Passions Update Wednesday 1/22/03

Passions Update Wednesday 1/22/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Fox is with Theresa, who wonders what is going on at the Bennettís house now that Ivy is over there. Theresa feels sorry for Sam and Grace. She didnít mean to cause Sam and Grace trouble by having Ivy end up there, she only wanted that dragon out of her house once and for all. Ivy has been plotting to get back at Sam for years and now she has a shot at getting him and that is all because Theresa has pushed her out of the house. There was a chance that Theresa could have let the woman stay, even if it were only for the next day, but she couldnít bring herself even to let the woman stay in the cottage on the grounds. She hates her and wants her to suffer for picking on the Lopez-Fitzgerald family the way that she did. She doesnít deserve to stay there. Ivy has something up her sleeve for sure. Theresa knows it. Throwing Ivy out of the house was the best thing that could have happened to her as she now has a chance to be right under Samís thumb and to be a thorn in Graceís foot. Theresa has given Ivy what she has always wanted.

Grace and Sam have just learned that a young girl was found dead in the snow. They all think immediately that it was Kay that has died. That is just like Charityís premonition. Charity had a vision that Kay was lying in the snow and she had her eyes closed. There was also blood around her head. Jessica and Charity are feeling sad over the news. Charity is feeling especially down as she feels that this has happened because of her relationship with Miguel. Sam thinks that they shouldnít think the worst as nothing has been confirmed yet. The girl that was found was frozen to death and that must have been a horrible way to die. John thinks that they should be positive about the news and think the best until they know more. Charity feels that if she had never fallen in love with Miguel, Kay wouldnít be dead and she might have even been married to Miguel or at least dating him as Kay has thought that she and Miguel have been in love since they were children. Jessica knows that Kay is stubborn and she would have gone out in the storm anyway so Charity blaming herself for this isnít right. Grace thinks that she should have made the girl stay somehow. She really did try her best to make the girl stay but Kay is so strongówilled and there was nothing that could be done to make her stay. Sam says that he was the one that caused her to go as he had been out rescuing Ivy when he should have been home with his family. Grace begged him to stay but when Sam got the call to go, he had to do that as it is his job. He should have been there.

David tells Ivy that she has been plotting for Sam so hard and now Kay is dead. Ivy wanted an excuse to get closer to Sam but not this way. Ivy didnít want to see the girl dead. She almost looks sorry for what has happened to Kay.

Out in the snow, a body is lying covered with snow. The lights from the cop cars flash periodically on the body as it lies still.

Eve wants an answer now from Sheridan as to whether Antonio should get the experimental drug or not. Time is running out and she has to administer the drug before it is too late. If time goes by, Eve will not be able to give the drug to Antonio and he will surely die. There is no telling what giving Antonio the drug will mean. It could fail and he will die anyway, or he could live and be a vegetable. Eve has been made the executrix of Antonioís estate and she reminds Sheridan that if Antonio lives and is a vegetable, Sheridan will still be married to him and she will have to be with him as his wife as that is what he asked of her in his videotape.

Mrs. Wallace hates being in the hospital as it is harder to go to the bathroom there. She is up and around in her walker and she is fishing around as is Beth, trying to find out what is going on and whether or not Beth is going to get a chance to get her hands on Luis again. She can see that Sheridan is in pain and she knows that her daughter is responsible for that. Beth is a horrible creature that has been telling Sheridan that she is going to split Luisís family apart if she doesnít leave Luis alone. Beth tells her mother that Sheridan is the one that has to decide whether Antonio gets the drug or not. There is a chance that Antonio will live but what type of life will he lead? That is the question. He may be in a coma or worse, he may live and just be an empty shell. That is just horrible to think of. That is horrible for Sheridan and wonderful for Beth. If they give Antonio that drug, Sheridan will be trapped and have to spend her life taking care of Antonio and Luis will be all Bethís to have, till death do they part.

Sheridan thinks some more as to what it is that she is to do about Antonioís condition. She is torn.

When Ethan was deciding who he should spend his life with, it was a difficult choice but he made his choice. Gwen seems very concerned that her husband really wishes to be with that creature Theresa. He doesnít want Gwen to worry about him leaving her for Theresa or anyone else. He has made a commitment to her and he is going to keep that commitment. Gwen doesnít feel better about what he has just said. It is as if he is only with her because he has to be and that maybe he is taking his marriage as a punishment instead of something that he really desires. She asked him if Theresa still has a hold on his heart, but he didnít answer straight out as most devoted husbands would have. That is a simple question and she would like a simple answer to it. ďDoes Theresa still have a hold on his heart?Ē

Fox thinks that Theresa is right after all that sending Ivy out of the house has worked to her advantage and not in Samís or Graceís. Foxís friends used to read the tabloids and they told him everything that has been going on at home. It was terribly embarrassing for him to have to deal with that on a daily basis. His family is so famous that everything that they did was in the tabloids. Jealousy makes people really mean and Fox experienced that first hand at the schools he attended. There is a letter that Ivy wrote to Sam once about their romantic encounters. It was published and Foxís friends blew up the letter and pasted it up at school. More embarrassment for him. Fox had a bad time in school and is glad that part of his life is over. He went to many schools as he was frequently requested to pack his bag and get out as he proved to be a trouble-maker. He is nothing but a poor little rich kid, complaining he thinks and so he stops it thinking that he must be sounding a little boring to Theresa. Theresa feels sorry for Grace as Ivy is in her house now. It is strange that Sam took Ivy over to his house. Why would he do that? Theresa has been thinking about that too. Could Sam still love Ivy? Isnít what he did that night the sign of someone that loves another? No one would take Ivy, not even her truest, bluest friends, but Sam would and did. That would make things interesting if he were still in love with her.

Ivy tells Sam that she is sorry that the girl that was found dead may be Kay. They are not sure yet. Sam tells them that they have to wait for more word. The girl matches Kayís description. Sam tells Charity not to worry. Ivy wishes that there were something that she could do to help. Grace says that Sam is right that he should have stayed home and kept Kay there. Kay is dead and Grace finds that it is on Samís hands. It is all his fault. Their daughter is dead and they have lost her and Grace finds Sam to blame.

Ivy tells David that this is it. The death of Kay is going to drive a wedge between Sam and Grace that is going to last forever. David finds her horrendous to be thinking of that at this time.

Beth knows that if Antonio is incapacitated, she will have no choice but to stay with Antonio forever. The drug could work but it could also be a one in a lifetime chance. Beth would like to take that chance. Mrs. Wallace thinks that she is a demon for thinking the way that she does. She knows that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are going to be torn apart. Beth doesnít care what her mother thinks of her. Mrs. Wallace hopes that Luis and Sheridan tell Antonio the truth so that Beth will never get to be with Luis.

Pilar canít understand why Sheridan is waiting the way that she is. She has the power to give Antonio life and Pilar begs her to save her son.

Kay is in the snow and she pushes herself up. Her head hurts and her head is all bloody. She sees cop cars and ambulances and guesses that there must have been an accident. It is a terrible night and she is really cod. She brushes the snow off her. She has to get out of the storm or she will die. She pulls herself up and stars walking slowly to find shelter. She has left her scarf behind were she was lying.

Grace blames Sam for all of this happening. She doesnít care how Sam feels. The phone rings and Sam goes to it. He picks it up to learn more news. Jessica presses her father for news. It isnít Kay. The whole room finally takes a breath. That is the best news, except that there is another family that is suffering that night. Someone has lost a daughter or cousin, or friend.

David knows that Ivy must be sad that Kay hasnít died. She canít take advantage of that situation anymore.

Grace tries to apologize to Sam for her outburst but Sam hasnít time to hear that. He makes a call.

Sheridan, would like to save Antonio but things are not that simple. Pilar finds that it is simple. Sheridan thinks that things are complicated. All she has to say is yes or no but that is not how she sees it. Pilar thinks that Sheridan is thinking about her life and that she will be tied to Antonio for her life. She canít think about that right now. She is his life and she canít let him die because she wants to be with Luis. Sheridan says that she wouldnít do a thing like that. Pilar is happy to hear that. That must mean that Sheridan is going to say yes to the drug. Luis asks her if that is true that she is going to say yes to the drug.

Fox is smiling to himself. He is thinking of his mother trying to make the best of someone elseís horrible situation. She isnít breaking up a marriage as Grace and Sam are not married. Grace had amnesia. She has forgotten great chunks of her life. A man named David has come to Harmony and he had a son with Grace long ago but Grace doesnít remember it. Fox finds that interesting as he recalled his childhood at the mansion and Ivy used to ignore him but she loved Ethan. He was her crowned prince. Julian and Alistair fawned over Ethan and they were grooming him to be the heir to all things Crane. Theresa tells Fox that she knows that he doesnít like Ethan but that Ethan is really a nice person. She still feels that Ethan shares an eternal love with her but he has married another.

Gwen needs to know if Theresa has a part of his heart. Ethan has done a bad job of answering Gwen before. He tells her yes, he listened to his head when he was deciding who to marry. His heart told him that he was to be with Gwen and not Theresa. He assures her that she is the one that has his heart. They kiss on the bed.

Sam has to pull a triple duty and he is going out to find Kay. John and David will go with him to try and find Kay. They start dressing warm to go out into the snow. John will do what it takes to find his sister. Grace is so proud of him. Jessica and Charity start getting ready to go out and help but Sam thinks that isnít a good idea. Sam wants them home in case Kay comes home. Grace and the girls will make tea and wait for something to happen. Sam, David and John head out into the storm. Grace prays that they find her baby and that she will be alright.

Kay is walking through the snow. She can barely walk now. She finds a park bench and she calls out to God. ďWhat am I going to do?Ē

Sheridan hasnít decided yet. Pilar finds that there is no time to think. Sheridan would like to honour Antonioís wishes. He didnít make what he wanted clear. Pilar says that things were clear to her. Antonio wants the drug as long as Sheridan will be by his side. Luis reminds his mother that Antonio said that he didnít want to be a burden. He was being selfless by what he said. He didnít want Sheridan to have to be tied to him for the rest of her life. Sheridan should be selfless to Antonio know. Luis wants Sheridan to make the decision and his mother pressuring her isnít helping. Sheridan shouts out that they should stop this. She wants to make the right decision and they are making this hard for her. She wants them to stop telling her what to do. She runs into Antonioís room telling his unconscious body that she wants to make the right decision for him, no matter what the others say. She will do what is right for him and him alone.

Theresa thinks that Gwen has Ethan now but she is sure that true love will win out. Fox thinks that Ethan isn't showing that he loves Theresa. Theresa tells him that Ethan was going to marry her but then he found out that Gwen was pregnant and then he did an about face. Theresa knows that Ethanís marriage to Gwen is a bump in the road. A detour. Fox thinks that Ivy is the same way thinking that his relationship with Grace is just a bump in the road. Theresa had a conversation with Ivy once about their men. They are almost the same. Nothing is going to stop Theresa from getting Ethan. Ivy wouldnít agree that they were the same. Ivy said that she was nothing like Theresa. Ivy is gone but was it worth the price? What price? Theresa sees no price that has to be paid. Fox can see it.

Ethan and Gwen are in bed making passionate love now. They have bonded over this terrible thing that has happened this night.

Eve thinks that Sheridan needs time by herself to think about this and do what is right. Pilarís son was raised in the church. It is a sin to give up on a life or a life that can be saved. She wishes that everyone could see that. They should be doing anything that they can to save a life. They could have hope for a cure. They may save her son the next day. They could all have Antonio back. That is only if the cure works. Pilar calls to Sheridan again. What is she lets Antonio die and the next day, they find a cure? How would she feel about that?

Grace looks out at the snow knowing that all that they can do is wait and pray. Charity goes upstairs to pray for Kayís safe return. Jessica offers to make sandwiches for all of them. Grace is alone now in the room with Ivy, and she holds her face in her hands to think on what may be happening. She turns to Ivy asking her what she is doing there. She isnít antagonistic at first. She would like to know the real reason that Ivy is in her house.

Kay is outside and feeling very weak. She keeps walking and can barely stand up. Finally, she collapses in the snow and passes out.

Miguel comforts his mother as they wait for Sheridanís decision. Pilar goes to Sheridan asking for her decision as she has had enough time. The alarm in Antonioís room goes off and the family runs into the room.

Mrs. Wallace thinks that this is it. It is time for Antonio to die and that means that Beth will not get to be with Luis after all. Beth thinks that Sheridan will not get with Luis anyway as Pilar will not have it. Luis and Sheridan canít be happy with this hanging over their heads.

Eve has stabilized Antonioís condition and she tells Sheridan that she has to have an answer right now as to what Antonioís medical treatment is going to be. She has to tell them right now.

Theresa thinks that kicking Ivy out of the mansion didnít cost her a thing. Fox thinks that she is wrong. She has paid for Ivy leaving with her love from Ethan. Theresa disagrees. The fact is that she has lost Ethan forever because of what she has done.

Ethan and Gwen continue their lovemaking as never before.

Grace wants to know the truth from Ivy as to why she is there. Ivy says that Theresa kicked her out of the mansion and that is why she is there. She had no place to go. That speaks volumes for Ivyís popularity. Ivy feels that she is a victim of Theresaís viciousness. Grace feels that she is up to something and that it has to do with Sam. Grace says that she had a premonition that Ivy was trying to take her husband away from her. Ivy has been obvious lately but Grace will be damned before she lets Ivy take her husband away from her.

Sam, John and David continue searching for Kay. They are in her vicinity but she canít answer as she has passed out and is lying between the trees in the snow.

Sheridan is pressed further for an answer. Eve comes to her asking her what she is going to do now. They canít wait any longer.

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