Passions Update Monday 2/3/03

Passions Update Monday
2/3/03--Canada; 2/4/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Kay is still trying to make everyone think that Tabitha is a witch. She has been giving up all her secrets that night. If she isnít going to be happy, then no one will. She has told of Ivy and David scheming to end Sam and Graceís marriage and she also has told about Tabitha being a witch. Ivy thinks that Tabitha wouldnít let Kay say these things if she had the powers to make her a frog or something like that. That seems to make sense to everyone else in the room. Kay tells everyone that she hasnít been imagining these things and that they have really happened. If only they would believe her. Even Reese thought that Tabitha was a witch for a long time. Now, Kay knows that he was right all along. Jessica tells that Reese has changed his mind about Tabitha and he apologized to her about what he said before. He now knows and believes that Tabitha isnít a witch at all. Tabitha confirms that. Kay is sure that she knows better than everyone else in the room. Tabitha says that it is unkind of Kay to say these things, even when the woman was nice enough to lend her a sleeping bag to go sleep under the bridge. Ivy thinks that Kay is making this up. She has to be. First she and David are accused of terrible things and now Tabitha is a witch! Ivy says that Kay is a sweet girl, and far too sweet to do these things. Ivy thinks that Kay has been hallucinating and that can be the only answer as Eve would be accused as well if what Kay has been saying is true. Sam and Grace are not sure what to say at this point. They want to believe their daughter but can they?

Julian is at his house with oodles and oodles of money all over the living room. He is pretending to be bald by wearing a skull cap over his hair, while Rebecca pretends to be Orphan Annie. They are dressed up to the hilt in their sex costumes. ďWhose your daddy?Ē He grabs Rebecca and kisses her dead on the lips. Rebecca tells him that he has a big wad of bills there that she can see. Julian tells her that little Julian is up and running. He had been worried before as he hadnít been able to make love to Rebecca for a while and both he and Rebecca thought that Theresa was responsible for that. The pressure that she had been putting on Julian with all her antics left Julian little more useful than a castrated man. They have the money there to give to the informant to get rid of Theresa, but first they are going to put it to better use. The thought of Theresa finally getting out of the house makes Julian hornier than he has ever been in his life. He hops on RebeccaÖ They are going to make love on the money first and then they are going to use it to bring about the downfall of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Julian takes Rebecca and pushes her on the ground for the mad act that is about to follow. They are giggling madly when Theresa, Fox, Ethan and Gwen walk in grossed out at the scene that they find before them. YUCK! Julian and Rebecca get up finding that they are caught in the act and embarrassed at being found this wayÖand in costume for the act.

Chad is sleeping on the couch in the Bennettís house when Whitney comes to him and wakes him. Chad had to stay over because of the van getting stuck out in the storm. Chad is glad to see Whitney and not Simone. He was afraid that she would come down and try something on him and he didnít want that. It took everything that he had to make her go to bed and leave him alone. Whitney was unable to be without him and had to come down and make sure that he was alright. He likes that she is there and not Simone. He strokes her hair and they kiss.

Simone comes downstairs to see her Ďboyfriendí and she finds Whitney with her boyfriend. She stays behind the corner so that she will not be found out. She would kill to hear what they are talking about. She hates that her slut sister is down there and she knew that her sister would stab her in the back this way. It is a good thing that she has come downstairs to see what has been going on. Whitney and Chad are kissing now and Simone watches it all, sure that her sister is the one that has been going after her man and not the other way around.

Eve has come into her bedroom and she has found Liz in the room with her husband. She was in the room, in the dark, taking off her earrings when she felt like she saw a stirring in the sheets. It didnít look like one person over there. She squinted her eyes to get a better look at who might be there. TC and Liz are in bed together and they seem to be making love. She has her eyes closed and he is on top of her. Eve goes to the light switch and turns it on to see what exactly is going on here. Eve demands to know what is going on there out loud, but that doesnít wake Liz, only TC. TC hears her and jumps up off Liz when he realizes what he has been doing and with who. He is shocked to find that his wife isnít the woman in bed with him and that Liz is in bed with him instead. Eve demands to know what is going on there. Liz still sleepsÖor pretends to.

TC jumps out of bed telling Eve that he thought that she had come home late and that she had woke him up to make love. He was up for that and so he ended up in bed with Liz who he thought was Eve. Eve demands to know why the door was locked the way that it was. TC tells her that Liz locked it during her sleeping walking fit. Liz has been sleepwalking and there has been nothing that TC could do to turn it off. Eve doesnít believe that for a moment. Liz is pretending to be asleep but she smiles when she hears how angry that Eve is.

Theresa hates that Julian and Rebecca are bumping and grinding in the living room of all places. Is no one safe from them? They have their own room and should be grooving to the beat in there and no where else. Julian stands before her with his skull cap on and Theresa tells him that this is her living room and that she isnít going to have him rutting in the living room like pigs in heat. Fox wants to know what all the money is for.

Kay says again that she isnít hallucinating and that Tabitha is really a witch and that Ivy and David have been plotting to end Sam and Graceís marriage. Sam still believes that Ivy and David have been doing the things that they are doingÖas much as Kay believes. Sam tells Kay that she sounds crazy. Kay says that she knew that Tabitha was spinning in mid-air and that butterflies were coming out of her ears. At that moment, Tabitha hiccups and butterflies come out of her ears. Kay sees them and tells everyone to look. They turn their heads in Tabithaís direction to see what Kay is talking about.

No one sees the butterflies but Kay. Tabitha has to wonder what Kay is saying and why everyone is looking at her. Tabitha tells her that there are no butterflies in the room but Kay thinks that the butterflies are in the room somewhere. Kay knows that she has lost some blood but she hasnít lost her mind. Tabitha tells everyone that she isnít in the habit of burping up butterflies. Kay thinks that Tabitha is trying to talk her way out of this. Tabitha knows that Kay has no proof of the butterflies being in the room. Tabitha has caught one of the butterflies in her hand and she holds it behind her back so that no one will see it.

Everyone wants to know what the money is for. Julian says that he likes to keep money around the house. Fox finds a withdrawal slip with that nightís date on it. Fox wants to know what the money is for. Rebecca remembers telling Julian that they need one million dollars to get Theresa out of the house. Julian was shocked at the amount that would be needed. Rebecca tells everyone that this is Julianís money and he will spend it how he likes. Theresa hopes that he is not spending this money on Rebecca.

Chad and Whitney are kissing on the couch. She is glad that he is going to be staying over that night. Simone tries to listen but canít hear what they are saying.

Chad had to stay over as the car is stuck in the snow and he couldnít have gotten home anyway. It was very sweet of him to take care of Whitney and her sister the way that he did. She wants to tell Simone the truth about them, but she canít bring herself to do it right now.

Simone tries to hear what they are saying but she canít hear.

Whitney tells Chad that Simone canít learn what they are up to as she will be crushed.

Simone sees Chad and Whitney kissing and vows that no one is going to make a fool of her and get away with it.

TC explains what happened with Liz that night. Eve has trouble with that. He tells her that he called the hospital and Eve wasnít available. Eve knows that is true. A nurse told TC that he shouldnít wake a sleepwalker and that she had to work out her dream. TC tells Eve that he fell asleep on the floor and then he went into the bed and thought that he was with his wife. TC couldnít unlock the door as the key was down Lizís nightgown and TC wasnít going to go down there. Eve thinks that TC could have called the kids to unlock the door and get him out. Why didnít he do that? TC has no answer for her. Eve asks him again why he didnít get the kids to let him out after Liz had locked the door. Again, TC has no answer for that. Liz lies on the bed, pretending that she isnít awake, but she is fully awake and listening to Eveís questions. TC hasnít an answer for Eve and that makes Liz very happy indeed.

Theresa wants to know what the money Julian has is for. Julian will not be questioned about his money. Theresa reminds him that the money is theirs and not his. Theresa warns him to behave or he might go the way of Ivy. Theresa has to go upstairs and feed her son and she warns them to get a motel room if they want to play more games. Fox thinks that his family is really dysfunctional.

Ethan thinks that he and Gwen should move out the next morning. Gwen is glad to hear that. Ethan goes upstairs while Gwen stays to talk to her mother.

Fox can see that the show is over so he bids Gwen and Rebecca goodnight. He leaves closing the doors and he stays behind to hear what the ladies are going to talk about.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she and Ethan are not moving out of the mansion. She wants them to stay thereÖshe insists.

Tabitha really feels that Kay is imaging things. Ivy thinks that they need to get Kay help for what she has been imaging. Kay knows that she hasnít got any problems. Ivy reminds everyone that Eve said that the DNA test said that John is Graceís son, so Kay must not be telling the truth. Grace agrees that Kay must have hit her head harder than they thought. Grace apologizes to David for this. Sam apologizes to Ivy for his outburst earlier. Ivy thanks him for that. Grace thinks that Sam owes David an apology and Sam gives him one. Sam feels that Grace owes Ivy an apology now.

TC has no answers as to why TC didnít answer the door but he comes up with no wanting their girls to see another woman in Eveís bed. TC tells Eve that Liz is sleepwalking still and she hasnít wakened up yet. Eve thinks that TC shouldnít have been kissing Liz even though she was sleepwalking. What was TC doing kissing Liz?

Liz is awake but keeping very quiet to make the others think that she is still sleepwalking. She smiles at the argument that Eve and TC are having over her having been in Eveís bed and her kissing TC.

Grace says that she is sorry that she thought that Ivy would stoop so low to use David and John to get Sam. Ivy says that she understands Graceís feelings over Kayís accusations. Kay is upset that no one believes her. She runs out and Sam follows her.

Ivy knows that everyone believes that Kay is only imaging things now. She and David are very lucky.

Gwen tells her mother that it is time for her to move out. Rebecca will stay where she is and she wants her daughter to stay too. Rebecca says that she has a plan that will get rid of Theresa once and for all. Gwen tells Rebecca that Theresa going against Ethan has had a huge effect. Rebecca knows that. Gwen reminds her mother that she is not that far behind Ivy. Gwen is having a baby and would like to stay calm and relaxed. She wants her husband away from Ethan. Rebecca asks her to wait a little while longer before leaving. Rebecca tells her that the money that is in the room is for information that they have dug up on Theresa.

Fox has been listening and learns that the money is for Theresaís removal from the house. He gets very interested now.

Ethan comes to Theresa to give her a bear that he thinks that Little Ethan wants. Theresa tells him that the bear is for him and that Little Ethan doesnít need it. Ethan has been clearing out his room as he is moving out the next day. Theresa shouts out, ďNO!Ē

Simone is in the kitchen and she is mad as hell. She grabs a big knife. If Whitney thinks that she can stab her sister in the back, she will learn what it is like to be stabbed.

TC tries to explain to Eve what happened that night. He smelled Eveís perfume and thought that his wife was in the bed with him. Eve goes over to her perfume and sees that it has been used. TC doesnít remember when Liz used the perfume unless she did it when she was sleeping walking. Eve thinks that Liz hasnít been sleepwalking at all and she gets the ice bucket of water and dumps it on Liz. TC tries to stop her when he sees what she is going to do, but he is too late and Liz is drenched in the bed. Liz jumps up, fully awake shoutingÖĒOH!Ē Eve smiles as the woman rises, soaked to the core.

Gwen wants to know what information Rebecca has on Theresa. Rebecca isnít sure right now but it is going to be enough to send Theresa back to the barrio. Rebecca wants Julian back at Crane Industries running it. Fox canít do it as he is nothing but a playboy.

Ethan explains to Theresa that now that his mother is gone, there is no reason for him to stay. This is her home now and not his. Theresa begs him not to leave as Little Ethan will miss his godfather so much. Ethan is reminded of the old Theresa, the kind Theresa that he wanted to marry. She says that she is the same person. Ethan tells her that she isnít the same now that she has pushed Ivy out into the snow. Ivy said things about Theresa that she couldnít forgive. Theresa thinks that Ivy is much happier at the Samís house. Ethan doesnít want to rehash this as it is his fault. If she didnít go to Bermuda and try to get Julian to adopt him, he wouldnít be in this mess now. He has a wife now and a child and so he and Gwen will be moving out in the morning.

TC goes to Liz asking if she is okay. Liz asks them how she got in here. Eve would like to know that too. Liz says that she was in bed with TC and they were. She says that she canít believe that she has been sleepwalking again. TC explains to Liz what she has done that night. He didnít want to startle Liz and she laid down on the bed. TC doesn't understand why Eve threw the water on Liz. Eve says that Liz isnít hurt and so she hasnít been sleepwalking. Eve doesnít believe that Liz was sleepwalking even for a second.

Sam tells Kay that she has to calm down and relax. She will prove that Tabitha is a witch and that Ivy and David have been lying. Grace thinks that with a good nightís sleep, she will see things better. It is time for bed now and everyone leaves Tabithaís house but Kay. Grace says that she should come home with her family but Kay meant what she said and she isnít going home with them.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she needs to keep Ethan front and centre if she wants Ethan to remain in good stead with the Cranes. What Gwenís mother is saying is making sense but she had already decided to move out. Gwen will change her mind for Ethanís sake and see what she can do.

Fox has heard everything and he isnít going to let Theresa get thrown out that easily. He goes running up the stairs.

Ethan will not be convinced to stay. He is going to move out with Gwen the following day. He hopes that Theresa and Little Ethan have the very best and he leaves.

Theresa doesnít care. Ethan will be hers again.

Simone has the knife in the kitchen and she looks at the blade and thinks to herself what to do. She heads to the living room with the knifeÖ

Liz says that she had to have been sleepwalking or she wouldnít have been in TCís bed that way. Eve isnít buying it. She thinks that Liz has been in her bed to get the better of TC. That is exactly what Eve thinks. TC looks back and forth from one woman to the other.