Passions Update Friday 2/28/03

Passions Update Friday
 2/28/03--Canada; 3/3/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Whitney is feeling bad as she has given up Chad for her sister and no one can get her through this.

Theresa picks up the phone to carry out her plan to use the Crane money to make Little Ethan proud. Julian stops her. Theresa is going to do this and no one can stop her. She makes a call to the breast cancer institute. She gives them a check for 10 million dollars. She will keep sending checks until there is a cure.

Luis and Sheridan are going to be together now. They are in the cottage and kissing.

Beth is watching Luis and Sheridan through the window and she will not let anyone have Luis, especially Sheridan. She has poured gas all around the cottage and she lights a match. She will get rid of them both. She throws the match and watches as the cottage goes up in flames. Luis and Sheridan are inside and have no idea what is going on outside and that their lives are in peril.

Sam thinks that Ivy staying at their house isn’t going to break him up with Grace but Grace knows that Ivy is up to no good. Sam loves her and only her and there is nothing that she or anyone else can do to split them up. They kiss and hug as Ivy watches from her wheelchair. Sam will keep telling Grace that everything is going to be okay until she starts believe it. Grace figures that Ivy will want to rest and she will make her comfortable.

Sam picks up Ivy from her wheelchair and brings her to the bed as Grace watches. She envisions that Sam falls on the bed on top of her and they end up kissing with Ivy tearing the shirt off Sam’s back.

Ethan tells Chad to be patient with Whitney. Chad has been telling Ethan about the problems that he has been dealing with. She doesn’t want to hurt her sister. It is Whitney’s choice when her sister will find out about she and Chad. Chad has been patient and he thinks that things are never going to work themselves out. Chad feels bad that Simone feels that they are a couple. She has done his laundry and ironed her clothes. Chad would like to tell the truth but Whitney thinks that Simone may kill herself. Both Chad and Ethan know that Simone wouldn’t kill herself. Now Whitney would like to take a break from the relationship this time and Chad is afraid that this break is going to be permanent.

Theresa asks fox which charities he should send money to. Theresa finds that this is wonderful. She can spend all the money and there is nothing that they can do to stop her.

Beth is outside the cottage and she sees the building going up in flames. She didn’t’ want to kill the man that she loved but she felt that she had no choice. She shouts at the window even though no one hears. “I love you Luis…” She remembers all the things that Luis said to her. First he was going to marry her and then he wasn’t. “Damn them both to hell!” There is an explosion and a loud noise is heard.

Inside the cottage, Luis and Sheridan are kissing but they hear an explosion and turn to find that there are flames outside the window of the cottage. They have no understanding as to what has happened out there and that is why they just stand and stare out the window in awe of what is going on. They have no idea that Beth is out there making sure to the best of her ability that they both end up dead!

Julian is shocked to learn that Theresa is going to give away a hundred million dollars. She is sure that Alistair won’t mind as he will get huge tax breaks from doing it. She doesn’t care what Julian thinks about it. She has her son to think of and she is going to make sure that his family is looked on as being a proud family that gave up their millions to help the needy. She is going to spend her money on her son and get him everything that he wants.

Julian wants to know when the call to get rid of Theresa is going to come in. They have to hear about the news about her soon but they will be ruined.

Theresa is on the phone again, giving away another million dollars. She is so happy with her errand. Julian and Rebecca look on as she gives away yet another million to what Julian and Rebecca think is some undeserving other charity

A mysterious stranger comes to a room that he has rented. He sits in the chair and takes out pictures of Theresa. He knows that Rebecca is going to be very glad to see him.

Beth is outside the cottage still. She is hugging her gas can and looking at the cottage burn. She wants Luis dead for treating her the way that he does. First he will marry her and then he won’t. What kind of person does that? Sheridan has ruined her life and now she is going to get everything that she deserves.

Inside the cottage, Sheridan is panicking but Luis tells her not to worry as he is going to get them out of there. He is a professional and he is a policeman and he knows what should be done in a situation like this. He is calm but Sheridan is a mess, the fire seems to be all around them. He opens the front door but nothing but flames rush in. He sees quickly that will not bet the way out. Sheridan screams. They will not be able to go out the front door it seems.

In a nearby window, Beth looks in at the two lovers in the cottage. They are so in love, well they won’t be for long. A crude smile crosses her face at the sight of their fear. Finally, she is going to get what she wants for a change and not them. She has managed to trap them and they will burn in hell for what they have done to her. She is sure of it.

Sam has made Ivy comfortable in her bed and he walks over to his wife. He asks her to go and get more pillows for Ivy in the closet. He is sorry for all this but he is sure that having Ivy there will not interfere with them getting their family back together. Sam leaves.

Ivy asks Grace to get the sheets that are hers as she likes to have them. Grace says that she will be happy to do that for her and she leaves.

Sam returns to Ivy with the pillows that she wanted to prop her up in the bed. He knows that Ivy is used to better things but he is giving her the best that they have. She asks him if he would stay with her for a while. She would like to talk. Sam has no idea what Ivy would like to talk about. She should know that Grace doesn't want her there. Theresa has made accusations that Ivy is there to get in between he and Grace. Sam has to wonder if Ivy really is trying to make trouble. She might have a campaign to get in between he and Grace.

Ethan thinks that Whitney is being emotional and will calm down soon. Chad is fine but Whitney is not the one that can get it together. Ethan tells him that he should be cool. Ethan finds that he and Theresa have a good relationship in spite of their problems. Ethan tells him that Theresa is turning the Crane empire on its ear. Ethan thinks that Theresa is great…as a friend. He is happy with Gwen and the fact that they are having a child. Ethan pushes his friend to go and talk to Whitney and make things right.

Chad approaches Whitney but she turns away.

Theresa tells Whitney that she should talk to Chad and straighten things out. She can’t understand her friend being this way when the man that she loves wants her so badly too. Theresa would die to be in her position and have Ethan want to fall to his knees for her the way that Chad wants to. She knows that Simone should know the truth and that will stop all of this but Whitney can’t bring herself to tell her sister the truth.

Chad and Ethan come up to Whitney and Theresa. Theresa tells them that there is something that she has to do but she needs help. She has a plan in mind.

Luis and Sheridan are still in the burning cottage and Luis tells her to stay back. Luis goes to the door and pushes it closed. The fire is everywhere and Luis is almost burned by the flames. They try the back door but that is burning too. They hug each other as they have no idea what they are going to do.

Beth is walking around the house and she knows that Luis and Sheridan have no way out. The only thing that is going to happen is them roasting on an open fire.

Julian is counting out loud. Rebecca has to wonder what he is going on about. He is totalling up Theresa’s donations to the many charities and he is running out of money fast. Every time that she dials the phone, Julian gets poorer and poorer. Rebecca hates that the millions are flying out the window. He is losing money like no one’s business. Julian tells Rebecca that she can kiss her million goodbye for the informant. They are going to need it. Rebecca is sure that she will get her phone call too. That way Theresa is going to be ruined.

The mysterious stranger hopes that Rebecca has his money and is ready for him to call her with the news that is going to ruin Theresa forever.

Theresa is going to set up a scholarship foundation for tennis and Whitney’s name is going to be on it. Whitney smiles at that idea. That would really be nice. She will set up another for Chad’s name and that scholarship is going to be for music. Theresa would like Chad and Whitney to work together on this. Whitney will not do this. Theresa is trying to play matchmaker. Whitney can’t be with Chad. She runs off. Chad wants to follow her but Theresa stops him. Chad tells Theresa that he has to go after the girl as their relationship has a deadline.

Beth is happy that no one will have Luis now.

Luis and Sheridan are still in the burning cottage. Luis tells her to stay calm. There is too much smoke now. Luis wants to get a window open but they are all closed and he can’t get to it. The beams may come down now at any minute. They seem to be doomed to perish. Sheridan sees a beam falling and she screams out but it is too late. A beam falls from the ceiling and Luis turns to Sheridan shouting out her name! “Sheridan!!!!”

Ivy can’t believe that Sam has a feeling that Theresa has been telling the truth about not trying to kill her. Ivy denies that she would kill herself to make Theresa look bad. How could someone really believe that she would kill herself to get back to Theresa? That is ludicrous. Sam warns her that if she is there to make sure that his marriage breaks up, he will be angry. Grace is caring and passionate. She means everything to him and she is the most important thing in his life.

Grace returns with the sheets and she can see why Ivy wants them. They are ever so soft. Sam picks up Ivy so that Grace can make her bed. Sam has Ivy in her wheelchair now and he quietly warns her that he will not stand for Grace being hurt.

Whitney is outside and alone. She tries to hide from the memories of she and Chad but she can’t. She remembers the times with Chad when everything seemed like it was going to be okay for them…They lit candles in her room…he would dance with her…he would give her a pink rose and come to her…she couldn’t’ get enough of him…his giving her a locket as a present…his surprising her with the limo and the balloons inside…making love to him by candlelight…kissing him…he kissing her…she was falling into him…his touch was so gentle...

Chad comes to Whitney but she wants him to go away. She left the mansion to be alone and she doesn’t appreciate him following her this way. He isn't leaving until she talks to him. She would like to have a break from him. He tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her. He isn’t going to wait for her much longer. She understands and would like to be left alone. He tells her that someone has heard his music and he has been offered an incredible job. She finds that is great and she congratulates him. He thanks her. The job starts right away. She learns that the job is in Los Angeles and if he takes the job, he will leave as soon as his bags are packed…unless she can give him a reason to stay.

Theresa hates that Chad and Whitney are hurting like this. They are both her friends and she would like to see them together as they need to be. Gwen is sure that if things are meant to work out, they will be together. Ethan knows that they need to get back together soon or it will be too hard for them.

Fox comes over to tell Theresa that someone is on the phone for her to thank her for donating her money.

Theresa goes to the phone but Rebecca stops her. Theresa wants to get rid of the money as that is the root of all evil. Rebecca says that the lack of money is actually the root of all evil. Theresa goes for the phone again and Rebecca tries to get it but she doesn’t. Theresa decides that they should auction off the Rolls Royce in the garage. That is the car that Rebecca drives but she will not be driving it anymore.

The fire is raging now. Luis and Sheridan cower on the floor as the fire continues.

Beth laughs outside the cottage at the fact that Sheridan is going to burn.

Luis tries to beat at the fire around Sheridan to get it out but that is of no use to them. Sheridan has hurt her leg from the falling beam and she is stuck. A beam has trapped her and she can’t move from the floor. Luis tries to lift the beam but he can’t. They try again. It is too heavy. Sheridan is hysterical now. Luis is going to find a way to save her.

Beth is watching from a window and she knows that Sheridan is going to bake and burn. If she can’t have Luis, then no one will.

Sam offers to get Ivy’s food downstairs. Sam kisses his wife and leaves. Ivy thanks Grace for putting her sheets on the bed. She has made Ivy feel so welcome in her home. Grace tells Ivy that they have to go over some things. Grace tells her that she can have breakfast in bed or in the dining room. Ivy will be fine with whatever Grace decides. Grace also tells her that Sam is off limits. Ivy can’t have him.

Whitney knows that Chad has gotten a great opportunity. He will stay for her but she has to let him know that they have a chance to be together. She has to tell Simone and if she doesn’t, he will leave Harmony. He loves her and wants to be with her and grow old with her but she has to feel the same way. She has to tell him what she wants or he will have to go. Does she love him and want to be with him?

Theresa makes another donation.

Ethan knows that Theresa can do this legally as she is Julian’s wife. She can do what she wants with the Crane money.

Rebecca is pacing and Gwen comes over to her smiling. She can see that her mother is not alright. Rebecca is not happy at all. Theresa is giving away her Rolls. It is really Julian’s Rolls but she drives it. Rebecca tells Gwen that Theresa will not get that car without having to pry her cold, dead hands from the wheel. The mystery man is going to have to call any second to save them.

The phone rings and Rebecca answers her cell phone. It is the mystery man. She is so happy. The man tells her that he is there and that they are ready to throw Theresa out of the mansion. Rebecca is ready for that. Rebecca knows now that Theresa is going to be so out of there.

Sheridan tells Luis to leave and save himself but he will not leave her. He will never leave her.

Outside, Beth is watching. “This is it lovebirds…you are going to die…” She cackles as she watches them struggle to get free…

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