chad punches T.C. and T.C. tells him that he just signed his death warrent.


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