Passions Update Thursday 2/20/03

Passions Update Thursday 2/20/03--Canada; 2/21/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Liz tells Eve that it doesn’t matter that TC says that he would forgive his wife if he were married to a woman like Liz has.

Liz tells Julian that she is going make sure that TC knows that he was the man that got Eve screwed up when she was younger.

Grace can see now that Sam’s love for Ivy is strong and she has to wonder if there is any room for her in his heart.

Luis and Hank play a little basketball and talk about life. Luis is angry that Sheridan has asked him to pretend that she is dead. She means everything to him and she is everything that he has ever wanted. They do lay-ups on one another as they talk. Luis can’t pretend that Sheridan is dead. When he thought that he lost her once, it was like he thought that he lost the best part of his life. He can’t let her go.

Mrs. Wallace is in her room, knowing that Beth is going to inject Sheridan with the syringe that she is hiding behind her back. Mrs. Wallace has to do something but she knows that if she says anything to Beth, she will be killed. Beth is obsessed and she will do anything to get rid of Sheridan.

Beth and Sheridan are talking in Beth’s living room and Beth has told Sheridan that she isn’t out of the picture far enough. Sheridan has no idea what she is talking about. Beth offers to show Sheridan how far out of the picture she can get and with that, she brings the syringe up over her shoulder and makes a jabbing motion at Sheridan. Sheridan sees her hand movement but has no idea what is happening yet. They both fall to the floor.

Eve and TC show up at the Bennetts as Ivy has fallen down the stairs. They have managed to revive the woman and she lies on the floor spent and exhausted.

Grace thinks back to Sam holding Ivy and crying over her saying that she was his first love and that he can’t lose her.

Eve examines Ivy and then she goes to the paramedics. She is told that Ivy fell down the stairs and has been out of it ever since. The house was acting very strange and they thought that they had lost her. The lights were flickering on and off and then Ivy came back to life.

Grace calls to Sam and they talk privately. Sam is happy that Ivy is alive. He thinks that is great.

Sam has to ask Theresa some questions. He is going to question her about the attempted murder of Ivy Crane.

Hank and Luis are still playing ball in the gym together. They are tired now and they stop to have some water. Luis can’t move on with Beth and start a new life. Sheridan has to stay with Antonio and his chance of recovering is about zero. Pilar has been praying for a miracle but Luis doesn’t see that happening. How can Luis forget everything that they have shared together?

He remembers the good times with Sheridan and the bad times…showering with her…watching her cry over Antonio and his illness, knowing that she couldn’t ever leave him that way for Luis…lying naked on the beach with her under a blanket, under the moon…making love before the fire with her over and over again…going out as a couple on dates to different occasions…the time when he first started loving her in the park and he bumped into her jogging…having a carriage ride with her covered in flowers…comforting her when she was sad…dancing the tango…watching her cry, knowing that she had to be with Antonio...dancing with her…hugging her…leaving her as she asked him to when he knew that they should be together…

Luis doesn't want to go to Beth even though she is a terrific woman. Luis cares what his friend thinks. Hank thinks that what he has to say isn’t what Luis wants to hear. He thinks that Sheridan is right that Luis should give up on Sheridan.

Beth has the syringe over Sheridan’s body and Sheridan fights to keep that needle away from her but it doesn’t work. Sheridan is jabbed. Sheridan is going to die and then Beth isn’t going to have to worry about her stealing Luis ever again. She feels that Sheridan deserves this. Sheridan is crying now…”Somebody help me…” Beth is over her telling her that she is going to die…

Mrs. Wallace has come out of her room and she wheels her way over to Beth and Sheridan, shouting at Beth. Beth tells her mother to shut up or she will die too. Sheridan is very still now. She isn’t moving at all. Her eyes are closed and she doesn’t move a muscle.

Julian has no idea why Liz would like to make his life miserable. Liz tells him that he did something to her that lives on today. He has touched her and ruined something very important for her.

Grace tells Eve that she would like Ivy out of the house right away. When she was dying, Sam was pleading with God saying that he couldn’t bear to lose Ivy. He was fighting to get her back to live. It was hard for Grace to watch. Grace knew that Ivy was trying to steal Sam but Sam has always denied it. Grace is fearful for her marriage and the only way that Grace can get her life back is to fight for Sam. She is convinced now that is the only way. Grace hopes that Eve will help her to find a way to get the woman out of the house and away so that she can save her marriage.

Ivy has been sitting on the floor and listening quietly to everything that Grace has been saying to Eve.

Sam and Fox are talking to Theresa in the kitchen. Theresa denies that she tried to kill Ivy. That wouldn’t be logical. Gwen and Ethan and the others heard what Theresa said to Ivy at the top of the stairs. Sam asks Theresa again if she was the one that pushed Ivy down the stairs.

Beth is laughing hysterically now. She feels wonderful, as if she has unburdened herself from a terrible evil. She thinks that she has killed Sheridan but that was only a dream of hers it seems. She has been laughing out loud insanely and it has been all for nothing. Sheridan stands before her and wonders what is wrong with the girl and why she is laughing like a maniac. They were just having a normal conversation and then Beth freaked out. Beth comes to Sheridan again, as she holds the syringe behind her back that she needs to get out of the picture and away from Luis so that he can go on with his life. Sheridan still doesn’t get it and she turns her back on Beth. Beth takes that opportunity to come up closer behind Sheridan and bring out the syringe that she has hidden behind her back. It is full of a lethal dose and Beth is going to give that to Sheridan full blast.

Liz is after Julian too now as she knows that he was mean to her sister. Julian assures her that he wants only the best for Eve now.

David asks Liz why she wants to hurt her sister this way. Liz tells him that she has to do this and get her revenge.

Eve tells Grace that Ivy has to go to the hospital and get checked out. Grace is happy for that.

Eve turns to Ivy and asks her what happened at the top of the stairs. What really happened to make her go crashing down?

Ivy thinks back to the event and remembers throwing herself down those stairs. Theresa had nothing to do with it. Eve tries to leave the woman but Ivy grabs her sleeve and pulls her back…”Don’t you dare take me out of this house Eve…Don’t you dare…”

Theresa tells Ethan, Gwen, Fox and Sam that she didn’t throw Ivy from the stairs. Ethan remembers that Theresa has been incredibly mean to Ivy. First she throws her out of her house and now she has fallen down a flight of stairs. What is Ethan supposed to think?

Luis disagrees with Hank. He thinks that he should be trying to get back with Sheridan. He can’t accept it. Hank tells him that he has to accept it. Sheridan would like him to have a happy and full life. Luis is a traditional guy that wants kids and a family. Sheridan wants him to have the things that she can’t give him now. Hank thinks that Sheridan is right about this. Beth is the one that has to make Luis happy now.

Beth doesn’t get a chance to stab Sheridan with the needle as there is someone at the door. Before Sheridan turns to look at Beth, Beth hides the syringe and goes to the door. She needs to be alone to get that Sheridan out of her life and whoever is at the door will have to go. She has no time for visitors. It is Mildred who has returned with things from the store. Beth has no idea what she is talking about. Mildred reminds Beth that she was the one that asked the aide to go to the store for her. She even gave the woman a list to follow. Mildred will look after Mrs. Wallace before she goes home. Mildred recognizes Sheridan and talks to her. Mildred remembers that name as Mrs. Wallace said that she is the one that Beth wants to keep from Luis. Sheridan can’t believe her ears. Mildred remembers it well now. Beth is supposed to be working overtime to get Luis from Sheridan

Grace tells David about the vision that she had about Ivy going into hell. She could see Ivy’s soul at that moment and she was trying to be sucked into eternal darkness. She was suffering so much. The vision was horrible. David knows that she is upset about more. Grace saw the way that Sam was with Ivy and that has upset her terrible. David would like to help in anyway that he can. Grace will only be happy when Ivy finds her way out of the house. Seeing Sam and the way that he talked about Ivy, makes her think that there isn’t anything left for her to save in her marriage.

David knows that even if Grace manages to get Ivy out of the house, that will not stop her from going after Sam.

Ivy tells Eve that she doesn’t want to be away from Sam. She wants to be in the house. Ivy tells Eve to make sure that she is to stay in the house or she will tell everyone about Eve’s past with Julian. Eve laughs. She is too late. She already told Ivy that she is ready to expose her secrets herself and then all the secrets that Ivy has been hiding will be revealed.

Mrs. Wallace tries to get out of the back room but she can’t open the door. She drives her wheelchair into the door as she just has to find out what is going on out there. Beth comes in and lets her out of the room after hearing the ruckus that the old bag has been making in the back room. Mildred tells Mrs. Wallace that she shouldn’t be wheeling herself around this way. That is what Mildred is for. Mrs. Wallace has too much stress on her body as it is and pushing herself around isn’t helping her condition. Sheridan asks Mildred again if it was true that she heard that Beth was keeping her from Luis? Beth says that her mother has been talking funny because of her illness. Beth pushes her mother to her room and asks Mildred to tend to her. After the two elder women are gone from the room, Sheridan turns to Beth. Sheridan starts the conversation again about Beth and her intentions in the relationship with Luis. Beth tells Sheridan that she has to stay away from the man.

Luis talked to Beth and he could have a life with her but he can’t forget Sheridan and he told Beth that. Memories fade but not for Luis. Luis couldn’t truly be happy without Sheridan.

Beth thinks that Sheridan should do everything that she can to stay out of Luis’s life. That is the only way that Luis will be happy. Sheridan has to agree to that. Beth says that this will be best for Sheridan too but it will not be easy. IT has to be this way. Sheridan wants things to be better for them all. Sheridan answers her cell phone and makes an appointment to meet someone. Beth has gotten the syringe and she comes up behind Sheridan to stab her with the needle but the call that Sheridan is on is very short and she turns before Beth can hurt her. Mrs. Wallace and Mildred come out of the room and say goodbye to Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace tells Sheridan that she would like to talk to her. Maybe they will have some time to do that later.

Sheridan leaves Beth’s house but finds it strange that Mrs. Wallace thinks that Beth is trying to keep her from Luis.

Beth puts her mother in the back room and tells her that she will be dead if she tries to warn Sheridan of Beth’s intentions. After Beth leaves, Mrs. Wallace gets up on her leg braces and decides that she has to talk to Sheridan and warn her of what is to come. She makes her way to the door. She has to find a way out of there.

Fox has been thinking and he believes that Theresa wasn’t the one that pushed Ivy downstairs. Theresa is happy that she has an ally. Sam tells her that this isn’t a popularity contest, it really doesn’t matter what Fox thinks. Theresa tells him to ask Ivy to tell the truth. She will tell the truth. Theresa is sure of it.

Eve decides that she is going to make Ivy go to the hospital and that is that. She isn’t threatened by Ivy anymore. Ivy’s house of cards are going to come crashing down.

Ivy knows now that she will never get Sam back the way that things are going. For years now, Ivy has been able to manipulate Eve into doing just what she wants and that has helped her greatly in the schemes that she has come up with to get Sam, but now she isn’t playing anymore and the gig seems to be up.

Eve tells Liz that she will talk to her husband now. She will face her fears. She is sure that TC will forgive her.

Liz warns Julian that Eve has a look in her eye and it seems clear that she is going to tell TC the truth about her past now. She warns him to run as TC will tear him limb from limb. Julian tells Liz that he isn’t going to run away this time. It is time that he face what he has been running from all his life. He will stand up this time and be accountable for what he has done. He will be ready for TC when he comes. If Eve can be brave, then Julian can be brave too and he will.

Everyone at the Bennett house walk over to Ivy and Sam goes near her. Ivy asks that she be taken to her room. Sam stoops to pick her up, but Grace tells her no. Ivy should be going to the hospital. Sam knows that Ivy should be going to the hospital but first he would like to talk to Ivy about Theresa and what happened at the top of the stairs. Ivy turns to Theresa smiling the smile of the devil.

Luis will not give up on Sheridan no matter what Hank thinks. Sheridan is his life. Sheridan doesn’t deserve a man that isn’t healthy and alive.

Mildred knows that things are not going good for Beth that day.

Beth knows it too. She thinks back to her fantasy of having the syringe behind her back and stabbing Sheridan. She is sure that she will have an opportunity to do what she wanted another time.

Mrs. Wallace comes out into the living room and that is when Sheridan comes into the house. She had forgotten something. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she should be warned that Beth is evil and she has been trying to tear she and Luis apart. Mrs. Wallace tells Sheridan that she has to run out of there as fast as she can or Beth will come after her.

All stand by to hear what Ivy is going to say about Theresa trying to kill her. Sam needs to know exactly what happened. Ivy will tell the truth…she says. “Theresa tried to kill me…” Ethan, Julian and the others turn to Theresa to see the look on her face after hearing this.