Passions Update Monday 3/10/03

Passions Update Monday

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Beth tries to kill Sheridan again while her two lovers search for her...Julian and Rebecca celebrate...Theresa becomes more aware...T.C. berates Whitney and Chad.

Cast: Sheridan, Beth, Luis, Antonio, Susan, Cop, Theresa, Fox, Ethan M., Julian, Rebecca, Whitney, Chad, T.C., Simone, Eve, Liz.

At the Russell's

In Whitney's room, T.C., Liz, and Eve find Simone destroying Whitney's room just as Whitney and Chad arrive. Simone calls Whitney a bitch, a slut, and a whore as everyone looks shocked at those comments. She finally blurts out that she saw Whitney and Chad having sex at his studio. T.C. refuses to believe it and asks Whitney if it is true. She says that it didn't happen that way, her and Chad are in love. Simone says that Chad even told her that he loves Whitney and they have been sneaking around their backs for ages. T.C. grows more angry and tears into Chad, slamming him up against the wall, only to be pulled back by the girls. Simone says that Whitney was out with Chad all night before her big tennis match on Thanksgiving. T.C. asks if that is true. Whitney says yes, which makes him really angry. T.C. tells her that she has to choose between tennis and Chad. Which does she love more? Whitney says that she loves tennis, so T.C. tells Chad to get out of his house. Liz pulls Eve aside and taunts her while T.C. threatens to throw Chad out with his bare hands.

At the Crane Mansion

In Julian's room, Julian and Rebecca celebrate the information they found out. Later, Julian and Rebecca play a dress up game and chase each other around the room. They begin kissing.

Downstairs, Theresa comes down with baby Ethan to fix him a bottle, and she finds Fox sitting on the couch. They begin to talk and he warns her about his father and Rebecca. She isn't worried as she hasn't done anything wrong. Soon enough, Rebecca and Julian run downstairs, chasing each other, which makes Fox and Theresa disgusted. Rebecca makes a snide remark, saying that Theresa won't be there much longer. Julian and Rebecca hint back and forth about the info, which makes Theresa worried.

Later, back upstairs, Julian and Rebecca have sex in their room. In the hall, Theresa tells Fox that she is starting to worry about Julian and Rebecca.

At the hospital

In Antonio/Sheridan's room, Luis is sleeping next to Sheridan while she is having a nightmare. In her nightmare, she and Luis tell Antonio the truth about the relationship, which makes him die in Sheridan's arms. She wakes up in a cold sweat and Luis comforts her. They go back to bed. The guard walks in, sees them, and then, leaves.

In the hall, "Nurse" Beth wanders around, waiting for the right moment to kill Sheridan. A nurse stops her and questions her about a patient. Beth arrives outside of Sheridan's room and spots Luis next to Sheridan, which infuriates her. She sneaks in the room. Nurse Susan tells the guard that he can go get a cup of coffee.

Back in the room, Beth stabs a pillow, thinking it is Sheridan. She looks beside Luis and Sheridan is gone. Beth leaves. Later, Nurse Susan arrives to give Sheridan her shot, but she is got. She asks Luis where she went and he doesn't know, so he gets dressed. Antonio awakens and decides to help them search. When they get outside, Luis berates the guard for leaving and then they start looking.

In the chapel, Sheridan begins to pray. Beth arrives and almost stabs her, but Sheridan turns around. Beth rushes to a chair and bows her head. Sheridan returns to her prayer while Beth tries to stab her again. This time, a couple arrives, which leads to Beth running into the corner and hiding. Sheridan leaves and Beth, of course, follows.

In the hall, Luis and Antonio search for Sheridan while Beth chases after her. Sheridan hides in a storage room and Beth opens the door. She raises her needle and Sheridan screams.


*T.C. begins to drag Chad out of the room.

*Ivy eavesdrops on Sam and Grace.

*Beth tries to stab Sheridan again.


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