Passions Update Friday 1/17/03

Passions Update Friday 1/17/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Simone, Chad and Whitney are about to go into their parents room, but Whitney doesn’t want to interrupt her parents’ private time. They wanted to let Eve and TC know that they are home fine and that the van is stuck out on the street after the accident that they had that night. They don’t want the couple to worry about the kids. Whitney would hate to have her private time interrupted. She thinks back to promising Chad that they will be able to reveal their relationship soon. She would hate to have those special times interrupted. Simone wants to know how she would know that she wouldn’t want to be interrupted during lovemaking. As far as Simon knows, Whitney knows nothing about making love to a man and what that time would be like. Whitney tells her that she read about it in a magazine. Chad feels that their parents have a strong love and interrupting them for a minute to tell them something important like this wouldn’t do any damage to their relationship. They have no idea that Eve isn't home and that Liz is in the room trying to make love to TC.

Ivy can’t believe that Sam would arrest her if she doesn't leave Theresa’s house. He has no choice. He has explained to her that the law says that she has to go if the owner wants her to, so he must comply with that and so must Ivy. Julian isn’t objecting to having Ivy removed at all, so she has no choice but to go.

Gwen thought that Sam would help Ivy but Ethan explains that Sam is only doing what is legally right. Sam knows that this isn’t morally right but there is nothing more that he can do for her at this point.

Theresa is tired of the delays and she opens the door again for Ivy to leave. Ivy wheels her way to the door and sees that she has no choice but to leave. She pulls her coat tighter around her for warmth in the cold that is sure to come to her.

Kay is leaving the house and has some of her things with her in the living room ready to go. Grace wants her to stay but Kay thinks that her mother isn’t trying enough to get her to stay. Maybe that is because she really wants her daughter to go and not feel bad about it. Grace thinks that Kay is putting her unborn child at risk by going out in this weather. Kay thinks that Grace only cares about the baby and not her. She talks to her stomach: “See that baby? Your grandmother cares more about you than me too…” Kay almost thought that Grace cared about her and no one else for a change, but she feels that she has been terribly wrong about that.

Antonio is dying. He was left alone at the inn and Sheridan was off talking to Luis in the hall, getting her relationship back on track with Luis when Antonio collapsed. The monitor is flat as the alarm shouts out that he is in danger. The medical crew works on him furtively but there is no response. Sheridan remembers what Beth said to her earlier about she being the one that is responsible for Antonio being sick right now. Sheridan didn’t mean to leave Antonio and not give him his medication, but she found Luis in the hall of the inn and she wanted to talk to him. That took up her time and that was when Antonio became ill. She is sick over it. She feels terrible as it is without people being angry with her for not paying the proper attention to Antonio that she should have. After all, they are on their honeymoon. She has just married the man and already she has been ignoring his needs. Beth thinks that she has a right to feel terrible and she agrees with Pilar that Sheridan is the one to blame for Antonio dying.

Mrs. Wallace hates that Beth is staring too hard at Sheridan. She tells her to cool it as others might see her glaring at Sheridan.

The staff is losing Antonio’s life. There is no response from him as they work on him. Everyone waits patiently by to see if he is going to come out of this or not.

TC is torn. Liz is sleepwalking and he can’t wake her. She will hurt herself he was told if he wakes her. She keeps trying to kiss him in his sleep and she is being very successful in that venture. He knows that this would upset Eve and he can’t take advantage of Liz, so he has to find a way to stop this. He was going to leave her in the room, but she went over to the room and locked the door, putting the key in her bosom, and he can’t go in there to get the key. Therefore, he remains trapped in his room with a beautiful young woman and there is nothing that he can do to stop her advances on him. TC can’t let the woman make love to him as that would be wrong on all levels. What is he to do?

Chad decides to go back to the van to get his cd out of there. The songs on there are very important to him and music is his life. He feels that he has to get the cds immediately. The cd means a lot to him and he can’t leave it in the van as it is very valuable to him. Simone tells him that she will come with him and get the cd. He tells her no but she insists.

Kay thinks that she is going to be a better mother than her mother has been to her. Jessica thinks that she is being unfair by saying that to their mother. Kay wants to get the hell out of the house as no one is on her side. Grace begs her to stay. Kay thinks that her mother is nuts. First she wants her to go and then she wants her to go. Kay chooses to leave. She feels that her mother has been looking for a way to get rid of her for years, but Grace denies that. Kay thinks that the only person that Grace hates more than her is Ivy.

Julian closes the door that Theresa has open, and says that the door shouldn’t be opened unnecessarily as it is very cold. It is obvious that Ivy isn’t leaving just yet, so he wants the door closed. Sam thinks that Theresa is being very cruel to Ivy. He offers to find somewhere for Ivy to go and then she will leave. Theresa gives some time for Ivy to find a place to go, but then she will go. Ivy offers to call some friends to secure a destination.

Theresa tells Ivy to take a good deep breath of the air in the mansion as soon she is going to be out of there in the cold and never able to come there again.

Eve asks Antonio’s family to wait outside as she works on Antonio and tries to get his heart beating again. The family leaves and Sheridan looks over to Beth and her mother guiltily.

Antonio flat lines again and they get out the paddles. There is no change. He is not responding. Eve begs him not to die on her. The medical crew tell her that she has done all that she can and that Antonio is dead and there is nothing else that they can do for him. There is nothing else that they can do. Antonio is dead.

Charity begs Kay to stay. Kay hates that Charity calls Grace ‘aunt’. She thinks that Charity should call Grace ‘mom and dad’. Charity hates that Kay is feeling this way. Jessica stands up for Charity but Kay tells her to stick a sock in it. Grace tells Kay that she loves her and she has always loved her. She may not have shown her daughter that love but she is not perfect. She might have made mistakes with her that she has not made with the other kids. Kay is listening. Grace says that she didn’t get all the attention that she should have. Kay listens closer. Grace would like to find a common ground for the both of them to work on. Grace tells her that she is there for her daughter now.

Ivy is calling up her friends for a place to stay and no one will let her stay with them. Those people used her and now they want nothing to do with her.

Ethan calls to Sam and tells him that there are no hotels available because of the storm. Where is Ivy going to go? Sam thinks that Ivy may find someone to take her after all.

Ivy is talking to her friend, Bunny but the woman hangs up on her during Ivy’s plea. It seems that there is no room in any home in Harmony that night. Her friends will not let her stay with them even for the night. As a Crane she has a place to be, but using her maiden name, she has no where to go. Theresa finds that to be it. Ivy has to go. She is sure that Ivy can find a cardboard box to sleep in somewhere.

Sheridan remembers Eve telling her that she was irresponsible with Antonio’s care. Luis tried to explain for Sheridan but it wasn’t enough. Sheridan tells Luis that she was going to elope with Luis that day. Eve doesn’t care about their plans. She hopes that Antonio doesn’t die as they will not be able to live with themselves. Sheridan is sure that this is all her fault. Luis tries to make her feel better about all this. Antonio has been feeling bad for a while, but Sheridan feels that she caused this. Antonio raced the car for her. Pilar apologized for all of this happening but she is going to be really upset if Antonio dies. Luis will never blame her for any of this. Sheridan looks over at Beth and wonders is Luis still loves her. Luis tells her that he will love her no matter what. He is close to his family but will give them up for her. He will be with her no matter what, even if it costs him his family. He hugs her and Sheridan sees Beth glaring at her over his shoulder.

Antonio is still flat lining and Eve tries the paddles again. She saves him and there is a blip on the monitor. She has saved his life for now, but for how long will she be able to do that for him?

Eve comes to see the family and she tells them that Antonio is stable for a while. He is not doing well and is not expected to last through the night. Beth comes running up and tells Pilar that no matter what happens, she will be there for her. Pilar finds her wonderful.

Mrs. Wallace knows that her daughter isn’t wonderful at all.

Eve has some experimental drugs that she can use on Antonio to help him get better but… Pilar wants her to do whatever she can to save her son.

Fox thinks that Theresa is something and he can see why his father married her.

Ethan says that he will not let Ivy spend the night outside. Ethan offers to drive his mother to Boston to get a room. Gwen thinks that Ivy can’t be dragged around in the storm as that is very dangerous. Theresa will not let Ivy even stay in the cottage on the grounds. Theresa hates that the woman has bad-mouthed her heritage and family and she wants Chief Bennett to remove Ivy from the house and now!

TC watches as Liz climbs into his bed. He thinks that she is going to sleep. He is happy to see that. He goes over to her and pulls the blankets up around her, but she reaches up to him and kisses him some more.

Whitney follows Simone and Chad to the van. She says that she couldn’t let her sister go out in a storm like this by herself, even though she is with Chad. Chad goes to get his cd and Simone remarks that it is a terrible thing that Jessica did to her sister by not telling her that Kay was ruining the family. Simone thinks that the worst betrayal if for one sister not to tell another the truth when she needs to hear it. She goes running off and starts playing in the snow. She tries to make snowballs and start a snowball fight. Whitney warns her against this. Simone will not listen and she throws her snowball. That is when the mini avalanche hits her and Simone is immediately covered and buried in the snow. Chad and Whitney run over to her and try to find her underneath the white blanket. They feel around, trying to find her body before it is too late!

Simone is going to suffocate if they don’t find her soon. They get a hold of her after a while and they pull her out of the snow. She clings to Chad saying that he saved her life. Whitney helped but Simone doesn’t want to pay attention to that. Whitney sees that they have had two mishaps that night, so they better get home. Simone asks Whitney to carry Chad’s things so that she can stay close to Chad, as she needs his body heat.

Grace tells Kay that she wants to be there for her. Kay is listening and will support her with her pregnancy. Grace will make things as smooth as possible. She wants Kay to be happy. Does that mean that Grace will help her get the man that she wants? Grace is sure that she will meet the man that she needs to be with. Kay says that Miguel is the man that she loves and needs. Grace always said that when a man has a baby, he should be close to the child that he has. Grace thinks that she will be miserable with Miguel and he with her. Grace is sure that Kay will be making a huge mistake if she forces him to be with someone other than the woman that has his heart. Kay has had enough and decides to leave. Grace tries to hold her but Kay is gone.

Ivy knows that the tabloids are going to have a field day with her over this.

Gwen knows that Ivy is going to die of humiliation. Rebecca is not as feeling as she should be for her friend. She would like to see Ivy behind bars. Rebecca might call the tabloids herself. That way everyone will see her in her time of need and know her sordid story. Julian admires Theresa as she has managed to push Ivy out and Julian hasn’t been able to do that for years.

Sam thinks that there is something that he can go for Ivy. He has a place where Ivy can stay.

Eve has some drugs that she can use on Antonio but there are some risks. There are consequences to the drugs. He could turn into a shell of himself and require constant care. The family is willing to take that risk and try the drugs. They have to ask Antonio what he wants to do. He is barely alive, so how can they talk to him right now about his choices?

Eve says that Antonio made a videotape that he gave Eve for safekeeping. The family should watch it to see what it is that he wanted in a case like this. Antonio made this video for his family. Eve goes to get the tape.

Beth tells Pilar again that she will be there for her after she has watched the tape. The family heads into the room for privacy. Beth tries to go in but Mrs. Wallace stops her telling her that there is a special place in hell waiting for her and it is special hot. That may be true, but for now she has a special place for Luis.

TC gets Liz into bed and sleeping, He has never had a sleepwalking woman seduce him before. He gets the pillows and gets on the floor to go to sleep. He closes his eyes and Liz opens her smiling. Her plan is working perfectly. She leans over the side of the bed and sees TC sleeping. She smiles even more.

Simone, Chad and Whitney get home and Simone is feeling much better. Simone would like to spend some time with Chad now. He wants her to rest. She will not go. She hopes that Whitney doesn’t mind. Simone takes Chad into the other room. She is going to make him sleep on the couch. She will make him some tea and they will sit by the fireplace and let nature take its course. She goes into the kitchen. Chad knows that things are going from bad to worse.

Sam decides that Ivy can stay with him at his house that night.

Ivy can’t help but smile at the idea.

Eve has the family in the room and the videotape is started. “…I could be about to die…so there are some things that I want to say…Luis…I am sorry I wasn’t there to support the family all those years. I hope that this tape will be a support to you all. Sheridan, I love you…so listen to me and we will get through this together…you and I…”

Whitney tells Chad that she wants to be with him while they are alone in the living room. Simone peeks in and hears what her sister is saying to the man that she loves.

Rebecca knows that going with Sam is just what Ivy wants. Ivy thanks Sam for helping her out. She leaves with him.

Ethan is glad that Sam is helping his mother. Gwen is happy too, but what about Grace?

Grace tries again to stop Kay. She can ‘t go out in this weather. Yes she can and she grabs her suitcase and leaves.

While the videotape is playing, Beth comes in saying that she is still engaged to Luis and so she would like to stay. Pilar tells her that she is part of the family, so she is welcomed to watch the tape. She sits with the family. The tape is started. “…there is something that you need to know I know…something that I have known for a while…” Sheridan can’t believe it. Antonio has known about herand Luis all along.

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