Passions Update Thursday 2/13/03

Passions Update Thursday 2/13/03--Canada; 2/14/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Ethan and Gwen look at sonograms of their baby and they can’t believe that they are going to be parents.

Theresa watches them with Fox and Theresa can’t help think about the family that she was going to have with Ethan. Ethan and Gwen look happy together but Theresa is sure that it won’t be for long. She knows that you catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar. She has a plan. Theresa is going to make sure that Ethan sees his mother’s true colours. He will start believing in her again and Ivy will go down in flames.

Ivy is begging Sam not to put her in a facility where she will die. Grace and David come into the room. Grace brings the plans and information on the facility that Ivy is going to.

David is sure that Ivy is going to be happy in her new home. Ivy feels that he is mocking her.

Eve is going to the hospital and TC wants her to stay home. She can’t as Antonio is a special case. She was the one that gave Antonio the drug and she wants to monitor that. TC gets angry at her telling her to and take care of everyone else and forget about her family.

Liz talks to Antonio’s still body…”I know that there is nothing that I could have said that would have stopped you from driving that car…you loved Sheridan so much that you risked your own life. Sheridan is there for you and she will stay by your side…Liz certainly hopes that she will…”

Luis and Sheridan are talking and Sheridan tells Luis that she wants him to leave her alone. Luis pleads with her. She is married to his brother and she has no room in her life for him anymore. She begs him to go on with his life and let go. What is Luis to do? She tells him to run away and find happiness with someone else. Sheridan tells him that he has Beth and he needs to ask her to marry him.

Beth is listening outside the door.

Luis says that he isn’t in love with Beth and that he isn’t going to marry her.

Beth is upset and she runs off without anyone having known that she was there.

Sheridan knows that Luis was going to marry Beth once but Luis knows that was a mistake. Sheridan tells Luis again that she is married to his brother and she will not break her wedding vows. She will not love him anymore and she might as well be dead to him. She wants him to make a life for himself somewhere else.

Beth returns and hears the conversation.

Theresa goes to Ethan and Gwen and tells them that she needs them both to come with her to the Bennetts to see Ivy. She wants them to go there as she would like to solve Ethan’s problems and Ivy’s. Gwen is fine with going with Theresa. Gwen will go and see Sheridan first and they will meet Theresa at the Bennetts later. Ethan warns Theresa that she better not be trying to cause trouble.

Sam sees that there will be a physical therapist at the place where Ivy is going and there are nurses on call. Ivy is unhappy with the neighbourhood and the crime there. Grace used to live there with Sam before. Sam knows that he neighbourhood is not upscale but it is still okay. Ivy can’t live there and she can’t stomach the idea. Spring is coming and Ivy thinks that she would like to be able to plant a garden and the only open space around Harmony Woods is an open lot. Grace knows that this is the only solution to the problem. Ivy will not go. Grace tells her that she is on her own then. Ivy will be moving out anyway. She is moving out of the house that day.

Sheridan will never have children but she doesn’t want Luis to be noble and never be with anyone. This has nothing to do with him being noble he thinks. She would like him to get married and have children with someone else. Ethan and Gwen are behind Luis and Sheridan and they hear the conversation.

Beth continues to listen.

Seeing Antonio the way that he is, makes Liz think about the way things used to be. She smiles at him. He would be happy and married now and full of life. Liz knows that it was her fault that they never got together, but that was all because of her sister Eve. Liz is not going to be afraid to speak up and tell TC about his wife. She will tell him every single detail of Eve’s life and she will make sure that he gets rid of her.

TC is angry that Eve is always making excuses for being with him. A husband can only take so much. She is a doctor and there are always emergencies. He never complained before. They never spend time together and there are always patients that need her.

Liz is listening from outside the door. Liz didn’t think that things would be moving along so well. Liz knows that all she has to do now is step in and make things really happen by telling all that she knows from her point of view. That will really shake things up.

TC is angry and he leaves Eve where she is. When he leaves he bumps into Liz and she learns that he is getting out of there. Liz hopes that she hasn’t upset him with the sleepwalking. He remembers that night of kissing Liz all night. She offers to go for a walk with him and talk about what is bothering him. He would love to go with her. They walk off.

Eve gets the lab reports on Antonio. There is not much more to report. Eve leafs through the report and once alone in her office, she runs off to get her husband but he is nowhere in sight.

Ivy tells David, Sam and Grace that she is broke. Julian has frozen all of the Crane assets and she has no cash. Ivy came from a wealthy family but they don’t have money now as that was given to her siblings. She tried to call her friends and they have all turned their backs on her. Sam heard her on the phone. Grace knows that she could fetch a pretty penny for her jewellery. The pawnshops would only give her a fraction of what the jewellery is worth and some of them are heirlooms and she doesn’t want to part with them. David knows that Ivy is working it good and will not leave the house under any conditions.

Ethan and Gwen tell Luis and Sheridan that they have to go and that they should call if there is anything that they need. Gwen would like to talk to Sheridan and Luis and Ethan leave. Gwen asks Sheridan is she really wants Luis to move on. Sheridan feels that she has no choice. When you love someone that much, you really want them to be happy. There is no other way. Luis as to move on.

Beth is listening to Luis and Ethan now.

Luis asks Ethan for his help. Sheridan has just told Luis that he has to move on with his life and Luis can’t do that. What can he do to make Sheridan change her mind? Ethan knows Sheridan and when she says something, she means it. If she says that Luis is hurting her by hanging on, then he needs to leave her and move on with his life.

Beth loves that piece of advice. “Yes!”

Ethan wants Luis to think of the position that Sheridan is in. She loves Luis but is married to his brother. Things will be better if Luis just moves on. Sheridan and Gwen come over and Gwen announces that they are going to go, but they will be nearby if Luis and Sheridan need them. They leave and Sheridan looks at Luis…

Mrs. Wallace is being pushed around in her wheelchair and the nurse brings her to Luis.

Beth is listening and can’t believe that her mother is with Luis. She bursts into the room and runs to her mother. She hugs her in such a manner that the woman can’t speak. Mrs. Wallace needs a lot of therapy and a lot of TLC. Mrs. Wallace will be going home now. Luis is happy to hear that. Beth offers to take her mother home right away and she goes running off with the woman in the wheelchair into the hall.

Sam wishes that they could resolve this but Ivy will not leave. Grace is sure that Ivy wants to take over her life. Ivy would like to go back to her own house. Grace can’t make that happen. Ivy has to stay there for other reasons. There are legalities. If she gives up her place at the mansion, that could hurt her in the divorce. Fox and Theresa come into the house with a stair lifter. Ivy explains that she had someone drop that off for her to be able to get up and down the stairs. Ivy sees Theresa and hopes that the woman isn’t there to harass her.

David calls Eve at the office and he really needs to talk to her. He tells her that he is calling because of Ivy and he can’t take this anymore. David would like to talk to her about what has been going on. She would love to talk to him and they agree to meet at the book café. Eve will just call TC and tell him what she is up to.

TC and Liz are out together for a walk. He knows that he is impatient with Eve’s work schedule, but he isn’t thinking of getting a divorce from her. They always know what the other is doing.

Eve is calling TC but no one answers the phone. Eve has no idea where the man is.

Beth roughly brings her mother into the house and puts her in the living room. The woman has had a stroke and 2 minor heart attacks. The old woman has a deformity on her face as she has suffered from the stroke and she talks funny. Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth has done something to make things happen as always.

Ethan and Gwen arrive at Grace’s house and they go into the living room to see the others. Ivy is upset as she has nowhere else to go. Ivy has to leave that house as Grace only expected her to stay for one night. Ethan confirms that Ivy would be in trouble if Ivy was able to find a permanent domicile. Her case with the divorce would be stronger if she was staying with friends. Grace isn’t going to put her life on the line for Ivy. Grace feels that Ivy would come between her life with Sam. Sam has to agree. He wouldn’t feel comfortable with Ivy in the house. Ivy says that she wouldn’t ever break them up.

At the Book Café Eve learns that Ivy has moved into Sam and Grace’s house. When will this end? David can’t imagine what it is like to be Eve. Things are getting worse. Ivy has been blaming Eve for everything if she can. David wonders if Eve has told TC the truth about her life. Eve was going to tell her husband but went she got home, Liz was in bed with her husband. It looked like they were doing it. TC won’t believe that Liz did that intentionally. Eve’s marriage is at risk, but if she tells him the truth, she will lose him. Eve has a terrible past and her husband is going to be ashamed by that. David would hate to see Eve get hurt over this. She should tell TC the truth over this.

TC and Liz are walking along outside and they are in the park. He and Eve don’t get to see the scenery very often as Eve is always so busy. He knew what he was getting into when he married Eve. It is nice that TC can share moments with TC and he has to agree. When he looks at her, he remembers kissing her and he shakes off the memory. TC knows that Eve is busy and at the hospital… Liz looks over TC’s shoulder and sees Eve in the Book Café with David having a private conversation and she smiles at what she sees.

Luis tells Sheridan that he will do as she asks and leave her alone. He walks away from her. He turns back to look at her but her back is turned from him. He leaves and she starts crying alone.

David touches Eve’s hand telling her that she has to tell TC the truth. No matter how anxious she gets, she has to be the one to tell TC the truth.

Liz sees that she has caught her sister in a trap. TC offers to buy her a cup of coffee. Liz says that he must be lucky to have a wife that he can trust as he trusts Eve. Some people don’t know for certain that their spouses are where they think that they are. TC knows that some spouses have their troubles but his wife is not like that.

TC and Liz enter the Book Café and TC says again that if his wife says that she is at the hospital, then that is where she is.

Theresa says that Ivy was way out of line with the things that she said, but she has decided that she was out of line too and she apologizes for that. Theresa would like to make it up to Ivy and have her move back into the Crane mansion. Theresa knows that if they try, they can be one happy big family. Grace is loving this and all wait around to see what it is that Ivy will do now?

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is going to be alone now that Luis and Sheridan are going to get back together. Luis comes to visit and Beth is happy to see him.

Antonio lies still as Sheridan talks to him. “I am here, right by your side. I will be with you from now on until death do us part…” She cries at the end of her statement.