Passions Update Monday 2/24/03

Passions Update Monday
2/24/03--Canada; 2/25/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Sheridan gets the news that Antonio has moved his hand and she is with Beth when she hears the news. She had her back to Beth which was a dangerous thing for her to do. Beth has a syringe with a lethal dose in it and she was hoping to kill Sheridan with it but that isn’t going to happen now. Beth tells her not to get too excited about Antonio moving his hand. That could mean anything. Beth has to hope that Antonio will never get better as that will ensure that she will be the only woman that Luis will turn to as he will not get to be with Sheridan. Sheridan knows that this is a real breakthrough and wants to get to the hospital right away. hey have to get over to the hospital. Beth is upset that she didn’t get the chance to kill Sheridan but she will play things out and see what happens next.

Luis is with Antonio and he knows that his brother can do more if he can move his head. Hank and Pilar show up and Luis tells his mother that Antonio has moved his head and that he may be waking up. Pilar moves to her son’s side and he takes her hand. It is a miracle. Antonio has come back to them.

Chad comes to see Whitney at her house. He sneaks in like a thief in the night. He goes to Whitney and smothers her with kisses. He knows that her parents are both out and so is her sister so there is nothing to fear. They can be together. She is uncomfortable with him being there and kissing her. She knows that he would like to make love to her and she would like to do the same to him but she is feeling strange about it now. She hasn’t slept a wink that night and couldn’t make it to practice as she has had so much on her mind. She has been thinking about Liz and her sister and if the same thing could happen to she and her sister that would kill her. Actually, Simone would be crushed and would never trust her again. Chad tells her that he is in love with her and he is sure that she feels the same way. She doesn’t want her sister to know the truth as she can’t do that to her sister.

Whitney hears what Whitney is saying to her lover and she wants her sister to still feel the way that she does now. That she can’t hurt Simone.

Liz thinks about her life and she tells TC, David, Liz and Julian that there was a man in her life that used to drink and he used to harass her and make her do things. The man told her to stop crying and hush up so that her mother wouldn’t find out that she was a bad girl. The only man that Liz could turn to was her sister and she couldn’t turn to her anymore as her sister was gone. She was close to her sister but she was gone. Liz is crying now. She felt helpless and she couldn’t’ get the man to stop hurting her. He hurt her so bad. Eve shouts out to her that her father wouldn’t ever do something like that. She refers to the man as her dad and TC hears that, wondering why his wife would call Liz’s father her dad. Julian and David know the truth, that Liz and Eve are sisters but TC doesn’t know that. He has no idea.

TC demands to know why Eve called Liz’s father her dad. Ivy says that Eve probably didn’t mean it that way. TC is sorry for her pain. Eve has nothing to say. She finds it hard to believe that their father could have done the things that Liz said. Liz says that she couldn’t ever make up things like this. That is part of the reason why she hates her sister the way that she does. TC can’t understand why Liz never told her sister the truth. Liz never had the chance to tell her sister the truth. She was involved in her new life. She was doing drugs and sleeping with that other man. Those things were more important than the little sister at home. The sister was having way too much fun to care about anything else.

Sheridan shows up at the hospital and finds that it is true. Antonio has moved his hand and that can only mean one thing. His stint as a vegetable is almost over. Luis and Pilar are already there and they are happy too. This is what they have been waiting for. This is what they have been praying for. Their dreams are finally coming true. Antonio is going to live. He has beaten the odds. Beth stands by and watches as Luis hugs Sheridan. He shouldn’t be hugging her. This isn’t what she has been waiting for. She had everything set up to get her man and now this has happened. She can’t let Sheridan win. She should have killed her when she had the chance back at her house with the syringe.

Eve tells Liz that is her sister knew the truth, she would have been there to help her sister. All that Liz knows is that her sister turned her away when she needed her the most. That hurt. Liz didn’t blame anyone but herself. She looked in the mirror and felt dirty and ashamed. She didn’t want to live. Her sister might as well have put a gun to her head and shot her. Liz wishes that the woman really did that.

Whitney knows that Simone is fragile but Chad doesn't believe that. Chad feels that Simone is a lot tougher than they give her credit for. Whitney can’t take that risk. Chad tells her that she has to tell the truth as sneaking around her back is bad for her. She has to make the choice. If Chad were her, he would tell the truth right now. Whitney sees his logic. It is time. She agrees. She hopes that he wishes her luck. She is going to do this on her own. This is her sister. Whitney leaves Chad in the living room and goes to find her sister.

Whitney knows that she can do this. She can tell the truth about Chad. She goes into Simone’s room where she appears to be sleeping. Whitney sees an empty pill bottle by Simone’s bed. “Oh my God…”

The doctor comes to see Antonio. He rushes to the bed. He learns that Antonio has moved from the staff but he is more learned than the others and he knows that there may not have been all that more to the movement than they think. The doctor doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Moving his hand has to mean something good Pilar thinks. The doctor says that the movement may have been a reflexive response and nothing more. The doctor says that the muscles sometimes have an involuntary response and move in the way that a normal person’s limb might but that is nothing. Pilar believes that her son believes that his family was there. She has to believe that. There will have to be an examination. The examination will not take long. The doctor says that they shouldn’t believe that Antonio is making a recovery just yet. Beth is privately happy that the doctor has said what he has. That gives her hope. It is just as she said to Sheridan. She shouldn’t have been all that happy that Antonio moved. That could be anything.

Whitney shouts to her sister that she has to wake up. Simone gets up and asks her sister what she is doing. Whitney wants to make sure that her sister is alright. She grabs the phone to call their mother. Simone asks her what is wrong. Whitney asks her about the aspirin. Simone says that she couldn’t get any sleep the night before and she had a raging aspirin. Whitney tells her sister that she can’t do that. That could be dangerous. Simone has hidden the aspirin in her room but she doesn’t tell her sister that. Whitney wants to know what is going on with her sister. Simone tells her that she has been thinking about finding her sister with Chad the night when they were on the couch. Simone came up on them with a knife in her hand.

Liz felt that every dream that she had was shattered. She even thought that taking her life was the answer. That wasn’t true though. She has to wonder if she was marked at birth. That if some part of her was wicked and she deserved what she got. She never had a healthy relationships and the closest that she got was with Antonio. She broke up with him because of her. Antonio needed someone that was available emotionally and she was afraid to trust and she lost him. He could have erased some of her pain and become her husband. What is the point though? She should be like her mother. Her mother used to say that there is no use crying over spilled milk. Eve finishes the sentence with Liz. TC looks at her. His mother used to say the same thing.

Ivy hopes that Eve keeps Liz’s mouth shut. If she tells the real story, Julian will be ripped to shreds. Why is Julian sticking around anyway?

Hank tells Beth that this is a good sign. This could mean a lot for Antonio but even more to Luis and Sheridan. Hank sees that he has been insensitive to Beth. She tells him that she understands what he has been saying and she was hoping that this is going to mean a lot to Luis and Sheridan too. She glares over in their direction.

Simone couldn’t sleep the night before as she kept seeing Whitney and Chad in each others’ arms. She says that she believed her sister that she tripped and fell on her man. She knows that Whitney wouldn’t do anything like Liz’s sister. That is the worse type of betrayal that there is. That is the reason that Simone couldn’t get any sleep that night. Whitney says that she wouldn’t hurt her sister and Simone knows that but at night, your mind can go on a terrible trip. Simone couldn’t stand Chad leaving her for someone else…especially her sister. Chad is someone that she has for herself and the idea of losing him and her sister would be terrible. Boyfriends come and go but she only has one sister. She wouldn’t want to be like Liz who is alone and bitter. Simone has a headache she says and she would like to take one of her mother’s painkillers. Whitney tells her no. What happens between Liz and her sister, isn't’ going to happen to them. Not ever. She hugs her sister and Simone smiles behind her back.

Eve asks Liz why she didn’t tell that their father did these things to her. Liz thinks that Eve wouldn’t have done anything anyway. Eve knows that she would have fought their father. Liz smiles at her. She knows that at the time, her sister was stinking high on drugs. Eve would have still liked to have known the truth. Liz could see that her sister had different priorities. Eve knows that she would have taken care of her sister. If she had told the truth, Liz wouldn’t have been alone. She wouldn’t have been alone. Eve is sorry. Liz has no idea how sorry Eve is. Liz tells Eve that her apology doesn’t make things right. Her actions spoke louder than her words. She didn’t do anything and she might not have back then. Eve was a terrible sister and Liz would like her sister to pay the price too. Eve understands that her sister is upset but going after Eve isn’t going to make things right. That is true but at least Eve will know what it has been like to be stabbed in the back by her sister. Liz would like see that Eve has lost the most important thing in her life. Eve shouldn’t have to be a doormat now to make things right. Eve will not let her take her husband. Eve was going to tell TC the truth even though that may make her lose the things that are most important. Eve is going to tell TC the truth and she is going pray that TC understands and forgives her.

Luis is sure that Antonio is going to make a full recovery.

Beth is listening to them talk.

Sheridan says that she is thinking of leaving Harmony forever. She will take Antonio and leave town so that Luis can go on with his life. It doesn’t matter as that would have been the fair thing to do for all of them. Luis is sure that they are going to make it through this obstacle. He takes her in his arms.

Hank and Beth see them hugging. Hank knows that Beth must be having a pretty hard time. She has always loved him. That love has to be powerful. She has been letting him do as he pleases and Hank finds that incredible. Beth still thinks that it is too soon to know that Antonio is going to recover. Hank knows that is true. He wouldn’t like to see Luis and Sheridan hurt again. They have been through so much.

Pilar has been holding up the best that she can. She never gives up on her family. God is going to give her what she wants. Beth says that she is parrying for her too.

The doctor comes out to talk to the family and friends. Is Antonio coming out of his coma? Is he waking up?

Eve thinks that she should tell TC the truth in spite of her sister. Julian knows that TC isn’t going to be so sympathetic to her now that he had heard that Liz had been molested as a child.

Ivy warns David that things have to stay hidden for both their sakes.

Liz never told anyone about the things that she has said that day. TC has no idea what it was that she has gone through. Liz had to face some painful memories and she only told TC the truth because she wanted him to know why she feels the way that she feels for her sister. She has something to ask TC. Before she told him her story, she heard him say that he thought that her sister’s husband could forgive her for what she has done. Does he feel the same way now?

The doctor can’t say if Antonio is going to get better or not. It is not for him to say. They hear Antonio’s voice. “What about me? Can I tell you if I will be well or not?” Pilar and the others rush into Antonio’s room and see that the man is alive. The doctor is smiling. Pilar rushes to her son. It is a miracle.

Beth stands behind the others knowing that now she will have the fight of her life to get the man that she loves.

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