Passions Update Thursday 1/23/03

Passions Update Thursday 1/23/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa thinks that Fox is wrong about her losing Ethan. She is sure that Ethan loves her and she loves him. She thinks that he will be able to understand her throwing Ivy out into the night as she did and said horrible things to Theresa whenever the feeling arose and Theresa couldn’t take that anymore. Fox finds that she is trying to convince herself that Ethan still cares for her. She tells him that in the end, love wins out. She thinks that she is the only woman in his life. She believes that Ethan is only married to Gwen because of the baby. Fox tells her that Ethan and Gwen are probably making love in the next room. If he is not really happy with Gwen then he is putting up a pretty good show of it.

Ivy tells Ethan that she is fine and she tells him that Theresa is a bitch and she hopes that he sees that. They are talking on the phone. Ethan felt that it was important that he call and make sure that she was alright. She feels that Theresa had no right to throw her out into the snow the way that she did. Ivy has lived in that house for years and tossing her out the way that Theresa did was uncalled for in Ivy’s book. Ivy says that she needs nothing from her son at this time. Sam is taking very good care of her. She looks at a picture of Grace and Sam and sees her face with Sam’s instead. That makes her smile.

Grace and Jessica are making sandwiches and discussing Sam, David and John trying to find Kay. The men are out looking for Kay and Jessica and Grace are preparing something for them to eat when they get back from their search. They will undoubtedly be hungry and the women want to be prepared for that. Jessica could feel the tension between Ivy and Grace earlier and she hopes that there is nothing to worry about with all that has been happening. Jessica hopes that her parents are not going to break up over this thing with Kay. She can feel the tension in the house with the way that things are going.

Sam is looking for Kay out in the snow and she is hidden from him by some trees. He happens to be very close to her but has no idea that she is there as she can’t talk at that moment. She is unconscious and hears nothing. She has no idea how close her father is to finding her. Sam is calling out for her but no answer comes to him and so he keeps searching.

Tabitha is in the basement demanding that her powers be given back. She wants to use her powers to make destruction on Harmony. She will rain down destruction the likes of which the world has never known. The spirits are fighting her on this issue. They don’t care what it is that she thinks that she can do.

Eve comes to Sheridan to get her to tell whether she is going to get Antonio the drugs or not. She is running out of time and has been urging Sheridan to make a decision. Sheridan has been unable to do so. She has been getting pressure from all sides. Beth has been after her to give the drug saying that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds will be against her if Antonio dies. It will be her fault anyway as she forgot to give him his medication at the right time. Pilar think that she should give Antonio the drug as that would at least give him a chance at life. Luis on the other hand, sees the other side of things. He thinks that Antonio wouldn’t want to live as a vegetable and that might happen. Maybe then it would be good for Sheridan to just let him die. Sheridan just isn’t sure what she is to do. Pilar want her to hurry and make a decision as to whether she is going to save his life or not.

Luis is walking the hospital halls and he bumps into Hank. He tells Hank that Antonio has made a tape about what he would like after he becomes incapacitated. There is a drug that could cure him but it could also make him a vegetable. Antonio has basically left the decision up to Sheridan.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace hear Luis talking to Hank. Beth thinks that the news is great. She can’t lose now. If Antonio dies because Sheridan did nothing, she will still get her man. Pilar will never forgive her if she lets Antonio die and Sheridan wouldn’t be able to be happy with Luis, If she gives Antonio the drug and he turns into a vegetable, Sheridan will have to stay by his side as his wife and take care of his every need and if the drug cures him, Antonio will still be married to Antonio and back where they all started. Beth can’t lose. Nothing can stop her now from getting Luis. Beth is such a wicked, wicked girl her mother thinks.

Sheridan is being pushed now for an answer from Eve. Eve has given Sheridan the options but she won’t have those options much longer if she waits too long. Antonio may just die and the options will be taken from him. They all really need a decision as to what she is going to do for Antonio now.

Beth tells Sheridan that she has to give Antonio that drug or he will surely die and that will be on her head. She should have enough guilt as it is, seeing as she was the one that caused this to happen. Can she let that happen? Can she live with Antonio’s blood on her hands?

Pilar asks Sheridan what it is that she has to do to persuade her to give the drug to Antonio? Sheridan doesn’t want to have Antonio living as a vegetable. That is her concern. Pilar bargaining with her isn’t the issue here. It isn’t what she wants, it is what Antonio wants. Of course, Pilar wants her son alive as any mother would but that isn’t the way that Sheridan is going to make this decision. It is too important and her loyalty is to Antonio, her husband and not to anyone else. Pilar thinks that she is worried about having to be with Antonio as an invalid and lose out on her life with Luis. She knows how much Sheridan and Luis want to be together. That is all they talk about. She has been fighting with them to keep this secret from Antonio all along. Pilar begs her to give her son life. Sheridan wants to be left alone to think about this. This is her decision and no one else’s.

Fox doesn’t understand Theresa’s optimism about Ethan. Theresa tells him that this is true love. Ivy has nothing to do with that. She has a bond with Ethan but Ethan has a bond with Ivy. She showered her attention on him and only him. She ignored Fox and only focused on the apple of her eye. Fox knows why she did that now. He is Sam’s son. Fox wants to talk about Theresa and how she doesn’t see that she has screwed up by throwing Ethan out of the house. He is married to another woman and she has tossed his mother out into the snow.

Ivy thinks that she will be fine at the Bennett’s. She would rather be at Sam’s house than anywhere else but the mansion. She will be fine.

Grace tells Jessica that she isn’t to worry as nothing is going to tear she and Sam apart. Grace knows that she has to make sure rules for Ivy that are very clear. She leaves to go and talk to Ivy.

Ivy is taking her pills when Grace enters the living room. Ivy offers to help her with anything that she needs. Grace has a question for her. She would like to know what the woman is doing in her house and she wants to know right now.

Tabitha knows that she could do damage if she had her full powers bag. She starts hiccupping and the spirits tell he to stop pestering them for her powers and to take care of her unborn child. She keeps hiccupping. She goes to find the book to take care of her evil spawn. She wants her powers back but she can’t deal with that now. The spirits tell her that she will get what she needs and she will be given a helper. She doesn’t want a helper. She hopes that Connie and Cecil don’t come back. The spirits tell her that the helper that she gets this time is going to be someone that she really likes. She demands to know who that helper is going to be.

John and David tell Sam that they are going to cover the north side of the park to look for Kay. Sam will look in another area. Kay hears her father’s voice and she tries to call out to him. She only can make out a feeble…”daddy…” No one hears her as she lies bloody and exhausted freezing in the snow.

Ivy can’t understand why Grace is asking her questions about being in the house as Grace thinks that she already knows what Ivy is doing there. Grace had a premonition about Ivy. They are having trouble now with Kay in the snow but that will pass. Grace knows that she and Sam are going to weather the storm. Grace tells her that she and Sam are together and that Ivy doesn’t stand a chance.

Tabitha wants to know who the helper is that she is going to get. The spirits have plans for her evil spawn…big plans. Tabitha heads up the stairs to get her book. The spirits warn her not to bother them again. Tabitha hiccups and butterflies come flying out of her mouth. She runs to get her book to see what is the matter. She flips the pages and she does a little magic turning on the TV. At least she has a bit of her powers back. She looks at the town and sees that there is pain and suffering going on in Harmony. The spirits rumble from the basement and she promises to give up on begging for her powers for now.

Eve tells Sheridan that she is going to get the drug ready in case Sheridan decides that she wants to use it. Pilar is happy with that. Pilar tries to talk to Sheridan again but Luis tells her not to. Miguel knows that he is right to stop her.

Sheridan walks into Antonio’s room. “What should I do? You have done so much for me…”

Theresa thinks that Fox doesn’t understand her bond with Ethan. Fox thinks that she is a hopeless romantic. He thinks that she is living an old time romantic movie. She seems hard as nails sometimes and then she seems to be a dreamer. She hopes that one day he gets to experience the love that she has for Ethan. It is like going down that first drop of the roller coaster. Fox reminds her that carnival rides end. Still, the love that she feels that she has with Ethan will never die. She is sure that he feels the Sam about her.

Ethan is relieved that his mother is fine. Ivy told Ethan to enjoy being with his bride. Gwen loved that. She wonders how he is going to enjoy her. He has a few ideas. She has some too. They start kissing again.

Ivy tells Grace that she seems insecure about her marriage. Ivy tells Grace that she needs to be corrected on a few points. Ivy tells her that she and Sam are not married. She is married to David. She tells Ivy that she can’t get her husband but Ivy corrects her telling her that she doesn't want David. Grace thinks that Theresa had an excellent reason for kicking Ivy out of the house. Ivy tells Grace that she and Sam are not sleeping together. It is a small town and word gets around. Sam has been sleeping on the couch. Ivy knows that Grace’s marriage is over.

Tabitha hiccups again and butterflies fly out of her mouth. She finds a spell for her illness. She reads it. She gets up and slowly, she is levitated from the floor. “Oh my….”

Sheridan decides that she is going to the chapel to pray. Pilar hopes that she sees that she has to give Antonio the drug as that will give him life. Sheridan leaves. Luis thinks that she has been pressuring Sheridan too much. Pilar is not concerned about the way that Sheridan has been feeling. She can tell that Luis hasn’t been as concerned as he should be. Pilar wonders what he would do if he were the one that had the decision to make. Luis says that he would do the best that he could for his brother. Pilar doubts that. She thinks that he wants Antonio to die as that would free up Sheridan for him. He doesn't give her the answer that she wants to hear. She asks him again. “If you were the one to make the decision about Antonio…Would you give him the drug?”

Theresa can’t imagine a life without love. What would that be like? She thinks that she is boring Fox but he tells her that she isn’t. She is sure that he has had a great love in his life. Fox never knew that love existed. His parents never showed this love to their children. The idea is foreign to him. She goes over to her baby and gets him. Fox thinks about what she has been saying about true love.

Grace says that her marriage to Sam isn’t over. Ivy disagrees. She has been married to Sam for 20 years. Ivy tells Grace that Sam was with her before she met him. Nothing has happened since though but that isn’t because Ivy hasn’t been trying. Grace has a feeling that she is trying to undermine her relationship with Sam. She knows that the feeling is right. Ivy tells Grace that she is right. Someone close to her is trying to undermine her relationship with Sam. She thinks that person is Grace. Ivy thinks that Grace wants to be with David. She has to wonder what it would be like to be with David. She has lived a pure life, so she needs a reason for ending it. Ivy will take the blame if that is what makes her feel better. Ivy has seen the way that Grace has been looking at David. Grace thinks that she is twisting things. Ivy asks her if she has ever had a fantasy about David.

Kay manages to raise her head. She has to find shelter. She knows that she will die if she stays out there. She hopes that someone can help her. She thinks that she can’t go back to her mother’s. She can’t go back to her mother’s.

Luis does want Antonio to live. Pilar has nothing else to say. She can see that he can’t see. She walks from him. Hank comes to Luis wishing that there were something that he could do. He is a good friend but there is nothing that can be done. Hank heard hat the reason that Antonio is in the coma is because of Luis and Sheridan being together. Things are hard on them. Hank has to wonder if the family will accept Sheridan if Antonio dies. Luis doesn’t care what his family thinks. He would leave his family for Sheridan in a moment. He loves his family but the feelings that he has for Sheridan are strong and he can’t live without her. Beth overhears the conversation.

Sheridan has gone to the chapel…”Lord, I need help…what should I do? “

Tabitha is still floating above ground. She has to find the cure for her hiccups…she says the spell that should take care of things. “Unleash your prey…” Some butterflies fly out from her body.

Ivy thinks that there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about David. Grace wonders if Ivy fantasizes about someone else being in her bed. Someone like Sam. Grace assures her that all that she has are those fantasies. Grace will not let her into the house to cause pain.

Fox feels sorry for Theresa as she is missing out. She thinks that she has everything. Fox knows nothing about true love but he does know that Ethan will not forgive her for what she did that night. To him, she doesn't have Ethan’s heart. Not now, not ever.

Ethan and Gwen are rolling around on their bed kissing and making love. They tell each other over Andover how much they love each other.

Grace tells Ivy that she shouldn’t be underestimated. Jessica comes in and Grace offers to help her with the sandwiches in the kitchen. Ivy thinks to herself. “Don’t you underestimate me…I will have Sam and you will have…” She looks around at the drab little house waving her hand.

Sam, David and John are still searching for Kay. They find her scarf in the snow. Sam recognizes the scarf and knows that it belongs to Kay.

Kay comes up to a house. It is Tabitha’s house. She sees Tabitha floating in the air, through a window. She sees the butterflies flitting around her and she knows now that Reese was right. Tabitha is a witch!

Pilar goes to her son. She wants her son to have a chance at life. Beth comes to her telling Pilar that she would give Antonio a chance at life if she had the chance.

Mrs. Wallace is listening to Beth kiss up to Pilar and she knows just what her daughter is doing by making Pilar think that she is better than Sheridan.

Sheridan is praying….”What should I do…Please help me…”

Antonio lies in his coma, he has no idea what has been going on around him or what his fate will be…

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