Passions Update Wednesday 2/26/03

Passions Update Wednesday 2/26/03--Canada; 2/27/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Theresa is handcuffed. She is going to be charged with attempting to murder Ivy. Sam has no choice. He believes that Theresa has been trying to get rid of the woman. Ethan stands by and watches.

Kay is dying to read the books that Tabitha has given her in order to develop her powers. She wants to be able to snap her fingers and have things happen as fast as possible. That is the only way that she is going to be able e to have the life that she wants and needs so desperately. She will have to do more though. Being a witch isnít as easy as she thinks. Witchcraft is more complicated than Kay thinks. Kay finds all this talk boring. She would like to make Miguel happy with her. She thinks that would be using her powers for good.

Charity is happy that Antonio is going to be better. She is with Miguel at the hospital. Charity prayed for him and God must have heard her. She is so happy. Miguel is happy that she is there with him. She would like him to be happy. He misunderstands though. She is happy for him but they canít be together. They can never be together.

Theresa is handcuffed.

Ethan tells Whitney hat there is nothing that he can do to keep Theresa from being arrested. She has a baby at home and she will be taken away from her son. Theresa worries that no one will be there for her son. Whitney finds that there is something wrong with Ethan. Ethan canít believe that his mother is a liar. Ivy wouldnít try to kill herself. Fox thinks that Ivy would try to make Theresa look bad. Sam knows that Ivy wouldnít do anything to put her own life in danger. Theresa says that they donít know the real Ivy. Ethan has no idea what his mother would do. She is a monster that would do anything to get what she wantsÖanything.

Grace comes to Eve to tell her that the paramedics are waiting to take Ivy away. Eve says that there is no need to take Ivy to the hospital. She can stay with the Bennetts it seems.

Ethan doesnít think that his mother is a monster. Theresa knows that Ivy released the brakes on her wheelchair. Ethan remembers what Theresa said. She said that she was going to get rid of Ivy. Theresa only meant that she wasnít going to let Ivy back into the mansion. She wants him to remember how the Cranes treated him. It was like he never existed. The lifestyle that Ivy has led could have changed her into a monster. She is a monster that has ruined her life to ruin Theresaís.

The paramedics are waiting to take Ivy to the hospital. What made Eve change her mind? Grace would like to know too why Eve isnít sending Ivy to the hospital and out of Graceís house?

Tabitha thinks that Kay isnít going to use her powers for good as her powers donít come from good. Kay thinks that Charity is considered to be good because she is blonde. Tabitha is blonde. It doesnít matter what colour your hair is, it is what you are connected to. Kay is connected to the spirits in the basement. They are evil and that is the source of Kayís power. She has to embrace evil. Kay has raw talent but she hasnít reached the level of understanding that allows her to use her own powers. The door opens and Simone enters. Kay rushes to hide her books. She should have knocked but she really needed to talk to Kay. Tabitha will give the girls space to hang out.

Tabitha warns Kay quietly not to tell Simone about the dark side or she will die a horrible death.

Simone has figured out a way to get Whitney from Chad. She pretended to be so sick over seeing her sister with Chad that she pretended to take a whole bottle of aspirin and Whitney felt so guilty that she told Chad that she will not see him anymore. Kay is so proud of her friend.

Tabitha has been listening and knows that the powers of scheming girls is much more potent than anything that she could ever dream up.

Miguel tells Charity that they belong together. He believes that they can be together. He carries her engagement ring everywhere so that he will have it when she decides that she will be with him again.

Gwen thinks that Theresa has changed being in the mansion and Theresa admits that she is different. Theresa was only in the mansion as she loved Ethan. She only knew about the stories of the glamour of the good life. She was dazzled by the good life but there is another side and it wasnít just a darker side, it was evil and she tried to fight it. All that money and power has affected her but being in that mansion didnít make her want to kill Ivy. She wants Ethan to believe that. Ethan canít believe her. He just canít. He will get her a good lawyer and he will get his mother to get a lesser charge but that is all that he will do. Theresa knows that this is what Ivy wants. She will never change her mind. She will only recant her story if something is in it for her. She will change her story for a life with Sam.

TC wants to know why Eve has changed her mind about Ivy going to the hospital. Eve thinks that Ivy has been recovering and needs to conserve her strength. Moving her to the hospital will do her more harm than good. The paramedics leave.

Ivy tells Eve that she has done the right thing. Ivy was going to tell that Eve was the sister that left Liz to live with her molesting father.

Liz has no idea what is going on with Ivy but the truth will come out. Everyone is going to know that Eve is the sister that she has and Eve will lose everythingÖeveryone that she loves. Liz leaves Eve and goes over to TC. Eve looks over at them and tears come to her eyes.

Gwen knows that Ethan has been blind to Theresaís faults for years. Now he knows the truth. Theresa knows that Ethan was only blind to Theresa when he found out that Gwen was pregnant. It is time to take Theresa to the station and book her.

Grace knows that Ivy was leaving for the mansion before she fell down the stairs and she could go there now. Eve tells Grace that Ivy has to stay put for a while. That means that she has to stay in Graceís house. Grace understands that her friend is looking out for her patientís health. Grace hopes that she and Sam can find some time alone together. She would like to build her relationship up with Sam. She knows that her friend wouldnít have Ivy in the house if she didnít have to. Grace leaves to go and make Ivyís dinner.

David is sorry that things turned out the way that they did. Eve canít believe that she has been forced to betray her friend again. That is what Ivy does.

Theresa is brought into Graceís living room.

TC sees Theresa in handcuffs and leans that Theresa is going to be charged with the attempted murder of Ivy. Sam says that Ivy might change her story and save Theresa from going to jail. Ethan asks his mother if things are as she said. Eve breaks in telling Ivy that she needs to talk to her patient.

Eve tells Ivy that she is going to let Theresa off the hook or she will be sent to the hospital. Ivy says that she will tell everyone that Eve is Lizí s sister. Eve can play this game too. Eve says that Sam can continue his questions. Sam asks her again if Theresa really did try to kill her.

Tabitha will check up on Harmony with the magic bowl as Kay visits with her friend.

Tabitha enters the kitchen and checks on Charity and Miguel. She sees them talking. Miguel is telling Charity that Luis and Sheridan are going to be back together soon. Tabitha can see that all heaven is breaking loose.

Kay comes into the kitchen and finds Tabitha over at the magic bowl. Kay hears Miguelís voice coming from the bowl. He is pleading with Charity to come back to him. Seems like Miguel doesnít care that Kay is preggers with his child. Tabitha tells Kay that she has to stay focused. Reading books isnít going to help Kay get Miguel. That isnít going to help at all.

Ivy tells Sam that when she fell down the stairs and she thinks that maybe Theresa didnít intentionally push her. That might have been an accident. Ethan wants her to be positive. Ivy says that things happened so fast.

Sam tells his officer to uncuff Theresa and go back to the station house. Theresa canít believe that she is free.

Whitney thinks that Theresa should be thankful that Ivy told the truth.

Theresa tells Ivy that she is thankful to her for telling the truth. Theresa lunges for Ivy but Fox and Whitney stop her and they take her out of the house.

Sam learns that Ivy will be staying as Eve has decided that going to the hospital would be dangerous for her. Eve wouldn't lie Grace feels that there is no way that they are going to get their life on track. He tells Grace that he loves her and that they will get things right. They hug and walk upstairs.

TC looks outside the window. He sees Whitney with Theresa and knows that they have to get her home to rest up for Whitneyís tennis schedule.

Eve is on the phone trying to get someone to cover for her at the hospital.

Liz hears Eve making her call to the hospital. She will take that opportunity to get busy with TC.

Ethan asks his mother what has been going on. She tells her son that she may have made a mistake about Theresa. Ethan asks Ivy if she is trying to tear Sam and Grace apart.

Theresa is outside the house angry that Ivy almost sent her to prison. Whitney tell s her that she is off the hook. Theresa knows that Ivy is evil and she isnít going to let Little Ethan be affected by the Crane power. She is going to bring evil to an end.

Kay can see that Miguel is getting to Charity and making her want to get back with him. He tells her that they love each other and want to get back together. He knows that he wants Charity and he wants Charity to know it too. He begs for another chance. Kay can see that Charity is about to go back with Miguel. Kay is going to go to the hospital and stop this.

Tabitha knows that she will not have to do anything to make Miguel leave Charity. Kay will do everything.

Eve is sorry for what her sister has had to endure. Liz feels that she has been abandoned and there is nothing that Eve can do. David knows that Liz blames her for her problems and she wants a pound of flesh from her sister. Liz is a victim of incest and that makes Eve look worse. Eve has to make sure that she and TC stay connected and close.

TC is outside and Liz is there sitting alone. He sees her and sees that she is upset. She has a headache. Her system has been handling a lot. She is overwhelmed. She says that she thought that things couldnítí be any worse. She has to go home but doesnít want to drive. He offers to drive her home. He was going home anyway. He tells her to lean on him and he will get her into bed. She thanks him and loves to hear him say that. He will be there for her as long as she needs him. She feels better already. They walk off.

Sam sits with Grace. Getting their lives on track is the most important thing and they will try everything to make that happen. Having Ivy there will not matter. Sam assures her of that. She will not affect them. They will fix whatever needs to be fixed. They will not go back on their word.

Ethan asks Ivy again if she is trying to tear Sam and Grace apart. Ivy denies that she is doing that. He hopes that she is telling the truth. She is his mother and he is all that she has left. She wouldnít risk all that she has to get Sam. Ethan apologizes. She understands. Gwen is watching and knows that Ivy is lying.

Theresa is going to turn the mansion upside down next time. She is going to rock their world. She is going to end the Crane empire for good.

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