Passions Update Friday 1/31/03

Passions Update Friday 1/31/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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The spirits laugh at Tabitha thinking that she is a total muck up. She has come to the basement thinking that the sprits are going to give her back her powers now that she has caused havoc in town. They think that with her past antics, she has failed the dark side many times and she doesn’t deserve to get her powers back. They play visions for her to watch of she and Timmy getting into trouble on many occasions and in many different ways. The spirits laugh as the scenes are played out for Tabitha to watch. She could crawl under the floor at the sight of the show. Tabitha thinks that she should be given credit for the things that she has done in the past to ruin the town. She shows visions of …Sheridan being stuck with Antonio…Pilar is in agony as her son is dying…Pilar’s family in turmoil …Mrs. Wallace knows how far her daughter will go to cause trouble and that is causing her trouble as Beth wants her dead…the Russells and Bennetts are screwed up too…Kay has revealed that David and Ivy are troublemakers…Liz is trying to seduce TC… Those are the reasons that Tabitha thinks that she should have her powers returned. She feels responsible for everyone else’s misery.

Liz removes her robe as TC sleeps on the floor in his bedroom. She sits on the bed thinking of the night that she is going to have with this man. She has put Eve’s perfume on TC’s head so that he will smell it and think that he is making love to Eve instead of her sister. Eve will realize that she has been tricked and TC will make love to Liz thinking that it is Eve. This is going to be like taking candy from a baby. Eve took away what Liz valued most and now it is Liz’s turn to take away from Eve.

Ivy turns to Eve trying to get her to confirm that the DNA test is valid and there is no way that anyone could have tampered with it. Eve has little to say to the people in the room as she really doesn’t want to lie to her friends. Grace would believe Eve is she said that the test was true. Grace has known Eve for years and wouldn’t ever do anything like this. Grace turns to Eve for an answer to the question. Eve remembers Ivy threatening to tell TC about her affair with Julian and her drug use in the past. She is afraid of all of this coming out as that will be the end of her. Eve’s image and name will be dragged through the mud. Her reputation will be ruined in the town and everyone will look down on her. Her husband and daughters are going to see Eve for the slut that she used to be if this gets out. Ivy will ruin her life and the lives of everyone that she loves. Eve moves to speak but Ivy breaks in, not knowing what Eve would say. Ivy says that if all this is true what Kay has said, then John can’t be Grace’s son and that is not possible since the DNA proved differently. Kay can’t explain that part of it, she only knows what she heard that day. She thinks that there may be something wrong with the testing then as she is sure that she found out something that was true in the park. Ivy knows that Eve handled the test and wouldn’t be an accomplice to Ivy and David. What would be the point of that? How would Eve benefit by doing something like that? Is Kay ready to accuse Eve of being someone that would conspire to end Grace’s marriage? Could she really be going that far with this accusation?

Luis can’t believe what Mrs. Wallace has been through that night. First she seems fine and then she doesn’t. Beth remembers her mother having her attack and not being able to reach her beeper as Beth took it away from her mother. She dangled the beeper over her mother’s head as the woman reached and pleaded for it. Beth had her in the hospital room with the door closed so that no passing nurse would see what she was doing to her mother. Beth fakes that she is upset that her mother seems to be recuperating one minute and then seems so ill the next. She really acts concerned but isn’t. Beth tells Luis that she would like to be alone for a moment to think things over. Luis will go and see Antonio but he meant what he said to Beth earlier. He had told her that he will be concentrating more on Beth now that Sheridan is tied to Antonio. Beth loved hearing that. All that she has ever wanted has been Luis to herself. Sheridan and he are over and now Luis is free so he would like to be there for Beth who seems to need him. Beth wonders what happens if Antonio remains in a coma. If he is unaware of his surroundings for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t know that Sheridan was even there. That could make it easy for Luis and Sheridan to sneak off and be together. They would be sneaking around and having an affair. Luis tells her that he would never have an affair behind his brother’s back and that Sheridan wouldn’t do that to Antonio either. She is the type of person that would follow the vows that she has made. No, an affair is definitely out of the question. Luis would like to talk about his future with Beth now. That is where his mind is going to be now.

Sheridan refuses to leave Antonio, even at this time of his illness. She has made the decision to give him the drug but she can’t walk away from him in his time of need. He believes that she is there for him and she will be. She will live up to her vows and do what she has to do to make him happy. She is going to put his needs before hers now. She will be like Pilar was when her husband first left. She has a good example to follow in Pilar. What if Sheridan lets Antonio down and keeps loving Luis? What if she can’t live up to her vows and fails Antonio? What will happen then?

The sprits laugh at Tabitha as they think that she has botched things horribly in the past and it is a joke for her to think that she is going to get all her powers back at this time. She has to prove herself more to them in order to win them over. She was careless to let Kay see her spinning and behaving like a witch. She could have been found out and that would have been disaster. Tabitha didn’t have the blinds drawn and Kay saw her and threatened to tell everyone that she is a witch. Tabitha wants to be appreciated by getting her powers back. The only thing that the spirits are going to give her is a helper. Who are they talking about?

Kay is sure that David and Ivy were conspiring to destroy Sam and Grace’s marriage. John still thinks that his father wouldn’t do a thing like this. Charity thinks that she and John should leave and let the others figure things out. John will not leave. He will stay there forever if that is how long it takes to clear his father’s name. Ivy thinks that if she and David are guilty, then Eve has to be guilty too. Would a respectable physician do something like this? Grace knows that Ivy is right. Eve would never betray them. Kay is only telling what she heard in the park. Sam knows that Eve couldn’t have been involved. He believed his daughter but now he has to rethink things.

Ivy goes into the next room. Eve follows her to damn her for getting her involved in this. Ivy tells Eve that she should get home as Liz has been eyeing her husband.

Liz looks at pictures of TC and Eve on the nightstand. TC stirs in his sleep on the floor…He is dreaming of his wife….She comes to him in her negligee and kisses him telling him that she is the one that is lucky…Liz dreams that the is dreaming of her and not his wife.

Luis would like to discuss the future with Beth now. That seems to be a good move for him. Beth thinks that they have been talking about things a lot lately. Luis is sorry for everything that he has put Beth through. Beth says that she has been going through everything for him. Luis has been having a hard time too. Luis has something to say to Beth. What could it be?

Pilar tells Sheridan that she is as human as anyone else. Sheridan finds her to be strong as she went on and raised her children alone. Pilar had to be strong for her husband even though he was gone. It will be different for Sheridan as Antonio will be in a coma for the rest of her life. At least she will know where her husband is. Sheridan loves Antonio but he is not the love of her life. How can Sheridan stay true to Antonio and give up Luis?

Sam never believed David but he knows that Eve wouldn’t do the things that they are saying. Eve is feeling terribly guilty.

David is glad to see that Grace is standing up for her. Sam is going to keep digging until he finds out the truth. Eve feels that she is to go home and tell TC the truth about everything. She has to get to TC first before someone else does. David wishes her luck.

Sam wants to have Kay examined by Eve but Kay doesn’t want to be examined. Grace thinks that maybe Kay hit her head. Eve thinks that everyone will take her more seriously if she gets her examination first.

Ivy thinks that Kay is destroying their lives. David tells her that the girl is only telling the truth. All Ivy’s manipulations and lies are finally catching up to her. The only consolation that David will have about this is that Ivy is finally going to get what is coming to her.

Luis doesn’t want to make promises the he can’t keep but he will be there for Beth is anything happens to her mother. He will even move into her house if that will help. He will be there emotionally and financially if that will help her. She has never abandoned him and he will not do that to her. She hugs him. He is doing this as there is no where else for him to go.

Pilar has been with Sheridan ever since she was a little girl. Pilar knows that Sheridan will do what is right for Antonio. She is sure of that because being true to yourself means being true to your heart.

Tabitha wants to know who is coming to assist her. The spirits tell her not to worry who is coming and only to think about the little one. Tabitha wonders what her baby is going to be. Is it a girl? Is it a boy? The sprits laugh as they tell her that the baby might not be either.

Jessica hears a loud noise from the basement and she says to everyone that is just the pipes in the basement.

Eve has examined Kay and she seems alright. Grace values her friend. It is a good thing that Eve is her doctor as Kay wouldn’t talk to her own mother. Eve tells Grace that there are many other doctors that can take care of Kay if needed…in case of an emergency. Sam can see that Eve is upset. Grace is glad that Eve is involved as that makes Kay’s story true. Sam is not convinced that David was married to Grace. Sam is sure that there is another explanation for this. Eve has to go now. Sam offers up apologies to be taken to TC for keeping Eve out so late.

Ivy thinks that Eve is rushing out to see if her husband is shacking up with Liz. Eve tells her that she is going home to tell her husband everything. It is over for all of them. Eve hopes that Ivy is satisfied with all the lies that she has been saying. Ivy tells her that she is shooting herself in the foot by doing this. Eve also knows that once she confesses everything, Liz will have nothing to hold over her head anymore.

Liz is preparing for love. She turns out the light. She calls to TC, “Come to bed my darling…make love to me TC…” TC thinks that he is hearing his wife calling. Liz gets under the covers and prepares for what is to come next.

Sam tells Kay to let go of this. How can she when her own mother doesn’t believe her. Ivy thinks that she has to let go of this. Kay is not afraid of Ivy and will anything to make sure that Ivy doesn’t hurt her mother. Grace might get hurt but Kay doesn’t give a damn about her so that doesn’t matter. Grace knows that John is her son. Kay thinks that her mother wants John to be her son as that would mean that she was actually married to David and not her father. That was a horrible thing to say but to Tabitha, it is music to her ears.

Beth doesn’t need Luis to make her any promises. She will take things one day at a time. Luis is worried as she has deeper feelings for him. The past few weeks have proven to her that no matter what, her love is strong enough for him. His love is going to be there for her too. She can count on that.

Sheridan and Pilar sit with Antonio again and Sheridan thanks Pilar for being there for her. Sheridan wants to be strong for Antonio. Pilar knows that Sheridan can do this. The good lord tests us, but he never gives us more than we can bare. Luis wonders if god is watching when she thinks of she and Luis. For as long as Sheridan has known Luis, something has always come between them…the boat that exploded was only one thing that kept them apart. It is like something evil is trying to keep them apart.

Jessica tells Tabitha that she has no idea what to do as her family is always at war. Charity would give anything to stop the war. Tabitha is only glad that her secrets haven’t been revealed.

Kay knows that Ivy has enough money to fake a test at the hospital. Ivy says that she would never do anything like that. Sam sees that David is awful quiet. He wants David to tell him that he faked being married to Grace. Kay knows that is the truth. She knows all this and she also knows that Tabitha is a witch. Everyone turns to Tabitha. Kay says that she knows that Tabitha is a witch as she saw the woman spinning while floating in the air and she also saw butterflies coming out of Tabitha’s ears.

Liz asks TC why he is sleeping on the floor. That is a good question. He gets up not realizing that Liz is in his bed and not his wife. He gets in the bed and starts kissing Liz, thinking that it is Eve.

Eve has come home and is angry that Liz suggested that TC would be sneaking around with Liz. She turns the handle to her bedroom and the door is locked. That is funny. Where is the key she wonders.

Kay says that Tabitha is a witch and she can prove it as Tabitha was reading a book for witches. Kay knows that the book was over there on the table. Tabitha makes the book slip off the table and hide away by magic. When Kay turns to the table, there is no book there. Ivy thinks that Kay is really nuts now. She seems to be rambling. Ivy says to her, “Of course…of course…Tabitha is a witch now…” Kay still maintains that she is telling the truth and is angry that she has been unable to prove what she has been saying.

Kay wants Tabitha to tell the truth but Tabitha jokes about it all. Kay says that she saw this all happen outside the window. Ivy sarcastically agrees with Kay. Kay tells them all again that she is telling the truth.

Luis kisses Beth’s cheek. She is a woman in love with a caring, sensitive man. He will get them some coffee and he leaves. Beth is feeling great now. He is going to be there for her. He will always be there for her. She knew it. She turns to her mother on the bed. “And you…I am putting you on notice…you make one move and I will finish you off for good…” A nurse comes in and Beth changes her tune. “Oh mother…get better soon…”

Sheridan gets coffee but Pilar doesn’t want one. Pilar wants to go to the chapel and pray. Sheridan will be staying the night. Pilar knows that her son is in good hands. Sheridan knows that Pilar has more faith in her that she does herself. How is she going to do this? How can she keep from being with Luis when he is so near?

Eve is going to tell TC about her past. Beating Liz to the punch is the only way to face this. She gets the key to the bedroom and she opens the door. She heads to the bed and what she sees almost kills her. TC is in bed on top of Liz. He is kissing her neck and they are moving…under the sheets. Liz has the look of ecstasy on her face and she is rubbing TC’s shoulder. They have no idea that someone has entered the room. Eve is so shocked at the sight of them that she sharply draws in her breath and covers her hand with her mouth in horror!