Passions Update Friday 2/7/03

Passions Update Friday
 2/7/03--Canada; 2/10/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Eve remembers Liz telling her that she is going to lose everything and that she will be the one that takes care of TC after all is told and Eve’s marriage is over. Eve has every reason to think that the woman will do just as she says. She has been acting terribly lately and seems to care nothing about Eve or saving her skin. TC comes downstairs and finds his wife making breakfast. He is still a little upset with her for having to run off the night before when he so desperately wanted to be with her. He didn’t know that she was home and was making breakfast for everyone. He becomes happy to see her. She tells him that she wanted to be home but couldn’t get there because of her workload at the hospital. He is glad to see that she has come home to him and is even making breakfast as proof that she really wants things to work out for them. Liz comes in and sees that she is interrupting…she apologizes. She wants to leave but TC makes her stay and tells her that she isn’t interrupting at all. Eve was quick to tell her that she was getting in the way but TC won’t have it. He uses his manners, inviting her to the table with them. Liz is upset that she has been found in TC’s bed the night before, or so she says. She says that she hopes that she didn’t do anything else to cause trouble for TC. TC assures her that she didn’t do anything that was out of control. As far as he is concerned, last night never happened. He knows that he and Liz were kissing most of the night but he doesn’t tell Eve that as that would clearly freak her out. Now isn’t the time for Eve to learn that this beautiful young black woman was making herself available to him most of the night.

Kay has everyone over at Tabitha’s house. She has called them all there to convince them that Tabitha is a witch and that David and Ivy were in fact conspiring to end Sam and Grace’s marriage. Her head is clear now and she feels much better after a good night’s sleep and she is ready to present her case. John is sure that Kay is going to tell everyone that she was wrong and that he really is Grace’s son. She is going to do nothing of the sort. He knows that his dad would never lie about anything that important and his father would never lie to him. Kay feels better now and would like to talk to everyone about Tabitha.

Tabitha has taken off out of the room, and tries to leave the house but the doors will not open. They are supernaturally shut! The voices shout out to her, “You are not going anywhere Tabitha…” She understands now. The spirits from the basement are keeping her there but she really needs to go. Once the people in her living room find out that she is a witch, she will be ridiculed and everyone will know about her and she might even face prosecution for some of the things that she has done. She can’t let that happen. They don’t burn witches at the stake anymore but that doesn’t mean that she will be treated nicely after all of this.

The doctor tells Pilar and the others that the longer that Antonio stays unconscious, the worse his chances are of surviving. He has gotten the drug that Eve suggested but it is experimental and they know nothing about what it will do for him. They can only hope.

Beth is listening outside the room and she can only hope that Antonio stays alive as that will ensure that she gets her hands on Luis. She wants to get more information on Antonio but she doesn’t want the family to think that she is being too intrusive and so she stays behind the scenes. The doctor gets a page and has to go. He leaves and Sheridan sees that Antonio’s eyes are open. That has to be a good sign. She thinks that is a good sign and tells the others that she thinks that Antonio is getting better. Antonio is awake. Antonio is awake!

Liz says that she can prove that she has been sleepwalking all along and before she came to live there. She shows TC and Eve the medication that she has been taking for her ailment. Eve looks at the bottle and knows that the woman seems to be telling the truth. There is no way that Liz could fake something like this, she wouldn’t have enough time to do it. TC thinks that Eve should apologize but Liz thinks that Eve has no reason to apologize. She knows that the woman has come home to find her husband in bed with another woman and that gives her every right to be angry. She thinks that Eve has nothing to say about being angry as her history makes her more understanding to what happened the night before. Eve can hardly believe her ears. TC asks her what history she is talking about. What could Liz possibly know about his wife that he doesn’t know?

Tabitha is angry that she can’t get out of the house. The voices tell her to stop worrying and get to work. There eare things that she should be doing and she isn’t doing it. Tabitha has no idea what it is that she is supposed to be doing. The voices show her a big bowl with supernatural markings all around it, and they make it appear before her. She looks into the bowl and then she gets it. Tabitha understands now what she is to do.

Tabitha comes into the room where Kay is about to give the family and others information on what has been really going on in Harmony. Tabitha tells Kay that Miguel is on the phone. That is more important to Kay than anything else that she could have to do at the moment. Kay runs after Tabitha into the kitchen, and Kay sees that the phone is hung up and no one is waiting for her to talk to them. Tabitha has brought her in there to show her something that she wants to see. Kay looks into the bowl and sees herself appear in a vision. Kay knows that is her as it is like looking into a mirror. The girl in her lap is her baby…the child isn’t really a baby. She is a little older than that. She is getting a glimpse of her future and she likes so far what she sees. This is incredible that she can see the future like this. This is proof now that Tabitha is a witch. This is what Kay has been needing to prove her case to the others. Kay heads to the door to tell the others for sure that Tabitha is a witch.

Beth is outside the room and she sees that Antonio has his eyes opens. Beth wants him to live too. She goes into the room and she hears how the drug must be working. She finds that unbelievable. Sheridan sits beside Antonio talking to him, and telling him that she is right there for him. Sheridan calls to him but he is not responding. Luis runs off to get the doctor. Sheridan keeps calling to Antonio but he doesn’t answer her.

TC wants to know more about his wife’s history. What could Liz know about Eve’s history that he doesn’t? Liz says that she was talking about Eve’s career. Doctor’s schedules are so demanding that they can’t hold on to their marriages. The other spouses usually end up having affairs because their loved ones are gone. Sometimes, doctors place their jobs before anyone else. Eve is sure that will never happen to her. TC thinks that what Liz is saying is true.

Grave finds it funny that Miguel has called Kay at Tabitha’s house. Sam has always thought that Tabitha was a little weird. He looks around the house thinking that things are weird there. As long as Sam has known Tabitha, she has never changed. Grace thinks that only means that Tabitha has had a face lift of two. Then again, birds have attacked their house and blood came out of the walls. Grace too has to think that she hasn’t ever seen Tabitha in mass. Sam has to think that the evil might be Tabitha. Sam thinks that maybe Kay was right after all. Maybe Tabitha is a witch.

Ivy thinks for sure that Kay is going to ruin her life and David’s. Ivy can’t imagine what is going to happen if Kay is able to prove that they were lying all along. Ivy blames Kay for all this happening.

Tabitha stops Kay before she goes to talk to the others in the other room. Tabitha offers to show Kay more of her future. Kay is interested in that. Tabitha admits that she is a witch and as a witch, she has the power to show the girl what lies ahead. Tabitha wiggles her fingers and shows Kay’s parents hugging and loving each other. There is a reason for that. Next, Kay sees Miguel coming over to the house. That makes Kay smile. She knew that eventually, Miguel would choose her and not Charity. Miguel comes further into the room in the scene and Kay sees that Miguel has gone over to Charity and a child that she has in her arms. Kay is crying out in pain. She is to be the one that Miguel marries and not Kay. In the next scene, Kay is scene alone with her child upset that Miguel has chosen Charity over her. It seems that Miguel ends up going to be with Charity anyway and leaves Kay alone to raise her daughter. Kay can’t believe that things turn out that way. It just can’t. Tabitha tells her that is the way that things are going to go and it can get even worse for her. Kay is very sad now.

Kay sees that her future sucks. How could Miguel end up with Charity after all that Kay has gone through. They look back into the bowl for more scenes. Sam and Grace are there and they are happy that Kay proved that David and Ivy were really trying to end Grace’s marriage and that caused Sam and Grace to get back together. After that, Charity and Miguel got back together as Grace and Sam stopped concentrating on Charity, and that made it possible for Miguel to get back with Charity. Kay doesn’t want that future. Tabitha tells her that she has to come and work with her. If she doesn’t help Tabitha, that future that she saw will be hers.

Eve can see that her husband thinks that she has been putting her work before her marriage. TC knows that she has been trying her best but over time that takes a toll on a marriage. Eve didn’t realize that her family was suffering that much. TC understands her work. Eve hates that he is feeling slighted and so are the girls. Eve will cut down on her schedule and make herself more available. Liz hates what she is hearing. She will call the hospital and clear her schedule for the rest of the day. They will go for a drive and out to a romantic place. She promises that she will make him first as nothing will be more important than their marriage. The phone rings and TC tells Eve not to answer the phone. Eve isn’t going to answer it. Liz asks Eve is that is the line that the hospital calls on. Eve knows that it is. Should she answer?

The doctor has returned and he would like to examine Antonio to see if there has been any change. Sheridan would like to stay but Luis gently pushes her out. The doctor starts his examination of the man.

Sheridan thinks that something is terribly wrong. Pilar wants them to have faith that the drug is working.

Beth thinks to herself that Antonio has to stay alive so that Sheridan will be kept busy.

Luis thinks that Antonio is coming out of it. Pilar too feels that her son will be out of danger soon.

Sheridan asks Luis what they are going to do if Antonio stays this way.

Beth can only hope that Antonio does stay the way that he is.

The phone at Eve’s house is still ringing. Eve says that she has to answer it and she does. TC walks from her.

Liz tells TC that Eve’s dedication to her job is unbelievable. She finds TC understanding. Most husbands would get angry but not TC. Eve comes to them telling them that she has to go back to the hospital. It is Antonio. Liz hears that name and wants to hear details. Liz wanted to know about him and thinks that Eve should have told her that Antonio is in trouble. He has been given an experimental drug and there is trouble is seems. Liz will go with Eve and so will TC.

John is sure that he is Grace’s son and he is sure that Tabitha is not a witch. Sam tells David that if Kay has proof of what she has been saying then things will not be pretty. Sam calls for Kay to come back into the room. Tabitha shouts out to them that Kay is almost finished and will be out in a minute.

Tabitha tells Kay that she has to make a decision. Kay doesn’t want to get involved with the supernatural again. Tabitha tells her that all that she has to do is give up this plan of telling everyone about her. Tabitha shows Kay what the future will hold. They look into the bowl. Ivy brings her jewellery for keeping her mouth shut about David and Ivy. Sam will get Ivy instead of Grace for the future. Kay can’t believe that Ivy would do all that for her. Things will be much better for Kay. Miguel will come home to her with no shirt. He will bring her flowers on his way home from the gym. They will be married and live with their child. He will kiss her and really mean it. He will be glad that he chose Kay and their lives will be perfect. Grace and Charity will have to move out of the house. Grace won’t care about Charity anymore. Grace would lose Sam, her house and everything because she chose Charity over Kay. Grace would be so mad that she would call Charity a psychic freak and she would even punch her in the face. Kay loves the future this way. She will have to work with Tabitha to get the things that she wants. Kay has forgotten that she is a Standish woman and all the Standish women have supernatural powers. That is why Tabitha’s friends in the basement have chosen Kay to help her. If that is true, then why does Kay need Tabitha? Tabitha is needed as she is the one that knows how to use Kay’s powers. Tabitha will teach Kay how to get the things that she wants…even Miguel.

Miguel hates that they have to wait for more results on Antonio. The nurse comes out of the room but there has been no change. Antonio is alive but they can’t tell if he is awake or not. Antonio’s eyes are open but they have no idea what that means. Pilar is fine with that. She thinks that Antonio is just getting ready to get up. The nurse says that Antonio has had no responses yet. What if he doesn’t respond? What if Antonio slips into a vegetative state?

Beth thinks that the vegetative state isn’t all that bad as it would pave a way for her to be with Luis.

Kay comes back to the others telling them that she said some shocking things the other night. She thinks that she must have hit her head pretty hard the night before and she apologizes to Tabitha for saying she was a witch. She even hugs the woman. She tells everyone that she would like to be forgiven. Everyone seems happy with Kay’s confession.

Liz and TC are waiting for news on Antonio. Pilar knows that soon her son will be fine and walking around like everyone else. Eve comes out and tells everyone that Antonio hasn’t been responding as he should. His eyes are open but he is not responding to anything at all. His brain is not responding the way that it should. Antonio has lapsed into a vegetative state. Pilar is beside herself. Sheridan can’t believe that this is happening.

Beth is so happy inside. Sheridan is stuck living with a vegetable and Beth now has a chance to get back with Luis. She looks over to Luis and Sheridan and sees them hugging and consoling each other. What a crock!

Kay asks David and Ivy if they can forgive her. Ivy is quick to forgive her and so is David.

Grace tells Tabitha that she is sorry that she thought that Tabitha may be a witch. Grace thanks the woman for letting her child stay there.

Ivy can see that Kay knows the truth about them. What is it that she wants? David can see that there is something lurking there with Kay but what is it.

Kay goes to the basement door and she tells the spirits that she wants the life with Miguel. If she has to help Tabitha then she will do it. The spirits welcome her aboard. Kay thinks that she is going to like having supernatural powers. She is going to get everything that she wants and more.

Sheridan gopes to Antonio’s bedside and holds his hand. She calls to him. “…I want you to know that I am here…I will never leave you…I will stay by your side…till death do us part…”

Luis knows that he has lost Sheridan now for good.

Beth can tell that Luis can see that he has lost Sheridan for good and now he will be all Beth’s…all Beth’s…