Passions Update Friday 2/21/03

Passions Update Friday
 2/21/03--Canada; 2/24/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Liz tells Eve that she was saved by a phone call coming in but that will not stop her from ruining her life by letting TC know just what type of a woman he is married to. Eve has to get into see a patient but Liz warns her that her husband said that if he were married to a woman like Liz's sister but she is sure that he will change his mind when he finds out that Liz's whore of a sister Is Eve. Liz takes a hold of her sister to make her listen and Eve orders her to let go. Liz also knows that Julian is going to get his when TC finds to that he is the man that made Eve go down the path that she did. That will be something hard for Eve to deal with as well as TC hates that man more than anyone else that he knows.

Fox finds it hard to believe that Theresa saw Ivy being pulled from death at the last minute. Theresa is sure that is what she saw. Is Theresa talking about having a premonition like Grace usually has or something else? Theresa didn't have a premonition. What she saw was Ivy being pulled back to life by Sam's love for her. It was remarkable. She was actually saved by the enormous amount of love that he had for her and that has touched her deeply.

Grace sees that Sam is happy that he has brought Ivy back from the brink of death and that worries her. She thinks that maybe there is no place in his heart for her.

Luis and Hank are playing basketball and Luis still can't get over the fact that Sheridan is giving him up. How can he live without her? How can she live without him? He can't do it and he knows it. Luis has lost Sheridan twice now and he can't bare to lose her again.

Mrs. Wallace worries that Beth is going to give Sheridan the dose in the syringe and kill her. Mrs. Wallace knows that she has to warn Sheridan that she is about to be killed by someone that means to do her terrible harm. What can she do? Beth has already threatened to kill Mrs. Wallace too. She has to be careful.

Julian wonders why Liz has evil feelings towards him. He has done nothing to her and she shouldn't want to ruin his life. Why does she want to do that?

Sam talks to Ivy now that she is alive. Eve can't believe it. Ivy was dead and now she is alive. It is a miracle. Eve finds that Ivy is stable and that alone is a miracle. She will have to be examined but for now, it seems that she is okay. Ivy fell down the stairs and then she wasn't breathing. It was very scary but she seems fine now. The paramedics tried to revive Ivy but that was a no go until the lights in the house started flickering on and off and then she was okay.

Gwen is happy that her husband's mother is still alive after having lived through all the trauma that she had to go through.

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