Passions Update Monday 2/10/03

Passions Update Monday
2/10/03--Canada; 2/11/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne

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Ethan gets a call from his wife while at work, and he explains that the meeting that he is at has been changed to be held at the office instead of the house. He was going to wake her to tell her the news but he couldnít bear to wake her as she looked so peaceful and content sleeping there with their child inside her. Gwen loves it when he talks like that to her. Ethan can see that Theresa is off that day and can hardly keep her eyes open. She looks terrible and canít stop yawning. It is very noticeable. The night before must have been a terrible strain on her as a lot happened.

Theresa is yawning, and Fox notices while they have a break at the morning meeting. She is worried that Ethan may be still mad at her. Fox can see that he is still mad at her but he knows that Theresa will think that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. She thought that after time, Ethan would get over being angry with Theresa but that hasnít happened, and Theresa may have to face that might not happen after all. Theresa thought that he would see that his mother deserved everything that she got as she is a hateful bitch, but no. Theresa feels guilty about sending Ivy to the Bennetts' house now. She knows that Ivy is going to give Grace a run for the money, and in fact, Theresa has made Ivy happier than she has ever been. That wasnít her intention. She is sure that Ivy is giving the Bennetts a time that they will never forget.

Sam asks where Ivy is, and Grace says that she hasnít been around and might be looking for a place to stay. Sam finds that sort of funny as Ivy is in a wheelchair. Grace is looking for places for Ivy to live in the newspaper in order to get her out of there as soon as possible.

Ivy is angry that her things havenít arrived to the Bennetts' yet. She had asked Rebecca to get her things packed up by the maid, Phyllis, and nothing has been done for her. She has come to the mansion herself to make sure that she gets her sheets. She canít live with the bedding over at Graceís house. It is killing her. She loves sleeping at Samís house but she needs her sheets and that is that. She goes to her room in the Crane mansion to get a few things and bumps into Rebecca who is holding a garbage bag full of things. It is clear that Rebecca is rummaging through her things and trying to salvage whatever she can for herself. Ivy asks her what the hell she is doing there anyway. Rebecca is very embarrassed at being caught there. She tries to pretend that she is there for another reason but Ivy knows the truth.

Pilar is still holding out hope that Antonio will be fine. He had a terrible turn just now and more and more it looks like he is not going to get out of that bed and be okay. Miguel thinks that she has to see that he isnít fine at all. He is breathing but not on his own. He canít talk, he canít walk around, and he canít eat or do some of the other things that he used to. He is alive but that is all, but is that good enough? Pilar knows that Antonio will not be alone as Sheridan will be right there to help Antonio along every step of the way. She is being very positive that her son will be in good hands; as long as he is alive, she will have everything that she needs for now. They will worry about getting him up later. Sheridan will stay right by his side, even if that means forever. She knows that she has a little to do with his condition and that kills her that he has been ill this way.

Beth has been listening in. Oh happy day! Sheridan is truly gone forever now. Luis is all hers and there is nothing that Sheridan can do about that, even if she wants to. Sheridan feels a debt to Pilar and Antonio that has caused her to know that there is nothing that she can do but live with Antonio for the rest of his days and that might be forever.

Luis stands over Sheridan and watches over her as she watches over Antonio. He feels her pain.

Ethan tells Gwen over the phone that Theresa is very tired that day after pushing Ivy out of the house the night before. She looks to be a terrible mess out there at the meeting. Gwen tells him to be good at his meeting as she knows that he is as good as they come and can do the job better than anyone out there

Ethan later tells Theresa that she has to stay on her toes and pull a rabbit out of a hat to get the meeting together and save the deal that they are about to make. This is a multi-million dollar deal for Crane Industries and a lot has been invested in the meeting. Theresa was hoping that he wouldnít be still angry with her for tossing Ivy out of the house but it is clear that he is and isnít ready to throw in the towel and start making nice with her again. He walks off from her, and she canít believe how icy he has become to her.

Fox comes over to Theresa telling her that he was right that Ethan wouldnít be warm to her anymore after what she did to Ivy.

Ivy doesnít really care that Rebecca is going after her things. She tells Rebecca to take what she wants as she is going to be living at Samís now, and she is never going to move out.

Sam thinks that it isnít going to be easy for Ivy to move out. Sam asks Grace if Ivy is trying to tear them apart. Grace doesnít think that Ivy actively has been tearing them apart but she would definitely like to see Sam and Grace apart. Grace is going to find her somewhere to live, anywhere but there. They have enough on their plate without Ivy to worry about. Kay is out of the house and she is pregnant, and they need some private time alone and together. Sam agrees with her. It is time to get right of the distractions in the house and that means Ivy moving out of the house.

Pilar is still upset that Antonio is unconscious this way. He will never have the same opportunities that other people have. Pilar is sorry that Sheridan is going to be so alone because of this. She is really very sorry.

Gwen comes in to find her mother pretending to be helping the maid. Gwen hasnít had any morning sickness that day and asks about Ivyís new home. Rebecca knows that Ivy is on top of the world. Ivy is in her glory staying with Sam. There is no room service, and Ivy will have to share the bathroom. Ivy doesnít care that she is missing a few things now that she lives in the same house as Sam.

Ethan does a presentation at Crane Industries and refers to Theresa who happens to be sleeping. Ethan calls to her, and she wakes up and gets the required papers out to be handed around the table. Fox goes to get her a cup of coffee. Ethan continues his presentation. ďÖwe have taken the liberty of making a few graphsÖĒ he heads over to Theresa to get the graphs, and she is asleep again. She is awakened and starts rummaging for the graphs but she hasnít got them. Fox is there to save the day and gets the graphs to her. Theresa apologizes to Ethan and the other members of the meeting look around at each other in dismay at Theresaís behavior. Ethan finishes his presentation even though Theresa has fallen asleep again.

Sam is not asking that Ivy move in with them permanently, but he thinks that she will need a couple of days to get her bearings. Grace knows that the woman will be fine as she is a survivor. Grace reminds Sam that all the couples that they know are falling apart, and Grace doesnít want to be on that list. She loves her husband and doesn't want to lose him. She thinks that they should stand clear of everyone that may prove to make things difficult for them.

Luis tries to get Sheridan to come for a break, but she will not leave. Pilar assures her that she should go as she will be there to take care of her son.

Luis and Sheridan leave the room where Antonio is, and Sheridan has to admit to him that she is so scared now, so scared that she and Luis will never be together.

Just around the corner, Beth is lurking and listening to the talk that Sheridan and Luis are having. If they are going to be up to something, she will want to know what that is.

Gwen wants to move out but she isn't going to do that yet. Rebecca has convinced her to stay. She will have the goods on Theresa, and she is going to get her out of the house. Gwen knows that Ethan has grown up in that house and that is where Gwen would like to raise her kids. Ivy did raise Ethan in the house, and Gwen deserves to live there. Ivyís only way to get revenge on Julian was for her to raise Ethan to take over the Crane business. Alistair and Julian were to be unaware that the man running their empire was the son of the police chief in town.

Grace canít do anything about Kay but she can do something about Ivy. Grace finds a place for Ivy but it is in the worse place in town. Sam knows that Ivy is used to living high on the hog. Grace thinks that she will have to adjust. Grace thinks that he may want Ivy in the house so that she will be close to him.

Ethan is showing his pictures on a large screen. That is when Theresa starts snoring her head off. The people at the meeting turn to face her in a disapproving manner.

Sheridan can only hope that the drug will work and that Antonio will be back on his feet. They have all been praying for a miracle. Sheridan has made a promise to Antonio, and she is going to live up to that promise. Sheridan and Luis have to face it, they are never going to be togetherÖforeverÖ They hug.

Beth has been watching them and listening in on their conversation, and she couldnít be more pleased. They are actually saying their goodbyes.

Luis and Sheridan decide to go somewhere more private to be together for the last time. They walk off.

Beth has seen Luis and Sheridan leaving the area and she walks down the hall but she hears Pilar and Miguel talking. Pilar knows that Antonio will be missing out of things in life because of this illness. Miguel wants her to keep up her hope that he will be fine. Pilar knows that she has a lot to be grateful for. She wants Miguel to hold out and soon he will be happy. She knows that one day Miguel will make a wonderful husband. Miguel knows that even if Luis goes to be with Beth, he will never be happy. He wants to be with Sheridan as he has never loved anyone like that in his life. Miguel doubts that Luis will ever have children.

Beth has been listening, and she knows that Miguel is wrong. She knows that she is going to have children with Luis. She will be the one that he loves.

Rebecca tells Ivy that she can get Julian to make Ethan a part of the family by adopting him and bringing him back into the family. Ivy doesnít think that Julian is going to fall for that. Rebecca doesnít care what happens to Ethan as long as she has lots of money. Rebecca knows that Theresa is Julianís wife now but soon she will be back in the gutter from where she came.

Fox comes up to a sleeping, snoring Theresa and wakes her. Ethan says that Theresa has been acting out what he has been saying but pointing out that things have been a snore at the company. They are going to have a break now and get back to deciding what to do about the company. The group likes Ethanís presentation, and they all go off for refreshments.

Theresa is happy that Ethan has come up and covered for her sleeping. He knows that the only reason why the meeting has been a success is because of his quick thinking. He tells her that she better be on her toes now as he isn't being paid enough to cover for her and do her job for her, too. He walks off leaving a very stunned Theresa staring after him.

Rebecca knows that she has the plan that is going to get Theresa out of the house for sure. Ivy doesnít care of the plan that Rebecca has, she has to get back to the house and be with Sam. Gwen can see that Ivy is going to break up Samís marriage. That is exactly what she intends to do.

Sam denies that he wants Ivy out of the house. Sam thinks that maybe Ivy could stay downstairs. Sam worries that someone will have to be around to carry her up and down the stairs. Grace knows that Ivy is his first love and that is fine but Grace doesnít have any time for her.

Fox sits with Theresa instead of going for lunch. As they sit, Ethan comes in. Theresa tells him that she is sorry that she has fallen asleep during the meeting. Ethan thought that there was a little more interest in the company than what she had shown. She should have just told him that she couldnít handle it, and he would have taken care of it. She gives him all the credit but he tells her that she was the one that did the research. She could have ruined her work by letting people see how distracted she is. She wants to go to the cafeteria with him to get things straight but he tells her that they should eat alone. She keeps having coffee but that will not make up for he staying up all night. She should have a baby nurse but maybe she canít have it both ways. He likes that she wants to be a full-time mother because Little Ethan needs someone. Theresa thinks that she can do anything that she wants if she puts her mind to it. She is sure that she can excel at this if she wants.

Beth knows that Luis needs to forget about Sheridan. Beth will give him all the children that he needs to forget about Sheridan.

Pilar tells Miguel that Luis needs a woman that loves him and can start a family with him. Miguel knows that Luis feels about Sheridan the same way that he feels for Charity.

Beth knows now that she has to make Luis and Sheridan forget about each other.

Sheridan has been second guessing herself. Luis tries to make her see reason. This is a nightmare. This actually is worse as in a nightmare, you actually get to wake up.

Grace has to accept that Ethan is Samís son with Ivy but that is all that she is going to accept. Sam reminds her that David and John live next door and he has to put up with that, so why canít she put up with Ivy for a while?

Ivy has a plan but she doesnít feel bad about it as Sam and Grace are not even legally married. That means that Sam is a free man. Gwen seems to think that she is doing something wrong. Ivy feels that she was the one that had Sam first and Grace got him later and stole him off. Gwen knows that Grace and Sam got together as Ivy dumped him for Julian. Gwen hates what she is hearing. Ivy sounds exactly like Theresa. She is just like her.

Theresa thinks that she can be a good mother and business woman if she wants to. She can do anything that she wants if she puts her mind to it. No one in her family has ever had a chance like this. Her mother has been a housekeeperÖLuis is a cop and Miguel might not make it through college with Kay having his child. Theresa is going to prove to the world what a Lopez-Fitzgerald can do. She is going to show everyone that she can have it tall. She can have everything that she has ever dreamed off.

Luis and Sheridan are hugging but Sheridan puts a stop to that. Luis is only consoling her but she knows that they shouldnít do anything that seems like cheating. It has never been like this with them. They have only wanted to be together. She wants him to find happiness.

Beth finds Luis and Sheridan and listens to them talk.

Luis tells her that he canít be happy without her. Sheridan would like him to find joy with someone else.

Beth is rejoicing. She knows that she is going to be the someone else that can make Luis truly happy. ďYes! Me! Me! Me!Ē