Passions Update Monday 1/20/03

Passions Update Monday
1/20/03--Canada; 1/21/03--U.S.

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Grace is trying to stop Kay from leaving the house in the storm. Kay has been packing all night and now she is determined to leave the house whether her mother likes it or not. Grace calls Sam to tell him that Kay is leaving but Sam is not there at the station and she has no idea where he is. She can’t even get him on his mobile phone. Kay gets ready to go out into the storm, ignoring her mother who warns her that she may do damage to her unborn child. Grace almost had Kay’s promise to stay but Grace couldn’t bring herself to say that she will help Kay get with Miguel as Kay wanted her to, so the move is on again. Grace tries and tries to reach Sam, but he is not available and she is at her wits end. Grace has no idea who or what could keep him away from his family this long. She needs some help and wishes that she knew what to do about all this.

Sam is going to take Ivy out of the Crane house to his house but Theresa begs him not to as Grace is going to be furious. She has been trying to kick Ivy out of the house all night but the woman wouldn’t go. Julian will not back up Ivy and call her a guest. He has been trying to get Ivy out of the house for years and likes that she is leaving. It will be the death of him and his marriage.

Antonio’s videotape is being run in a private room in the hospital, and his family, Sheridan and Beth watch as Antonio starts speaking. He has something that he wants to tell the them that he has known for a while. Sheridan thinks that Antonio knows the truth about Luis and Sheridan and their love for one another. Maybe he has been hiding what he knows because he didn’t want to cause any problems for his brother and dear fiancée all this time. Luis doesn’t think that is it. They would have known, he thinks, if Antonio knew the truth. Sheridan would never forgive herself if Antonio did know the truth and has been hiding it, along with suffering all this time. Pilar is devastated that Antonio has something to tell them all that they didn’t know before. What could it be? Beth plays up to Pilar in her time of need as she knows that Pilar blames Sheridan for Antonio’s being ill. She wants to Pilar to find her more sympathetic to Antonio than Sheridan so that Sheridan will appear to be more malicious to Antonio and fall out of Pilar’s favor, where she has been all along. Eve starts the tape again as it is important that they know exactly what it is that Antonio wanted if he ever became incapacitated as he is now. “Sheridan if you and my family are watching this…decisions will have to fall on your shoulders as my wife…decisions are out of my control now if you are watching the tape…maybe my medication has stopped working, I don’t know…” Pilar thinks back to finding out that Antonio was ill. She found out that he didn’t get his medication. Luis told her that he and Sheridan bumped into each other and got talking and that was the reason why Antonio didn’t get his medication as he was supposed to. Pilar was furious with Sheridan and told her that she would be blamed if Antonio didn’t live as a result of this. Sheridan was stunned to hear Pilar talk to her this way. The woman is usually very soft-spoken and she has always loved Sheridan as a daughter. Sheridan forgot to give Antonio his medication and that is the bottom line. That is the reason why Antonio is ill and lying unconscious in another area not far from where they are now. Antonio’s talking continues on the videotape…”Please be there for Sheridan as she will need you now more than ever”, he begs his family. Even in his time of need, he still finds a moment to think of Sheridan, the person who has gotten him into this mess. Sheridan jumps up asking that the tape be stopped. She can’t take it anymore. Watching is killing her.

Theresa will not let Sam go with Ivy to his house. A few moments ago, she was willing to have the woman leave by any means possible but now… Theresa will not let Ivy stay there but she doesn’t want Ivy with Sam as that will be giving her what she wants. All that Ivy has ever wanted was to be with Sam. For years she has been pining after the man and trying to get him into her bed and away from his wife. Now it seems that Theresa’s kicking her out will be giving her all that she has ever wanted. That wasn’t supposed to be the plan. Theresa wanted her out in the snow, or in jail or a shelter somewhere. All the hotels are booked and so Sam is going to take Ivy to his house. There isn’t any other thing that can be done but that. Grace is just going to have to deal with it.

Rebecca doesn’t know why Julian not just divorce the girl and let her out of their lives. Theresa is out of control and they all know it. She is like a pirate the way that she is acting. Julian knows that Theresa can take away his home and everything that he has if he divorces he, so he is careful about how he should go about leaving her with nothing so that the Crane family will be left intact as it was before she married him. She also has his child so getting rid of her without giving her money is going to be very difficult. Things can get ugly and he doesn’t want that to happen and he assures Rebecca that she doesn’t want that either. Rebecca will just have to rely on her mystery man to get Theresa out of their lives, her way.

John and David come in and learn that Kay is getting ready to leave and move out forever. They think that she is crazy for even considering it. Kay says that she is leaving as her mother wants her to leave. Grace says that she didn’t tell her to get out that way. Kay wishes that her mother would make up her mind on this. First she says to leave and now she says to stay. She doesn’t even know what she is saying anymore. Kay thinks her mother is a hypocrite. She says that she believes that child should be with both their parents, but she doesn’t live that belief. Kay is not going to be confused on that issue anymore. She is sure that Grace will understand what she has been saying in a while, she says as she looks over at John. David knows that Kay knows things about he and John that he wouldn’t like revealed and Kay is kind enough to stop the conversation there. Grace grabs Kay to keep her from going and Kay pushes her mother back with such force that she flies backwards, falling on the floor.

Grace gets off the floor. Kay didn’t mean to push her mother that hard. Charity feels again that this is all her fault. As everyone takes care of Grace, Kay can tell that they don’t even know that she is there. She goes out into the snow. She has gone into the storm. Grace decides to go out into the storm. Everyone else follows her so that they can get Kay back into the house.

Theresa knows that Grace is the kindest woman in the world but she is sure that Grace will not be able to stand it. Ivy tells Theresa to shut up. Ivy is ready to go now. She says goodbye to her son and daughter-in-law. She is happy that her children are humanitarians. Fox tries to calm Theresa down. Theresa only wants the bitch out of her house. Ivy wants to go now and Sam takes her out. Theresa closes the door behind them and turns to the others in the room. What are they staring at? This is her house and she gets to say who stays and who goes. She walks off in a huff. Ethan and Gwen go to bed. Rebecca knows that powers corrupt and she saw that in Theresa.

Sheridan can’t stand watching the tape. Eve knows that this is upsetting to everyone but they have to listen to what Antonio had to say. Pilar can tell that there is something important on the tape for them to see. Eve turns the tape back on…”I want to tell you about what I know and what I have known for a while. Eve told me about an experimental drug…” The news is not about Luis and Sheridan. “The doctors are going to be looking to you to decide if you should use the drug or not. I could respond well or the drug could have no effect at all…the drug could keep me alive and I could be in a coma for the rest of my life. I would be a vegetable and not able to do anything for myself….Sheridan I need you to be strong…” Pilar thinks that there is no decision. She wants Antonio to receive the drug. Luis wants Pilar to think about this decision. They have to think about this.

Beth goes to Sheridan telling her that Antonio’s family is very close and that if she doesn’t give Antonio that drug, he will die. Beth knows that Luis will go to her if Antonio dies, but that will cause a terrible rift in his family and they will never forgive her for that. Could she really do that to them?

Everyone is out looking for Kay. They shout for her in the snow but get no response. Grace wishes that Sam were there as Kay always listened to him more than anyone else. “Where are you Sam?”

Sam is driving Ivy home and she is grateful to him for taking her home with him. Sam isn’t sure that she will be comfortable with his wife there. Things have been rough there. Must be hard having an unmarried teenager. Kay is in love with Miguel who was in love with Charity. Miguel has gotten Kay pregnant and Sam thinks that Miguel should be with Kay. She is in emotional pain. Sam knows that the girl has faults and he is going to be as supportive as he can to her. Ivy agrees with him on this. They will be home soon. Ivy likes that he says that.

Eve wants to get through the video as she doesn’t have much time if Antonio is to receive the video…The tape continues. “…I want to live and have children but I do not want to be a burden to you. I could take this drug and if it didn’t cure me I could be a vegetable for the rest of my life. If I can’t be with you, I don’t want to be here…” Sheridan starts crying…”…on the other hand, I would know that you were by my side. I want you there but now is not the time to be selfish. This is going to be hard…I love you and I hope you love me enough to make the decision. This is hard for me Sheridan, and I know that this is hard for you to hear…I want you to let me go. I am asking you to pass on giving me this drug. Tell Dr. Russell not to give it to me…” Pilar shouts out! “NO!”

Theresa is pouring herself a drink and can’t believe that the others are looking at her the way that they are. Ivy said some terrible things about her family earlier. Ethan knows that Ivy can be difficult but she didn’t mean physical harm. Ivy gave Pilar a job for many years, she has been a friend to the woman. Ivy even gave Theresa a job. Theresa says that Ivy didn’t do her mother any favors. Pilar worked hard and kept all of Ivy’s secrets. Ethan thinks that Theresa has gone too far. Gwen can’t help thinking that Theresa is going to make Ethan hate her forever. Gwen goes to her husband and holds him and Theresa watches.

Ivy thinks that Kay is having a hard time. Ivy thinks that maybe she should talk to the girl. Sam thinks that Ivy should leave it alone. These things are never easy to talk about. Sam thinks that she shouldn’t get involved in it all. Ivy will do whatever he says. Grace is going to be angry when Sam brings Ivy home. She is a sore spot for Grace. She has to understand that there is no way that Ivy should be thrown out into the snow. Ivy is eternally grateful to Sam for helping her. Sam thinks that Theresa is wrong for what she did. Sam feels that he is doing his job. He thinks that Ivy wouldn’t be in the wheelchair if she wasn’t helping him and his family. She thinks back to the night of the storm. She climbed a tower to help Sam get the electricity started one night. As Ivy was climbing down the ladder, thunder hit and she was electrocuted. She was hanging on the ladder by one hand. Sam tried to get to Ivy but she fell and hit the ground hard. Sam hopes that Grace remembers that night as Ivy helped them a lot.

The search for Kay continues but they don’t find her anywhere. A car comes by and Grace is hit by a puddle as the car goes by. The car looked like Sam’s but there were 2 people in the car and one of them seemed to be a woman. Everyone heads home. Kay comes out of the bushes thinking that they can search as much as they want. She will not let them find her.

Antonio is telling Sheridan that she is to let him go. He doesn’t want her beside him holding his hand for the rest of her life. He wants her to find someone to love. “My family…I wish you nothing but happiness…all the happiness in the world…” The family is speechless and don’t know what to say after having watched that heartfelt tape of Antonio.

Pilar thinks that they shouldn’t listen to Antonio as there is a chance that he can be cured. Pilar says that they have to take that chance and there is no question about it. Eve knows that Sheridan has to make this decision. Sheridan has no idea what to do. Pilar can’t believe that she is thinking about not giving Antonio the drug. Luis tells her that she has to think about the other side of the coin as there are risks. Pilar doesn’t care as this is her son, Luis’s brother. They should take the risk. Pilar wants to be the one that makes this decision. Eve tells her that Sheridan has to be the one that makes this decision. Pilar turns to Sheridan telling her that she loves her very much. This is hard on everyone. She is going to pray that Sheridan makes Antonio take that drug. Luis knows that Antonio could be imprisoned by a hospital bed. If that happens, Pilar knows that he may snap out of it. Antonio wouldn’t be the only one in prison. Pilar reminds Sheridan that she married Antonio and she promised to love, honor and take care of Antonio. Pilar wants her son to live, no matter what the price.

The search party gets back in the house and David tells Grace that she will stay in the house and he and John will go out and try to find Kay. Grace wonders where Sam is. Jessica thinks that the car that they saw was Sam’s. Grace thinks that Sam is out on a case helping someone that needs him more than he does. The door opens and Sam enters carrying Ivy. Grace jumps up asking what on earth he is doing!

Rebecca loves that Ethan is hating what Theresa is doing. She worries that Theresa could try to kick them out of the house too. Rebecca says that soon, she will have all the goods on Theresa and that will be the end of her.

Gwen thinks that Theresa is very cruel. Ethan shouldn’t stay in the house with her another minute. Theresa tries to tell Ethan that his mother was terrible and he would have thought so too if he had heard her. Ethan can only think of the way that Theresa has been acting. Gwen thinks that they should move out. Ethan agrees with her and thinks that now that Ivy is gone, he should be gone too.

Sam tells Grace that he had to go to the mansion for a dispute. Ivy had no place to go. Every hotel is booked for the night. Sam had no choice but to bring Ivy there. Grace tells him that his daughter is out in a blizzard while he has been cozying up to Ivy. Where is Ivy going to stay? Is she going to sleep in their bed?

Kay is out in the snow. She is shivering and she blames her mother for that. Where is she going to go? She can’t go to the Russell's as Grace said that she was going to call them and make them not let her in. She knows nothing is open now. “Oh my God…Where am I going to go?” She starts walking and falls, knocking herself unconscious.

Luis wants his mother to know that this is Sheridan’s decision to make. She can ‘t help it as she wants her son to live. Pilar would take her son anyway that she can get him. Sheridan wants him to live too but can she make him live a life that he doesn’t want to live? Pilar wants Luis to back her on this. She can’t agree that Antonio should be left to die. Luis wants her to think of Antonio’s feelings. Pilar doesn’t want to hurt her son. Pilar says that if Sheridan gives Antonio the drug and he lives, she will be the one that takes care of him for the rest of her life. She prays that Sheridan will do the right thing and tell Eve to give Antonio the drug. Luis doesn’t want Sheridan pressured here. Pilar has to wonder if Luis would really be willing to let his brother die. Luis answers that he would be willing to do that. Pilar hauls off and slaps her son hard on the face. Sheridan covers her mouth in horror at seeing Pilar act this way.

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