Passions Update Wednesday 2/12/03

Passions Update Wednesday 2/12/03--Canada; 2/13/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Grace makes it clear to Ivy that she has to leave the house that very day. Does Sam really want to do this?

Ethan is sorry that Theresa is suffering over her family’s plight. Fox is watching them and he thinks that maybe Theresa is right that there is a chance for Theresa to get with Ethan after all. Theresa has to go to her family and Ethan volunteers to go with her. Fox will come as well.

Luis doesn’t want his ring back from Sheridan. He will not be free when he loves Sheridan. The girl that he marries will be the luckiest girl in the world. Luis is not going to give her up now. He loves her and he is going to stay with her. He will not leave her, not now and not ever.

Beth is happy that Sheridan is giving up Luis but it hurts her that Luis will not give Sheridan up that easily. She has been listening in on their conversation and she knows that she is very close to getting what she wants.

Luis is angry with Sheridan. Things are too hard for them. He will not give up on her. He isn’t going anywhere. HE will not move on. He loves her and he will be damned if he will walk away from her now. He is not asking her to be unfaithful to his brother but she doesn’t have to go through this alone. This is about Antonio and Sheridan is his wife. She needs to focus her attention on Antonio and she doesn’t want to argue with Luis over this. Luis can see that he is getting nowhere. He leaves to get some air. He is very angry.

Pilar talks to Antonio telling him that she is there for him for as long as he needs her. All are happy that he is alive. He has to hold on. She holds his hand as she speaks. Luis comes into the room and sees his mother with his brother. There has been no change. Antonio is the same. Pilar thinks that some miracles take longer than others. Pilar wants Luis to talk to Antonio but Luis will not do it as he is sure that Antonio can’t hear them. Pilar thinks that Antonio may be able to hear. She has been encouraging Antonio to hold on. If Antonio hears from his brother, he might get better. Pilar would like Luis to do that for her. Luis agrees to help. Pilar leaves them alone. Luis goes to his brother and sits with him. He starts talking, “…maybe mama is right…maybe you can see and hear everything…okay…Antonio, let’s talk like we never talked before…there are some things that you need to know…the trouble is that no one wanted to hurt you…” Antonio’s eyes flutter closed and then open…”…Antonio, Sheridan is your wife and you love her but the thing is that Luis loves Sheridan too…right now…love isn’t enough…Sheridan is in a real bad place…right now, you are the only one that can help her…”

Ivy asks Sam if he wants her out too. She has just been told by Grace that she is to leave the Bennett house and go somewhere else. Grace knew that the woman would try to stay as long as she could and so she got the newspaper and found Ivy a place to live. Ivy can move in there that day. Sam knows that it is best that she leave so that he can get his marriage back on track. Ivy doesn’t want to go and live by herself. She is an invalid and needs special attention. Grace has found her a place to live that she thinks Ivy will like. Grace describes the place and Ivy can tell that they are putting her in a nursing home of all places. Ivy pleads with Sam that he not send her to a nursing home. Could he really want to send the mother of his child off this way? “Don’t do this to me.

Grace tells Ivy that the place isn’t just for seniors, it is also for people that can’t do things for themselves. Grace has a brochure and she leaves to go and get it. Ivy looks up at Sam. She is begging him to save her from going to Harmony Woods. She will shrivel up and die there.

Beth comes to Sheridan and finds her crying. Beth knows why she is upset. She says that she has overheard Luis and Sheridan talking. The whole situation has been destroying them. Beth has the answer. She may be overstepping her bounds but Sheridan has to take care of Antonio and let Luis go to start a life for himself. Sheridan felt that she has done that but Beth thinks that she really didn’t.

Theresa arrives at the hospital with Ethan and Fox. Pilar confirms that Antonio’s condition hasn’t changed. He is only alive and nothing else. Ethan and Fox are sorry to hear this. All that they can do is pray that Antonio will get better. Theresa is not sure how much more of this she can take. Pilar tells her that all that they can do is pray. Luis is upset about this too. He is being strong for Antonio and the rest of them. He is talking to Antonio now.

Luis is telling Antonio about his love for Sheridan…His mother asked him to talk to the man and see if that would make a difference to him in his state and Luis has decided that it is time to tell Antonio the truth in case he is able to hear people talking to him. ”…it is true…we fell in love long before we met you…we were engaged to be married before you met Sheridan. Sheridan was lost at sea and that was when you found her and fell in love with her. There was a terrible accident and she was hurt and forgot what she had been through and who she really was in love with. Sheridan is the most incredible woman on earth and she shouldn’t be trapped to a bed because of something like this happening to her. You had your car crash and Dr. Russell thought that the shock of the news would kill you…The news of Luis and Sheridan being together would have been too much for Antonio to bear at the time. Sheridan is bound to you for the rest of your life because of the vows that you took with her. She is willing to stick by you. She is going to stick with you to the end, whenever that will be…the bottom line is that Sheridan is going to lose out on her life because of this and I know that you wouldn’t want that. I don’t want that either. The fact that we are both in love with the same woman, complicates things. I am not being selfish here …I am doing this for Sheridan and for Sheridan only. “ Luis is crying now. “I need your help here. I am begging you…here to make a full recovery…please just come back to us…come back to the people that love you…If you can’t, if you can’t find the will or the way, then for Sheridan’s sake, do what I would do if I were in your situation. Let go! Don’t prolong Sheridan’s agony or yours…Don’t fight to stay awake if that is hopeless. Please Antonio…I am begging you…okay? You can’t recover…if you can’t recover…let go…for Sheridan’s sake…and for yours…”

David comes to see Grace who is getting the information on Harmony Woods. Grace is having her move out. Grace is insisting. David isn’t surprised that Ivy is resisting the move. Sam would like for Ivy to move out peacefully without any drama. David knows that Ivy will only leave screaming and crying all the way.

Sam explains that Ivy isn’t being thrown out into the street like Theresa did to her. Grace doesn’t hate Ivy and neither does Sam but the past is hard for Grace to deal with. John and David don’t live under the same roof and that makes things easier. Having Ivy there is hard for Sam too. Sam feels bad as he went on and had a life when Ivy was pregnant. Sam wants a future with Grace and that can’t happen as long as Ivy is there.

Fox has to wonder about the love that Ethan and Theresa might share. Can he too love like that?

Gwen has come to the hospital and has brought some food for the family as they wait for word on Antonio.

Theresa never gets tired of seeing Gwen and Ethan there. Theresa knows that Ethan is there as he would like to be with her. Sooner or later, Ethan will realize that he belongs to Theresa and he will come back to her.

Luis is talking to his brother. “You get better, and you come back to us…If you can’t, then just let go…Not for my sake but for Sheridan’s sake. If you can’t love her, then let me.” Luis is crying now and hoping that his brother really can hear what he is saying to him. He is saving Sheridan from a life of nothing by trying to make Antonio see that he has to give her up and set her free, even if that means that Antonio should give up his fight for life.

Sheridan told Luis to go and find a new life but Beth knows that Sheridan has to leave Luis gut-punched so that he will go on. She overheard their conversation earlier and she thinks that Sheridan wasn’t hard enough on him and that is why he is still hanging around her and begging her to let him wait for her. She has to hit him with everything that she has to get him to move on. If she really loves him, it is the only thing that she can do for him.