Passions Update Tuesday 1/28/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


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David knows that it will be a disaster if Kay tells of his plan with Ivy. She has been hinting around them that she might tell all along and she just might now as she is angry with her parents. Ivy hopes that Kay is out dead in the snow. David is angered that she is saying such horrible things about the girl. The girl is Samís child after all and she deserves to live like anyone else. That is a horrible thought to put on someone, even if that person is your enemy. Ivy doesnít care about the girl she only cares that things go her way so that she can get Sam to herself. David knows that he was part of the plan to break up Sam and Grace and that saddens him that he wasnít strong enough to stand up to Ivy and not be involved in this. David doesnít want Kay to reveal their plans but he doesnít hope that the girl is dead. He isnít quite as callous as Ivy is. If she tells Sam and Grace the truth, they will lose the ones that they love. Sam will never have anything to do with Ivy and Grace will never speak to David again. She was just starting to warm up to David too. John too will be hurt that his father lied to him about his mother. He will be devastated. If the truth comes out, Sam will hate Ivy forever and never forgive her for lying to him about something like this all along. Ethan canít find out the truth either. She has been on a thin thread with him before and he will be over the top now if he learns what his mother has been up to. That would be dreadful. She canít lose him as he is the apple of her eye. Grace and John have bonded because of Davidís lies and both would be torn over the truth coming out. They would find out that they are not really related and they would lose the relationship that they have developed. If they found out the truth, that will kill them, David is sure of that. If Kay is alive they have to make sure that Kayís mouth stays shut somehow, of that Ivy is sure.

Kay tells her family that David and Ivy are working together to separate Sam and Grace. She is at Tabithaís house and her family found her there as Charity had one of her ridiculous premonitions and went straight to Tabithaís where Kay is. She tells Grace that John is not her son and that the whole thing with David has been a jokeÖa joke on her. John knows that his father would never be a part of something so evil and he hates Kay for saying a thing like that. He tells Kay that she is wrong and he is going to prove it. She is wrong!

Eve hears that Sheridan has given permission for Antonio to have the drug. She is okay with the decision but hopes that Sheridan knows what she is getting herself into. He could be cured or go into a coma, and if he goes into a coma, he will be totally incapacitated. Sheridan has to be sure of this and she assures everyone that she is. Is she prepared to stay with Antonio for the rest of his life, no matter what the outcome?

Pilar knows that Sheridan will stay with her son no matter what. She believes that Sheridan is a good person and will do the right things for her son now. She wasnít sure that Sheridan was going to give her son the drug but Sheridan came through and she is grateful for that. Sheridan has made the decision and the decision was that Antonio be given the drug. Now all they have to do is wait to see what happens. This is going to be a sacrifice if he is in a coma. She will have to give up everything, mostly the man that she truly loves. She isn'tí the type to be unfaithful in her marriage, so that is not going to happen. Besides, Luis wouldnít be happy doing that to his brother. He couldnít live with himself and they both would turn into people that they are really not. Sheridan has a chance to save Antonio and she is going to take that chance. If things turn to the worst, she will at least have tried. Eve will start the IV now that she has the go ahead to do it. Sheridan looks to Luis for guidance and support on this. All he can do is stare back at her. He knows that she has been faced with a terrible decision and that she has done the best that she could. He will continue to support that decision.

David knows that Sam will be crushed when he hears the truth. There is no telling what he will do when he hears this one. David could have told Ivy to shove her plan but he didnít as he should have. He was too afraid of her and what she would do to him. She was so full of threats and is still that way. John is going to be crushed that his father has told him so a lie. Ivy thinks that they can make sure that John doesnít find out the truth. They just have to do some damage control here to make sure that things turn out their way. Grace will never speak to David again for as long as she lives if she learns the truth. Ivy thinks that it is time that they make a vow. A vow to keep this secret between them to protect everyone else. David believes that she wants to make the vow but not for anyone else but herself.

John calls Kay a liar. He will not listen to such blasphemy about his father. He worships that man and David wouldnít let him down this way. He will not calm down as Kay is a horrible person to say such things. John doesnít believe her and will do everything in his power to show Kay up for the liar that she apparently is. Kay doesnít care that he believes it, it is her parents that need to know the truth and know what they are dealing with. Grace thinks that Kay has invented this story as it is so out there. Kay overheard Ivy and David talking she says and she knows exactly what they have been up to. She has known about this for a long time now. She knows the truth and will not be pushed aside this time. Sam wants to believe Kay but he canít somehow. Sam got proof that he and Grace were married and so he believes it. Kay finds that they are sticking their heads in the Sam. Kay thinks that the marriage certificate was bogus. Kay says that Ivy has been blackmailing David to make him do this. John will not believe this. Kay tells John that David is as phoney as they come. John is going to prove her different. He will get his father and prove that this is a lie.

Tabitha thinks that things are turning out better than she planned. She never thought that the evening was going to turn out so deliciously as this. She smiles to herself.

David knows that he should have told Sam and Grace the truth when he had the chance. Ivy knows that it is too late for that now. The fall out is going to horrendous if Sam and Grace find out the truth now. Sam will rip David apart with his bare hands. How is David going to live with himself now? He has no idea. He hopes that the truth will never come out. John comes in telling his father that he has to come now. They have found Kay and she is telling the most horrid lies. She has been saying that David and Ivy have been conspiring to get Sam and Grace. John wants his father to come with him and set the record straight. David follows his son out. Ivy worries that Sam is going to hate her if he learns the truth. She canít let that happen. She wheels out behind the 2 guys to go over to Tabithaís house.

Sheridan owes Antonio for saving her life once. Hank knows how tough this has been for her. He knows what this can cost Sheridan and he is sorry for that.

Gwen goes to talk to Sheridan. Sheridan isnít sure that she is okay. Is she a bad person as she was tempted to let Antonio die? Gwen knows that Antonio didnít want to burden her this way. Sheridan knows that she was tempted to let Antonio die. She had a terrible decision to make. She has done a very generous thing. They can only hope that things work out for Antonio now. Sheridan has to go now. Gwen offers to go with her but Sheridan wants to go alone.

Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth has caused all this turmoil in the lives of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Beth thinks that is ridiculous. Mrs. Wallace says that she is going to tell Luis exactly what Beth has been up to. Beth canít allow that and she hustles her mother and her walker out of the area. Mrs. Wallace fights but she is not match for her daughter.

Eve sets up the IV for Antonio to get the drug. They will have to wait and see what the effects of the drug are going to be. Pilar is grateful to Sheridan for giving Antonio the drug. Eve tells Pilar that it is unlikely that the drug will work. Pilar doesnít care as her son will be alive as they work on a cure. There has to be hope for Antonio. Eve gets to work.

Pilar sits with her son telling him that they are trying to help him. He is to be strong and storm this weather. Eve looks over at her concerned.

Theresa is sure that things are going to be great for Antonio when he recovers. Fox knows that things are not going to be good for Luis and Sheridan as they want to be together. Theresa knows that once Antonio is better, they will tell Antonio the truth and Luis and Sheridan will be together as they should be. Fox feels that Theresa is projecting here. She is hoping that things work out for Luis and Sheridan, so that it will give her hope for she and Ethan. Theresa admits that is true. She will be with Ethan, she is sure. Gwen is just a minor road block in her road to happiness. She remembers telling Ethan about her brother and how Ethan ran to help her out. She canít forget that.

Ethan comes to Theresa, telling her that he is happy for she and her family. She was so worried about Antonio and she believes that he is going to be alright. They hug.

Fox has to think that maybe there is such a thing as true love.

Beth gets her mother to her room and tells her that her condition will be fatal if she doesnít shape up. She pushes her mother to her bed. Mrs. Wallace thinks that Beth only lusts after Luis. Beth denies that. She thinks that she loves Luis with all her heart. If her mother tries to stop her, she will be very sorry.

Luis goes to find Sheridan who is out in the snow. She doesnít want to go back to the hospital and so Luis takes her into a sheltered area. They hug. She is cold as she has no coat on.

Charity offers the group tea. Grace wants nothing.

Jessica asks Kay if she shouldnít stop now. She has been causing trouble. Kay tells her that she is the victim there.

John comes in with his father asking him to tell everyone that he hasnít been trying to break up Sam and Grace. That Kay has been lying. He asks David to tell them. Kay waits to see what David is going to say next. Ivy is behind them waiting to see what David will do.

Fox thinks that true love seems so easy. He stops a nurse telling her that he has been stabbed right here, he motions to his heart. She can tell that he is flirting with her. He tells her that his uncle is dying and he would like her to have a drink with him. She tells him that she is married. That is okay with him. At least she isnít dead. ďCanít hook them all.Ē

Gwen comes up and finds Ethan and Theresa together hugging.

Ethan knows that Theresa cares for her family. That is how he cares for his mother. Theresa thinks that Ivy is going to be thanking her soon. Sam is letting her stay at his house and Theresa knows that is where Ivy wants to be. Ethan doesnít agree. He says that his mother is not the monster that Theresa makes her out to be. Theresa tells him that enough is enough. Theresa thinks that Ivy is far worse than she ever made her out to beÖĒFar worseÖĒ

Kay tells everyone that she isnít a liar. She overheard Ivy and David talking and they were discussing breaking up Sam and Graceís marriage. She is sure that David is the con man here. John tells his father to tell Kay that she is making up the whole thing. David remembers Ivy threatening to break him in front of his son. John is waiting for his father to tell the truth to everyone. He wants David to tell the truth. David tells John that he is going to tell them the truth. Ivy says that Kay is lying through her teeth. To her that is the truth.

Sheridan apologizes to Luis but he thinks that she did the right thing. He isnít sure that he could have been as strong as she was. This means that they will never be together again. He gives her his coat. He has nothing to say right now.

Beth fixes up her hair as she wants to look her best when she goes to Luis. He must realize that he has lost Sheridan forever. Mrs. Wallace only sees wickedness before her. Beth is a monster. Beth thinks that her mother is the reason for anything wrong with her. She only wants Luis. Mrs. Wallace tells her no. She gets up to make the woman stay in the room and away from Luis. Beth goes to her and pushes her back on the bed. Mrs. Wallace is hurt. She clutches her heart. She canít breathe. Beth thinks that her prayers are going to be answered now. Mrs. Wallace calls for the doctor but Beth doesnít move to help her. She leans on the bed beside her mother. ďWhat did you say?Ē

Sheridan tells Luis that she is going to have to honour her wedding vows and she isnít sure that she can do that. Luis thinks that they should pray that Antonio gets back on his feet and they can tell him that they need to be together That is not likely. Antonio can only make them happy if he dies and that isnít right.

Ethan thinks that Theresa is the monster for throwing Ivy out in the snow. Theresa knows that Ivy would throw her out in the snow in a minute. Ethan doesnít believe that. Ethan tells her that she has his sympathy as far as her brother is concerned but that is it. He walks from her.

Fox comes up to Theresa offering her a coffee. They walk off together.

Gwen asks Ethan is he is okay. He tells her that he has been only expressing his sympathy for her brother.

Kay says that Ivy is lying. Ivy says that she is not. She says that she never met David before he came to town. Kay says that she saw them in a park. Ivy has no idea what she is talking about. Kay is sure of what she heard. Ivy asks her when this conversation took place. That was a few months ago. Ivy wants to know why Kay didnít speak up sooner if she has known this all along. Her parentís marriage was in jeopardy and she could have told her parents before. She was mad at her family and wanted to see them hurt. Sam has had enough. He wants the truth from Ivy and he wants it now. Grace wants David too to tell the truth. John doesnít believe that this is true. He wants David to tell them. He wants his father to tell them that this isnít true.

Ethan is sorry that he has brought Gwen out on a night like this but she doesnít mind. She loves her husband very much. He thanks her for being there. She wants the Lopez-Fitzgeralds to know that she supports them. She hopes that things work out.

Theresa is upset and her mother sees that. Theresa says that she is okay. Theresa wonders why Ethan canít see the truth about Ivy. He is mad at her for making Ivy leave the house. Pilar knows that he is upset as Ivy is his mother. Theresa had no choice as Ivy said things about her and her family. Ethan should see that she isnít the person that she is. When someone loves someone else, they canít always see. Theresa thinks that Ethan will see the mistake that he has made and he will come back to her. She knows that he will.

Kay canít believe that Sam and Grace are asking Ivy and David about their secret plan. She thinks that they will surely lie. Kay tells her father to look into her eyes and tell her what he sees. He knows when she is lying and when she isnít. Sam wants to believe her but like he said, she has said things that were not true before. Kay swears that she is telling the truth right now. They said that David wasnít Graceís husband and that John wasnít Graceís son. Sam believes Kay. She is happy with that and she hugs her father. Sam turns to Ivy and Grace glares at David. John is waiting for his father to say something.

Mrs. Wallace tries to reach for her beeper on the bed to call a doctor but Beth takes if from her. She swings the beeper in front of her and makes her try to reach for it. She told her mother that she wouldnít let anything come before she and Luis and she meant it.

Eve comes to see Antonioís nurse. The nurse tells her that everything is fine right now. Eve is going to leave but wants to be called when Antonio has a change. They could see some improvement or Antonio may just stay the way that he is now, trapped in a shell.

Luis thinks that they should get back to the hospital while they can. The snow is not stopping. Sheridan asks him to stay with her for a while. This is going to be the last time that they are going to be together, probably and she wants to savour the moment.