Passions Update Friday 1/24/03

Passions Update Friday 1/24/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Ivy thinks that Theresa has done her a favor by kicking her out of the house. She is lounging in Graceís living room thinking how lucky she has been to get put right in the very place that she wants to be in. She misses her house but this is the only other place that she would want to be and she is happy for it. Grace is going to lose she thinks. Finally. Ivy is sure that she is going to get her man.

Charity comes downstairs asking about news about Kay. There is no news. Charity feels terrible. She is sure that she is the reason that all of this has been happening. She wishes that she had never come to live there and cause all this trouble. Grace thinks that she alone, is the one to blame for all of this. She was the one that was fighting with Kay and has pushed her out of the house and she desperately wants her daughter back. She hopes that nothing happens to the baby while Kay is out on this terrible stormy, snowy night.

Sam has found Kayís scarf in the snow with blood on it. He, David and Sam have been searching for Kay, but they havenít found her as yet. They were very close to her at one point but they didnít know it and so missed her. She has gotten up now and has walked off in hopes of finding shelter from the storm. She knows that she will die if she doesnít find a place to go. David thinks that she canít be that far away if she is on foot. Sam thinks that someone may have taken Kay with them and driven off. She may be abducted and if that is the case, Sam has to act fast. Sam is going to call the station to see if there is any news on whether Kay has been found or not. Sam calls in saying that they have an emergency.

Kay is outside Tabithaís house and she sees her though the window levitating. That confirms to her that Tabitha is a witch. She is so stunned by the sight of the woman levitating that she forgets for a moment that she is in the cold. She stares in the window in awe of it all.

Tabitha is floating in her living room and butterflies are flying out of her body. She is trying to find a cure for her floating and has been looking through a book to help her in her plight. Suddenly, she starts rotating from head to toe, faster and faster until she is just a blur. She has no idea what is happening to her and she cries out as she is unable to stop the rotations of her body.

Kay is freaked out watching Tabitha this way. She runs to the front door of the house to see if she can find out more.

Theresa is still sure that Ethan is going to see her side of things once he has time to think. She believes that in spite of her throwing Ivy out of the house, Ethan will still love her in the end. She is sure that he will understand. Fox thinks that he and Theresa have a common bond as they are outcasts from the Crane family. Fox thinks that the wind may throw something their way in the future. She has to wonder what it is that he is thinking. She knows that he is fond of her but she isnít sure how much.

Beth tells Pilar that she knows that Sheridan will not let Antonio die this way. Beth has been having secret talks with Sheridan, trying to convince her that Antonio is to get that drug. Pilar thinks that Beth is a wonderful girl to be talking this way. She wishes the Beth were the one that were making the decision on Antonioís life. She would do the thing that Pilar thinks is best for him and not hover over the decision the way that Sheridan has been doing. Miguel shows up saying that he was going to call Theresa but he didnít. He wasnít sure what he should do. Pilar thinks that she should be left alone until they know something further. There is no point in getting her all riled up over the issue when they have nothing definite to tell her. They are waiting for Sheridan to make her decision but she seems to be taking too long. Pilar feels that Sheridan is being a little selfish by not giving the drug the benefit of the doubt and saving Antonioís life by trying to use the drug on him. Pilar thinks that Antonio should have the medicine right now. Eve has been warning them that time is getting away from then and that they have to act fast to save Antonioís life. Miguel isnít sure that is the right decision. He has been able to see both sides of the coin on this one. Even if Antonio is ill, Pilar would rather have him alive and breathing than dead. She is very religious and believes that life should be promoted in every instance. If there is a chance to protect life, her bible teaches her that should be followed and that is her stance on the matter. Antonio needs this drug, as without it he will surely die. They can only hope that Sheridan does what is best for Antonio and fast.

Sheridan is praying in the chapel when Luis comes in with Hank. Luis has no idea what to say to Sheridan about this. He knows that she faces very difficult decisions and he canít help her with that at this time. He has to stand back and let her do what she thinks is right. As Antonioís wife, she has all the decision-making to handle. He pities her. Hank leaves Luis to talk to Sheridan. He hears her praying. ďÖthere is just no guarantee that this is going to work for him and he will be in a coma for the rest of his days if the drug doesnít work and he doesnít want that and neither does she. What kind of life will I be sentencing Antonio to if I do the wrong thing? This is too big for me to decide. Please help me make the decision. I am holding Antonioís life in my hands and I donít know what to do with itÖĒ

Ethan and Gwen have been romping in the bed all night and he has been trying to convince her that he is over Theresa. Gwen has had her doubts and has been thinking that Ethan still loves her even though she has thrown him mother out into the night, away from the only home that she has known. He loves Gwen and he chose her to marry over Theresa. Of that Gwen can be sure. She has him in her arms now and they make mad love over their union. Gwen hates living in the house with Theresa and living in the room beside her. That is a thorn in her side as she knows that Theresa would love nothing more than to have Ethan back with her. Ethan thinks that they should move out of the house as soon as he can swing it. He has had enough of living at the mansion with Theresa underfoot. He doesnít like the way that Theresa treated his mother and he will not make her think that he approves by staying there a moment longer than he needs to for his family. He will be working with her everyday though as he canít help that. Gwen hates that he has to do that. She would like nothing more than to have her husband away from the clutches of that woman. She doesnít care where he works. She was even willing to go to Alaska with the man to be away from Theresa. Ethan has been thinking about his job and he does want to stay there until he can leave. He needs that job right now and it will be easier for him to get another one, once he has made an impression at Crane Industries. He will stay to get a reputation at Crane Industries and then move on to greener pastures where Theresa will not be. Gwen loves what he is saying to her. She has been dreaming of this the whole time that they have been together and before that. He promises her that he will not work at Crane Industries anymore than he has to.

Theresa is folding Little Ethanís things and she does that instead of the maid as she likes doing things for him. Fox watches her as she works over the table with the childís clothes. Fox finds the boy lucky to have a mom like her. His mother could never be that way to him. Ivy wouldnít do things like that for him when he was little. She had hired help play mother to him. He had a governess that used to do everything for them everyday. Fox has learned many things from Theresa this night. She shows him that parents can be loving and she can teach him more, of that he is sure and he would be willing to listen to her if she wants to teach him anything.

Sheridan has no idea what the right decision to make is for Antonio. She will be torn anyway that she goes. There is no winning answer. It is like Russian roulette. She sees Luis there and hugs him, glad to have his comfort to depend on. He knows that she is having a hard time and would like to help her if he can. He canít believe that his mother and Antonio have put her in this situation. Antonio has left the tape, but it wasnít really clear as to what she should do. Pilar on the other hand has clear ideas as to what she would like to have happen but that doesnít mean that her beliefs are right for Antonio. Luis would like help with the decision but that wouldnít be fair either. He knows that this is something that Sheridan has to do for herself. Luis finds her brave and strong but she doesnít feel that way at all. She feels like a little girl that needs guidance and that is why she is in the chapel now praying to God for help. She would like to make the right decision but she has no idea what that is for or what it should be. She is afraid that the decision that she makes will be the wrong one and then she will have to pay for that with her own conscience.

Sam, David and John return telling Grace that they havenít found Kay. There were everywhere that night looking for her and they couldnít find her anywhere. They show her Kayís scarf and they tell her that there was blood in the snow where it was found.

Kay goes into Tabithaís house and watches her spin madly. Head to toeÖhead to toeÖShe remarks that it is true that Tabitha is a witch. Finally, all the things that have been happening around town can be explained by this one little truth. Tabitha falls quickly and hard to the ground when she hears Kayís voice. Kay thinks that she knows Tabithaís secret now and she tells her just that. She saw butterflies coming out of Tabithaís ears and she was spinning madly like a top. Tabitha tells Kay that she only saw her practicing exercises that her doctor gave her for health reasons. Kay knows that is bull. Tabitha is not going to be able to fool her anymore. She knows the truth. Reese has been right all along. Tabitha is a witch and has been the whole time that they have known her. Tabitha tells her that is nonsense. Kay thinks that she is a broom-flying witch like in the fairytales. She is not the traditional type of witch but she is a witch never-the-less. Tabitha denies what Kay has found out. She is not a normal human being but then again, who is? Tabitha thinks that Kayís family is not normal either so maybe they are witches too. Kay knows that there is a definite difference between her family and this woman. Tabitha thinks that it is strange that Grace makes cake out of soup for example. That is definite the sign of someone that is strangeÖmaybe she is a witch for doing that? Kay will not be moved. Kay tells her that people are going to listen to her when she starts telling them that Tabitha is a witch. She plans on telling everyone.

Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter that she is a horrible girl. Mrs. Wallace has been watching Beth weave a terrible tale in Sheridanís ear about what she should do. It is all to get Beth what she wants and it has nothing to do with the well-being of Antonio or anyone else. Beth wonít be able to fool people forever Mrs. Wallace knows. Someone is bound to find out that Beth is nothing but a scammer. Beth will see about that. She has everything going her way and she is going to keep that up for as long as she can. Pilar is praying that her son live and Beth only hopes that Antonio ends up a vegetable so that Sheridan will have to take care of him forever. That will keep her out of the way while Beth gets with Luis. Beth wants Sheridan out of her way so bad that she even vowed to kill the woman if things didnít go her way. For that matter, she ever vowed to kill Luis is he didnít do what she wanted as well. As a matter of fact, Beth had the gun ready to stab them both when the news about Antonioís illness came up and they had to rush to the hospital. They have no idea how close they were to biting the dust! If Antonio turns into a dried up fruit, so be it. Beth doesnít care, that will only add to her plan. Whatever happens now will bring Beth her man, of that she is sure. No matter what happens, she is going to get Luis.

Sheridan has been asking god what to do and she hasnít gotten any answers yet. She canít do this and she looks like she is going to break out crying at any moment. Luis hates that she has to go through this. He wishes the he could bear her burden for her, but he canít. Sheridan thinks that this isnít anyoneís fault, but she canít help feeling guilty. He would be happy and healthy, she thinks if it werenít for her and her talking to Luis when she should have been taking care of her husband. Some honeymoon. She had the debt and that is why he was racing the car. He was trying to make money for her. He got his illness because of her. She was responsible for this even from that point. She messed up his medication schedule and that was why he collapsed. She has been nothing but trouble for him since the start and she continues to be the one that makes things mess up. She didnít know that Luis was going to be at the Cliffside Inn and that was what messed everything up. She was so happy to see him that she rushed into his arms and forgot what she was supposed to be doing. Luis and Sheridan both thought that the other didnít want to marry the day of wedding. Maybe if they had met at the judgeís office, they could have run off together and this terrible thing wouldnít have ever happened. They love each other, of that she is sure. Luis tells her that everyday. She loves him so much that she forgot about his brother and now Antonio may die because of that and she may have to live with that for the rest of her life. How can she?

Grace thinks that the blood that was found could be anyoneís but the scarf is there and it is definitely Kayís. It only makes sense that the blood was Kayís as the scarf was there too. Grace canít face what finding the blood and scarf means. She thinks that there may be a slim chance the blood came from someone else. It was found in the same place where the blood was though and that canít be ignored. John offers to go to the computer and put out notices that they are looking for Kay. He knows that there is a laptop in the kitchen. He runs off to start getting the word out. Sam tells Grace that they are going to do everything that they can to find Kay, so he doesnít want her to worry. Grace has to worry. Her baby is out there somewhere and she canít do anything about it. Ivy thinks that Sam is too wet and cold to go back out in the snow. She is worried about him being in the cold this way. He assures her that he is fine and that the important thing is to get to Kay wherever she is. Grace likes that he is doing everything that he can for their daughter. He really is the man that she loves and he really does love her. They have been acting silly and they are both apologetic about the fighting before all this happened. She hugs her husband saying that she is afraid in spite of everyone hoping for the best. Kay is just a little girl really and she canít take care of herself out in that storm. She shouldnít be out in the storm and they have to get her home no matter what. What if she is not alone and someone has found her? What if she has been picked up by someone that means to harm her? That could be a possibility. Sam tells her not to think like that. They have no indication that she has been abducted but he will find out for sure. Grace shouldnít, at this point think bad about this until they know something further.

Kay had no idea that there were real live witches in the world, not until now. Tabitha tells her that there arenít witches in the world. She tries and tries to make Kay see that the idea of witches is ridiculous and that she shouldnít tell anyone. Kay knows for sure that Tabitha is a witch, she has seen it for herself. She is going to have Tabitha put away where she belongs. There has to be a place where people like her go and she is going to make sure that Tabitha is put there. Tabitha knows that she has to stop Kay from talking but how? What can she do to the little brat? She could cause a lot of trouble by shooting her mouth off. Tabitha wouldnít be able to bear it. Tabitha tells her to go home and rethink the error of her ways. Maybe in the morning, Kay will see things differently and keep her mouth shut or think that she has imagined the whole thing. Kay says that she isnít going to go home again as she hates the way her family is treating her. She has left home and is going to be living on her own from now on. Tabitha thinks that she should go to her friend Simoneís house to stay for a while. She canít go to Simoneís house as Eve and TC must know by now that her mother wants her back home. If Kay goes there, they will be sure to try to persuade her to return to her parents and she doesnít want that. She has been gone from the house for hours now and it has probably sunk in that Kay is not coming back. That is what Kay wants. Tabitha is the only one that knows where Kay is right now and no one expects her to come walking back into her house. That gives Tabitha an idea. The girl has no one looking for her, she thinks. That can only work in Tabithaís favor and she is going to make use of that fact.

Gwen is relieved to hear that Ethan isnít going to be working for Crane Industries forever. She wants to get away from this place. That is the only way that she can have a successful marriage with Ethan. They need to have a fair shot at life and moving out is the only way that is going to happen. He is only going to stay there until he can leave on his own two feet. He doesnít want to be there any longer than Gwen does and that makes her very, very happy. Gwen would love to be with Ethan in their own house. They could take care of their baby and have a family that is truly great and free from Theresaís influence. That is a dream come true for her. He only wants her to be happy and he will do anything in his power to see that she is. She worries about him and his pressures that he has to face daily at the Crane mansion and at his job. She knows that he loved Theresa at one point and she has to wonder if he is over her. He assures her that she is the only woman in his heart. He has proven that to her several times that might by making love beyond her wildest dreams. She is going to be the mother of his baby and that means everything to him. They have a wonderful life ahead of them and he will make sure that it is the best that he can offer her. She loves him so much. They start kissing again as it is clearly time to make love again.

Theresa tells Fox that she has to get to bed now. He is lying across her bed and it is clear that he is not ready to leave. She knows that he is flirting with her and she doesnít want to encourage that. Fox would like to talk to her some more about true love and her insights on the whole matter. She finds that he has a lot of nerve right now. She thinks that he is using a line on her and trying to get her to bed. He tells her that this isnít about sex and that he really wants to spend some quality time with her. She is on to him and his wiles. First he says that they are soul mates and now he wants to keep her company all night. He is working on her and she knows it. She finds him to be a real Crane through and through. He takes that as an insult but she didnít mean it that way. She meant that he was shrewd and cunning and that isnít always a bad thing. No wonder all the girls fall for him.

Sheridan will have to live with whatever answer she comes up with for the rest of her life. There may be a chance that the drug will cure him though but that is a slim chance. Eve canít even help her with this one. She has to figure it out on her own. Sheridan has let Antonio down in the past and she canít do that anymore. She will be strong and make up for the past times that she has let him down. She will make the best decision that she can this time for him. Luis tells her that Antonio has forgiven her and she has to forgive herself for this. Antonio has pretty much told her that she can do as she wishes with his life. He has given her carte blanche to work with and do as she pleases, but that doesnítí mean that she should make light of the situation and she doesnít. She has to think of the repercussions of what she decides. Everyone is going to be affected by anything that she does. She can do a couple of things. If Antonio were cured, they could tell him the truth then and then he will let her go and she can be with Luis. That would be good. There is another way that she could be together with Luis if Antonio is in a coma. Luis thinks that they could be unfaithful to Antonio. She could take care of Antonio and sit with him and talk to him and remain his wife while Luis and Sheridan carry on a torrid affair. Antonio would know nothing about it, so how could he be hurt by that? Sheridan looks at Luis uncertainly as she listens to what he has to say.

Grace feels that she should have been able to keep Kay there in the house and that this is probably her fault, and Sam feels that he should have been there to in order to physically keep her there. Even if she had left, he could have followed her and brought her back. At least he would know where she is now. They have both made mistakes dealing with this and they face up to that. Grace really does love Kay and Sam never doubted that.

Ivy thinks that this is terrible. The pregnant brat may be gone forever and that would mean that there wouldnít be a wedge to drive between Sam and Grace. David doesnít like Kay but he never wished this on her. He really did hope that they found her. The fact that she might be out there hurt, is very disturbing to him and he hopes that they find her soon in good condition. Ivy wasnít talking about Kay being found, she was talking about Sam and Grace making up. This is terrible for Ivy! Sam and Grace seem to be making up and that would make it difficult again for her to get together with Sam. She would have to start scheming again from the beginning. Everything that she and David worked for would be out the window.

Tabitha still has Kay at her house. They are sitting on her couch discussing whether Tabitha is really a witch or not. Kay says that she knows what Tabitha is now and she canít wait to spread the word. She has been wondering about Tabitha and her creepy house and now she knows the truth about her and everything that has been going on in town. Every once in a while, someone remarks that evil has come to Harmony and Kay never paid much attention to that but now she knows that she should have. Tabitha is insulted by Kayís comments on her. Tabitha thinks Kay should figure out where to spent the night as it is clear that their conversation is over. Kay has no idea where she is going to go now. It was nice to be at Tabithaís for a while, even if only for the heat, but she has to go and she knows it. She will sleep under the old bridge tonight she decides. At least the snow canít get to her there. She will be cold though but that canít be helped. Tabitha offers Kay a sleeping bag but she doesnít want it at first. Kay starts going to the door but stops wondering if she shouldnít take the sleeping bag. Tabitha tells her that it is in the basement and that Kay can get it herself. Tabitha says that she doesn'tí want to make it down the stairs. Getting Kay in the basement is just what Tabitha needs to clear this matter up. Kay wants the sleeping bag but she doesnít want to go down the basement as that creeps her out. Tabithaís whole house creeps her out. Kay decides to go and get it though as she could use the bag to help keep her warm on this cold stormy night. Kay tells Tabitha that she is still going to tell everyone that she is a witch even though she isnít going back to the house where her parents are. She will find another way to get the news out. Tabitha knows that when Kay goes down those steps to the basement, she wonít be telling anyone anything anymore. The evil spirits are down there and Kay wonít stand a chance. Tabitha is even afraid of her basement and avoids going down there if she can help it.

Miguel thinks that he should call Theresa now. Things are going too far and it is almost time for Sheridan to make a decision. Whatever happens, Theresa should be in on it as part of the family. It is time to call her. Pilar thinks that maybe he is right in case Ö Beth stops Pilar from finishing her sentence, feigning concern for the woman about her son.

Mrs. Wallace thinks that Pilar should beware as Beth is a terrible, evil girl that means no good to anyone but herself. Mrs. Wallace feels Pilarís pain but there is nothing that she can do to help. She is afraid of her daughter and doesnít want the girl to unleash her fury on her. Mrs. Wallace knows how dangerous that girl can be. There have been many times that Mrs. Wallace has been brought into the hospital for injuries that have been explained away. No one knows that Beth hurts her when they are alone in the house.

Luis wonders if Sheridan could be unfaithful to Antonio. That would solve a lot of this trouble if they could just have an affair that Antonio could never find out about. Sheridan thinks that Luis is the one that couldnít betray Antonio. She knows that he really loves his brother and wouldnít feel right doing a thing like this to him. They would be betraying Antonio and that is not who they are. They are better than that. Luis canít be without her. If Antonio were in a bad state and living in the shell of his body, Luis wouldnít be able to resist making love to Sheridan in spite of that. How can he give all that up? She is the only woman that he loves. Sheridan canít bear life without him either. Maybe they could have an affair but that would make them different people and maybe they couldnít respect each other after a while. They were destined to be together and they believe that. They were together not only in this life, but in other previous lives and that is the substance of their lives. They need each other like the water needs the rain. Circumstances have pulled them apart lately but they donít love each other less. Being away from Luis and having them separated by this situation has only made them love each other more. What choice does Sheridan have now? She canít leave Antonio if he lives and if he dies, that will be her fault. This is a no-win situation. No one is going to be happy no matter what. Not Antonio and not them and not the Lopez-Fitzgerald's.

Theresa thinks that Fox has a black belt in charm. He was fooling her for a moment but now she knows what the deal is with him. She thinks that he has been noting her weaknesses and then he zooms in on that to get what he wants. She will not let him fool her. Her heart is with Ethan and no one else, so he is wasting her time. He canít believe that she thinks that of him. He has been being his most sincere with her and thought that she could see that. He almost had her there for a minute she thinks but no more. She is flattered by his attentions but there are going nowhere on her. She will not be fooled. He is too impatient and that is how she figured him out. He pushes a little bit when they talk and she notices that. He definitely likes her and she can tell. She thinks that he does these things as that is part of the game. That is his nature, to see something that he wants and then try to get it. Her phone rings and she answers to Hank. He has decided that it is time that she get a call after talking to the family and he has offered to tell her that she needs to get there right away as Antonio is in a bad spot at the moment. He tells her that he is at the hospital.

Sheridan knows that she has to make this decision but will it be right? That is the question. Not what to do, but if what she does will be right. The clock is ticking as they speak. Antonio is sliding more and more into death. Something if anything has to be done about this and Sheridan knows that time is slipping by as she takes her time to get some answers. She knows that the answer may come to her in a or a few minutes. She can only hope that her prayer be answered in time. Luis wishes that he knew what to tell her. He is at a loss for words. She has to do this on her own. She doesnít want him to influence her. She wants to do this for Antonio and he alone. That is her fate and she has to do this being totally responsible for what she does. She would like one more minute to pray some more so Luis will have to leave her now. Luis tells her that whatever she decides, he will always love her. That gives her some relief over what she has to do. She loves him too. Luis will wait for her outside. He leaves her now.

Sheridan thinks that she knows what to do now. It has come to her suddenly and she is going to follow her heart and do what she has to do, not because Pilar wants her to, not because Beth wants her to, but because she wants to do it for Antonio. This is going to be the answer. She is sure of it. She hopes that her decision will not cause more pain than good. It doesnít matter, that is what she is going to do.

Grace thinks that she was the one that pushed Kay out of the house. She doesnít want that to be her last memory of her time with Kay. She has to find the girl and bring her back to where she belongs.

Ivy is upset that everything is almost lost. David thinks that Ivy hasnít got a heart. How could she be thinking of being with Sam when the manís daughter is in clear and present danger? She isnít a good person and David marvels at the way that Ivyís mind works and how selfish she is. Ivy wants Kay alive but for her own reasons. She doesnít care that the girl might live to be safe, she wants the girl alive so that she can cause more trouble between Sam and Grace. Kay will continue to put a wedge between Sam and Grace and Ivy needs that assistance as that has been the thing that has brought Sam closer to Ivy these past few weeks.

Kay heads to the basement to get the sleeping bag. Tabitha tries to hurry her down. A noise like that from the bowels of hell comes out of the basement. Tabitha says that is only her freaky water heater rumbling. Tabitha knows that Kay has to go down the basement and suffer the consequences. She canít have Kay telling everyone that she is a witch.

Theresa runs into Ethan and Gwenís room. Ethan is angry and Gwen is furious. Theresa tells them that Antonio is in the hospital and that her family has no idea what they are going to do. Ethan and Gwen rush to get ready to go to the hospital. Fox can see that Theresa is right and that Ethan still cares for her.

Sheridan and Luis come to the family to tell the decision that Sheridan has made. Eve is off making the drug ready in case they need it. Sheridan says that she knows what she needs to do. She has made her decision as to whether she should get Antonio the drug. Pilar canít wait. She would like to know what it is that Sheridan has decided. The family along with Beth and Mrs. Wallace wait to see what it is that Sheridan has decided.

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