Passions Update Wednesday 3/5/03

Passions Update Wednesday 3/5/03--Canada; 3/6/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Eve has come home early to be with her husband. She wants to be with him and not talk about Liz. They start kissing. .

Liz is watching from the window and sees them kissing. She is surprised to find the mysterious stranger behind her. He has come to town to see her as long as take care of something else. They go to each other and hug and kiss.

Simone is at Kay’s house which is really Tabitha’s house. Kay has been warned to keep Simone from finding out about the witchcraft but she says things that will help Simone get Chad and Simone would like to listen.

Tabitha decides that it is time to go to the magic bowl and see what is happening in Harmony. Chad and Whitney are together and doing the deed. Simone is not going to be happy learning that Whitney is making love to Chad. She is going to be enraged. Tabitha is going to find out what is going to happen.

Antonio comes to see the nurse, asking if his wife has been around. He has decided that he would like to find her and make sure that she is okay, now that he knows that someone has tried to kill her. The nurse assures him that Sheridan is fine. Antonio has a concern that the person that tried to kill her might be back to do it again. He isn’t going to take any chances with Sheridan getting hurt. He goes to look for her.

Sheridan is to have some tests taken but the technician isn’t in the room where he should be. She is left alone so that the technician can be found. She goes into the room to see if anyone is in the room where she is to take her tests. The room is dark and she calls out asking if anyone is there. A hand covers her face and she tries to scream but she can’t as her mouth is covered.

Tabitha is cooking and calls to Kay and Simone to come into the kitchen for a moment. She tells the girls that she has made some soup as the night is very cold. She knows that Simone has her eyes on Chad and this is a perfect moment for her to cause some trouble. She would like Simone to take some of the soup to Chad at the studio as he must have forgotten to eat. The girls awe watching videos but Tabitha thinks that Simone should go over to see Chad and give him the soup. Simone likes the idea and grabs the soup rushing off.

Kay demands to know about the soup and what Tabitha is up to. Tabitha tell s Kay that the soup is instant and that she has a plan for Simone going over to see Chad. Kay looks into the bowl and sees that Chad and Whitney are in the studio making love. They have no idea that Simone is coming over and will find them together.

Liz is not sure that she wants to see this stranger. It has been a long time. He has been trying to find her and the doc told him that she was there. He tells her that he has come to Harmony to get even with the Cranes. He isn’t afraid of the Cranes. He is there to see Liz as he still wants her and wants to be with her. She isn’t sure that she wants to be with him. The man can see that she is still hung up on Antonio and that she still loves the guy and wants him even though she can’t commit to him.

Sheridan has been surprised by Luis coming up on her that way. He is the one that has placed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. She is fidgety as someone has been trying to kill them and she has no idea who that person is. They still have to be careful as they may have a murderer in their midst. He has snuck down to the technician room to find her and be with her. She has been jumpy after what happened at the cottage. She knows that someone is trying to kill her. It may be Julian. Luis finds that he may be the one that the killer was after. He isn’t going to let anyone get between them. She is glad that he is there. She doesn’t want to be separated from him. She needs him to be with her. Luis isn’t going to be anywhere else but beside her. When the lab technician comes, he is going to find Luis and Sheridan together.

Antonio is looking for Sheridan and a nurse tells him that she took her to the lab for work. She sees that the wheelchair that she has brought Sheridan in, is empty. She leaves to check for the woman elsewhere.

Inside the lab, Luis and Sheridan are kissing. They have no idea that Antonio is outside the door and able to come in at any minute. They think that they will be completely alone for a while and they savour the moment.

Liz tells her friend that she has caught up with her sister and that the woman is in the house behind her right now. The man seems to have all the information that he needs. He knows Liz and knows that she has been angry with her sister for a long time.

TC tells Eve that Whitney is back on track to go to Wellington. The day when Whitney is going to be famous is right around the corner is coming up. Eve knows that Whitney will be interested in boys now. Eve thinks that Whitney might want to be with boys and have relationships. TC knows that Whitney isn't’ going to betray him by wanting to be with boys.

Kay thinks that Simone is going to be devastated by finding her sister with Chad after thinking that she has found a way to keep them apart. That will kill her. Kay is going to stop Simone from walking in on Chad and Whitney. She is too late though. The bowl shows that Simone is already at the studio. She is about to knock.

Simone decides that she has no reason to knock as she will be surprising Chad. She feels that she has no reason to knock now that she has come up with a plan that she is sure will keep Whitney from her man.

Kay can see that her friend is about to knock and she sh0uts out that she shouldn’t do it but Simone can’t hear her. She wouldn’t do this to her friend and wants to stop her going in and seeing that Chad has been making love to Whitney. It is too late. Simone is going to knock and she is going to get the shock of her life now. Tabitha loves that. Kay is distraught for her friend.

Luis and Sheridan are kissing in the lab. She knows that soon Antonio will know the truth.

Antonio is about to enter the lab when a nurse comes up on him and tells him that he shouldn’t be there as he may disturb the tests that Sheridan is having. He would like to wait for Sheridan but the nurse tells him that he has to go back to his room now or she will not see that Sheridan gets to room with him. She puts him in the wheelchair and heads to his room.

The technician comes in and finds Luis and Sheridan together. The technician orders Luis out but Sheridan would like him there. That is against hospital policy and Luis has to leave. Luis will wait outside the door and then they will tell Antonio about them. He leaves so that she can get her tests done.

The mysterious man can’t believe that Liz has found her sister in Harmony. She came there to see Antonio and she finds out that her sister is there. The man can see that Eve has pulled her life around. She has two teenagers and a wonderful husband. She is a hypocrite. The man thinks that Liz should just tell people about Eve. Liz has told people about Eve but not that Eve is her sister. She is waiting to destroy Eve’s marriage and then she is going to destroy the woman’s life.

Tabitha and Kay look at TC and Eve making love and that grosses Kay out. They are old and old people shouldn’t be doing that. They could make a baby. As they talk, a magic baby appears and Tabitha sees it but Kay doesn’t. Tabitha orders the baby to go away, but Kay thinks that Tabitha is talking to her and she says that she isn’t going away. The baby leaves but Kay hasn’t seen it. Tabitha loves the images in the bowl. They may even have a murder in their midst.

Simone is about to open he studio door. She thinks that being with Chad could change everything after she enters. She thinks that he will be glad to see her and finally look at her differently now that Whitney is out of the picture. She dreams of being with Chad and he loving her and only her. She would have him mind, body and soul. She and he would be dressed like characters from “Gone With the Wind…” She would ask him to show her how much he loves her and he would rise to her and kiss her and then put her on the couch and rip off his shirt to come to her and make mad, sweet love to her. the way that she has always wanted it. She would moan and groan…”OH…Chad…” That is something that Simone would really like to have happen. She turns to the door.

Kay is upset that her friend is about to open the door.

Simone opens the door yelling, “Surprise!!!” She is holding the soup in her hands as she comes in. What she finds inside the room is not what she wanted to see. Chad and Whitney have been making love and they stop to turn in Simone’s direction and cover themselves with the blanket that they have. It is finally out. She knew about them but she didn’t think that they were still carrying on behind her back.

Liz tells her friend Tom that she wants to have a man in her life and a family. After she gets rid of her sister she will have that with TC. TC is wonderful and kind and giving and he is perfect for Liz. He is taken but he has no idea about Eve. She is sure that he will dump Eve. She will not have a choice on dumping Eve when he sees that she loves Liz. Lives are going to be ruined forever over this.

TC and Eve have just made love and that was incredible. She missed him and he has missed her too. No one is sweeter for him than Eve. She has to make her schedule move flexible. She loves her family and their home. She has everything. Her career comes after he and the girls. They are blessed to have Whitney and Simone as daughters. They would never betray each other the way that Liz’s sister has betrayed her. Eve doesn't want to talk about Liz or anyone else. This is their life.

Simone is devastated. How could her sister betray her like this. Whitney would like to talk to her sister about this. Simone doesn’t understand. Simone knew that something was going on. She never expected her sister to do this to her. She thought that her sister loved her. Simone has to wonder what kind of sister she has. She hates her sister. She hates her.

Luis and Sheridan are together again. She has had her test. They are going to tell Antonio the truth soon and they can’t wait.

The nurse comes up on Luis and Sheridan and tells them that Antonio came looking for Sheridan. She is told that she will be moved into Antonio’s room and that they can spend the night together.

Luis knows that they are doing the right thing by telling Antonio the truth that night.

Liz is sure that she is going to win. She is going to rob her sister of her family and her house and her career. Tom has to worry about the daughters and how this will affect them. Liz thinks that the girls are going to see things her way. The girls are having troubles now. They are both in love with the same guy but the younger one is not aware that her sister is sleeping with the guy.

Simone is never going to forgive her sister for screwing her man. Simone finds that Whitney has been the perfect daughter and Simone has been nothing but poor Simone. Whitney is the apple of her parents’ eye. She couldn’t’ let Simone have one thing. She knows that her sister has pushed herself all over Chad and that has caused Simone to hurt. Chad has fallen for Whitney.

Tabitha and Kay are watching through the bowl at what is happening to Chad and Whitney and Tabitha knows that things are only going to get better.

Simone thinks that she could have had Chad and that Whitney has screwed that up. Chad tells Simone that h e has always loved Whitney and not her. Simone thinks that he is not telling the truth but Chad assures her that the never loved her…only Whitney. Simone is crying now.

Luis and Sheridan come to see Antonio. He has been given a sedative and will be sleeping through the night. The nurse has Sheridan’s bed set up for her to stay with him. Luis is upset as they wanted to tell him that they are together. Luis sees Sheridan into bed and gets ready to sit with her for the night but she wants him to leave as she will not be able to sleep with him there. He climbs into bed with Sheridan and pulls the curtain so that Antonio will not see them together. Sheridan wouldn’t like Antonio to find them together as that will be the worst way for them to let him know that they want to be together.

Over in Antonio’s bed, he awakes and feels that there is someone else in the room. He turns to see shadows of two people in the other bed through the curtain that is closed between his bed and the other.

Liz assures Tom that she is going to have the life that she wanted. She is going to have a family and Eve is going to have the life that she deserves. Tom finds that Liz is cold. That may be true but Liz has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Tom finds that she has a lot to lose.

Kay wants nothing to do with Tabitha’s plans to be evil. She leaves the room.

Tabitha is alone and that is when the magic baby returns. She wants no one to know that she is pregnant. She tries to shoo the baby as she is very busy.

Chad talks to Simone. He tells her that they tried to tell her the truth a dozen times. They couldn’t. Whitney tells her that Chad was trying to protect her from the truth. Simone thinks that she was only going to be dumped by him. She thanks her sister for being considerate for her feelings. Whitney knows that she has messed up but she would like to talk things out and do what she would have done from the beginning. Simone would like nothing to do with her. That isn't’ her sister. A sister wouldn’t’ do anything like this to another sister. Her sister is a whore. Nothing but a low-life whore. She slaps her sister hard in the face and Chad catches Whitney so that she doesn’t fall. over.


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