Passions Update Thursday 2/27/03

Passions Update Thursday 2/27/03--Canada; 2/28/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Miguel tells Charity to trust in him. He loves her and he knows that she loves him. Kay is pregnant and that is the problem. He will be responsible for the baby but he loves Charity and he will be with her. He wants Charity to give them another chance.

Sheridan is happy that Antonio is going to be alright. Luis and Sheridan can tell him that they are going to be together. They don’t have to pray for a miracle. They don’t have to worry now and they can get married. They kiss.

Beth is having a tantrum. Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter to calm down as she is acting crazier than usual. Beth can’t help it. She is throwing things and breaking them against the walls. Mrs. Wallace’s prayers have been answered. She has lost Luis as she is evil. Beth will show her evil. Beth goes to the cabinet and throws everything that she can. She will not lose Luis. She will not. She continues throwing things as Mrs. Wallace hides her head between two pillows to guard herself from the glass that is breaking in there.

Theresa vows to make the Crane empire good after all. Ethan realizes that the Cranes are terrible people. Theresa is going to do good works with the Crane money. Fox will get his money from the family but Theresa will do something with the money that will be good. She is going to set up a foundation. The Cranes give crumbs to charities but that is only to get a tax break. She is going to use her power to do good. Just for the sake of doing good.

Julian and Rebecca are waiting to get the information on Theresa to get her out of the house once and for good. She is going to waste the Crane money if they don’t get her out.

Kay and Simone are at the hospital as Kay would like to get to Miguel before he makes Charity get back with Miguel.

Charity is softening to Miguel. She is hugging him and she wants to be with him so much. He would like to be with her also.

Kay sees Miguel and Charity hugging and it seems that she is too late to get her man.

Sheridan thinks that she and Luis are selfish to be happy for their happiness. Luis knows that Antonio is going to be okay and able to have a full life. Luis knows that Antonio will be strong and have everything that he and Sheridan have. They can’t wait to be together. They will love each other every day and every night.

Beth is still having a fight. Mrs. Wallace knows that now Sheridan and Luis will be together. Beth realizes that she will never have Luis now, but if she can’t have him, then no one else will have him too.

Charity is not able to forget that Miguel is having a baby with Kay. He hid that from her and that hurt her. He hurt her in a way that she can’t ever forget. Nothing is a mistake. He loves her and should have told her but he thought that he was making love to her. He knows that they can get through this. He will be responsible for Kay and marry Charity. He would like to marry her and be with her.

Kay knows that there is something that she should do now that it is clear that she isn’t going to be with Miguel anymore. She knows what she has to do. She faces the area where Charity and Miguel are and she puts her hands out to them and thinks on blowing Charity to kingdom come.

Mrs. Wallace sees that Beth is going to kill Sheridan. She can almost read the girl’s mind. Beth is over the line now. Mrs. Wallace knows it. This isn’t all Sheridan’s fault Mrs. Wallace says, Luis loves her and is drawn to her. Luis led Beth on and then he took his promise back. Mrs. Wallace knows that she has to warn Sheridan and Luis. She goes to the phone to call them but Beth grabs the phone. Luis and Sheridan are going to pay for all the pain in Beth’s life with their lives.

Luis and Sheridan can ‘t stay away from each other. They are alone now and they feel that they can finally be together because Antonio seems to be getting better. They embrace and kiss. It is clear that they are going to be together, no matter what.

Theresa tells Little Ethan that she is going to make the family a group that he can be proud of. Phyllis comes and takes the child to bed. Fox knows that Julian is going to have a terrible reaction to Theresa’s plan. She goes in to see Julian and Rebecca. She is going to make the family a group that he can be proud of. How is she going to do that? She tells him that she is going to make the Cranes the most charitable family in the world. She goes to the desk and writes a check that makes Julian and Rebecca gasp. She is going to use the Crane’s money for good and make the world better…millions of dollars at a time.

Simone is freaked out by Kay holding her hands out and trying to make magic. What is she doing? Is she crazy? Kay has no powers it seems. She concentrates and makes something on the wall move but that is all. She really doesn’t have the expertise as a witch to make Miguel come to her and stop wanting Charity. Kay knows that there is something that she can do to make Charity and Miguel stop talking. Simone thinks that she should lie down. Kay goes to Charity and Miguel and she tells them that she was on her way to the pharmacy. She pretends to have a pain and bends over thinking that something has happened to her baby.

Luis and Sheridan are getting into it. Sheridan realizes that she can’t do this. She moves from Luis.

Beth knows what she has to do. She has tried everything else and still Luis is not going to be with her. She was going to kill Sheridan but that didn’t happen in time. Now she has another plan. It will be perfect. Mrs. Wallace will warn Luis and Sheridan of Beth’s plan. Beth will not have that. She will have to make sure that her mother does nothing to ruin her life ever again.

Julian tells Theresa that she can’t do this. Theresa can do what she wants. She thinks that Alistair is going to be pleased with her actions. The public is going to like the publicity that he is going to get. Julian disagrees. Theresa asks Whitney and Fox to help her give away the Crane money. Fox can see that Julian has married a spit fire and that he has done good.

Gwen has to wonder what Theresa has gotten up to now. Why is she caring about doing good and making people happy. Ethan thinks that Theresa may be up to something good.

Julian tells Rebecca that they have to get rid of Theresa now.

Miguel brings Kay to Eve because of her pain. Kay has bent over in pain and Miguel is concerned about her. Kay couldn’t think of a way to get Miguel to stop asking Charity to be with her and so she has faked the pain in her belly. That was enough to get Miguel’s attention but only for a moment. She has been faking it but Eve would feel better if Kay got checked out. Eve would like to be sure. She takes Kay into a room to examine her.

Miguel tells Charity that he can still be there for her and take care of Kay and the baby. He has just proven that by taking care of Kay and her ‘pain’. Charity is the most important person in his world and he would like to spend his life with her. They hug as they find it hard to be apart.

Kay is in her examination room but she sees Charity and Miguel hugging. “Damn you Charity…”

Sheridan wants to marry Luis but she is still Antonio’s wife. Luis suddenly realizes that. It feels wrong to be caught up in their happiness. Luis knows that Antonio will find someone that will make him feel important too. The news is going to be terrible for him. He will find someone some day. Sheridan thinks that Liz is the woman that Antonio and maybe they will get back together. Sheridan knows that Beth is going to be hurt too. Luis knows that Beth has been wonderful and will understand. Sheridan feels terrible about something. She slapped Beth. Mrs. Wallace told Sheridan that Beth had been scheming against Luis and Sheridan and that made Sheridan angry. Luis thinks that Beth has been a great help and that she will do nothing to come between them.

Beth has duct taped her mother to the house. She knows that her mother is bent on uncovering her plans to get to Luis and Sheridan and she is not going to let that happen. Beth knows that she can get away with anything. She is feeling more powerful than she has ever felt and she is going to take advantage of that power. She gets her coat and leaves the house with her mother trying to scream but being unable to do so as her mouth has been duct taped too. Her mother is restrained and can’t stop her or intervene in her plans to get to Luis and Sheridan.

Beth is sucking gas out of a car. She is going to make Luis and Sheridan pay for treating her like garbage. “Oh they will pay…”

Luis and Sheridan decide that they are going to make Antonio see that they need to be together. No one is going to get in the way of their happiness.

Miguel knows that they can work together. Charity can’t see it working. How can Miguel give her the time that she needs if Kay is pregnant with his child. Charity knows that Miguel will have to be there for the baby and Kay.

Eve would like to look more closely at Kay and Kay tells her to do what she has to. This is the first time that Kay is going to see her baby on the sonogram. Eve know that this is going to be the first time that Miguel will see the baby. Kay calls Miguel and brings him away from Charity who is left alone outside. She hears Eve talking to Miguel and Kay.

Eve gets the machine going and they all can see the heartbeat of the baby. Miguel can’t believe this. Kay realizes that this is a little human being inside her. That is there baby. Eve can’t tell if the baby is a boy or a girl. They will have to wait for that later. Kay is happy that the baby is Miguel’s. Charity is at the doorway and hears Miguel saying that the baby is a miracle.

At the doorway, Simone comes to Charity and asks her if she is okay.

Charity remembers times with Miguel…meeting him for the first time…dancing with him…kissing him…being alone with him…having hard times with him…being on his motorcycle with him…crying over him…almost marrying him…running from the church after learning the truth about him…crying to him as he had hurt her…

Charity is sure now that there is no place for she and Miguel. She goes running from the hospital.

Miguel would like Charity to see his baby’s sonogram. He goes to the door to get Charity but he only finds Simone who tells him that Charity has gone.

The day that Sheridan gets divorced, Luis is going to marry her. He can hardly wait. They are going to have such a wonderful time together. She would only like to be with him after all this is over. She would like to go to Rome or Paris with him and explore…maybe just a cabin in the mountains. They could wash their clothes in the river. They could be like pioneers. Whatever she wants, he will do it.

Beth has been looking in the window at Luis and Sheridan and she will not let Sheridan have him. She gets her gas cans and starts pouring gas all over the front of the house.

Theresa is sorting out the money that she is going to give out to the various charities. She is going to give out 2 million dollars each.

Ethan and Gwen can see that Julian and Rebecca are really shaken up.

Julian hopes that the dirt on Theresa comes in before Theresa gives away all the Crane money.

Miguel learns that Charity just ran out and didn’t say anything before she left.

Kay calls Miguel back to her. She would like him to see the rest of the sonogram. Miguel comes back to her at the bed and watches the sonogram.

Charity is alone in the hospital and she is crying. She knows that she can never be with him.

Beth is still pouring the gas around the house where Luis and Sheridan are lying together. Beth is not going to let anyone stop her from getting what she wants.

Mrs. Wallace is trying to free herself from her duct tape and she falls over from struggling.

Luis and Sheridan can stop hiding their lives together now. Nothing is going to get in the way of them being together now.

Beth hates that Luis and Sheridan are kissing. She is watching them through the window of the cottage. She lights a match and watches the fire before throwing it at the cottage and setting the cottage on fire. She laughs like a maniac. “No one will have Luis…no one….”

Inside the cottage, Luis and Sheridan are kissing as they think that they are finally home free. No one can touch them now.

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