Passions Update Monday 2/17/03

Passions Update Monday
2/17/03--Canada; 2/18/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Tabitha is upset about the spirits in the basement. They sent her Kay to work with and Tabitha would have preferred to have someone with more experience. Kay enters the kitchen dressed in black as a witch with pointy hat and magic wand. Tabitha tells her that witches donít look that way anymore. Kay would like to know how to use her powers and she wants to know right now.

Eve is trying to tell her husband who the woman is that Liz has been talking about. TC finds it hard to believe that Eve could know a woman as horrible as Lizís sister. David and Liz watch as Eve broaches the subject of her past.

Mrs. Wallace is listening to Luis and Beth talk to Mildred the nurse. Mildred is asking Beth in front of Luis if it is true that she has been trying to kill her mother.

Theresa has Ivy at the top of the stairs in the Bennettís house and she has Ivy hanging over the top step in her wheelchair and the brake is on and that is the only thing keeping her from falling to the bottom of the stairs. Down below, Sam and Grace and others are there waiting for Ivy to get ready to leave the Bennett house. Ivy knows that the brakes are on and she moves her hand to them as she gets Theresa to repeat that she is going to get rid of Ivy once and for all. That is when Ivy releases the brake on the chair and sends herself flying backwards down the stairs as the others below look on.

Eve tells TC about Lizís sister. Their parents were very strict and the sister was driven out of the house. The sister didnít take Liz with her when she left the house as she didnít want to get her sister in trouble. The sister was going to send for Liz and then they would be together. The sister never stopped loving Liz. She loved Liz the same as when they were kids together.

Luis is shocked that Mildred is telling he and Beth that Mrs. Wallace is afraid that Beth is going to kill her. Mrs. Wallace also told Mildred that Beth is trying to pull Luis from a woman that really loves her. Mrs. Wallace said that Beth is trying to get Luis to marry her instead of Sheridan.

Ethan and Sam go over to Ivy and find that she is not moving now. Theresa comes down the stairs asking if Ivy is breathing. They canít move her as that would be very dangerous. Gwen goes to get a blanket to cover. The have to call emergency. Ivy barely has a pulse.

Theresa is shaken by this. Fox knew that Theresa hated Ivy but he finds that she has gone way over the line this time. Fox is shocked at Theresa over this. Theresa looks up at Fox in horror as she realizes that he believes that Theresa has pushed Ivy down the stairs.

Kay wants her evil powers but she canít learn to use them that easily. She will have to earn her powers over time. Kay is going to make a lot of things happen over time. She has to learn patience. They are not sure how much power Kay has. As a Standish female, she has earned some powers but they will have to see how much. Kay canít wait to get back at her mother with her powers. Tabitha herself has been working on her powers for over 300 years. She is very old but she doesnít look her age. Tabitha knows all about Sam and Ivy and she had everything to do with them getting together. Tabitha has a lot to do with all the problems in the town. She has been causing all the troubles that all the people that Kay knows have suffered from.

Ethan is calling emergency and he learns that they may have to wait a half an hour for help.

Fox thinks that Theresa has ice in her veins to push Ivy down the stairs. They all heard Theresa and Ivy arguing at the top of the stairs. Theresa said that she was going to get rid of Ivy once and for all. Theresa needs him to believe her. She wouldnít hurt Ivy physically. Theresa explains that she set the brake lock on the wheelchair so that Ivy wouldnít fall down. Fox heads over to the chair to see that the brake wasnít set on the wheelchair. Ethan and Gwen too see that the wheels turn freely on the chair, making Theresa look like a liar.

Eve explains about Lizís sister and how she had met a man that changed her life. TC listens as she relates the story to him, trying to make him understand some things before she actually tells him the truth about who Lizís sister really is. Julian has walked into the Book Cafť and TC tells him that they are having a private conversation. Julian wasnít butting in but he has to wonder if Eve is telling TC about them and their past. Everyone over at the table seem to be so intense at the moment and Julianís hair is standing up on the back of his neck. The past was very heavy and exciting for the sister and the mysterious man back then. Eve holds off on telling TC just who that man really was. Julian is in the Book Cafť now and there is a good chance that he may get killed if TC learns about him right now. He was the one that introduced the sister to drinking and drugs and sex. Liz has to wonder if her sister loved the man or if she was just screwing around. Eve confirms that the sister loved the man that she met long ago and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with the man but that wasnít to be. TC has to wonder why Eve knows so much about the sister of Liz. It has already dawned on him that the woman is someone that Eve knows and he would like to know who that person is. He has it figured out he thinks. He thinks that he knows why Eve is so upset about this.

Kay thinks that she should be able to get her powers right away like Bewitched. Tabitha loves that show and she has even met Dr. Bombay. Kay is thrilled to hear that. Kay wants to know about Timmy. Kay feels that he was a doll that was created and came to life. Tabitha admits that is true. Tabitha thinks that his problem was that he wanted to be human and be loved. Tabitha canít talk about him. Kay wants to know how to wiggle her nose and make magic. Tabitha tells her that she has trouble with that trick. It has been a long time since she did magic by wiggling her nose. Kay thinks that Tabitha is being a quitter. Tabitha tries to make a little magic with her nose and she wiggles it. A milk shake appears over Kayís head and Kay is ecstatic to see it hovering over her head. ďIt works! It works!Ē Suddenly the milk shake pours over Kayís head. She shrieks at that and Tabitha just smiles.

Luis tries to deal with what he has just heard about Beth being conniving and evil. He is finding it hard to believe. Mrs. Wallace comes out of the back room saying that what she has been saying is true. Beth is evil.

Ethan is only worried about his mother and doesnít want to talk to Theresa about her being innocent over this incident. Theresa wouldnít push the woman, she wouldnít do something like that.

Fox tells Theresa privately that she looks guilty as hell. Theresa tells him that Ivy was gloating at the top of the stairs at her over Gwen finally getting to be with Ethan. Ethan comes over hearing what Theresa has just said. He canít believe that Theresa has caused this over her wanting to be with him. He is angered now.

Julian has to wonder what it is that Eve is confessing about to TC.

Eve has more to tell TC about Lizís sister. The sister was so blinded by the man that she met that she lost her bearings. He meant a lot to her back then and everything that he told her to do, she did. She was hooked. She drank and became dependant on the drugs that he was giving her day in and day out.. She realized that he was not going to marry her and that pushed her over the edge. That was the end for her. She was terrified and she had nowhere to turn after that. She could have gone to Liz but she was too addicted and ashamed of her life to face her family. She resolved that if she were going to survive, she had to be alone to beat her addictions. She was pulling herself together a day at a time and she got her life back on track but she never forgot her sister and she never stopped loving her, not for one day. She has to live everyday now with the guilt of what she has done. The guy was gone by then. He left for good. Julian is watching as Eve talks to her husband. TC canít believe that a man would do a thing like that to a woman and then just leave her.

TC would take the man out himself if he knew who that was that treated Lizís sister the way that she had been treated. Some kids from TCís school where he works come by with a problem that they have been having. TC goes off to talk to them and David leaves the area for a moment.

Liz canít believe that Eve is going to tell her husband the truth about her life. She finds this all to be pretty risky. Eve is tired of lying and she needs for the truth to come out. Let the chips fall where they may.

Kay cleans herself up after having the milkshake all over her head. Kay warns her again that she could easily go out and tell everyone about Tabitha being a witch. Tabitha tells Kay to stop with the threats. They have to have a truce. Tabitha will not play anymore tricks on Kay if she promises not to tell the truth. They shake on that deal but Tabitha has her fingers crossed behind her back as she makes the promise.

Theresa explains to Ethan that she was trying to prove Ivy was faking that she wanted to leave the house. She thought that by offering Ivy a chance to come back to the house, she would not want to come back and that would prove that Ivy was conniving to get Sam. Ivy wanted to stay in the house and Theresa knows that Grace knows that she is telling the truth. Ethan sees that Theresa is a cold calculating manipulator and she hasnít changed a bit. Ethan orders her to stay away from him. Gwen is loving every minute of this.

Mrs. Wallace explains to Luis that Beth will try anything to be with him, even kill her mother. Mrs. Wallace tried to explain that to him before but she couldnít get it out. This is a matter of life and death. Mildred offers to give Mrs. Wallace something to calm her down but Mrs. Wallace will not have it. She cries out that Beth has been working overtime to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. Mildred finds that Mrs. Wallace is hyperventilating and she stops the talking to make Mrs. Wallace breathe deeply. Mildred finds this to be very strange and she is going to have to report this as soon as possible.

Tabitha gives Kay the facts about being a witch. She warns her about the bowl. She should never try to read the inscription on the inside of the bowl!

Julian is still in the Book Cafť watching the others to see what has been going on.

Liz tells David that Eve isnít going to tell TC the truth. David thinks differently. Eve will put Liz at a disadvantage. Liz isnít worried but she should be. David knows that Liz has been going after TC and that means that she would have been willing to break up a family and if that happens, she will have no one to blame for what she has done but herself.

Eve tells Julian in the Book Cafť that she is being blackmailed and it isnít by Ivy, it is by Liz her sister. She has decided to tell her husband the whole truth in order to avoid having Liz tell TC for her. That would be much worse for her to deal with. Julian had no idea that Liz was Eveís sister. Eve is going to tell TC what has gone on in her past. Eve canít let Liz use this secret against her anymore. Julian finds that Eve is being hasty. Eve wants Julian to leave the table before TC returns. Julian finds that to be a good idea. He gets up but then decides that he shouldnít let Eve be abandoned this time. He left Eve once but he will not do that again. He thinks that he may be able to take a bit of the heat for Eve.

Mildred has a professional duty to report what Mrs. Wallace has told her. Mrs. Wallace knows that Bethís gig is over. Mildred feels that Mrs. Wallace is under a terrible strain and that the womanís perception of reality has been distorted. How could she think that her own daughter is trying to kill her? Mrs. Wallace is horrified to see that she isnít believed. Mildred thinks that the woman is delusional and paranoid. Mildred is sure that Beth is trying to help her mother and not kill her. Mildred knows that the woman must be afraid of being left alone if she marries Luis. That makes sense to Luis. Mrs. Wallace calls her daughter a cold-hearted bitch. She shouts that Beth tried to kill her. Luis tries to calm Mrs. Wallace down. Luis tells Mrs. Wallace that Beth will not abandon her mother. Luis is sure that Beth will stay with her. Luis finds that Beth is a wonderful daughter. Mrs. Wallace shouts that Beth hates her. Beth fakes that she is hurt by what her mother is saying. Mildred says that Mrs. Wallaceís condition will pass in time. Mrs. Wallace is crying out now. She shouts out that she is telling the truth and she would like Mildred to believe her. Mildred leaves to get something to help Mrs. Wallace but Mrs. Wallace wants her to stay. The woman is gone now and Beth seems to have won this round.

The paramedics come and find that Ivy has no pulse. They start working on her as all watch on. They will have to work quickly on her to get her pulse going again. She has been lying much too long on the floor after having fallen down the stairs. The question as to whether Theresa really pushed her down the stairs in her wheelchair or not still lingers in the minds of everyone but Theresa who knows that truth about Ivyís fall.

Eve appreciates that Julian is going to stay with her as she tells TC the truth but she promises that she will not tell him that Julian was involved. Julian is being so noble and that is so unlike him. Julian remembers a time when they used to be in love. TC is coming and Eve thinks that Julian should leave. He tells her that he will be there for her if she needs him and he leaves the table. TC comes to the table saying that he has dealt with the problem with the teens from his school. TC wants to know now how Eve knows so much about Lizís sister. Who is she? Eve tells him that Lizís sister is right there.

David is glad that Eve has managed to get this far with the truth.

Liz canít believe that Eve has found the courage to actually tell TC the truth.

Kay is alone with the magic bowl in the kitchen. She thinks that she can take a little peek at the inscription in the bowl and nothing will happen to her. She starts reading and leans over the bowl. As she reads the inscription, gnarled, clawed hands reach out from the bowl and grab her by the neck, pulling her head into the bowl. Kay shouts out for help and tries to remove the hands from her neck but she is unable to free herself.

Luis leaves Beth and Mrs. Wallace alone at their house. After Beth closes the door behind him, Beth turns on her mother. ďI told you what would happen if you spoke outÖĒ Mrs. Wallace is crying out for mercy. Beth gets the syringe and pulls some of the mediation into it. She squirts some of the medicine out to make sure that the syringe is working. Mrs. Wallace cries out in horror. ďPlease donít hurt meÖĒ Beth moves closer to her mother with the syringe.

They are working on Ivy now. The paramedics have the paddles out and they are zapping Ivy with them to jerk her into life again. She seems not to be breathing. Ivyís body jerks as the paddles are appliedÖtimeÖ.after timeÖ.after Ötime. Theresa looks over at the woman in horror, wanting her to get up, but nothing happens.

Ethan turns to Theresa telling her that if anything happens to his mother, he will do everything that he can in his power to make Theresa pay for this.