Passions Update Friday 2/14/03

Passions Update Friday
 2/14/03--Canada; 2/17/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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TC and Liz are together and he is sure that Eve wouldn’t take off from work and have a fling with a lover. Liz saw Eve through the windows of the Book Café and she accepts gladly when TC suggests that they go in for a cup of coffee. They walk in and TC sees his wife sitting with David at a table when she told her husband only minutes earlier that she was too busy to get away. Liz suggests that they go somewhere else but TC knows that she is only saying that as he has found his wife where she shouldn’t be.

Theresa has asked Ivy to return to the mansion so that they can make a happy family.

Gwen can see through this and she tells Fox that this may be a ploy to bet Ethan back.

Grace is happy that Ivy gets to go home just like she said she wanted to. Theresa agrees that there is no reason for her to stay at the Bennetts anymore.

Sheridan is crying over Antonio’s body. Luis is gone now and Sheridan is there and by Antonio’s side. She will honour her vows…till death do us part. She touches his chest and he blinks his eyes but that is all.

Mrs. Wallace asks Beth why she does the things that she does as she is only disappointing herself. She will be alone as Mrs. Wallace always predicted. There is a knock at the door and Beth runs to find Luis standing before her. Luis tells her that there is something that he would like to talk to her about. It is something that is very important.

Luis comes in and sees that Beth is busy with her mother but Beth assures him that she was going to take her mother in the other room. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis that she has to tell him something but Beth tells him that her mother only wants to talk about her medication and all the pills that she has to take. Beth tells him with Mrs. Wallace watching that it would be horrible if something happened and Mrs. Wallace got the wrong pill. Luis knows that wouldn’t ever happen. He turns to Mrs. Wallace but she hasn’t anything to say now as she knows that Beth will hurt her if she says anything about the way that Beth is leading him on. Beth decides to take her mother to her room and she will be back before Luis knows it.

Beth takes her mother to the other room. Mrs. Wallace can’t let Beth take Luis away from Sheridan, but she has no choice as Beth will put her 6 feet under if she says anything.

Ivy appreciates Theresa’s offer but can’t believe that Theresa really wants her in the house. Theresa knows that is hard to believe but she means what she says. Theresa only asks that Ivy not bad-mouth her family or her heritage. She will have access to everything that she had access to before.

Fox knows that his mother has met her match.

Sam thinks that this is great for Ivy. Ivy says that she refuses to accept Theresa’s offer. She will not go back to the mansion.

David is holding Eve’s hand and telling her that the truth is going to come out so she has to tell her husband the truth.

TC is with Liz in the Book Café and he has seen all that he needs to see. Liz says that she thought that Eve was at the hospital working. Liz is sure that Eve has a reason for being with David. TC goes over to see what that reason is. David and Eve are still holding hands when TC comes up to the table and hears Eve saying that she can’t bring herself to let TC know… TC comes up to the table asking, “…Let me know what Eve?” Eve turns to find her very angry husband standing over her and glaring down at she and David.

TC demands to know what is going on. She was supposed to be at the hospital waiting on Antonio’s test results. Eve was doing that but there wasn’t any change. Eve called him on his cell phone but he didn’t answer. He looks at it and sees that it had been turned off. TC demands to know what is going on. She was too busy to spend time with him and now she is with another man holding his hand. Eve will not tell him what is going on as it is personal. TC turns to Liz for an opinion. Liz thinks that this is a little strange. TC would like to talk to Eve privately and they move to another part of the Book Café and take a seat.

TC demands the truth from her. He really needs to hear it.

Pilar comes to see Sheridan and learns that Antonio is still the same. Pilar doesn't care what the doctors think. She knows that her son will be better and they just have to be strong. Sheridan tells Pilar that she let Luis go. She wants him to be happy and get married with children. Luis really wants that and he can’t have that with Sheridan, not now. Sheridan has destroyed Antonio’s life and she doesn't want to destroy Luis’s life. He is free to be with Beth now. Pilar hugs the young woman.

Luis is alone with Beth now. He tells her that Antonio is still the same and the doctors don’t see that changing. Antonio may stay like that for years.

Mrs. Wallace is listening at the door and she knows that things are not going right if Antonio is still in a coma.

Luis tells Beth that Sheridan is determined to honour her vows and that means that Luis and Sheridan can’t be together.

Mrs. Wallace is devastated by the news that she hears.

Sheridan would like Luis to move on and start a new life.

Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth was the one that caused Sheridan to change her mind about being with Luis.

Beth says that she admires Sheridan’s selflessness and sacrifice. Luis finds that Beth is amazing as she is never jealous and angry. She is always supportive no matter what. Beth says that she understands and she only wants what is best for Luis.

Mrs. Wallace wants to barf at hearing her daughter go on this way. Mrs. Wallace is determined to stop Beth from getting away with this. Somehow, somehow, she will stop that girl.

Eve tells TC that what he saw wasn’t what he thinks. She has been under a lot of pressure. TC thinks that she should be able to tell him whatever she was talking about with David.

David sees that Liz has been very happy to see Eve unhappy. David tells her that she can cut the act as he knows what she is all about.

Ivy doesn’t want to go back to the house after the way that Theresa has treated her. Ethan can’t understand why Ivy is refusing Theresa’s generous offer.

Theresa was right on the money. Fox sees that Ivy doesn’t really want to go back home. That is going to show Ethan that his mother is a troublemaker. However, if Ivy takes Theresa up on her offer, Ethan will see nothing. Theresa is sure that Ivy will not come back to the mansion and leave her little love nest.

Beth takes Luis to the couch so that they can talk. She has been eavesdropping for hours and she knows that he is probably going to tell her that they should be together and she wants to hear it. They were going to discuss their future once. Beth knows that it isn’t too late for them now. Beth knows that he loves Sheridan and he wants to be with her but he can’t. Luis hates that he has been going back and forth with Beth. She is the most caring and selfless woman that he knows.

Mrs. Wallace hears them talking and knows that Luis has to be deluded to think that Beth is selfless. Luis is being manipulated and he has to know that. Mrs. Wallace doesn’t care what Beth does to her, she has to tell Luis how evil Beth is. She will do it.

Grace knows that she was right all along. Sam is starting to think that Grace was right about Ivy as she will not go to the mansion now that she has been invited back.

Ivy says that she is afraid that she will be thrown out of the mansion again. Ethan thinks that his mother is staying because of some reason that they don’t know about. She denies that she is doing that. Nothing is stopping her. She agrees to go back to the mansion. Grace loves this. Sam offers to take Ethan upstairs to get Ivy’s things. Grace will make some coffee and wait for Ivy to move out.

Sam picks up Ivy and heads up the stairs as Ethan carries her wheelchair up to her room.

Fox knows that Theresa’s plan has backfired. Theresa is mad as hell. “Damn you Ivy! Damn you!”

Ethan and Sam have placed Ivy in her wheelchair in her room and she sets about packing her things. “Damn you Theresa! Damn you…”

Theresa waits for Ethan and Sam to return downstairs and she goes to the bottom of the stairs glaring up where Ivy is.

Liz can see that David and Eve are close after all. They must share a certain sense of intimacy. David promotes that he and Ivy are nothing more than friends. Liz doubts that. Eve has been keeping secrets for years about her past, so why would she tell David a secret? Are they lovers? David is in love with Grace. If that is the case, then there must be something else. Liz can tell that David must have a secret. Whose secret is it? His or Eve’s? David has to wonder how someone so beautiful is so nasty? Liz is after every secret that Eve has and if David knows something, that is just gravy!

Eve tells her husband that she is under pressure and can’t really talk to him right now about her problem. TC tells her that she is under pressure. TC tells her that he is there for her. He will help her work through anything that she has to face. What could be such a terrible secret that she can’t share it with her own husband?

Mrs. Wallace will tell Luis the truth about Beth and she will be the one to save that boy from a fate worse than beth!

Beth and Luis are still talking when a knock comes at the door. It is Mildred. Mrs. Wallace has made her way out of the room and she sees the woman at the door. Mrs. Wallace says that she is there to get water. The woman will get the water for Mrs. Wallace. Beth shows Mildred the way to the back room and she pushes Mrs. Wallace back there. Beth turns to Luis who wants to talk about the future.

Mildred has Mrs. Wallace back in the room away from Luis and Beth, and she sets about going to get Mrs. Wallace some water. “SCREW THAT!…My daughter is out to kill me!” Mrs. Wallace shouts at her. Mildred turns to the old haggard woman in horror at what she has said.

Liz tells David that she is going to destroy eve as Eve has destroyed her life. David tells her that Eve is going to tell her husband the truth and then Liz will have no power over her anymore. Liz laughs at that. Eve isn’t going to let anyone know that she lied about her past. That is something that Liz is sure of. Eve will never cone clean.

Eve is unable to tell TC what he wants to know. She loves him and he knows that. He loves her and he is there for her no matter what. She knows that he feels that way now but will he later? He asks her to believe in their love. She believes in that. He wants her to trust him and tell him what has her so upset. Eve is ready to tell all. David and Liz listen in as Eve gets the gumption to tell her husband everything.

Theresa comes up to Ivy who knows that Theresa did this to get Ivy to look bad. Theresa didn’t think that Ivy would have accepted the offer to return to the mansion. Theresa knows that Ivy wants to stay at the Bennetts and cause trouble and Ivy admits it. Ivy thinks that she looks good now thanks to Theresa. Theresa knows now that she is a bitch on wheels and Ivy accepts that title. Theresa grabs Ivy’s wheelchair and pushes it near the edge of the stairs and puts the brake on. Theresa would like to have a little talk with the woman and they are not leaving until they have that little talk.

Beth knows that Luis needs time to think things through but she will be there if he wants her. He doesn’t’ want to be a burden but she wants him to come to her as she knows that she can make him happy. He is still in love with Sheridan but that doesn’t bother her. Once they are married and he is committed to her, he will never be unfaithful. She can make him forget about Sheridan. She can give him a family and a wonderful life if only he will let her.

Mildred can’t believe what she is hearing. Mrs. Wallace says that Beth tried to kill her and here she is at home and she feels like she is a sitting duck. Beth is evil. Mrs. Wallace tells Mildred that Luis has been seduced from the woman that he loves. Beth has been manipulating Luis and Sheridan so that she will be the one that marries Luis. Mrs. Wallace knows it and that is why Beth wants her dead. Mrs. Wallace is getting upset but she doesn’t care. Mrs. Wallace asks Mildred to go out there to make Beth stop her plan. Mildred tells her to calm down. Mrs. Wallace wants a promise that her evil daughter will be stopped. Mildred says that she will tell Luis everything. Mildred heads to the door and goes out. Mrs. Wallace thinks that she has finally done it. The jig is up. “Thank you sweet angels and saints! Thank to you!”

Eve is ready to tell the truth and she wants David and Liz to be there. Eve tells Tc that she knows who Liz’s sister is. The woman that did the terrible things to Liz. Eve is going to tell exactly who that woman is.

Liz can’t believe that Eve is really going to tell the truth.

Pilar thanks Sheridan for standing by Antonio and letting Luis go to have a life of his own. She is selfless and Pilar will never forget her. Not many women would make the sacrifices that Sheridan has. They would only be out for themselves.

Beth promises Luis that she will make him happy. She can make things happen for him if he lets her. Mildred comes out to talk to Beth telling her that Mrs. Wallace has said some things…some very disturbing things and Mildred would like to talk to Beth now.

Mrs. Wallace is listening and she knows that soon, Luis is going to know what an evil girl Beth really is.

Theresa has Ivy at the top of the stairs hanging over the edge. Ivy tells Theresa that she is stuck with her at the mansion and that she will never get Ethan back. Theresa is going to work on getting Ivy out of the mansion again.

Sam and the others hear the yelling at the top of the stairs.

Ivy starts shouting. “Theresa! Don’t do it!” Theresa has no idea what she is shouting about. Theresa shouts out, “I am going to get rid of you for good this time!”

Sam and the others are in the living room now and they hear clearly that Theresa and Ivy are arguing. Ivy knows that someone must hear Theresa shouting at her. Ivy asks Theresa what she has just said. Theresa repeats herself, “I am going to get rid of you this time!” Theresa is really riled up this time and she puts her hands on both sides of the wheelchair to make her point clear. Ivy has put her hand on the side of her wheelchair where the brake is on. She knows that Theresa is putting herself in a pickle by acting this way and then…voila! Ivy lets go of the brake on the wheelchair and the chair goes tumbling backwards down the stairs.

Sam and the others are at the bottom of the stairs and they see when Ivy comes tumbling down the stairs. The wheelchair goes flying one way and Ivy goes flying the other.