Passions Update Tuesday 1/21/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

At the mansion Fox toasts Theresa for throwing Ivy out of the house without batting an eye. She thinks that she was right in what she did. The woman has been getting on her case now for ages. Ivy has had her time as mistress of the manner and now it is Theresa’s turn to have her run as mistress. Fox finds her ruthless and she wins the contest against Ivy hands down. Theresa doesn’t want to be thought of as ruthless. Theresa thinks that he should see how his mother has been all along. He is the one person that has witnessed Ivy’s ruthlessness first-hand as she didn’t really care for him. That is true. He has been treated as the second son and Ivy probably didn’t want him. He wasn’t the son of her one true love, so Fox wasn’t treasured the same as Ethan was. Julian was the one that saved him apparently as he really was the son of marriage. Turns out that Fox really is the first son of the house, since Ethan’s father was really Sam. Tell that to Ivy. Fox reminds her that there is also Julian and Rebecca to deal with. Theresa doesn’t’ care what Julian and Rebecca thinks of her but she did have trouble thinking of what Ethan thinks of her. She loves him and doesn’t want him thinking that she was over playing her hand by the way that she acted that night. What is he thinking of her that moment, she wonders?

Ethan and Gwen go to their room and discuss what Theresa did to his mother. Gwen is not surprised and Ethan shouldn’t justify her behavior. Ethan sees that Theresa was rough but maybe that is just everything piling up on her and her lashing out at the last minute. Ethan thinks that Ivy must have pushed Theresa really far to get her to behave that way. Gwen doesn’t find that to be the excuse that lets Theresa off. She really wishes that he would really look at Theresa the way that everyone else sees her and see that she is a dragon and that she has always been that way. Gwen finds no extenuating circumstances here for her behavior. Legally the house isn't Ivy’s but morally Theresa shouldn’t have done that to her. What kind of person throws a woman in a wheelchair out of house and into the snow on a night like this? Grace is going to freak out when Sam shows up with Ivy announcing that she is going to spend the night. Where is she going to spend the night?

Grace wonders where Sam thinks that Ivy is going to spend the night. Maybe he is going to put her on the couch with him. She might even find a place in the bed that night. She is angry with him as never before. This is the last woman that she would want in her house.

Ivy tells David that she thinks that this is good as Grace and Sam could break up that night. They are fighting like cats and dogs and there is nothing that Grace can do to fix it. Ivy has to stay. Sam will see to it. David is concerned for Kay but Ivy thinks that Kay can take care of herself if she has to, so she doesn’t give the confused teenager a second thought.

Sam and Grace are talking about Kay. They are actually arguing again over her. Grace thinks that he wasn’t thinking letting Kay move out while he was saving his girlfriend. Anything could have happened to Kay by now and she finds that to be his fault.

Out in the snow, Kay has fallen and she is unconscious. The snow is falling and soon she will be completely covered by it. Someone has to find her soon or she might die out there pregnant and alone in the cold.

Luis argues with his mother over whether Antonio should be left to die or get the drug that may save him. Pilar tells Sheridan that she will relieve Sheridan of the burden of taking care of her son if it comes to that. She only wants the drug administered so that they can see what happens next. It is the only choice she feels. They can’t let her son die this way. Her family is falling apart and she wants Luis to be happy with Sheridan but not at the expense of her son dying. Luis wants Sheridan to think carefully before she agrees to give the drug to Antonio. He points out the downside of this, not for them but for Antonio. Pilar can’t believe that he would just let his brother die like that. He is actually trying to convince Sheridan that Antonio should die and that is all that Pilar sees before her. Luis admits that he would let his brother die and then she slaps him hard in the face. THWACK!!!! She has never been more disappointed in Luis in all her life. Luis seems like he wouldn’t lift a finger to save his own brother this night. He seems selfish to her. Antonio is hovering in there between life and death, and his brother wants to send him to his grave right away and end things for him without a second thought. She feels that she understands all to well, although Luis begs to differ. Luis wants Antonio dead, she thinks, and she knows why.

Beth tells Sheridan that she is starting to cause trouble already. Beth had warned her earlier that this was going to happen, that she was going to cause trouble for the family by wavering between Antonio and Luis. Before she married Antonio, it was understandable that she would be confused, but now that she has married Antonio, her path should be clear to her. Beth says that she is tearing Luis to shreds, just as Beth warned her she would. Sheridan turns her back on Beth as she can’t bear to hear anymore of this anymore from Beth or the family.

Sam can’t believe that Grace let Kay leave the house. He blames her for this happening and things that Grace didn’t try hard enough to stop the teenager from leaving. Jessica confirms that Grace tried everything. She and Charity were there and saw it all along with David and John. Kay just broke free and ran out. They tried to find her but she was long gone. Grace told Kay that she didn’t blame her for the problems in the house. She knows that Kay would have listened to her father but Sam ran off instead to rescue Ivy. Grace needed him there and she implored him to stay but Sam felt that with the storm, he had not choice but to go and help the other officers at the station with the problems that were sure to arise on a night like this. Grace feels that he lied to her by not telling her that he was going to be with Ivy that night. Sam says that he was called to a domestic dispute and he had no idea that Ivy was the cause of the trouble or that she was involved in any way. They told him that a ‘Mrs. Crane’ was having some trouble over at the mansion. He didn’t know which Mrs. Crane was calling and he went over there without any notice as to what was going to be happening over there. Grace feels that this wouldn’t have happened if he were home and she will hold him responsible if anything happens to Kay. Sam goes to call the station for help in finding his daughter.

Outside, Kay still lies without moving, in the snow.

Beth tells Sheridan that she is selfish. Beth feels that it is important to remind the woman periodically of her role in causing all this madness. She not only forgot to give Antonio his medication, she has been sneaking around with Luis.

Pilar always thought that Luis’s family was the most important thing to him. Did he lie? She is ashamed to call him her son. She moves to attack him but Miguel gets in her way and stops her from reaching Luis.

Gwen thinks that Theresa has been causing trouble for them all their lives. She cold-bloodedly threw Ivy out of the house that she has lived in all her life. Gwen thinks that Theresa’s behavior is inexcusable. Ethan sees that she has been right. Theresa isn't’ the person that he thought she was.

Theresa doesn’t know what Ethan thinks of her right now, but she is sure that he will get over it. She thinks that Ethan is the first person to stand up for his convictions. He will understand. Theresa remembers the talk that Rebecca and Ivy were having at her expense. “they probably just like to screw off the cap and guzzle it straight from the bottle”….”she does not belong in a fine house like this…” …”I think that she should go back to the barrio with her spawn…” “there are so many of them here…makes you wonder what the border patrol is doing…” …”Is her sister Maria going to start getting it on with Alistair…” Theresa knows that she didn’t go too far that night. Fox reminds her that Ivy is disabled. Theresa doesn’t think that she is disabled at all What happened to her was well deserved.

Sam calls the station and gives a description of Kay and what she was wearing. He will fax a picture to the station for them to look out for her.

Grace tells Ivy that if anything happens to Kay because of her, she will regret it for the rest of her life. She may fool Sam, but she will not fool Grace for a minute.

Beth tells Sheridan again that she is going to be the cause of Luis losing her family. Beth knows that she has done a great job on Sheridan. She has too much guilt and she will not be able to marry Luis after all this.

Pilar apologizes to her son for trying to hit him. Luis tries to explain again. He only wants to respect his brother’s wishes. That is what he asked for. Luis and his family know Antonio and he wouldn’t want to be a burden to his family or Sheridan. Luis would give his life to save Antonio’s and he doesn’t want the man to die. Pilar is sorry that she told her son that he wanted Antonio dead. Eve knows that there are no clear or easy answers. They don’t’ have much time now to give Antonio the drug. They have to make their decision immediately. Sheridan is the wife and she has to make the decision. Pilar knows what Antonio said on the tape but she implores her to say yes to the experimental drug. That is the only hope that they have to save Antonio.

Ivy tells David that Grace was just telling her that she better behave herself. She knows that soon she will be in Sam’s bed and that Grace will be in David’s.

Sam is on the phone again and he orders the men to get out there and find his daughter. David offers to help him look for Kay but Sam wants nothing for him. Grace finds Sam to be a hypocrite as he has been with Ivy while Kay has been out in the snow with her unborn baby. He should be accepting of David’s offer. Who would Sam rather have in the house? Ivy or Kay? Sam can’t answer soon enough. Grace takes that as an admission that Sam’s girlfriend is more important to him than his own daughter.

Charity is in the kitchen and she has a premonition. She sees Kay in the snow, lying down. Jessica can see that she is seeing something. Charity saw Kay in the street and there was blood in the snow.

Out in the snow, where no man should go, Kay lies unconscious. She wakes and tries to move, but she can’t. She starts calling out, “Help…” There is blood around her head.

Luis thinks that Pilar is being unfair to Sheridan by asking her to administer the drug. Things are not that simple. Sheridan could have the drug administered and that might make Antonio incapacitated. That is a terrible sacrifice for Sheridan to have to make. Pilar makes Sheridan remember her vows. She is his wife and it is her duty to take care of Antonio. Luis tells her to stop. No one wants Antonio to die but that doesn’t mean that he should be stuck on a machine. He might be trapped in a shell, unable to communicate his thoughts. He wouldn’t wish that on his worst enemy. Pilar says that where there is life, there is hope. Antonio had hopes and dreams that they deserve to have a chance at happening.

Theresa thought that Fox would have been happy to see his mother thrown out on her butt. After everything that Fox has told her, she would think that he would hate her. Fox knows that some mothers are not born with the maternal instinct. He knows that Ivy would kick him out but not Ethan. He doesn’t want Theresa to feel sorry for him as that is not his bag. He owes Ivy he thinks. He has grown up because of this fighting to be numero uno. Fox remembers that Ivy used to get dressed up and he would want to hug her but she would push him away. Ethan on the other hand would get picked up and spun around. Fox doesn’t think that all of his problems are because of his childhood. Ethan was the child that she always wanted that the rest of the siblings were just in the way. He was raised by someone that wouldn’t let him kiss her goodnight and yet he feels bad that she has been thrown out of her house.

Sam didn’t answer Grace’s question before as he didn’t want anyone to be out in the snow. He hated that Grace asked him to choose between saving Kay or Ivy. Ethan phones and Grace gives the phone to Ivy. Ethan can hear the arguing over there and wants to pick up his mother but Ivy assures her that Grace is making her feel right at home. She will call her son in the morning. Ivy knows that no one is getting her out of the house tonight. She is going to get as close to Sam as she can get.

Pilar thinks that Antonio has a chance to live, even if it is one in a million. Antonio is linked to all of them some how. Pilar tells Sheridan again that she made a commitment to Antonio and she should live by that promise. Is she in such a hurry to be with Luis that she would hurry Antonio’s death?


Sam doesn’t want to explain why he doesn’t want David and John to look for Kay. They both have eyes but maybe Sam thinks that he is the only one that can save damsels in distress.

Grace can’t believe how things are moving along. Ivy thinks that it may be a good thing that Kay ran off that night. David thinks that she is heartless as Kay may die out there.

Charity is worried that her premonition was right. She saw Kay bloody in the snow. John has to wonder if Charity may be right.

Kay wakes up and starts crawling. “Somebody…somebody help me….” She hears sirens coming in her direction but she is too exhausted and cold and she falls face down in the snow.

The officers on call go out in their car and try to find Kay. They see someone. They hope that they are not too late.

Pilar is sure that this is their only way to make sure that Antonio lives. Pilar tells her that they have to pick the right thing. She knows that Sheridan knows what the right thing is to do. Pilar thinks that there is no question as to what has to be done. Eve tells Sheridan that she is the executrix for Antonio and she wants Sheridan to know that she will still be Antonio’s wife if he lives. He said on the tape that he only wants to live to be with Sheridan. Sheridan remembers the tape. “I think that I would know if I were unconscious that you were by my side. Some part of me wants you there with me…” Sheridan has to think quickly as to what she should do.

Ethan has his shirt off and Gwen feels his back. She tells him that she will help him in the morning find a place for his mother to stay. Ethan thanks her for being supportive that night. She has been steady as a rock. She did freak out a bit but not in public and Ethan appreciates that. Gwen would do anything for him. Ethan knows that marrying her was the best thing that he has ever done. They kiss.

Fox is in Theresa’s room still talking to her. Theresa thinks that if Ivy was her mother, she would be cheering if the woman was thrown out. Theresa doesn’t know how lucky she has it with Pilar. Theresa thinks that she has done Ivy a favor by tossing her out. Ivy and Theresa have been together for a while and Theresa knows that Ivy wants to be with Sam. There is nothing more that Ivy wants than Sam. When Ivy wants something, there is nothing that will get in her way. Poor Grace Bennett. Theresa hates to think of the hell that Ivy is going to cause over there.

David tells Sam that they have to put their differences aside and go to find Kay. Sam agrees to take David and John’s help but they better stay out of his way. Grace tells him to call her if he finds anything.

Charity comes into the room saying that she has something to say about Kay. She has had a premonition that Kay was lying in the snow and she wasn’t moving. Charity has no idea where Kay really is. The phone rings and Sam hurries to answer. He tells the others that 2 of his men found a girl in the snow. Sam has learned that the girl is dead.

Sheridan is still thinking what to do. She is running out of time.

Beth is sure that whatever Sheridan decides, she will not be with Luis.

Pilar begs that Sheridan make the decision now.

Eve comes to find out what Sheridan is going to decide for Antonio. Is he going to get the drug? Or is he going to die?

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