Passions Update Wednesday 2/5/03

Passions Update Wednesday 2/5/03--Canada; 2/6/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Kay comes downstairs after spending her first night with Tabitha. She is rested and well now. She expected to have her breakfast made but Tabitha isnít going to do that for her. Let her get her own breakfast. Tabitha isnít going to be her maid too. She is only letting Kay stay there as Kay was going to tell everyone that she was a witch. She already tried to do that, but the others thought that Kay was only saying these things as she had bumped her head. Tabitha got a break because of that, but what will happen next time? Kay is still sure what she saw and nothing that Tabitha tells her can make her think any different. Tabitha thinks that she has been hallucinating and that is the reason that she has been making up all these stories. Kay tells her that she wants French toast for breakfast. She is done with the idle chitter chatter and wants to prove to Tabitha that she really does have the upper hand in all this. Tabitha will not make breakfast for her and she is firm on that. Kay thinks that she can snap her fingers and make breakfast appear, it is not as if she really has to go into the kitchen and do anything. Kay knows that she will not do anything to her as she is pretending to be a kind old neighbour and that will be what everyone else will expect. Tabitha tells her that if she were a witch, what could stop her from getting rid of Kay once and for all? On one hand, Kay is sure that Tabitha is a witch, but on the other hand, she better hope that she really isnít one.

Sam comes down and finds that Grace is making breakfast for Ivy. She is going to bring Ivy breakfast upstairs. She is sure that Ivy will be more comfortable upstairs in the bed than downstairs in the living room. Grace thinks that Ivy isnít to be trusted and she Grace isnít going to trust her. Grace has to realize that Ivy was the one that talked Sam and Grace into believing that Kay was telling a lie and for that she is grateful as she didnít want to think anything bad about David.

Ivy wakes up in her room. She hates sleeping in Kayís room. She looks around at all the things in the room. Hideous! The pillows are 100% polyester foam. No wonder Ivy had a crappy sleep the night before. The sheets feel like sandpaper. Ivy would like to have her down pillows there, nothing feels as good as they do. She hates the dťcor too of the room. She canít take this but she should be counting her blessings she knows as she had nowhere else to go the night before when Theresa kicked her out of the house. She had a close call with Kay the night before. The girl was trying to tell everyone that she had been making a plot with David and that was true, but there wasnít a problem after all. No one believes Kay, but it was close and that was why Sam and Grace have to break up soon. This is going to be the best chance that Ivy will ever have to pull this off. Then, all this discomfort will be worth it. When Ivy has the man that she loves, it wonít matter if she is sleeping on sandpaper. She only wants Sam back.

Beth is outside her motherís room thinking of the way her mother went unconscious and hoping that she will be dead soon, if not already. Beth wasnít willing to help her mother by getting a doctor for her when her mother was crying out for help earlier. She kept the woman from her beeper and swung it in front of the womanís face as she suffered. Beth will see her mother dead before she lets her interfere in her life again. The nurse comes out with bad news for Beth.

Sheridan is praying in the chapel when Luis comes in behind her. He touches her back and she turns to face him, glad to see a friendly face. He has finished his shift and come back to see how she has been doing. Antonio is still in a coma and the family have been waiting to see what is going to happen, or not going to happen. Sheridan thought that by now, Antonio would have gotten better but he hasnít. The drug might be still working, or lying in his system doing nothing. Luis reminds her that the drug is experimental and it might not work, so she has to expect everything. Sheridan would like it to work so everybody will be happy in the end. Antonio getting better is the only chance that Luis and Sheridan have for being together. Anything less, and they will never have the chance that they need to tell Antonio the truth about them. If he never comes out of the comaÖ Luis knows the end to that sentence. Sheridan will be stuck with Antonio all her life. He may live in the coma for many years to come and Sheridan will stay with him. Luis knows it and he wouldnít expect anything less of her. Luis knows that she will never leave Antonio if he never gets better and that saddens him as well as makes him proud to be the one that she really loves.

Kay knows that Tabitha will not do anything to her. She canít. Kay knows that if anything happens to her, they will blame Tabitha for it as her parents have left Kay in her care. Tabitha would have a terrible time explaining why Kay would suddenly disappear, then they would remember that Kay was accusing Tabitha of being a witch and that would be it. Kay figures out that Tabitha was trying to make her go into the basement so that she could kill her. She remembers now how kind the woman was trying to seem by offering the sleeping bag to her. The night before, no one knew where Kay was so she is sure that Tabitha was going to kill her and she probably would have gotten away with it too. Tabitha looks at her as if she is nuts. Kay is on to her now. She knows that Tabitha is not stupid to try anything on her again as she would be surely found out. She says again that she would like French toast and bacon which is really a hint for Tabitha to move her ass and get cooking. Whether Tabitha uses magic or not, Kay doesnít care. She is hungry.

Tabitha knows that the brat is right. There is nothing that she can do to get rid of Kay now, not the way that she was going to. The spirits told Tabitha that she was going to get a helper and now Tabitha canít wait to get that helper, as she is going to need help getting Kay out of her life forever.

Sam tells Grace that she canít believe one part of Kayís story without believing the rest. If she believes that John is her child, then she is going to have to believe that David tried to do something to hurt her and her family. She canít just pick out the parts of the story that she likes. He has to wonder if he is losing Grace to David.

Ivy talks on the phone to Rebecca telling her that she has spent one of the worst nights of her life there. Rebecca tells her that she shouldnít be trying to come back to the mansion as Theresa will not allow it and Rebecca has moved into her room anyway. Ivy wouldnít have expected anything less of Rebecca than her trying to get whatever she could of Ivyís for herself. Ivy tells Rebecca that she isnít coming back to the mansion anyway. Ivy called to have Rebecca tell Phyllis to pack up some things and have them sent to Samís. Ivy will try to make herself as comfortable as possible. Ivy has no intention of leaving Graceís house ever. She is going to stay there with Sam.

Luis and Sheridan discuss Pilar thinking that Antonio is going to get better. Luis tells Sheridan that she needs to believe in miracles as they have had so many themselves. They will have to wait to see what is going to happen next.

The nurse has to talk to Beth about Mrs. Wallace. Beth tells the nurse that things are going to be sad without her mother. Beth thinks that when she is at her motherís funeral, she will drink champagne over the dead body. She will be free. No more dead pans. She will be free to live the life that she deserves. The life that she has will be a life with Luis. Mrs. Wallace will pop up out of her coffin and do a dance, singing that she will never be with Luis. The nurse breaks Bethís thoughts to tell her that Mrs. Wallace is alive but has had a major stroke and will require a great deal of help from her daughter.

Pilar is sitting with Antonio when Luis and Sheridan come in to relieve her. Pilar will not leave. She wants to be there when her son comes to. She doesnít want to lose Antonio again. He has so much to live for. He canít leave them now. Pilar knows that things were not good for Mrs. Wallace. She wants Luis to tell Beth that she will pray for her. Luis leaves and Sheridan offers to go and get Pilar a sandwich but the woman wants to talk to her. There is something important that she would like to say to Sheridan and she is going to say that now.

Grace tells Sam that there are crazy things going on in their lives and she is scared. Ivy wants him back and she will do anything that she can to get that. Grace thinks that Ivy is working on her own to wreck their marriage. She thinks that David wouldnít do the things that Kay said. Ivy would though. She wants Sam and so she would do crazy things to get him. Sam wants them to be happy and like it was. They are being tested now and they have to be strong. It all starts with them. They have to come back together and that is what Sam wants. There is nothing standing in their way and they should make it happen. Grace wishes that Ivy werenít living in the house. The kettle whistles and Kay pours the tea. Sam is sure that Ivy is leaving that day. He is sure that Ivy will not want to stay there any longer anyway. Sam leaves. Grace knows that Sam is wrong and that Ivy will want to stay with them forever.

Tabitha comes over to Kay who is on the computer. She is trying to find a way to prove to everyone that Tabitha is a witch. She learns that tests were run on women to prove that they are witches. They have a mark on their backs and it you pierce it and it bleeds, then a witch has been found. Kay thinks that idea is stupid. Kay knows that there must be more modern ways to find out if someone is a witch or not.

Tabitha has to find a way to get rid of the wench, but what?

Pilar wants to talk to Sheridan about things that she said the day before. She said things that she shouldnít have earlier and she wants Sheridan to forgive her for those things. Sheridan knows that Pilar said those things out of a deep love for her son. It made Sheridan love her more. Sheridan is sorry for what she has done to Pilar. Pilar doesnít want her to blame herself. Pilar knows that there were circumstances for the things that happened and Sheridan couldnít help it. Sheridan knows that she should have given Antonio his medication on time and if he dies, it is going to be Sheridanís fault. Can Pilar forgive her for that? Can she really?

Mrs. Wallace wakes and canít speak very well. She has a horrible formed mouth now that she tries to talk through. Mrs. Wallace remembers what happened before her stroke. Beth didnít try to help her mother. Beth tells her to shut up. Most girls would do everything that they could to save their mothers, but Beth knows that most girls donít have mothers like hers. Beth tells her mother again that she is going to marry Luis and have a life that will be lovely. Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth will ruin Luisís life. She is going to tell LuisÖshe is going to tell the man exactly who Beth is. She has had it. She grabs the pillow to put over the old hagís face. That is when Luis comes in and sees Beth with the pillow over her mother and he asks her, ďÖwhat are you doing?Ē Beth turns innocently to find the man of her dreams standing in the doorway.

Kay has found a web page ad for a company that can detect the supernatural. They promote the fact that witches and warlocks are their best subjects to work on.

Ivy tells Rebecca that she is going to be with Sam and she is not worried about Grace. Rebecca thinks that Grace isnít to be underestimated. Ivy is going to make things get worse and worse for the married couple. Ivy hears someone coming and she thinks that it is Sam. She has no nightclothes on and she removes the sheets so that she is lying there naked. She then pretends to be sleeping. The door opens and Sam comes in with breakfast. He canít believe what he has just seen. He puts down the breakfast tray and comes over to her to help her to the desk to eat. She wraps herself in the sheet and he picks her up and carries to her to the desk. They can hear Grace upstairs calling out to the kids that breakfast is ready. That is when Sam hits the tray on the desk and the tray goes flying to the floor. Grace comes in and finds Sam holding Ivy in his hands. She can see that the woman is naked under that sheet.

Luis asks Beth again what is going on. Beth says that her mother needed another pillow and she was going to slip it under the womanís head. Luis has come to see how Mrs. Wallace is doing. He heard that she had a stroke. Mrs. Wallace is trying to talk, but Beth talks over her. Mrs. Wallaceís distorted mouth prevents her from making the words that she wants to. She is trying to warn Luis about Beth but Beth doesnít let that happen. Luis will be back later to see them and make sure that they are okay. Mrs. Wallace gets out that she wants to talk to Luis. She has something to tell him. She has to make him know things. Luis asks her what she has to say. Mrs. Wallace says that Beth is not what she seems. Not at all. Beth looks from Mrs. Wallace to Luis shaking her head. She can only hope that her mother doesnít get out of her mouth what she has been trying to say now for months.

Beth says that her mother has been debilitated by the stroke. Beth says that her mother might have to go to an old folks home. There suddenly is fear in Mrs. Wallaceís eyes. Beth assures her mother that she will try to keep her out of the old folks home if she can. Mrs. Wallace calms down and stops trying to talk. Luis thinks that Beth is a very nice woman to be looking after her mother this way. That is one of the reasons why he loves her.

Tabitha stops Kay from making the call to the ghost buster company. Tabitha thinks that there is another way that they can work this out. Kay says that she is doing this to show her mother that she doesnít lie. Grace will realize that she shouldnít choose a stranger over her own flesh and blood. Only then will Kay have her revenge.

Sam explains that he was only helping Ivy into her chair. Ivy says that she is sorry for dropping the tray that way. Sam leaves to get something to clean up the mess. Ivy thinks that Sam was nice to help her out this way. Grace knows that the woman is helpless. Grace is on to her and she tells Ivy that she is going to be out of there that day. Sam and Grace have already discussed it. Ivyís plan has backfired. This isnít going to get Ivy closer to Sam, it is only making Sam and Grace see that their marriage is tougher than she is. Grace isnít going to let her come between them. Grace wonít let it happen.

Ivy is a little confused. Grace clears things up. She isnít leaving Sam. Ivy has lost. Sam returns with paper towels to clean up the mess at Ivyís feet. Grace tells her that after Ivy gets dressed, Grace will make her something to eat.

Kay is still thinking of another way to prove that Tabitha is a witch. She will prove that she has been right all along.

Tabitha goes to the basement asking for help. Kay is determined to expose her and if she is caught, she will be handcuffed and unable to do anything to Harmony. What is going to happen in town to all the people that are having terrible trouble now? Tabitha says that she has other things that she would like to do to the people of Harmony and she needs help to do it. She wants her helper now. The spirits tells her that she has gotten her helper. The helper is in the living room and she is Kay Bennett. Tabitha canít believe what she is hearing.

Beth tells her mother again as she tucks her in that she has to get Luis for herself and away from that bitch Sheridan.

Pilar tells Luis and Sheridan that she understands that their relationship depends on whether or not Antonio comes out of this. Luis knows that Antonioís death would be a wedge between he and Sheridan. The alarms on Antonioís machines start going on. Pilar calls for a nurse. Luis and Sheridan stand over the man knowing that he canít die, he just canít. They stare at his face in anticipation.