Passions Update Wednesday 2/19/03

Passions Update Wednesday 2/19/03--Canada; 2/20/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Beth realizes that as long as Sheridan is alive, she will always wants Luis back. Mrs. Wallace has to agree with her. Sheridan has always been in the way. Beth thinks that there is something that she can do about that. Beth is thinking about something. She hears a car coming and looks to find Sheridan coming in all by herself she has the syringe that she was going to use on her mother in her hand and she hides it behind a pillow on the couch. Mrs. Wallace gets it. Beth is going to kill Sheridan. Beth credits her mother with this idea. Mrs. Wallace never meant for Beth to hurt Sheridan. Whether she meant it or not, that is a great idea.

Eve would like to know if TC could forgive someone like Lizís sister. The man that the sister married is a good man and he loves his family very much. Liz thinks that the husband shouldnít forgive this woman and she will never either.

Kay is looking in the bowl with Tabitha and they see that Ivy is dead. Tabitha says that Kay is having a treat looking at what is happening because she is with Tabitha. Kay finds this all bizarre. Tabitha reminds Kay that she was trapped in hell before, so this shouldnít be anything to be surprised at. In the bowl, Kay sees her father clutching to Ivy and begging her not to leave him. Kay thinks that her mother and father will get back together now. Tabitha reminds her that Grace has genuine feelings for Sam but without David around, she may not go back to Sam just yet.

Ethan has decided that it is enough. His mother is dead. Sam picks up Ivyís body telling her not to leave him. She was his first love. He holds her close to him and tells her that he canít lose her. Grace sees him and she is torn.

The ghost of Ivy wants to come back and be with Sam, but that doesnít happen. She begs God to let her go to Sam but no way. Ivy gets angry and calls out to God telling him to take her now. She knows that there is supposed to be a big tunnel that she will travel and then she will be safe and loved. If she canít have Sam and her son, then she wants to be taken now. She looks over to the fireplace and sees black smoke coming out. No one else in the room can see the smoke. It comes out of the fireplace and envelopes her, trapping her and preventing her from moving. She knows that she is going to hell now. She shouts out that she will not go to hell.

On Ivyís monitor, as Sam holds Ivy, there is an alarm going off. Also the fire alarms in the house go off and no one seems to know what is going on. Right by them, Ivy is fighting the fight of her soul. They have no idea. She is screaming now as the black smoke comes to take her to hell. No one hears.

Kay wants to know how Ivy dies and she looks into the water and sees Theresa talking to Ivy. It is an instant replay of what happened to Ivy. Ivy was telling Theresa that she made Ivy look good downstairs. Theresa called her a bitch on wheels and Ivy admits to that. Ivy wants Sam to carry her downstairs now. Theresa grabs the wheelchair and turns it backwards to the stairs. She has Ivy hanging on the top step and she put the brakes on the wheelchair and leaves Ivy hanging. Ivy will never get Theresa get to her son. Theresa tells Ivy that she hates her and hates having her back in the mansion. The others in Graceís house are downstairs hearing Theresa and Ivy arguing. Ivy suddenly shouts out, ďNo Theresa donít do itÖĒ Theresa tells her that she is going to get rid of Ivy for good this time.

Kay can see that Ivy was responsible for her own death. Her plan to trap Theresa is going to backfire on her.

They see Ivy in the throes of black smoke and fighting to get out of it. She is being sucked into the vortex and she canít get herself out it seems. She brought that on herself by trying to get to Theresa and make a plan that would have gotten her in prison at the very least. Kay sees now that she too could go to hell for the things that she has done. Tabitha only chuckles at that.

Ethan and Sam continue to work on Ivyís body and bring her to life as the alarms go off. Sam will not give up and much to his wifeís dismay, he canít seem to accept that Ivy is really gone. That drop from the top of the stairs has been too much for her it seems.

Ivy is being torn between hell and life and she fights to come back and claim her life.

TC says that he could forgive a woman that did the things that Lizís sister did.

There is someone at the door. Mrs. Wallace and Beth know that it is Sheridan. Beth tells her mother to do as she is told. Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth is bad and always has been. She used to kick her hamster down the stairs. Mrs. Wallace remembers a little girl in the 5th grade who ended up with a broken leg. Beth was responsible for that too. Beth knows that no one is going to believe anything that her mother says about her. She is going to let Sheridan in and she wants her mother to stay quiet. As Beth goes to the door, Mrs. Wallace goes to the pillow and tries to retrieve the syringe that Beth plans on using on Sheridan.

Sheridan enters the house and sees that Beth is alone in the room with her mother. It is cold outside and Sheridan rubs her hands and arms in order to get warmer. Beth locks the door behind Sheridan, making sure that it is secure and that no one can enter and disturb her plans.

She puts Mrs. Wallace in the back room as quickly as possible as the woman may start ranting again about how Beth is trying to kill her and damage the relationship between Luis and Sheridan.. Mrs. Wallace vows that she will do anything to stop her daughter from hurting Sheridan.

Sheridan would like to talk to Beth about Luis and that is a coincidence as Beth would like to talk to Sheridan about Luis too. The syringe lies behind Sheridan on the couch, but she has no idea that it is there. She has no idea that Beth plans on killing her that day.

Eve is overjoyed that TC believes that a woman like Lizís sister could be forgiven by her husband. David thinks that TC has made a great decision saying that. Liz thinks that TC is making a grave mistake by saying that he could forgive his wife if she were the one that treated Liz the way that she did. David feels that it is time for Eve to tell TC the whole truth. Eve agrees.

Kay and Tabitha watch as Ivy is being pulled both waysÖbetween hell and her life as she knew it. Sam and Ethan continue to work on Ivy and do CPR. They are sure that they can pull her back from the brink of death.

Sam shouts out to Ivy to come back to him.

Grace remembers seeing her husband holding Ivyís body in his arms and telling her to come back to him.

All in the Bennett house can see that something is happeningÖbut what?

Tabitha explains to Kay that Ivy is going down and she laughs at that. There is a grumbling from the basement. Tabitha knows that the evil spirits are trying to tell her somethingÖbut what?

Liz tells TC that she knows that he truly believes that he could forgive his wife, if she had been the sister that she hates. What if he were sleeping with the woman night after night and then he found out that he couldnít believe anything that she said and she never told him of her life before him. TC is seeing Lizís point of view now.

Eve is worried now that TC might not forgive her. TC asks Eve point blank who the woman is that is Lizís sister.

Mrs. Wallace opens the door and listens to Beth and Sheridan talk. Sheridan asks if Luis was over to see her. Beth admits that he was and she set him free. That is only the fair thing for Luis. Beth feels under the couch for the syringe. Sheridan told Luis that he was only hurting her by dredging up the past. She wants him to go on and have children. That is the best for Luis. Sheridan was hurt, hurting Luis. Beth says that Luis wasnít really all that upset when he came to see her. She said that they talked about their future and Luis told her that he was going to come back and see her later on. Beth says that Luis felt that a huge burden had been taken off his shoulders. Beth approaches Sheridan with the syringe hidden behind her back. Sheridan wants Luis to be happy. That is all that Beth wants for herself and Luis. She intends on making sure that she and Luis live happily ever after.

Mrs. Wallace prays that Sheridan will leave before Beth tries to kill her.

Beth assures Sheridan that she can make Luis happy. The did it before Sheridan came into his life and she did it when Luis thought that she was dead but she was alive. Beth thinks that she and Luis can be very happy. Sheridan would like for Luis to be content. She canít be the only one that can make Luis happy. Still, Luis always comes back to her. Beth has to agree with that. She continues to hold the syringe behind her back with the deadly dose for Sheridan.

TC asks Eve again who Lizís sister is. Eve is ready to tell him but she gets a call on her phone and walks off to take it. It is Grace telling her that Ivy has fallen down the stairs and she seems to be dead. Sam and Ethan are still giving Ivy CPR but Grace thinks that Ethan is going to need Eve to get over this.

Sam and Ethan continue to work on Ivy and that is what holds her from going straight to hell.

Tabitha and Kay go to the basement and the spirits tell Tabitha that they should save Ivy as her dying will not cause anything bad in Harmony. Why is that so important? IT is important as Sam and Grace are one of the most happiest couples in Harmony. Kay will not do it. Tabitha tells Kay that she isnít able to be good anymore. It is far too late. Kay is afraid of the repercussions of doing evil. Kay is scared and she needs to think about what she should do. If she wants to get Miguel though, she has to get on the side of darkness, that is her only chance. Tabitha tells Kay to hurry and make up her mind. Kay agrees to help Tabitha but after they save Ivy, she will be on the side of goodness and light. Tabitha knows that once Kay tastes of the forbidden fruit, she will never go back.

Sam and Ethan continue to work on Ivy with the CPR procedure.

Grace turns to the fireplace and she can see Ivyís soul by the fireplace. She is trying to keep from being sucked into eternal darkness and she is suffering. Theresa sees that Grace is really shaken.

Tabitha and Kay go to the magic bowl and Kayís hands are put into the bowl. She is told to pull Ivy from the clutches of death. Kay does her best to keep a hold on Ivy and pull her to safety and away from hell.

Ivy is still fighting the fight for her life. She is being pulled in all directions now, but the side for life is the side that is winning it seems. There is a harder pull on that side.

Mrs. Wallace is crying out for Sheridan and Beth leaves Sheridan to go and see her mother to warn her that she had better keep quiet as there is enough medicine in the syringe to kill both Sheridan and her mother.

David tells Liz that is over now and that she will pay for what she has done as it is clear that TC is going to learn the truth from Eve.

Kay and Tabitha have managed to save Ivy but things are not over for a long shot. Sam will be hurt as well in the ado that will be going on over at the Bennett house. Kay plans to use her powers to protect her father when she learns to use them.

In the bowl, Sam holds Ivy seeing that she is alive. He canít believe it.

Ethan and Gwen are happy that Ivy is with them again.

Fox can see that Grace was not right about Ivy being sucked into the bowels of hell.

Ivy is thankful to Sam for saving her life. Sam is sure that he wasnít the one that saved her life. Maybe it was God.

Grace knows that God had nothing to do with Ivy being saved.

Beth comes back out of the back room with the syringes behind her back. She said that her mother has been hallucinating again. Sheridan thanks Beth for talking to her. Sheridan feels better now after having spoken to Beth. Sheridan assures Beth that she is out of the picture now. Beth thinks that Sheridan should be more out of the picture than she is now. How much more out of the picture can Sheridan get? Beth has an idea about that and she moves closer to Sheridan who has her back to Beth. Beth comes up closer to her with the syringe in her hand in full view now.