Passions Update Thursday 2/6/03

Passions Update Thursday 2/6/03--Canada; 2/7/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Grace is in the kitchen when David comes in. She tells him that there is coffee and he will have some. He removes his coat to visit with her for a while. She offers him breakfast but he doesnít want any, the coffee will be fine. She was going to come over and apologize to him for Kay saying that he was working with Ivy but he is here now and so she will tell him now. She finds the whole idea ridiculous that David could have done what Kay said and she is embarrassed by it. She is sure that David wouldnít associate with Ivy or break up a marriage and a family. That is not the kind of person that he is.

Ivy sees Sam in her room making her bed and she remembers Grace showing her that she and Sam are getting together again by her showing Sam affection when they were cleaning up the mess on the floor that morning. Grace had told Ivy that she wants her out of the house that day. She knows that she has to speed things up if she wants to get her man from Grace. She has to think of something and fast. She goes into the room apologizing for the mess that they made when they knocked over the tray earlier. Sam is fine with that and has cleaned up the mess so everything is okay now. She neednít worry. Sam will take her downstairs so that she can have breakfast after all. Ivy says that Sam has been kind and generous to take her into his home after Theresa has kicked her out of the house. He warns her that Grace is suspicious of her wanting him back and he is curious himself if Graceís suspicions are right. Ivy would like to know how Sam feels about her wanting him back, does she believe it or not?

Tabitha goes to the basement telling the spirits that Kay wants to expose her and she will be handcuffed and unable to do anything in town anymore. She wants her helper to be given to her now so that she can get Kay out of her house and out of her life once and for all. She has been wreaking havoc in town and she would like to continue to cause pain for everyone but she will not be able to do that with Kay underfoot all the time. She names everyone in town that she has done damage to in hopes that the dark side will see how valuable she is and not let her be taken away. She has affected them all in that miserable town and wants to continue to do so. She was the one that got Fox to come back to town and she will use that to do more damage if the spirits will help her. The spirits are aware of all that and have already taken measures to make sure that Tabitha gets the help that she needs. They have already sent her a helper who is in the living room. The only person in her living room is ÖKay. The helper that the spirits have sent her is Kay. Tabitha shouts out the name in horror. ďKay!!!!!Ē Kay hears her name and comes to the basement door and hears Tabitha talking to the basement. There are lights flashing on and off down there. Tabitha keeps talking to the dark open spaceÖWhat in the world is she doing? Suddenly, the spirits shout out. ďSHE IS THE ONE!Ē Kay almost falls backwards when she hears the supernatural voices. Kay asks Tabitha what is going on.

Antonioís alarms on his monitors are screaming out. They are warning of something. The nurse comes in and calls a code blue for ICU 1. Pilar, Luis and Sheridan stand by not knowing what to do and not wanting Antonio to die.

Sam really doesnít think that Ivy is trying to get him back and he hopes that she is being honest by saying that she isn't going to try anything funny, as his marriage means everything to him. Grace and Sam want no one to come between them as they are trying their best to get back together. If someone were to try to split them up, Sam would hate to think what he might do to that person. His anger would be unbearable.

Grace has faith in David as she knows that he could never do anything to break up her marriage. Kay hit her head and that has made her see all kinds of things lately. She even thinks that Tabitha is a witch. What a joke that is and Kay even said that with a straight face. Grace is glad that Kay didnít freeze in the storm in spite of how angry she makes her family. Kayís behaviour has been erratic lately. She says and does the most provocative things and now she has this story that Ivy is after Sam. David is interested in what Sam thinks about this. Grace knows that Sam is a cop and he needs hard evidence and he hasnít got any, so he has to let the whole idea go of there being a scheme to get their marriage split up. Sam knows that their marriage can work and that they canít let anyone come between them. Grace has been unsure of her marriage to David and doesnít remember it. David only wants her to be happy and not hurt. He isnít going to lie to her anymore. He loves her and he wants her back but the decision is hers to make and he will not force things to go his way. He will not stand in her way. That is the difference between David and Ivy. Ivy wants Sam back and she would do anything to have him but David will not stoop to such terrible deeds. Still, what if Kay was telling the truth? What if she saw someone talking about breaking up Sam and Grace? David panics when he hears her say that. Maybe she doesnít believe him after all.

Kay demands to know what is in the basement. She heard those crazy voices, so that must mean that someone is down there. The voices answer for her. ďKay is the one that has been sent to assist you Tabitha! Kay is to assist Tabitha with everything that she has to do from now on.Ē Kay canít believe what she is hearing. The sprits get angry that Tabitha isn't going on with the plan and a puff of smoke comes out of the basement towards her. She falls to her knees trying to appease the spirits and trying to make them see that she is going to do as she is told. Tabitha tells Kay to fall on her knees before the spirits. Kay isnít going to get on her knees but she knows what is in the basement now. It is evil. She remembers what happened the last time she entertained evil. Many terrible things happened. She was constantly promised things that she couldnít get on her own and she never got them. All she got was more heartache and her life was in danger many times and she didnít even know why at the time, but she knows now. She isnít going to do this. She turns and runs off to get away from the basement. Tabitha tells the spirits that Kay will not do this. She thinks that they were wrong to recruit her as the helper that Tabitha needed. The spirits order her to bring Kay to the other side, the dark side and she better not fail them this time. Tabitha heads off to find Kay and talk sense to her.

The doctor comes and examines Antonio. The monitors are still screaming out that something is wrong but the doctor is not alarmed anymore. Antonioís brain has stopped transmitting to the monitor. And that is the reason for the alarms going off. Antonio is still alive but has no brain activity that can be transmitted to the machines. The doctor will try everything that he can for Antonio but things are not good for him. The future looks bleak.

Grace doesnít think that Kay saw Ivy with David but she thinks that Kay might have seen Ivy with someone else. It is disturbing to Grace that Ivy wants her husband. What wife wouldnít be disturbed by another woman actively going after her husband day after miserable day? Grace doesnít know what she would do to Ivy if she found out that the woman was lying to her. The woman is in a wheelchair but that wouldnít make a difference to Grace.

Kay knows now that Tabitha is a witch now. The woman is evil personified. Kay is going to get her parents and priests to have them remove the spirits in the basement. Tabitha doesnít care about the family coming over, but she definitely doesnít want priests coming in there. That is what she is really afraid of. Everyone will believe Kay now. Tabitha thinks that her goose is finally cooked this time. Kay knows now that she has proof against Tabitha that she is a witch and she is going to use it. She will show the butterfly that she has in her pocket. Before she told everyone that there were butterflies coming out of Tabithaís body and no one believed her but Kay was able to trap one of the colourful creatures and prove things differently. It is dead now, but it will undoubtedly prove that Tabitha is a witch and that there were butterflies around. That in itself is going to be hard for Tabitha to prove to be a lie, as it is winter and there shouldnít be any butterflies around anywhere. Kay has her coat on now and she knows that she will be believed once she gets to her parentsí house. Tabitha tells Kay that she canít send her parents into the basement as they will never come out alive. Kay has to think that over. She doesnít want her parents dead. That isnít part of her plan. She will have to have someone else go down there to check the basement out.

Sheridan is hysterical now thinking that Antonio is going deeper into a coma and that he may even die. Pilar tells Luis to take Sheridan outside and she will call them if anything changes. Sheridan is too hysterical to be there at the moment and that isnít helping. Luis and Sheridan leave and Pilar turns to her son, ďPlease God! Donít let my son die. Please let him be alright.Ē

Grace has breakfast ready for Ivy who will be eating downstairs. Grace doesnít feel that she is a saint at all. Ivy is a guest even though she is unwelcome. Sam promised that Ivy would be out that day. John comes in with flowers for his mother. He is happy about what happened last night. He was scared that he had lost his mother forever. Kay was saying all those crazy things. John took everything to heart and was very upset to think that Grace might not be his mother. John knows that none of it was true. David could never do a thing like that. He would never do that. He wouldnít lie about who Johnís mother is either. Sam comes down with Ivy in his arms and he places her on the couch so that she can eat. Sam and Grace cater to her every need. Ivy thinks that Grace has been so nice. Ivy greets Grace and Grace takes her flowers to put in a vase. John goes with her. Sam heads into the kitchen to have some coffee.

Ivy turns to David telling him that they have a problem. She doesnít even know the half of it.

Kay doesnít want to hear anything that Tabitha has to say. Tabitha warns her that the voices in the basement are not going to let her do this. Kay says that she will send David or John downstairs to see the demons. She needs everyone to see that she was wrong and not a liar. She wants to see John thrown out on his butt. How could she believe those strangers over her own daughter. Maybe Grace will see that she has been putting Charity ahead of her own daughter. Tabitha thinks that is a fat chance. Kay wants to get rid of these people that have been coming between she and Miguel. She is going to call her family and tell them to come over. She has to get her life back and get what she wants for a change.

Luis and Sheridan are in the halls of the hospital. Antonio may not pull through this. Luis loves her and isnít going to let her go through this alone. Antonio canít die. He just canít. Luis tells Sheridan that if Antonio dies, it isnít going to be easy for them to live in Harmony. Everyone will remember Antonio dying when they see Luis and Sheridan. Luis tells her that if Antonio dies, they can run away. It will be a fresh start. Beth has come by and hears them talking. She hides and listens as they talk. Luis wants to move if Antonio dies. Luis and Sheridan will be constantly reminded that Antonio is dead and they will see it in peopleís eyes when they look at them. Luis doesnít want them to feel guilty as they have done nothing wrong. If they stay in Harmony, guilt is going to creep in their lives. Luis is sure that this is going to work out for them. They will leave Harmony right after the funeral for good. Beth will not let that happen. She will not let Sheridan take Luis away. Luis is to stay right there with Beth.

Grace canít find her good vase. It must be upstairs and John will go and get them while Grace makes him muffins. He tells Grace that he loves her and Grace loves him too. Sam has heard all of this. John leaves.

Sam likes the flowers that Grace has been given but he can see that she is still unhappy. Grace wants Ivy out of there. Seeing Sam carrying her around the house makes her uncomfortable. Sam thinks that Grace might still believe that David and Ivy are conspiring. Sam will throw both David and Ivy out if she wants him to. Grace knows that David didnít do this but Ivy must have been talking to someone else that day. Sam will not let anyone get in between them.

Ivy tells David that Sam and Grace are getting back together. David thinks that Kay is a bigger problem as she is on to them. Ivy thinks that Kay is a non-factor. David is sure that Kay will be right back on to them that day. Ivy doesnít care. Ivy was raving on about Tabitha being a witch and that is just crazy. Kay knows the truth and she isnít going to stop until she tells everyone. She will be looking for proof. Grace has been starting to wonder if Kay has been telling the truth after all. David advises Ivy to leave this alone and leave the house. She will be caught if she continues this. Ivy feels that there is no proof. Ivy thinks that before anyone believes that Kay is telling the truth, Kay will have to prove that Tabitha is a witch. Kay will not stop. Ivy is the same. She will not stop trying to get the man that she loves.

Luis and Sheridan are talking about leaving but Sheridan canít outrun her responsibility to Antonio. He was in the accident because of her debt. Luis thinks that Alistair is the one that is at fault. He has lied to Sheridan about her life. He has blamed her for Luisís fatherís death. She didnít do anything wrong. Luis hates the man for that. His sick accusations are making Sheridan feel responsible for what is happening to Antonio. These things happen. Her mother died because she was ill and no one knows what happened to his father. That wasnít because of her. No one is to blame. She has to believe it. She is a good person and she is a loving person. Luis promises to take care of her and they will have a wonderful life.

Beth is listening and she knows in her heart that Sheridan is to blame for this. She knows who and what Sheridan really is.

Sheridan canít escape the feeling that Antonio is lying in there with no brain activity. Luis canít stand that she is blaming herself. He would like her to be happy and put this behind her. Sheridan doesnít want him to leave his family as they mean too much to him. That would be too hard on him. He only wants to be with her and only her no matter what. He told her before and he says it again. He will leave her family and give up heaven to be with her. Their children will be their family and they will be happy. They have to think positively. She will try.

Beth sees that Luis is managing to convince Sheridan to run off with him if she has to. That angers her.

Ivy is happy that Sam came to her rescue last night. Grace remarks that it isnít snowing today, the weather is fine. Sam gets a call from Kay who wants him to bring everyone over to see her. She says that she had a good sleep the night before and she is seeing things clearer today. She would like to talk to Sam about what happened the night before. Sam tells her that he will be right over. Sam tells everyone that they are to go over to Tabithaís to see Kay. Everyone leaves to go to Tabithaís but David and Ivy.

Kay thinks that Tabitha is going to be exposed now. There is going to be hell to pay if Kay does what she planned to. Kay thinks that the voices in the basement are not going to stop her. If they could they would have by now.

There is a vent in the living room at Tabithaís house that leads to the basement. There is a low growl and smoke comes out of that vent. Tabitha knows that the spirits are going to be angry if they donít get what they want or if people come down to the basement.

Everyone arrives at Tabithaís and Kay says that she is fine and seeing things more clearly. Sam wants to hear the news. Kay would like to thank everyone for coming over. She wants to talk about the night before. She is seeing things more clearly and she slept well. She made some shocking accusations the night before. John thinks that she is admitting that she was mistaken. Kay would like to say what she has to say. This is going to have a very big impact on everyone. She turns to David and Ivy.

Tabitha can see the smoke rising from the vent. Kay is not going to get away with this.

Luis and Sheridan return to Antonioís room and Pilar greets them. They all go in with Antonio.

Beth comes out of hiding and she gets close to the room where Antonio is being held. She hears the doctor tell everyone that Antonio has some slight brain activity again. He cautions the family that the drug is experimental and they still donít know what the drug might do. The doctor has no opinion on what could happen in the next few hours. They are basically back to where they started. The doctor says that not regaining consciousness is not good. The longer he stays that way, the less likely Antonio will be coming out of it.

Beth hopes that Antonio will stay unconscious longer so that Luis will have to stay with Beth.

Antonio lies on the bed in his unconscious state. Suddenly, his eyes openÖboth togetherÖstaring straight up.