Passions Update Wednesday 1/29/03

Passions Update Wednesday 1/29/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


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Beth has her mother in her room at the hospital, and the woman seems to be having a heart attack but Beth doesn’t care. She knows that the second that her mother gets on her feet, she will be after Luis to tell him what a horrible person she has been and Beth can’t let that happen. Right now, the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family and others think that Beth is the wholesome, innocent that she has always appeared to be, but that is not entirely the truth. She has been a horrible scheming woman that has been obsessed with Luis for the longest time. She has even taken her fury out on her mother in fits of rage. Mrs. Wallace has been admitted to the hospital many times in the past because of the rages that Beth has shown her, but no one knows that. Beth lives in constant fear that one day her mother will tell everyone what has been really going on between them. If the woman dies now, that will solve everything for Beth. Beth will not help her mother and will not let her call anyone as she wants her mother to die as soon as possible so that she can be free of her. Beth knows that she does things that are not right but she feels that she only does that because of the example that her mother has given her over the years. Man does she hope that her mother dies, that way her mother will not be around to screw up Beth’s getting Luis back when she finally makes her pitch for him. Her mother calls out in a tiny, high-pitched voice, “…evil….evil…”

Luis and Sheridan are alone out in the snow. Sheridan ran out of the hospital after her decision to give the drug to Antonio. She ran out so fast that she forgot to carry her coat with her. When Luis found her, she was shivering under a shelter in the snow. He took off his coat to put it around her. This is it… This is the last time that they are going to be in each other’s arms, one way or the other, Antonio is still going to a barrier to them being together. If he lives, he will be in a coma but they couldn’t cheat on him in that case, as that wouldn’t be right. If he lives and is cured, Luis and Sheridan will have to keep up the façade longer and wait until they can tell him that they want to be together. She will hurt Antonio then, but at least he will be able to handle it. If the experimental drug doesn’t work, Antonio will be an invalid forever and that is what scares Sheridan the most. She wanted to do what was right for Antonio but she also doesn’t want to be stuck by his side for eternity and she feels guilty for even thinking that. They will never be able to tell him the truth in that case. Luis can’t live without her and he loves her so much. He has no idea how he will deal with having Sheridan far from him and being unable to be with someone else.

Pilar stands over her son and looks down on him lovingly. She has managed to get her wish. She isn’t sure if Antonio is going to get up and be cured but she knows that he will not die for now and that is good enough for now. It is hard to see him like this knowing what kind of life he led. He has been so full of life in everything that he did. The nurse comes in to check on Antonio to see if there has been any change to his condition. Pilar asks if there has been any change in Antonio’s condition. The nurse says that nothing has changed, he is the same as always and there may be a chance that he will stay that way. They have the give the drug time to work if it is going to. They can only pray that the drug will work. They feel hopeless. Hank wants to leave so that the family can have their privacy but Pilar wants him there for support. He has been a good friend to the family and he deserves to be there as well.

Fox heard Theresa talking to Pilar before about Ivy. Fox finds it hard that Theresa thinks that Ethan is going to think that his mother is a bad person and suddenly be friendly to Theresa again. Theresa is sure that Ethan will see that light and come back to her as he should. Ivy will make a mistake and all her secrets will be revealed and when that happens, Ethan will be hers. He will forgive her for everything that she has done and he will be enticed by her again. Theresa just knows it.

David told Ivy that she had been better not to try and break up Sam and Grace in the first place as at least then, she would still have a shot at the man.

Kay is glad that her father believed in her and believes that she was telling the truth about Ivy and David conspiring to get Sam and Grace apart. She knew that if anyone was going to believe her, it would be her father. He really is a great man and Kay looks up to him. He at least gives her the benefit of the doubt in matters before deciding, unlike her mother. Ivy thinks that Kay has been confused. Kay is very clear on what she heard David and she talking about. Eve comes over to ask what has been going on. Jessica called Eve to come over to see about Kay. Kay is angry that Jessica did that. She wants to talk about Ivy and David but Grace wants Kay to take care of Ivy and David first. Kay tells Eve that Ivy and David have been plotting to break up her parents marriage. She promotes that they have been trying to manipulate lives. Eve is shocked to hear this. She, for one, has been privy to Ivy’s schemes in the past and she knows that Kay is probably right about what she is saying, although she says nothing about it.

Kay told Grace that people were scheming.

Tabitha loves that Kay is causing so much pain and Tabitha only has to stand and watch it all.

Kay says that she was in the park and heard Ivy and David talking months ago. Grace finds it funny that Kay didn’t tell anyone the news months ago. Kay knew that her mother wouldn’t believe her. Kay thought that Sam was the one that Grace wanted to have. If Grace doesn’t believe her then the marriage that she has with Sam is going to be toast.

Gwen and Ethan are waiting for news on Antonio but Gwen would like to stay longer. Gwen is a wonderful woman that puts everyone else’s needs before her own. Ethan leaves to get her some juice. Gwen is really staying there to keep Theresa away from her husband.

Fox tells Theresa that Ivy isn’t the type of person of making mistakes so Theresa is going to have a hard time catching her and making Ethan see the truth about her. Theresa is sure that Ivy will make a terrible mistake and that will be her downfall. Fox sees that Theresa is just like his mother.

Pilar comes out to ask Theresa to come and pray for Antonio. Theresa leaves Fox to attend to her family.

The family and Hank are in the room now over Antonio. “…lord this family needs Antonio…we love Antonio.. and we can’t lose him after he has only just come back into our lives…please god…look after our brother. I love him so much…” Theresa also prays for Luis and Sheridan and whatever the results of the drug bring.

Sheridan asks Luis how this could be over and how is she going to live without him? He thought that they were going to be together forever. They had so many dreams together. They remember the time that they took care of the kids of a poor unfortunate family. They played with the kids and everything was perfect. It was like it should be. Luis loves Sheridan and she is his soul mate. They hope that God will forgive them for having a last kiss…just one…a last kiss. They kiss and it is slow and the fact that they are standing in the cold snow suddenly means nothing.

Sam believes Kay and wonders why her mother doesn’t. Grace needs a second to think about this and she runs into the other room. Eve comes after her asking what Ivy is doing there. Grace tells her that Theresa has been kicked out of the mansion and Sam invited her to come and stay with them. Sam was at the house and Ivy didn’t have anywhere to go. This whole night has been like a horror story. First Kay runs out into the storm, and Ivy has been brought there and now Kay says that Ivy has been trying to destroy her marriage. Grace can’t figure why Kay would lie about this but she can’t believe that David is involved in this. Grace asks her friend if this could be true. Eve remembers Ivy telling her that she has to fix the DNA tests on John and Grace. Ivy threatened to tell about Eve’s baby that she had with Julian. Ivy was hateful. She was willing to drag Eve’s name through the mud. Eve doesn’t know what to say to Grace about this but she will be there for her friend is she is needed.

Charity talks to John who doesn’t believe for a minute that his father is involved in something like this. His father wouldn’t lie about this. Charity doesn't’ have any premonitions about this but she senses pain for the people that she loves. Tabitha knows that Charity hasn’t seen anything yet.

Eve tells everyone at Grace’s house that Antonio has slipped into a coma. They all hope that he will be okay. The family is over there along with Sheridan. Eve decides to get herself some tea.

Jessica thinks that Charity should call Miguel and see if he is okay. Charity feels funny about doing that as Kay is there. Jessica thinks that she should make a short call to see if Miguel is okay. Charity agrees that would be okay. Charity heads off to make the call. Jessica knows that Charity and Miguel belong together.

The nurse comes to tell Miguel that there is a call for him at the desk. He leaves and goes to the desk to see who is calling. He answers to Charity. Miguel is glad to hear from her. She is sorry about what has happened to Antonio. Miguel tells her that Antonio has had an experimental drug and they are waiting to see what happens. Miguel tells her that he needs her. She tells him that his place is with Kay now. Miguel can’t stand to be away from her. Everything is falling apart. Their love means everything to him. Charity didn’t call to talk about them, she only called to give him her support. He pleads with her to help him find a way to deal with this. There has to be a way.

Ivy and David can see that Sam believes in Kay and so they think that their goose has been cooked.

Grace returns to the living room and Sam wants to know if Grace believes Kay now. Grace is suspicious of her daughter’s motives. Kay tells her that that bottom line is that John is not her son, so she will have to deal with that.

Miguel tells Charity that they can work things out. Charity says no. Miguel has no idea what happened with Kay but he thinks that evil made him make love to Kay. Charity tells him that what is done is done. She says goodbye over his protests and she hangs up.

Theresa comes to Miguel. She tells him that she knows that it is hard seeing Antonio like this. He doesn’t seem alright. Miguel asks what is wrong with their family. Why can’t they find love and be happy?

Beth is still waiting for her mother to expire. She hangs the beeper about the woman’s body. Mrs. Wallace reaches for it but she can’t get to it. Mrs. Wallace drops and seems to be out of it, or dead. A nurse comes in asking how Mrs. Wallace is doing. Beth tells her that her mother is just resting. She looks over at her mother to make sure that she is not about to say anything. The nurse thinks that Mrs. Wallace is resting just fine. Beth confirms her thought, even though she knows that is probably a lie.

Kay thinks that her mother won’t believe the truth as it came from her and not someone else. Sam stops the women from fighting before it gets too heated.

Sam stares at Ivy and he tells her that he saw the look in Kay’s eyes and when he looks at Ivy, he sees guilt. He tells Ivy that if Kay is telling the truth, he will never speak to her again. He also tells David that he will take the man apart if this is true.

Eve goes to Ivy smiling. She tells Ivy that it looks like Sam is going to hate her forever. She is sorry that David will lose the respect of his son but at least he will not have to deal with Ivy anymore. Ivy thinks that she is still going to win in the end. What about Ethan? If Eve knows him, he will never speak to her. Ivy can’t lose Ethan over this. That will kill her.

Theresa tells Miguel that he has to have faith and that they are all going to be happy as true love will win out in the end. Miguel wishes that he could believe the way that Theresa does. He will try to believe what she has said. Miguel leaves to check on their mother.

Fox comes to Theresa thinking that she is going overboard with this true love thing. She is sure that everyone that should be together will be together. They look over to Ethan and Gwen and they are kissing. There are times that Theresa is unsure about the future and sometimes she is afraid. Tears come to her eyes.

The nurse tells Beth that her mother has no pulse and that she isn’t hooked up to her mother. Beth says that she has no idea what could have happened to her. The nurse calls a code blue as Mrs. Wallace doesn’t have a pulse. A team of medics come in to work on the old woman. The nurse hopes that she will be able to save the woman. Beth says that she hopes that they can save her too.

Luis and Sheridan are back at the hospital and Luis says his goodbye to her as a woman that he had a chance of getting. They are holding hands and then she takes her from him and walks off.

Sheridan shows up and Ethan and Gwen go to her. Gwen hugs her friend and wanted to be there to see how she has been doing. Gwen wants to know how she is doing. Sheridan is okay as she can be. Sheridan tells her to go home and be with Ethan. Ethan tells her to get some sleep as he hugs her.

Pilar still stands guard over her son. Sheridan comes in asking how Antonio is. Pilar says that he is the same but will be better with god’s help. Sheridan only wants to do what is right for Antonio. Hank decides that it is time for them to leave. All but Sheridan goes. Sheridan sits by Antonio and takes his hand in hers. She tells him that she has been praying for him and that she is there for him as his wife.

Ethan comes to tell Pilar that he and Gwen are going now. Ethan tells Theresa not to worry about work tomorrow. Theresa says that there is a meeting that they have to attend the next day and she will need to talk to him about the notes.

Gwen and Ethan walk off and Gwen knows that Theresa isn’t going to stop chasing him. That doesn’t matter to him as he only has eyes for his wife.

Jessica asks about Kay and John thinks that she is still lying. John will never believe this. Never.

Eve is glad that Ivy is finally going to get what is coming to her but things are going to get worse for David. His life is going to be turned down. David tells Eve that she is a very intelligent woman and she should know better. David tells her that she was involved in the plot too as she lied about the DNA results. Ivy isn’t going to forget that. She Ivy starts feeling Sam slipping away, she is going to blab about everything. Eve thinks that is not going to happy. Eve isn’t going to give her a chance to do anything. She knows that Sam will kick Ivy out the minute that she is found out. David tells her that for sure, they are all going to go under.

Sam tells Grace again that Kay is telling the truth. They have had a lot of problems but she is still flesh and blood. They are connected and Grace should be able to look into Kay’s eyes and see that she is telling the truth. Grace will try to do that.

Tabitha knows that this is it. There is going to be nothing but pain for everyone. Nothing but pain. She chuckles to herself as she thinks of the damage that is about to be done to everyone.

Tabitha knows that everyone in her room is going to have their lives turned upside-down.

Eve thinks that if Grace doesn’t’ believe Kay, things will be alright. David thinks that she is wrong. Sam is a cop and he will keep digging until he gets to the truth. David knows that he is right. Eve is going down with David and Ivy and she knows it. She falsified results at the hospital and that is all going to come out.

Sam tells Grace that Kay is her firstborn and that is a strong connection. Sam wants her to see that Kay is telling the truth and he wants her to look closely at Kay to see that. Grace starts crying. She believes that her daughter is telling the truth. John shouts out, “NO!”

Pilar thinks that Theresa should go home now as Little Ethan needs his mommy. Theresa thinks that she is right. She goes running to the door and Fox calls her back as she has forgotten her coat. She takes it and goes running after Ethan and Gwen. She tells them that she has decided to go home. She has a couple of ideas and thinks that they can talk about it on the way home.

They have the paddles out on Mrs. Wallace and Beth watches from outside the room. Luis comes up and Beth throws herself on him, hugging him and telling him that his mother has taken a turn or the worse. She wants him to always be there for her.

Luis tells Antonio that she will always be there for him. She remembers her last kiss with Luis. It was tender and soft and warm. She tells Antonio will have his needs and happiness put before hers. She will be with him forever. “Till death do us part…” She puts her head down on his shoulder.