Passions Update Thursday 1/30/03

Passions Update Thursday 1/30/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


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TC is in sleeping on the floor while Liz lies on the bed above him thinking of him trying to get her out of her sleepwalking fit. She has been pretending the whole time and he has no idea. She smiles at that. He thought that she was asleep and he didnít even wake her up. She knows that he thinks that if he wakes her up from her sleepwalking, she may hurt herself. That was the reason that he let her roam the room and do whatever she wanted, which was to kiss him repeatedly. She finally lay in his bed and he let her stay there thinking that she has gone to sleep, but the truth is that she has been thinking now of what else she can do to cause trouble in his marriage. Eve is going to hate this when she finds out. Liz means to steal Eveís husband and family from her to make her pay for being a bitch many years ago. She is going to make this a night that she is never going to forget. TC isnít going to forget it either. She is going to take her sisterís husband and destroy her sisterís life forever.

Eve knows that David is right and that Ivy is going to take she and David with her when she goes down. Eve hadnít thought originally about the fact that she has been doing Ivyís work too and that she might pay for her sins. For her the truth could mean a lot more trouble as she lied and tampered with DNA results to make Ivy happy. It is over for Eve if everyone finds out about her past. She is going to lose everything. They will undoubtedly find out about she and Julian and that will be her downfall for sure.

Kay is happy that her mother believes her and she runs to her mother and hugs her swearing that she is telling the truth. Finally, she has managed to make her mother see her side of things. She has gotten her mother on her side for once and that is all that she ever wanted. Sam knows too that Kay is telling the truth. He saw that in her eyes. He knows his daughter and knows that she isnít lying. He turns to Ivy knowing that she planned to tear he and Grace apart. He hates her now. He finds her to be a despicable human being for doing the things that she has been doing.

Liz knows that this is the night that she will get her revenge on her sister. She has planned everything well. She has pretended to be sleepwalking and that has worked immensely. When Eve gets home, she will not like what she sees and Liz will make sure of that. Liz envisions Eve coming home and finding TC in Lizís arms in her bed and that will kill her. Liz thinks that is going to be wonderful to see. Eve has finally gotten one up on her sister after all these years.

Eve is overcome with fear at what Grace and Sam are going to find out about her. They have been her friends for years and she canít bear being found out as the one that caused them to suffer like this. This will affect everything. Her career will be ruined. She goes running from the room at Tabithaís house where Sam and Grace have decided that they believe Kay and she has run into the kitchen.

Tabitha is glad that Kay has forgotten about her and she is going to go down to the basement and point out all the pain that has been happening. The spirits canít keep her powers from her now. Surely they will see that she is a worthy witch and deserves to have her powers back.

John canít believe that his father would do a thing like this. He doesnít care what he hears. His father is a good man and wouldnít lie about who his mother is. Jessica doesnít believe anything that Kay says. She knows that Kay has been lying in the past and that she would do it again for gain. She is somewhat sceptical as to what she hears come out of her mouth. Charity hopes that this isnít true as people will be seriously hurt by the revelations.

Ivy thinks that Sam and Grace canít possibly believe Kay and the crazy look in her eye. So what if she looks like she is telling the truth, that doesnít mean that she is. Sam is sure that this explains everything. He tells Grace that they have been manipulated and that David isnít her husband and hasnít been her husband. Sam isnít going to let David and Ivy get away with ruining the lives of his family.

The medical team works on Mrs. Wallace and tries to revive her. Luis canít understand this. Beth says that the nurse came to check on her mother and she didnít have a pulse. Beth pretends to cry saying that she bas no idea what she is going to do without her mother. Beth remembers telling her mother that she will not get a chance to get between she and Luis. The team continues working with the paddles on Mrs. Wallace. Beth whispers to her, ďGoodbye motherÖĒ

Pilar comes to talk to Sheridan knowing that she has taken on an awesome responsibility taking care of Antonio. Pilar knows that she means it and she does.

David comes to Eve telling her that they are both in the same boat now. She knows that. When everyone finds out that Eve lied about the DNA test, she is going take everything. She will lose her husband and her career and her family. She throws the glass that she has been drinking from on the floor.

Jessica hears something crashing in the kitchen and she runs in there to see what is happening. Grace canít believe that Ivy has done this. Ivy is appalled that Sam thinks the things that he does of her. Sam tells Grace that she has been manipulated and that she was never married to David. Sam and Grace hug each other. Grace realizes now that John canít be her son. She turns to JohnÖthe poor boy.

Liz bends over TC telling him that she is his future as he sleeps. Liz thinks that when Eve finds out she will be horrified. Liz will tell her that she told TC the truth about Eve and what a whore she was. TC will think that she has been an incredible liar all these years. Eve will fall to her knees and cry to TC not to leave her but TC will stay in bed with Liz as she cries.

Jessica comes into the kitchen to see what the noise was about. Eve says that she is okay. Jessica leave sand Eve turns to David and tells him that she got upset as she has been thinking about her life and how Ivy has taken advantage of that. Eve is sure that her family will never talk to her again. David thinks that his son will never forgive him either. David has no idea how to make this better. Ivy is like an evil hurricane ripping through everything in her path. David is worried bout John and Grace. David still has strong feeling for Grace. David is in love with her and now the 2 people in the world that the loves are going to hate him forever.

Kay thinks that Grace has gotten the greatest news ever and she worries over John. Grace thinks again that Kay may be wrong. It is so hard to believe Kay as she has become a liar. Sam canít believe that Grace is serious as she looked into Kayís eyes too and saw the truth. Grace has always believed that John has been her son. Kay wants her mother to believe her. Grace wants to believe that John is her son. How could Ivy make her feel the way that she does about John. Grace canít lose John. Sam thinks that Grace canít stand to lose David. Is that what she is saying? Would she rather be married to David than to Sam?

Tabitha has gone to the basement to ask the spirits for her powers back. She shows the spirits all the misery that she has brought to Harmony. Sheridan and Luis are being kept apart by Antonioís illnessÖBeth is manipulating Luis and Liz is moving in on her sisterís husband. Also, the Bennetts are being pulled apart at the seams. Tabitha thinks that she has been responsible for this. She has done this without her powers and she could do more if her powers are restored. She could destroy every relationship in the world.

Sheridan admits to Pilar that she didnít think that she had the strength to give Antonio the drug. Pilar knows that Sheridan was having a hard time. Sheridan couldnít let Antonio go. Sheridan is prepared to take care of Antonio for the rest of her days. She is prepared to give up Luis. She promised Antonio that she will be with him and she will honour him. She has been thinking and wondering what life will be for her. Sheridan knows that she should ask Pilar about being alone and away form the man that she loved. Pilar was very young when her husband disappeared. How did Pilar cope with the long, lonely nights? She has had no one to share her bed.

Beth watches as the medics try to revive her mother. She and Luis are together outside the room. The medics stop there work and they come out to tell Beth and Luis that Mrs. Wallace has been stabilized but she is touch and go and her situation is quite serious. The doctor asks Luis to take care of Beth now. Luis will do that. Beth canít believe that she hasnít gotten rid of her mother.

David feels that he has no one to blame but himself for Ivy doing what she has done. Eve finds that Ivy is the vilest human being that she has ever met. Sam knows the truth now and he will not be taken in by Ivy anymore. Eve thinks that John will understand what David has done. David thinks that his son will never talk to him again but he thinks that Eve will be okay as her marriage her son. Eve tells David that her past is sordid and she has made many mistakes. There is someone else that means to break up her marriage. Her sister has come to Harmony to take revenge on her. She said that Eve abandoned her and that has made her untrusting of anyone. Her sister is trying to take her husband. Eve tells David that Liz is her sister. She admits it to a stranger for the first time. The woman is trying to take her husband away.

Liz is drinking wine and thinking of the time when Eve finds out what she has been up to. Eve will plead to TC to take her back. TC will not take her back as she has been lying to him all along. Eve will beg but it will be too late as TC will be with Liz and Eve will be told to go to hell.

Sam asks Grace if she would rather be married to David. Sam goes looking for David and john tells Sam that David didnít leave. Davidís car is still in front of the house, so he is still there. Grace is upset as she wants to know the truth. Grace took a long time to accept that she was married to David before the amnesia. John came to her and something that was missing in Grace was filled. John filled a hole in her heart. She canít turn her feelings off like a faucet. Kay thinks that Grace had no trouble kicking her out of the house but she clings to John. Grace thinks that she has a connection. Ivy knows that Grace and John have a connection. She knows that John and Grace seem to share DNA. That alone proves that John is Graceís son. Grace knows that no one but god can make the same DNA. That proves that John is her son, he has to be.

Tabitha thinks that the spirits should be impressed with what she has done so far. The spirits admit that they are impressed with what she has done. They are very happy that Charity and Miguel are not together but she has to do more. They want to forget her screw upsÖThe spirits laugh at that.

When Eve comes home it is going to be great. Liz thinks that TC is going to order Eve out of the house and away from her children. They will not respect her anymore. TC will respect only Liz. Liz will tell her to get out. Eve will beg that she be able to stayÖLiz tells TC again that his life is about to change and that he will be aright. Eve can rot in hell.

David canít believe what he is hearing. Eve has a sister that hates her and is angry with her. Eve knows that her sister hates her and will tell TC about Eveís past. Sam will find out about the DNA test and that will be it. Eve thinks that she has been destroyed.

Grace knows that they canít argue with DNA. The test proved that John is her son. Sam has all the proof that he needs. Ivy thinks that Kay is an impressionable girl and that the DNA is proof that Kay is lying. Sam thinks that the DNA test was faulty. David and Eve come back in the room. Ivy asks Eve to tell everyone that the DNA test is true. She would be the only one that would know if the test was faulty. Sam and Grace want to know.

Liz is ready to start her plan. she goes to TC as he sleeps and puts perfume on his head. That will make him think that he is making love to Eve when in reality he will be making love to her. She is going to take away everything that Eve loves.

Ivy prods Eve to tell the truth about the DNA tests and admit that she knows that the tests are real. Kay thinks that Eve may have rigged the tests. Ivy finds it hard to believe that they could believe that Eve would rig the tests as she is a good friend to Sam and Grace.

Luis is glad that he and Beth can be there for Bethís mother. Beth knows that they would be on their honeymoon now and miss out on her mother being ill. Luis tells Beth that now that Antonio is getting the drug, things have changed. Luis doesnít know now what is going to happen with he and Sheridan. He will not have a future with Sheridan and he would like to be there for Beth if she wants him. She hugs him. That is just what she wanted to hear.

Pilar says that she had to deal with being without a man. She had her children to be with and worry about. Sheridan isnít sure that she is going to have enough to keep her mind off Luis. That isnít going to be easy for her. Pilar tells her to pray for a miracle and that Antonio will be cured. Sheridan knows that the drug will determine what happens now.