Passions Update Tuesday 2/18/03

Passions Update Tuesday
2/18/03--Canada; 2/19/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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TC got everything taken care of with the kids at school and he returns to Eve at her table in the Book Cafť and he wants to know about Lizís sister and who the woman is. Eve tells him that the woman is right here.

David is glad that Eve is telling the truth.

Liz canít believe that Eve is telling the truth as that might ruin her life.

Kay is trying to read the inscription on the inside of the magic bowl in the kitchen. Tabitha warned her not to do that. A pair of scary looking hands come out of the bowl and grab her by the neck as Tabitha enters, knowing that Kay has disobeyed her.

Beth is angry with her mother for trying to tell Mildred and Luis the truth. She has a syringe with a lethal does in it and she moves closer to her mother as she has decided that she must die for betraying her daughter.

Ethan is angry with Theresa for his mother being in the condition that she is in now. The paramedics are working on Ivy with paddles but all that they get are flat lines on the monitor. Theresa can see that everyone thinks that she has pushed Ivy from the top stair in the Bennett house and they think that she may have tried to kill Ivy. Even Fox isnít sure that Theresa hasnít done this on purpose.

The paramedics continue working but there is no heartbeat.

Ethan canít believe that Theresa wants them all to think that Ivy pushed herself down the stairs. Theresa isnít sure what happened. She has no idea what happened. She knows that she is not to blame for this but Ethan canít believe her. He knows that Theresa tried to trick Ivy into looking like a bitch. Theresa swears that she didnít do anything. They were only arguing. Grace knows that no one knows what happened. They will have to wait for Ivy to recover so that she can tell what happened. The paramedics are finished with their work. There is nothing else that they can do. Sam is angry with the paramedics. They will not try to revive Ivy anymore. Sam turns to Ivy. He will not give up and let her die. He talks to her coaxing her out of this. Grace watches as Sam works on saving his exís life.

Tabitha comes over to Kay telling her that she should have listened when warned to stay away from the bowl. Kay is being choked as Tabitha talks. Tabitha thinks that the girl will have to suffer the consequences since she will not listen. Kay promises in between breathes that she will listen from now on. Kay swears to it. Tabitha knows that Kay never listens to anyone, especially her parents, so why should she listen to her? Tabitha stands by and watches the girl get choked.

Eve talks to TC as Julian listens from nearby in the cafť. Eve says that Lizís sister loved her very much. Liz didnít believe that. Liz has been scarred for life, but it wasnít intentional. All that the sister wanted to do was be a singer and live a good life. She wanted to return to her family but she couldnít. She met a man along the way and he was unscrupulous. He destroyed the sisterís dreams. Julian listens to Eve knowing that the man that she speaks about is really him.

Beth gets closer to her mother and she holds the syringe near her motherís face in a menacing manner. She is going to tell everyone that killing her mother was an accident and Luis will defend her to the death. The old woman has to take a lot of medicines and it makes sense that Beth might have made a mistake and giver her something that she shouldnít have gotten. Everyone will believe that. Mrs. Wallace cowers in fear of her daughter and the syringe. No one is going to care about her being dead but Beth. Beth has been living with Mrs. Wallace for years and putting up with her and now it is going to end. Beth is on her knees now before the old woman and she grabs the womanís arm to insert the deadly needle. That is when Mildred returns to the house with groceries and medication in her hand for Mrs. Wallace and she sees Beth trying to administer something to her mother. Mrs. Wallace is shouting out in fear of her daughter. Mildred demands to know what is going on there. Beth turns in horror to find Mildred standing behind her and wondering what is going on.

Beth gets up saying that she was only trying to give her mother an injection but she didnít want it. Beth says that she was trained in giving injections as she had a friend with diabetes. Mildred decides that she should be the one to give the injections. The medication could be lethal if the wrong dose is give and Beth wouldnít want that would she?

The man that the sister was seeing introduced the sister to drugs and alcohol. As fast as he swept the sister off her feet, he dumped her. The girl turned to pills and alcohol and before she realized it, she was hooked. She couldnít fight it. The addiction had her trapped. She did things that were terrible so that she could support her habit. She sank to new depths and that time haunts the girl to this very day. Julian comes over to say that he heard what Eve has been saying and he feels terrible for the price that the girl must have paid for the nightmare that she lived. Julian turns to Eve and touches her hand and that angers TC. He slaps Julianís hands from his wife.

Tabitha has Kay still in the clutches of the monster in the bowl. She has the capability to help the young girl, but she wonít Önot yet! Kay has to learn to do as she is told if she wants to be a student of Tabithaís. Kay has been threatening to tell everyone that Tabitha is witch and Tabitha is going to show her once and for all who really is in charge. It certainly isnít Kay and Kay is beginning to learn that. Kay can hardly breathe now. The gnarly hands of the monster that seems to be in the bowl has her by the throat and is choking and pulling her head into the bowl to drown her it seems. Tabitha knows that the girl has lied to everyone and Tabitha doesnít think that she can trust that Kay will behave from now on. Why should be treated any differently by this impudent girl? She leaves Kay alone and walks off out of the kitchen. Let her stew a while longer. Drowning will be swift, it isnít like being burned at the stake. Tabitha has experienced that and that was a lot harder to deal with than being drowned. Kay swears that she will never disobey Tabitha again. Tabitha can hardly hear her as Kayís face is underwater now. Tabitha walks off from her some more. She sees a feather falling from the ceiling and she catches it in her hand, while looking up at the ceiling.

Fox doesnít have any love loss for his mother but he didnít want her to die this way. Theresa tells him again that she put the brakes on the wheelchair but when Fox tested the wheels, there wasnít any brake on it.

Sam is doing CPR on Ivy trying to revive her from this awful state. ďoneÖTwoÖThreeÖFourÖĒ So far, nothing is happening to show that she is going to get better.

TC wants Julian away from he and his wife as they are having a private conversation. David intervenes and says that Julian should be able to speak. Julian says that the man was the one that was at fault and not the sister.

Eve canít believe that Julian is acting this way.

Julian is sure that the man has learned from his mistake. He turns to Eve as he speaks. Eve reminds Julian that the man in question would be beaten to a pulp by the sisterís husband if he were ever found out. Julian has to agree.

Beth asks Mildred to run to the store as she would like to be alone with her mother as her days are obviously numbered. Mrs. Wallace cries out that she doesnít want to be left alone with Beth as she is trying to kill her.

Tabitha knows that the feather that she has caught is from Timmy and she tries to make him see that she canít do good and help Kay. She hates when he intervenes this way. He does influence her though and makes her think of what she is about to do.

Kay is still crying out in the kitchen. She is crying for Tabitha to come and help her.

Tabitha decides to help after all. She canít say no to Timmy. He has this crazy idea that if she does good, she will be brought into heaven where his boss is and she will be happy. Suddenly a bright light comes on in the room and voices are heard of a thousand angels. ďHALLELUHAH! HALLELUHAAH!Ē She re-enters the kitchen telling Kay that she will help, but this is the last time that she will do anything nice for anyone. She starts beating on the hands that hold Kay, trying to get them to let go of the girlís neck. Kay is almost out of energy now and is definitely losing her fight with the monster in the magic bowl. Tabitha will have to hurry if she is to save this bratís life.

Sam and Ethan are over Ivy and they pray that she get up. Suddenly, Ivy gets up. She not only gets up, she stands on her feet which is something that she hasnít done for a long while. She turns and sees all in the room and Ethan and Sam are working on her body. She canít believe what she is seeing. She is watching her own body lying still and lifeless on the floor as Sam and Ethan work on it. She cries out to them. ďI am here! I am okayÖĒ but no one hears her. They continue to focus on the lifeless body on the floor. Slowly something starts to become clear to IvyÖ

Ivy calls out to everyone in the room but no one hears her. She sees that she must be dead but she canít be. She goes over to Ethan and calls to him but she canít hear her. She calls to Sam but he too, canít hear her. Ivy doesnít want to die. She was going to be grandparents with Sam.

Theresa asks Sam not to give up on Ivy as she never wanted her to die. Ivy looks over at her and knows that Theresa is a bitch! She is a lying bitch! She runs over to Theresa to strike her but when she slaps at her face, her arm goes right through the woman. She canít even touch these people it seems.

Tabitha is having a hard time with the monster in the bowl. She canít get him to let go of Kayís throat. She gets an idea and gets the egg beater to use it on the monsterís hands. She manages to get the hands of the monster off Kay and Kay falls gladly to the floor. Tabitha sits with her telling her that she has to listen if she wants to work well as a witch. Kay is reluctant to help Tabitha as she has way too much trouble with evil. She remembers some of those things that have brought her to this point. She doesnít want to get involved in this life again. Tabitha tells her that this isnít a game. If she wants to develop her powers, she will have to renounce goodness and turn to the dark side. Tabitha promises that she will be with the girl every step of the way.

Eve tells TC that the sister is married to a wonderful man. Julian thinks that if the sister is as beautiful as Eve, he can understand why the man fell for her. The sister always blamed the man for her problems but maybe she was wrong. TC thinks that she is wrong to think that the man that did this to the sister isnít someone that has any good in him, and a person like that isnít welcomed in his home anytime.

Mildred says that she will go to the store for Beth. Beth has come up with an idea to get the woman out of the house so that she can finish her business with her mother. Beth wants Mildred to leave saying that she wants to be alone with her mother as it is obvious that the woman might not have much time left and Beth would like to savour what time is left with her mother. You never knowÖthere might not be as much time left as Mrs. Wallace thinks. Mildred leaves to go to the store, and Beth turns to her mother in a scary, menacing manner. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she will be good and tries to talk her way out of being killed by her daughter. Beth hates that Mrs. Wallace stands in her way constantly when it comes to being with Luis. All she has to do is keep out of her business and Beth would be with the man easily, but every time that Beth gets close to being with Luis, her mother screws it up for her. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she isnít the one that is standing in her daughterís way. It is really Sheridan. She is the one that is standing in Bethís way and Mrs. Wallace thinks that Beth should be angry with her. Beth stops to think about that for a moment as she gets the syringe ready again to use on her mother. The old bag has a point there.

Beth isnít going to be dissuaded. She knows that Sheridan has told Luis to go on with his life. Maybe she meant it but Mrs. Wallace is sure that after a few weeks, Sheridan will be changing her tune. She will give Luis the look and he will run back to her. Mrs. Wallace is sure of it. Beth knows that her mother is that way with men but Sheridan isnít like that. She isnít a slut. She is a woman of her word. Mrs. Wallace isnít buying that. Mrs. Wallace knows how a womanís mind works. Sheridan will not be able to be without a man for long. Sheridan has been going back and forth and back and forth. Mrs. Wallace is sure that Sheridan will come back to Luis. Killing her mother is not going to help Beth.

Eve tells TC that the sister tried to rebuild her life and she loves her husband and wouldnít like to lose him because of her past. She didnítí tell the husband after all those years. Eve has to wonder if a man could love a woman like Lizís sister and understand that she had to survive. TC has to think about that for a moment.

Kay is torn. She would like to learn the tricks of the trade and learn to harness her powers. She will struggle for years and never learn anything without Tabitha. Kay thinks that Miguel is going to see right through her but Tabitha knows that she is a master at fooling people. Miguel will be around to see Kay as she is having his baby. Tabitha warns her that she has to listen if she wants to get her life in order. Tabitha gets special news from the basement Ömessages are coming to her in her mind. Kay wants to know what is going on. Tabitha tells her that something is going on over at Kayís house. Kay would like to get over there but Tabitha goes over to the bowl and sees that there is smoke coming out of it. She tells Kay to take a look in the bowl now. They see the living room at Graceís house and Ivy is there but she is dead.

Ivy only wanted to stay with Sam and get away from Theresa. She only wanted to take a little tumble down the stairs. She didnít want to kill herself. Ivy sees that Sam is trying to save her. Grace is upset that her husband is trying so hard to save Ivy of all people. She sees that Fox is even upset. Maybe there is hope for the both of them after all. Ivy knows that if she died, it would serve Theresa well. Maybe she will get the death chamber for this. Ivy sees that Sam is working on her lifeless body. She sees that he is giving her mouth-to-mouth to revive her. She shouts out to himÖĒSAVE ME!Ē

Beth is listening to her mother now. She knows that Sheridan will always be a threat. Sheridan seems to be the main problem that Beth has to face. Beth looks down at the syringe in her hand. She hears that a car is coming and she sees that Sheridan is about to come to the door and she is all alone. Beth takes the syringe and hides it under the pillow on the couch. Mrs. Wallace sees that her daughter is up to no good again and she starts praying to God. She didnít mean for Beth to decide to kill Sheridan instead of her.

Eve asks TC again if he would be able to forgive a woman that he loved if she had made the same mistakes that the sister had made. Would he be able to break up his family over something that happened in the past?

Kay finds the visions in the bowl to be too bizarre. Tabitha thinks that is no a big deal. Tabitha looks into the bowl again and she sees Sam holding Ivy in his arms and calling to her not to die. It is clear that Ivy is dead. Kay thinks that means that her parents will be getting back together now. Tabitha tells her that Grace really has genuine feelings for David and that might prove to be an obstacle in Grace getting her marriage back.

Sam and Ethan stops working on Ivy. Ethan leaves the body but Sam picks Ivy up and cradles her in his arms telling her that she canít leave him as she has been his first love. Ivyís ghost hears him and sees him over her body. She wants to come back. She prays to be sent back to life but nothing happens. She gets angry with God and thinks that now she should just expect the bright light so that she can walk towards it. She wants to see the bright tunnel so that she can walk through it. If she canít have Sam and her son, she will go now. What is God waiting for? She looks over to the fireplace and sees smoke coming out of it. Black smoke comes out of the fireplace and lightening surrounds her. The black smokes turns into a black tunnel that moves ever closer to her and she sees that the is the way that she is going to go out. She starts crying out but there is nothing that she can do. She canít move as the lightening has her trapped. She cries out and watches as the black, smoky hole comes ever nearer to herÖnearer...nearer, as she screams out in horror.