Passions Update Tuesday 2/4/03

Passions Update Tuesday
2/4/03--Canada; 2/5/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Grace begs Kay to come home but Kay will not ever come home now. Her mother almost had her but Kay changed her mind when Grace decided that she didn’t believe Kay about Ivy and David. Grace thinks that they can talk about everything in the morning after they have gotten some rest. Kay is sick of being called a liar and isn't’ going to live like one in Kay’s house anymore. Kay could freeze to death but she doesn’t care. She would rather be out in the cold than in a warm house with that woman that she has to refer to as her mother. Sam begs Kay to come home so that they can work things out. He has been very worried about his daughter and doesn’t want her out in the cold like this. Kay would like to come home but she can’t and she knows it. Her mother is stopping her and Kay will not come home with her mother there in the same house.

Rebecca thinks that she can make Julian change his mind about giving Ethan back his position with the Crane’s. She feels that if Gwen just holds on a little longer, she and Ethan will gain lots and Ethan will be the powerful one in the house after some time and Theresa will be out. That is what all the money in the living room was for. The million dollars that Julian and Rebecca were to make love on when they were so rudely interrupted was for payment to an informant to get enough information to get Theresa out of the house for good. Gwen thinks that makes sense that she should stay but she wouldn’t want to risk her happiness for long. It is true that Ethan is over Theresa, but something might change that and things might turn around if Gwen isn’t careful, but she has already agreed to move out with Ethan and has no idea how she is going to convince him that they should stay now, as she has made such a wonderful case as to why they should go now. She is quickly convinced to change her mind and stay in the house as she can see that her mother may be right about Theresa getting kicked out of the house, and if that happens, she will flourish with her husband.

Fox has been listening to Rebecca and Gwen talk and he hurries up the stairs to tell Theresa that Rebecca is going to get Ethan a top job at Crane Industries, maybe ever her job is they are planning to kick her out of the house and the company. This is something that Theresa definitely needs to know and soon.

Gwen heads up the stairs to talk to her husband about moving out. She has changed her mind and wants to stay now. She only has to find a way to convince him that her change of mind has nothing to do with Theresa, so that he will not become suspicious that she is up to anything. She wouldn’t want him to see her as devious…like Theresa.

Rebecca is going to put her plan in action and get Theresa and the little bambina out of the house. She knows that the person that she has hired to get her information will do the best job possible and Theresa will be a thing of the past and she will be able to marry Julian at that point.

Ethan has told Theresa that he is moving out with Gwen in the morning and he wishes Theresa and her baby well. She can’t believe her ears. She never thought that he would leave but it seems that he can’t deal with the way that his mother has been treated and the fact is that since his mother has left, there is not reason for him to be there anymore. Theresa tries to convince him to stay but he will not do it. He has made a decision to go and he will honour that. He and Gwen have decided tat they believe that is the best for them. Theresa knows in her heart that she is going to get that man back. She knows It!

Simone has a big knife and she has seen her sister and Chad kissing in the living room. That has infuriated her. She hates that there slut sister has been sneaking around her back, trying to get her man. It doesn’t occur to her for a moment that Chad may want to be with Whitney. She heads in there slowly and finds her sister on top of Chad…kissing him…rubbing her body on his. Whitney sees her standing over them and jumps up. Chad sees Simone too now and has to wonder what Simone is doing standing over them with such a big knife. Just what does she think she is going to do with that?

Liz says that she has been sleepwalking and that is why she has been in TC’s bed and that is all. Eve came home and found TC on top of Liz in the process of starting lovemaking. Eve was furious and turned the light on to have it out with TC. Eve isn’t falling for it, Liz is lying. TC tells Eve that Liz was sleepwalking and that she couldn’t help herself. He can see that Eve is mad and he tries to save Liz from the brunt of that. Liz says that she has been sleepwalking and has medication for it that she should have taken and didn’t. She didn’t take it that night and that is the reason for what she has done. Eve is suspicious of that. How convenient that she has suddenly gotten this condition at a time like this. Eve thinks that it was very convenient for Liz to find herself in the bed with TC in spite of everything. Liz doesn’t take the medication as she is afraid of getting addicted. She has been feeling that way and for years. Ever since her sister left her, she hasn’t been able to sleep at night. TC feels sorry for the woman and holds her in his arms. Eve isn’t buying any of it and her feelings not to trust Liz are confirmed when the woman looks up at her over TC’s shoulders and smiles a wicked smile at Eve as TC holds her.

Whitney asks Simone what she is doing. Simone produces an apple and starts peeling it with the knife. She asks what they were doing in the dark and in each other’s arms.

TC thinks that it is clear that Liz is upset and has been sleepwalking. Liz apologizes to Eve as she says that she would do anything that she could to prove that to Eve. Liz says that she has been using Ductrodone. Eve will call Liz’s doctor to confirm all of this. TC leaves to get towel so that Liz can wipe up. Eve tells Liz that she has been faking all along. How is Eve going to stop Liz from taking her husband? Eve trusts TC but she can’t trust Liz. She shouldn’t, Liz warns her again that she better not leave TC alone in the house again or Liz will have to go into another sleepwalking daze. Liz tells her that the next time, she will be making love to Eve’s husband all night long.

Fox comes to see Theresa and he would like to talk to her. She isn’t in the mood to talk but he assures her that she will want to hear what he has to say. Fox is worried about Gwen’s mother. Rebecca said that she had a sure-fire way to get rid of Theresa for good.

Gwen comes into the room and finds Ethan packing. She tells him that she has been thinking and she thinks that they should stay a bit longer. Ethan has to wonder why. This has nothing to do with Theresa. What has changed Gwen’s mind?

Sam is worried that Kay will never come home. Kay is bent on staying out of the house and not coming back.

Ivy thinks that this is going to work out wonderfully for she and David.

Charity and Jessica beg Kay to come home. Kay thinks that Grace doesn’t love her at all. Kay can’t put her unborn child in this situation anymore and Kay has had it. Grace begs that Kay not shut her out like this. Kay feels that her mother doesn’t care for her at all.

Kay remembers that her mother threw her out. She can’t take this anymore and she can’t live with her mother anymore. Where is she going to go? Kay turns to Tabitha. She thinks that staying with Tabitha would be the thing to do. Tabitha can’t believe this. Kay thinks that Tabitha would like the company. If she is only a sweet innocent neighbour and not a big bad witch, then what would she had to hide?

Simone thinks that her sister and Chad were kissing. Chad is about to tell the truth but Whitney stops him telling Simone that she tripped in the dark over the coffee table and she fell on Chad. Chad was scared at the time and he put his arm around her. Simone tells them that she feels like such a fool and that she is sorry for thinking that worst of them. She says that she knows that neither one of them would ever hurt her like that. She gives Whitney the apple and moves over to Chad who she starts kissing as Whitney watches.

Eve gets angry and almost hits Liz. Eve tells her that she is going to tell TC the truth. She knew that this would come back to haunt her. Eve is going to be the one to tell TC the truth before anyone else. Eve will get rid of her power to hurt her. She will be free…she will be free forever and she can’t wait. Liz looks at her in horror.

Rebecca likes that Theresa has no idea that she is about to be tossed out on her ass. Julian has stashed the money all over the house and they will collect it in the morning and pay the informant off. Then it will be adios.

Fox tells Theresa that the money that they saw earlier was a payoff for something that Rebecca has done to get Theresa out of the house. The information must be good as it is worth the million dollars. Rebecca was convinced that the information is good that she has and she has even convinced Gwen to stay and not move out. Theresa knows that this is good then as that will give her more time to get Ethan back.

Gwen admits that she doesn’t want to live in the same room with Theresa but her old apartment is being decorated and she needs a bigger place. She has to find a new place and that may take days. Ethan knows that is true. Gwen is sure that they could find something temporarily but that would be a waste of time and energy. She knows that Ethan wants to move out too, especially since Ivy has been tossed out of the house but she thinks that they should be patient and move out later. Ethan is fine with that. He will unpack and wants her to let him know when she is going to be ready to move.

Tabitha says that she isn’t used to being around young people all the time and Kay may be uncomfortable. Tabitha thinks that Kay might be a little rowdy for her. Sam doesn’t want Kay imposing on Tabitha. Kay takes Tabitha out of the room.

Kay tells Tabitha that she is going to make sure that everyone knows that she is a witch. Tabitha is sure that no one will believe her. At that moment, Tabitha burps and a butterfly comes out of her mouth. Kay catches the tiny creature in her hand, knowing that if she shows this to the others in the other room, they will finally believe that Tabitha is a witch, or at least a strange type of human being. Soon everyone will agree that Kay has found something important out about the woman. Tabitha knows that her goose has been cooked.

Kay threatens to show everyone this butterfly if Tabitha doesn’t let her stay there. Sam comes into the room asking Kay not to pressure Tabitha. Tabitha admits reluctantly that she may need some help there and Kay staying may be a good thing. Kay thanks Tabitha for her help. Kay will be welcomed there. Kay hugs Tabitha telling her quietly that Tabitha has made the right decision.

Liz knows that someone else knows her secrets and she wants to know who. Eve tells her that is none of her business. Grace calls Eve and tells her that Kay has been spouting off about Tabitha being a witch. Grace thinks that the bump on Kay’s head is probably the problem. Grace will come to the hospital the following day so that Kay can get a cat scan.

Liz heard Eve on the phone and sees that the woman is relieved. Liz tells Eve that if she is determined to tell TC the truth about her past, then there is no time like the present.

Simone and Whitney come into their parents room and are surprised to find Liz there. They are told that she was sleepwalking. She woke up because Eve found her sleeping and threw cold water on her. Simone has never met anyone that sleepwalks. IT is caused by many underlying psychological problems. Liz agrees as her problems were caused by her rotten sister. Liz is glad that everyone is there as she would like to tell everyone about the woman that ruined her life. Eve seems a little paranoid at what she is hearing from her sister’s lips now.

Fox wants Theresa to understand that what he heard wasn’t good. Theresa thinks that is wonderful news. She isn’t worried about Julian and Rebecca. She feels that they are wasting her time and money. She can deal with it. She finds Julian and Rebecca to be weak. Rebecca must be dreaming and will fail as she has already done in the past. She feels that Rebecca is the one that has caused Ethan to change his mind about leaving and so Theresa should be thanking her.

Ethan and Gwen are kissing madly and they fall on the bed to make love.

Kay is sure that she wants to be living with Tabitha know. Sam reminds her that he is right nest door if he is needed. He loves her and she loves him. Grace tries to hug her daughter but Kay won’t let her. Grace leaves without her hug.

Liz tells Eve and her family that she was hurt as she looked up to her sister too much. She loved that girl more than anything in the world. She needed her sister’s protection and one day she upped and left…she wasted her life on drugs and liquor and men…She left Liz to live the life that was terrible. She could have been saved by her sister but she wasn’t…she didn’t care what happened to Liz and only cared for herself. TC wants to know who this horrible woman is. Liz is about to tell TC when Eve jumps in to say that everyone makes mistakes. Eve has made some herself and they can’t be fixed. Some times, things can be worked out in a way that makes her happy but Liz has to know that her sister is suffering too. Maybe…Liz still wants to make the woman pay and she will. She feels that she has kept them all that night too long. She is going to go to her room and take her medication. She will not bother them again. She tells TC that she is sorry and she leaves. The girls say goodnight to their parents and leave. TC wants to know if Eve still believes that Liz was faking before. Eve says that she doesn’t believe that the woman was sleepwalking. TC tells Eve that he missed Eve too much and thought that Liz was Eve. Eve is sorry that she hasn’t been there for her husband. She promises that she will be there for him more in the future. Her pager goes off and Eve tells him that she is sorry and has to take off. TC is angry now. He tells her to go and take care of everyone but her family.

Theresa isn’t afraid of Julian and Rebecca. She has the law and the police on her side. She tells Fox to relax as she isn’t going anywhere.

Julian and Rebecca are drinking to freedom. They are just one phone call away from sending Theresa out of their lives forever. Julian kisses her cleavage as he can’t resist her.

Kay and Tabitha sit and talk. Kay still thinks that she will be able to make everyone believe that everything that she has said that night is true. Then her mother will suffer the same way that Kay has been suffering. Tabitha feels the hiccups coming back and then it starts…butterflies start coming out of her …hoards of them.

Grace and her family are back in the house. John says goodnight to his ‘mother’ and leaves. Sam thinks that it is time to go to bed. Where is Ivy going to sleep? Sam says that since Kay is not there, she can have Kay’s room. Jessica is tired and she heads up the stairs. Charity follows her. David goes to the door and says goodnight to everyone. Ivy wonders how she is going to get upstairs to Kay’s room. Sam offers to carry her up there. He heads up to the woman and lifts her easily out of the chair and up the stairs. Grace would have liked to have believed Ivy’s story as that would allow her to be rid of Ivy forever.

Whitney comes back to Chad in the living room and sits by him on the floor. She wishes that he had heard Liz’s story just now how she was the weaker of the 2 sisters and she was betrayed by her sister. Whitney can’t let this happen to Simone. Chad rises and hugs her to comfort her. Simone is peeking around the corner and sees them. She is happy to have heard her sister talking just now as she knows what she is going to do now to get Chad all to herself and keep Whitney away.

TC knows that Eve’s priority is her work as she is a doctor and he shoos her off. She promises to make time for him real soon. She gets her doctor bag and tells him she has to go. He only replies with, “See ya when I see ya…” She kisses his cheek and leaves. That is when he goes over to Liz’s robe that has been left on the bed and smells the sweet perfume of it. He remembers asking her the first time if she was okay. She simply kissed him to show him how she felt.

Eve has been watching her husband from behind the door and she sees her husband smelling Liz’s robe… She knows that he has been tempted and she vows to herself that she will not let Liz take him from her. She turns and walks off to work as she has no choice.

Liz has been around the corner and she sees when Eve leaves. She thinks that Eve may be a great doctor but that isn’t going to save her marriage.