Passions Update Tuesday 2/11/03

Passions Update Tuesday
2/11/03--Canada; 2/12/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Antonio is still in a bad way and it looks like he is going to stay that way. Miguel has no idea how long Antonio is going to be like this. Pilar has been by the manís side through all of this and she has to wonder if she has made a mistake. Pilar thinks that she was wrong to make Sheridan do what she wanted instead of letting her let Antonio go. She sees now the other side and what Sheridan was trying to figure out for Antonio. Maybe he should have been let go. Miguel doesnít want his mother beating herself up over this. What is done is done and they all have to live with that. How long will Sheridan be able to live like this? Pilar has sentenced Sheridan to a lifetime of nothing. She will never be happy being a nursemaid to a man that can never do anything for her. Pilar never wanted her children to suffer this way and this is killing her that none of them are happy right now.

Sheridan is telling Luis to go on with his life and be happy. She has seen enough suffering in the Lopez-Fitzgerald family and she will not be responsible for anymore of it and she has made a decision. She doesnít want him to wait for her. She wants him to go on and have a life without her.

Beth is listening and she is happy with what Sheridan is saying. Beth has been scheming and planning to get Luis for herself and she has been doing okay but Sheridanís new idea really helps with the plan.

Sheridan feels bad that Antonio has lost his life because of her and her stupid mistakes. If Luis really wants Sheridan to be happy, he should find happiness with someone else and leave her to live out her life as the wife to a man in a vegetative state.

Beth smiles to herself as she hears what is going on between Sheridan and the man that she loves.

Sam thinks that if David is allowed to be in their lives, then Ivy will be there too. Grace knows that there are plenty of places where Ivy could go that day now that the storm is over. Grace knows that Ivy loves Sam and she isn't going to let the woman get a foothold in the house. Ivy would like to be his wife and live with him and Ethan, Grace just knows it. She isnít sure that he believes that. He has asked Ivy himself about what her intentions are and she pretty much admitted that she wasnít doing anything underhanded to get to Sam. Theresa was right to throw Ivy out into the snow Grace thinks. Sam finds that to be a heartless thing to say about someone. Maybe that is a bit harsh but Ivy has a place to go and Grace would like her to go there today. The storm is over and there are a multitude of places where Ivy could be happy. Grace found her an apartment in the paper but Sam thought that the neighbourhood was a terrible place for a woman in a wheelchair to live. Grace thinks that she can get used to living like everyone else, but Sam was against it. Grace has her suspicions that Sam might want Ivy to live with them permanently.

Ethan tells Theresa that he isnít a part of her getting everything that she wants. He will not be part of her treasure. He reminds her that he and she are over now. Theresa knows that Ethan is upset with her and she understands that he thinks that she is heartless but she has done what she has because of a reason. Ethan has known his mother his whole life and he knows her better than Theresa. She canít tell him anything that he doesnít know. They have had this discussion many times and nothing has changed for him. He will not have Theresa badmouthing his mother this way. Theresa knows that once Ethan knows his mother for who she really is, he will understand why she had to throw the woman out of the house and he will forgive that.

Sheridan knows that it was her gambling debt that has caused Antonio to be ill now. She is responsible for all of it. She forgot to give Antonio his medication and that too contributed to his state now. Now he has no life and no future. She tells Luis to find someone to be with, someone besides her as she canít be with him. She will never be with him.

Beth smiles the biggest smile that she has ever smiled upon hearing Sheridan give Luis his walking papers.

Ivy explains that she is not like Theresa. She is only trying to get back the man that she wanted all her life. Rebecca finds that Ivy must be nuts to want to live a simple life like she would have to with Sam. Ivy knows that she will have money as soon as she gets her divorce settlement. Sam might not like living like Ivy has been living but she will deal with that when it happens. Gwen only wants to stay married to Ethan and have a wonderful life.

Ethan will never believe that his mother is the dragon that Theresa is telling him. Theresa knows that Ivy is a terrible woman that has been scheming and trying to get to Sam. Ethan knows that Ivy is like Theresa but he knows that she wouldnít ever go after a married man, like Theresa wouldnít. Fox has to jump in now. He tells Ethan that he has no idea who his mother is and what she is capable of.

Miguel knows that he and his brother have found the women that they were meant to be with and that will stop him from being with another woman. Miguel knows that Luis will never betray his feelings for Sheridan but being with anyone.

Luis feels that he canít have a life without Sheridan. They canít be together now, but there is always some day. Luis believes that some day, they will be able to tell Antonio the truth. Sheridan doubts that Antonio is going to recover. Sheridan canít abandon Antonio at a time like this.

Beth loves that Sheridan is sticking to her guns on this.

Luis would never ask Sheridan to break her vows to Antonio. Sheridan wants Luis to be freeÖfree to be with someone else. Luis feels that he owes Sheridan something but she only wants him to find someone else and forget about her.

Ivy is going back to the Bennett manor and make sure that Sam and Grace donít have time alone. Ivy has all the things that she needs but she needs privacy to finish packing and so Rebecca and Gwen leave her alone.

Gwen knows that if they donít get Ivy out of Graceís house, she will ruin the poor womanís life. They have to get her out of there.

Ethan doesnít want to listen to Fox about his mother. Fox tells Ethan that Ivy treated him like the plague. Ethan had no idea that he wasnít the favourite. The reason for that was that Ethan was Sam Bennettís son. The other kids were Julianís kids and she didnít care for them. Ethan wants to know how abused Fox thinks that he is. The poor little rich boy. Ethan remembers nothing like what Fox is talking about. Fox and the others were sent off for school and they were never brought home. Ivy tucked Ethan in at night but Ivy never tucked her other kids into bed. She never went to see them and she never had them home. She would only give Fox a distracted peck on the head. Ethan is sorry that Fox has had to live the life that he had. How could a woman love one son so passionately and ignore the other. There is no telling what else a woman like that could do.

Sheridan wants Luis to go on and forget about her. Sheridan wants Luis to find his own world. Sheridan is setting him free.

Beth can see by listening in that Luis is free to be hers now. Luis canít do it. He is going to keep the promise that he has made to be with Sheridan.

That is not what Beth wanted to hear and it pains her that even though Sheridan is giving him up, he will not go.

Grace is sure that Ivy moving out of the house is going to save their marriage. They are under stress already with Kay and Grace has issues with David and John. Sam doesnít want to hear that. The issues with David are not that she wants him. She only wants Sam and she means that. She loves him but she has to get her marriage annulled and that day hasnít come yet. Sam thinks that Ivy being there wonít stop them from going on with their plans. Grace feels that she would have to be on guard against Ivy 24 hours a day. Right now, Sam has been carrying Ivy around the house and Grace finds that upsetting. Sam asks again about the place that Grace has found for Sam. It is an apartment that is good for someone in a wheelchair and Ivy can move in that very day. Grace has changed. She has seen her house get sucked into the earthÖshe has found her twin but then she was killedÖJohn and David have come into her lifeÖKay has become pregnant and that has changed her. She isnít innocent anymore and she is not going to be anyoneís doormat anymore. She is going to fight for her life. She loves Sam but she is willing to fight a war to get her marriage back and the first item on that list is to get Ivy Crane out of the house. The door slams shut and Sam and Grace turn to find Ivy returning to the house. Ivy can see that something is wrong.

Pilar tells Miguel that he has to call Theresa and let her in on what has been going on. She is at work but they still have to call.

Fox remembers Ethanís birthday parties and how lavish they were. Ethan canít remember parties for Fox or his sisters. Ethan had birthdays that were national holidays. Fox and the others didnít want to come home as they knew that they were not needed. Theresa thinks that Ethan has to know now that she wasnít lying about Ivy. Ethan suspects that Fox has been lying and telling these stories to get Theresa to like him or maybe get some money. He leaves. Fox thinks that he has been right and that Theresa has no chance to get the man back now. Fox thinks that things are looking grim for Theresa. Ethan returns to talk to Theresa. He has some news. He has something to tell Theresa that she should hear right away.

Luis is telling Sheridan that she is the only woman that he wants in his life. Beth is upset that Luis isnít giving her up. She wants that man with her. Luis will not give Sheridan up without a fight. Sheridan canít bear to see the love in his eyes day after day.

Beth hears that Luis knows that he canít be with Sheridan now, but he would like to be her friend and he would like to be near her and support her. Being her friend is better than having it be over. Beth is crying as she hears Luis beg and beg. She can be there for Luis but he will not let her. Luis wants to be there for Sheridan and not let her spend her time looking after Antonio alone with no support. He will be there for her always.

Gwen wants Theresa out of the house soon. Ethan is fine with Gwen but Theresa is so destructive and Gwen would like her out of the way. Rebecca promises that Theresa will not be there long. No one wants an old girlfriend living in the house. Rebecca is only waiting for a call to tell her when to get Theresa out of the house. She is only going to be a memory.

Grace tells Ivy that nothing is wrong anymore as Ivy wonít have to worry about a place to stay. Ivy thinks that she is being asked to stay but she is misunderstanding. Grace tells her that she will not be staying there. Grace has found Ivy a place downtown. She will be moving into that place that day and out of Graceís house.

Ethan tells Theresa that he has just talked to Pilar and the drug didnít work and Antonio is incapacitated and the doctors donít think that Antonio is going to get well. Theresa starts getting upset. This is horrible for her brother. The situation is terrible and Ethanís heart breaks for her. Fox is sorry too. Pilar must be devastated. Theresa finds that God is so cruel to her family. This canít be happening.

Beth canít live if Luis canít get over Sheridan. What will she do?

Sheridan knows that Luis would like to have children and he should be free to have some with someone else. Sheridan knows that he will be wasting his life waiting for her. She will be losing her life but that should be enough. Sheridan has to do what is best for Antonio now. What is best for Luis is finding someone that he can love. She remembers Luis proposing to her and she immediately said yes to him. She hands Luis back his ring. Sheridan canít wear the ring anymore as there is no Ďusí anymore. He has to take the ring as she is Antonioís life. She is never going to have children. She wants him to take the ring and give it to someone that he can love. Someone that he can have a family with. Someone that can make him happy.

Beth peers around the wall at the young couple as they fight with whether or not they should stay together or leave each other.

Grace has found Ivy a place of her own. Staying in Kayís room hasnít been comfortable. Ivy cantí believe that Sam did this. Grace assures her that they made the decision together. Ivy canít stay there. She is moving out that day.

Gwen is worrying and Rebecca wants her to stop. Gwen has to worry as they have to live with Theresa. Rebecca is positive that her plan is going to work. Rebecca only needs to get one more call. Gwen is dying to know what it is that can make Theresa leave. It has to be good. Julian and Rebecca had to pay one million dollars to get this information. Theresa is as good as gone.

Theresa is crying and Ethan comforts her. He knows that no one deserves to go through this kind of pain. Fox is watching and he thinks that maybe Theresa is right and that they still do have a chance.

Sheridan is trying to make Luis take back the ring. He will not take it back. She is crying now. She opens his hand and puts the ring inside. She tells him that he is free but he only loves her. The girl that he marries is going to be the luckiest girl in the world.

Beth hears them and knows that she is the girl that Sheridan is speaking of. She is going to be the girl that makes Luis happier than ever.