Passions Update Monday 1/27/03

Passions Update Monday
1/27/03--Canada; 1/28/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Kay remembers that Tabitha was spinning like a top and she tells Tabitha that she needs a sleeping bag from the woman and that after that she is going to tell everyone that Tabitha is a witch. Tabitha knows that Kay means what she says. She has seen far too much and will do just as she says. The only hope that Tabitha has is that Kay be stopped in her quest to out her as the neighbourhood witch. She will do just that. Kay has decided that she will spend the night under the bridge and she will be cold, so Tabitha has offered her a sleeping bag. The only catch is that Tabitha tells her that she has to go and get that sleeping bag herself. The bag is in the basement, where the evil spirits live. Even Tabitha is afraid to go down there as the spirits frighten her terribly. Tabitha knows that once Kay goes down into the basement, she won’t be telling anyone anything anymore. There is no way that she believes that the spirits will let her out of there once they have her.

Julian and Rebecca are playing one of their games. They have been wanting to have sex ever since the wedding and have finally gotten around to it. She shows up at his room as the landlord wanting the rent. She is dressed in a trench coat as she knocks on the door. He is drinking and he tells her that he will do anything that she wants to get by with the rent. He pretends that he owes her a huge amount of money that he can’t pay. She wants to be paid but if he has no money, that is okay with her. She will be paid some other way. She drops her coat after he tells her that he will do anything to stay. She is buck naked except for the black pumps, and they start kissing as a prelude to hard raunchy sex.

Sheridan has made her decision as to what she is going to do about Antonio getting the drug or not. She has been in the chapel thinking about what the right thing is to do and she has come to a decision. Pilar and Luis have been trying to help her come to a decision but she didn’t want their input. This was something that she had to do for herself. Antonio asked her in the videotape to make the decision as he cannot and so, here she is. Theresa, Fox, Ethan and Gwen show up at the hospital to find out what is going to be done about Antonio getting the drug that he needs or not.

Charity is home having the worst feeling that Kay is in terrible trouble. She prays that she will get the strength to help Kay. She goes into a trance. Jessica and John see that she is acting differently. Charity chants, “Kay…let’s find Kay…save her…” she starts walking as they watch.

Julian and Rebecca have tried making love and Julian couldn’t. he fell down on the job. Rebecca finds that hard to believe. Theresa is always up to something and Julian is grateful that she has been able to do that but what is she up to next? Julian thinks that she has been able to do so much and that has caused Julian his manhood. He wants Theresa out of there and Rebecca has been working on that. They have to get rid of Theresa once and for all.

Theresa wants to know what Sheridan has decided about Antonio once and for all. This has been the most difficult thing that she has ever has to do. She has to do what is right for Antonio. She has thought about this and prayed about it. If Eve could promise that Antonio will live, she would give him the drug but that might not work. The drug will make him live longer but Sheridan questions what the life of Antonio will be like if he lives with the drug. After praying and thinking hard, Sheridan has decided… Pilar tells her to stop. Before she hears what Sheridan has decided, there is something that Pilar has decided and she wants everyone to hear it.

Sam asks Charity for the coffee as he and the boys are going back out to look for Kay. Charity seems like she is having another premonition. She hasn’t snapped out of her trance. John tells how Charity glazed over and talked about finding Kay. Maybe they should let her go and find Kay. Ivy wonders if she will find the deadless snow drift. Sam puts a coat over Charity and they all follow her out. All but David and Ivy. Ivy thinks that these people are mad. How can Charity lead them to Kay?

Kay doesn’t want to go down to the basement to get the sleeping bag. She knows that Tabitha is a witch and so she wants her to make up a sleeping bag that appears in the room. Tabitha denies again that she is a witch. Kay tells her to snap her fingers and get her the sleeping bag. Tabitha tells her that she will have to get the bag herself. Kay decides that she has to go down to the basement after all. Tabitha knows that something is going to happen to Kay once she has gone down in the basement.

Pilar tells everyone that when Antonio left, that was like a knife in her heart. Everyone thought that Antonio would never appear again but Pilar never thought for once that her son would never return. Another would never give up. There is still hope and she will not deny her son the life that god has given him. She knows that there are risks but her faith will help him live. This drug is her son’s only chance. She begs Sheridan to give her son the drug that could save his life. Sheridan has to think on that for a moment.

Rebecca is making Julian have oysters thinking that will shake him out of his slump. She feed him some more oysters but little Julian is still little. Julian thinks that Theresa is the root of his problem. She can't believe that he has been just figuring this out now. They tried to get rid of Theresa but she has too many comebacks. She makes comments about her baby and then she tosses out Ivy. The home belongs to Theresa now but she may be going after Julian next. Alistair seems to like Theresa and seems to have been doing everything that she wants. He even let Theresa hire Ethan back at Crane Industries. Julian. Has to worry as he may lose the house. Rebecca thinks that they have to get rid of Theresa now or they will lose everything. Rebecca feeds Julian more oysters but nothing seems to be arising. Rebecca worries that Julian may not be able to get his manhood back.

Charity is out in the snow in her trance, chanting that she has to find Kay. Grace is following her and calling out to her.

Tabitha is not going to let Kay blow her cover and she is about to push the girl into the basement when Tabitha hears Charity behind her calling, “Kay…I have found you Kay…” Tabitha turns to find Charity there and she knows that her chance to get rid of the girl is over.

Pilar has known Sheridan for all of her life and she loves the girl, so that should mean something to her. Luis thinks that his mother is making Sheridan feel guilty about doing what is right. Pilar thinks that Sheridan is making this decision as she knows that she wants to be with Luis. Pilar finds this to be murder and she will disown Luis and Sheridan forever if they let her son die this way.

Ivy thinks that Grace’s family is crazy. The house is like a house from hell. Ivy thinks that she is doing Sam a huge favour by taking him out of this house. David knows that she is not doing this for Sam, she is doing this for herself. Ivy knows that David wants Grace and that he will do anything to get her. He might not like what he does, but he will do it.

Kay asks Charity what she is doing there. Charity tells her that they are looking for her everywhere. Tabitha shuts the basement door as her plan has been thwarted. Charity has no idea what she is doing there. Grace and Sam show up and hug their daughter, glad that she is okay. Tabitha says that she was about to call them and tell them that Kay was there. Kay is tired and Grace makes her sit down. Grace wants to take Kay to the doctor. Kay says that she is fine. Her scarf was found in the snow and they thought that she was hurt. Grace wants to take her home but Kay says that she isn’t going home now or ever.

Ethan hates that Pilar is accusing Sheridan of murder. Luis tells his mother to stop this. She can’t accuse Sheridan of murder when she has been taking care of Antonio. Pilar is sure that Antonio is going to die if he doesn’t get this drug. She is sure that Luis is blinded by his love. She won’t be able to look at Luis and Sheridan again if they do this. This is not about Sheridan. It is about her son. It is her duty to protect her child and she will do that to see that her son lives. She begs Sheridan to give her son a chance or she will have Antonio’s death on her hands.

Sam knows that Kay may be upset but he is sure that in the morning things will look better. Kay tells him again that she is not going home. Sam tells her that they are all very tired but she should come home. Kay says that she isn’t coming home. Kay doesn’t’ believe that her mother wants her to come home. She has no where to stay. Sam is sure that she will find a place to stay but there is no place like home. Sam doesn’t want her to go it alone. They are family and they are not lying when they say that they want her home. She finds everything to be a pack of lies. Kay looks at Tabitha as she says that people are not what they seem but she knows the truth, the whole shocking truth.

Rebecca massages Julian. Telling him to concentrate on Little Julian…The phone rings and Rebecca hears that the information on Theresa is available but that is going to cost her money…a million dollars. She has to see what she can do. Rebecca agrees to get the man the cash. Julian guesses that he has the dirt on Theresa. Julian wants to know what the man wants. Rebecca tells him that the man wants some money but not very much…the amount is a million dollars. Julian finds that outrageous and out of the question. Rebecca reminds him that he is a Crane…at least for the time being. Rebecca thinks that if they don’t get a handle on Theresa, she may get the Crane name from him too.

Theresa says that she will use all the Crane money and power that she has to save her brother. Pilar says that Sheridan only has to let Antonio die or give Antonio the drug. Antonio’s fate is in Sheridan’s hands now. Pilar leaves the room to go to her son. Miguel follows her and asks her if she really meant what she said. She does. Luis and Sheridan will be dead to her if they don’t give Antonio the drug.

Luis apologizes to Sheridan for his mother’s behaviour. Pilar can’t possibly see all sides of this. Sheridan knows that. She will stick to her guns. Luis will stick by her side, even if it causes him his family. A nurse comes to find out if Sheridan is going to use the drug or not. Sheridan has decided that she will use the drug. She has decided.

Ivy assures David that they are going to get what they want. David is not sure about that as Kay is still alive. Ivy thinks that the girl will be dead probably. David worries that Kay is going to expose them. Kay hasn’t done that yet but that doesn’t mean that she won’t. The girl is devious and may tell all that she knows. If that is true, then Ivy hopes that something bad has really happened to the girl. Sam will hate Ivy if he learns the truth about her.

Sam would like to know who is keeping secrets. Kay remembers hearing Ivy and David talking and she learned that David wasn’t really married to Grace. Sam tries to get the news again. Kay tells Sam that David and Ivy have been working together to tear apart Grace and Sam’s marriage. She says that John isn’t Grace’s son and that is a big lie.

Julian can’t believe that Rebecca’s informant wants one million dollars. He is rich but that is a lot of money. Rebecca thinks that things depend on how badly Julian wants to get rid of Theresa and get back to sex. Julian is convinced. Rebecca gets on the phone and makes her call to her informant. Julian hopes that this works as he must get up and back to work. He looks down at his crotch.

Sheridan talks to everyone. She has made her decision. She has listened to everyone and she has listened to her heart of hearts. She has told Eve that she wants to go along with the treatment.

Sheridan wants Antonio to have the drug and a chance to live.

Fox thinks that Luis has lost Sheridan for good.

Beth is happy as ever. She is going to get her man. She tells her mother that Sheridan has decided to give Luis the drug and she even kisses her mother, as she is so happy about her decision.